Whatever I Want

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In exchange for a favor, Rainbow Dash promises Anon "whatever he wants".

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/WD7NLBuE

Chapter 1: The Happening[edit]

>Be Anon
>Sitting at the lunch table with Rarity and Rainbow Dash
>And as usual, it's hot as hell
>Also as usual, Dash is the loudest complainer
>"Jeez, would it kill them to get an air conditioner in here?"
>She puts her legs up on the table like she's giving birth and starts flapping her skirt up and down
>"For heaven's sake Dashie, would it kill you to behave a little more ladylike?"
>"What's the big deal? Besides, I'm wearing shorts underneath, see?"
>She intentionally lifts her skirt as high as she can
>You catch a glimpse between her legs
>Dash: "See something you like, Anon?"
>She says, clearly mocking you
"Nah, just trying to figure out if you actually are a girl."
>Shots reflected
>Her face goes red, and you can't help but laugh. Even Rarity let out a chuckle
>Dash lunges at you over the table
>"You know what Anon, I oughta-"
>She knocks over her glass of juice, spilling it all over her skirt. You feel like you shouldn't laugh, but you laugh even herder
>"Relax darling, just go to the bathroom and wipe it off, you'll be fine"
>As she heads off she looks back to you
>"I'm gonna get you back for this!"
"Good luck with that."

>Pinkie, Applejack, and Fluttershy showed up shortly after
>After about five minutes, you get a text
>.... from Dash
>Pinkie: "Who's that Nonny? Your secret lover~?"
"Nah, the exact opposite."
>You grab the stuff and head to the bathroom

>You get to the girl's room, and for obvious reasons you choose to stand outside until Dash finally pokes her head out.
>"Hey Anon, did you bring your sweater?"
>It's tied around your waist
"Yeah, why-"
>She pulls it off and slams the door closed. Then she pokes her head out again
>"Give me my bag"
>You hand her the bag and she once again retreats inside. When she finally steps out you see her with your sweater around her waist and her skirt off, but you see it poking out of her backpack
"What happened?"
>"Well, because of SOMEONE, my skirt got wet and I can't exactly wear it"
"Well why do you need my sweater?"
>She looks down and away, so you pry more
"Cause why?"
>"Cause I don't want to be walking around in my underwear, isn't it obvious? I just want to, you know, cover up a little."
"They're shorts Dash, not underwear."
>"Y-yeah, well... I-It still feels weird. Just let me borrow it for today, okay? I'll do whatever you want!"
"..... whatEVER I want?"
>She hesitates
>".... y-yeah, whatever."
"Alright, fine. Just don't forget: whatever I want."
>This should be fun

>The two of you head back to the cafeteria. She stops you before going in
>"Hey Anon, listen... can we please try not to make a big deal about this?"
>You smile
"Don't worry, I wont..."
>She sighs in relief
"-unless I want to."
>That makes her jump. You strut in feeling like a pimp, and she follows you in

>You get to the table with the other girls. Before either of you even say anything
>Pinkie: "Dashie are you in your underwear?"
>Fucking Pinkie. Best friend ever.
>Dash: "I-it's not underwear, they're just shorts! It's perfectly normal!"
>Pinkie: "Relax Dashie, I'm just kidding."
>You sit down and pat the seat next to you, asking her to sit next to you. She complies, knowing she has no choice
>Lunch goes on as normal. Somewhere along the conversation Dash brings up the last baseball game. Talking about herself and how awesome she is sure makes her feel good, like she forgot that she's exposed
>Can't let that happen
>Dash: "... so the bases were loaded and we were tied. All I needed was a base hit and we would win, but I managed to ge-AAH-"
>You gently traced your fingers along her outer thigh. She jumps up and lets out a high pitched peep
>Flutters: "a-are you okay Dashie?"
>Dash glares at you
"Yeah, you okay?"
>Dash: "Y-yeah, just fine. Just a weird breeze is all."
>She kicks you under the table and finishes her story
>Will you get her back for that? Most likely

>As lunch goes on, you continue to brush her outer thigh from time to time. After a few times, she stopped peeping and jumping, but she still shudders when you do
>And of course each time you do, it comes with a kick in the ankle
>But what she doesn't realize is that you've been scooting away bit by bit
>Initiate attack plan
>You brush her leg again, she kicks you again.... but when she reaches her foot over you grab her inner thigh
>She pops up again and jerks forward, forcing your hand to dig into her crotch
>This time everyone notices
>AJ: "Rainbow, are you sure you're okay? You've been really jumpy today."
>She squeezes her legs tightly shut
>Dash: "Y-yeah. I-I'm just not used to... i-its just breezy is all. I'm fine."
>Maybe you should ease up...
>But when you try to pull your hand away, she squeezes her thighs on your hand tighter
>You can feel the warmth of her body through her shorts. As you thought, she wasn't wearing panties
>Just as things start to get awkward, the bell rings to signal the end of lunch. She's the first one to get up
>You all head out of the cafeteria and head to your respective classes
>She has history next.... and to her dismay, she has it with you

>The two of you sat next to each other all the way in the back of the room
>As you sat down you turn to your new plaything
"Hey Dash, push your desk together with mine."
>Dash: "Why do-"
>She stops herself, and pushes her desk
>The teacher calls you out, and you explain that she forgot her book and you are sharing with her. She simply nods in compliance
>Less than ten minutes into the lesson she stands the book up like a wall and lays her head down
>Sleeping through history... just like always
>You look down and notice her legs slowly drift open
>Time to pick up where you left off
>You start rubbing her inner thigh again, and she tries not to make a sound. She quietly whispers to you
>Dash: "What do you think you're doing Anon?"
"Whatever I want."

>She plops her head down as you continue to massage her inner thigh
>She tries to pretend like she doesn't notice, but you can feel her shaking
>You hate to admit it, but it's kind of cute
>Her skin is surprisingly soft and smooth, she must take really good care of herself
>As you slide your hand back and forth across her thigh, you feel one finger slip under the leg of her shorts
>Either you're sliding you hand further and further in, or she's slowly inching her hips forward
>... in all honesty, probably both
>Well if she's so eager, it'd be rude to disappoint
>You slide your hand up her leg, over her shorts, and directly between her legs. You slip your middle and ring fingers directly in the middle
>She clenches her legs closed again
>You start sliding your fingers up and down over her sweet spot, her legs shuddering as you do
>Her breathing gets heavier, almost audible
"Might wanna keep it down, Dash."
>She pulls off your sweater and bites down on one of the sleeves
>It's not kind of cute. It's downright fucking adorable
>You can feel her getting moist, even her shorts feel damp
>Dash: "w-well, what are you waiting for?"
>Dash: "I said you could do w-whatever you want, s-so go ahead."
>You'd be lying if you said you didn't want to, but if she wants it that badly, you'd rather tease her some more
>You press down harder and start swirling your fingers around
>Your fingers are almost penetrating through her shorts as she shakes and quivers
>Dash: "d-damnit Anon..."
>You do her a favor, she deserves it
>You slowly slip your fingers under her waistband one at a time. once all five are under you slide your hand through her thick bush and over her soft mound
>She pushes her hips forward, beckoning your fingers in
>You give a gentle push with your middle finger and it slips in
>Congratulations: You're fingering a girl in class.

>She bites down harder on your sweater sleeve
>You slide your middle finger in and out, the only resistance coming from her shorts. You try and... yes, you get your ring finger in there too
>Her insides are hot and slippery, but she squeezes down like she wants your fingers inside her forever
>The tension of her shorts loosens up, and your hand is met by one of hers
>You think she's going to pull your away, but your hands never really meet. Instead, hers stops just above yours and starts moving
>As you wiggle your fingers inside her, she is slowly rubbing her own clit. This is really happening
>She starts rocking her hips back and forth against your fingers. Her teeth are grinding on your sleeve and her eyes are almost watering
>Her pussy starts contracting on your fingers more often, her hips starts moving faster
>With her free hand, she grabs your shirt and pulls on you, and quietly whispers something
>Dash: "A-anonnnn....."
>That's all she says....
>Then she jerks her hips forward and buries her face in your sweater. Her legs start trembling and her pussy starts convulsing, uncontrollably squeezing down and retracting on you.
>After about a minute, she pulls her hand out, and you follow with yours. She wipes her hand off on your sweater
>.... fuck. Oh well, you do the same.
>Then she ties the sweater back around her waist, stuffing one of the sleeves down her shorts
>You give her a look as if to say "what the hell?"
>Dash: "Hey, I can't have it dripping all day..."
>.... can't argue there

>Class carries on, and she manages to stay awake til the end
>She scoots closer to you, pressing herself to your side
>You know, a crazy person might think this is some kind of awkward half-cuddle.... good thing you're not crazy
>... right? Right.

>The rest of class goes off without a hitch
>Aside from a few suspicious looks, you never got caught
>And before you knew it, the bell rang and class was over
>You remind her to pull the sleeve out of her shorts before getting up, and the two of you leave class together

>Only two classes left for today: English, then P.E. (and guess who's in your P.E. class) Dash's class is across the hall from yours, so you two walk together. She leans on your shoulder the whole way
"Are you okay Dash? Did I break you or something?"
>She clings to your arm tighter
>Dash: "I-I'm fine. My legs are just a little wobbly still."
"Oh yeah. Your welcome."
>You chuckle. She gives you a gentle punch in the arm
>Dash: "J-just for the record, I didn't really enjoy it all that much."
"Okay then, you must not need me."
>You let her go and she nearly falls over, but you let her cling to your sleeve to hold herself up.
>Dash: "O-okay fine... I did... sorta enjoy it. Kinda. Just a little."
>It's so much fun teasing her. You put your arm around her waist and pull her right to your side
>Dash: "H-hey! What do you think you're doing?"
"Whatever I want. Remember?"
>Dash: "Yeah, but people might think were a couple."
"I know, right?"
>Dash: "Isn't it embarrassing?"
"For you."
>She pouts. It is a little awkward, but it's worth it for her reaction
"Or do you want me to let you go again?"
>She sighs, then drapes her arm over your shoulders
>You shoot her a victory smile
>Dash: "Don't look so proud. It's just.... easier to walk like this-"
"You're blushing."
>Her pout turns into a scowl. Not angry, but embarrassed. And cute, very very cute.

>The two of you reach your classes. She stumbles a little as you let her go, but she carries herself well enough.
"See you in gym."
>Dash: "Yeah, see ya."
>You slap her on the butt as she walks to her class. She gives you a dirty look but says nothing and you each head to your respective classes

>You always pay attention in English class, mostly cause the teacher's hot. But not today. No, today your mind is somewhere else
>In Rainbow Dash's vagina
>You spent all class coming up with what you're gonna do to her in gym.You have some ideas, but you gotta come up with something perfect
>You're pulled out of your daydream by a finger tapping on your desk
>Pinkie: "Congratulations Nonny~
>Oh yeah, she's in your class. She sits right next to you, how could you forget?
"Uhh... thanks?"
>Pinkie: "Come on, you have no idea what for, do you?"
"Not really."
>Pinkie: "You know, you and Dashie~."
>Oh boy
"Yeah, about that..."
>She pats you on the back
>Pinkie: "Come on Nonny, you should be proud. She's a real catch."
"Yeah well, I'm sure she is. But she and I aren't really-"
>Pinkie: "Too late to hide it, we all saw you in the hallway~"
"Yeah, but that wasn't really-"
>Pinkie: "If you ask me the two of you are really cute together~"
"Pinkie, listen-"
>Pinkie: "I'm honestly surprised, this is so out of nowhere but hey, love is a weird thing-"
>Cheerilee: "Anon! Pinkie!"
>Pinkie: "Sorry teach!"
>Miss Cheerilee rolls her eyes and continues the lesson. Pinkie whispers back to you
>Pinkie: "Tell me about it later Nonny~"
>She gives you a wink before turning back around
>You resume trying to come up with the perfect punishment for Dash... and you think you got it. You tear a page out of your notebook, tear it in half, and write your idea down. Then you fold it up and put it in your pocket.

>The bell rings and you hurry out of class. You wait in the hall for Dash. Students flood out of the room across the hall, and Dash is the last straggler out.
"Hey Dash, ready for gym?"
>You say that with your plan in mind
>Dash: "Uhh, Anon? What's with the look?"
"Oh nothing..."
>Dash: "Don't tell me you've got something planned."
"Maybe, maybe not."
>Dash: "Okay Anon, what are you up to now-"
>Pinkie: "Yeah Anon, what are you up to?"
>Pinkie Pie out of fucking nowhere, pops up between you two and throws her arms around yours and her shoulders
>Pinke: "So, tell me. What do you two lovebirds have planned~?"
>Dash: ".... lovebirds?"
>You grab Dash and you run off down the hall, leaving a trail of spaghetti behind you. Luckily she's not as wobbly as before, and manages to keep up

>You're about half way there when she pulls away and stops you
>Dash: "I'm guessing this has to do with that 'lovebirds' comment?"
"Yeah, umm...about that-"
>Dash: "Yeah, I know all about it. People kept asking me about you, everyone thinks we're a couple thanks to you."
"Well yeah, umm, you see..."
>Use your words, Anon
>She notices that for the first time today, you don't know how to respond, and a smile stretches across her face. She puts her arm around you like before
>Dash: "Well Anon, everyone's watching, what are you gonna do?"
>She's getting cocky. Can't let that happen
>Dash: "What's the matter Anon? Feeling awkward?"
>You turn her around to face you, and you bring your face close to hers- close enough that you could feel her breath, her deep heavy breath, close enough to see her blushing
"I'm not, how about you?"
>She mumbles something, unable to make cohesive words.
>Damage redirected. You are once again in control. You gently brush her cheek with your hand
"Come on Dashie, let's go"

>Calling her 'Dashie got her really flustered. Quite frankly you felt weird saying it too
>She punches you in the arm
>Dash: "F-fine, let's go."
>She storms off, but not before grabbing your hand and pulling you with her
>You may have dropped your spaghetti, but so did she. And that's what matters

>The two of you get to the locker rooms, and you pull her aside
>Dash: "What now, you want me to get dressed in the guy's room with you now."
>Huh, if only... nah, there's no way
"No no, I got something better in store for you."
>Dash: "And what's that supposed to mean?"
>You take the paper from your pocket and hand it to her. She opens it and silently reads it
>Dash: ".... you've got to be kidding me."
>You simply smile.
>Dash: "Come on Anon, really?"
>Dash: ".... fine. I'll do it."
"That's my girl."
>You pat her on the head, and she fidgets with embarrassment before running off to the girl's locker room.

>You sit on the gym bleachers waiting for roll call. Dash slowly walks out talking with some other girls you don't recognize. One of them looks over at you, whispers something, and they all laugh; except for Dash, who covers her face. Speaking of whom, she's wearing her gym shirt but kept the shorts on with the sweater around her waist just like you asked. But that was only half of your request
>Dash splits away from the others. They give her the 'twinkle  finger' wave and giggle as she sits next to you
"Hey Dash, what was all that about."
>Dash: "They kept asking about, you know, us."
"And what did you tell them?"
>She just looks down at the ground.
>Dash: "F-forget it. I did exactly like you said."
"ALL of it?"
>She grabs your arm and pulls it around her waist. She glances around, making sure no one is looking, and when the coast is clear, she quickly puts your hand on her breast
>Dash: "Th-there, happy?"
>Just as quickly as she put it there she pulls it away
>And that was part two of your request. Just like you asked, she's not wearing a bra

>Everyone arrives, go through roll call, begin warm-up stretches
>Rainbow Dash is unusually holding back. Maybe she's aware that every time she stretches too far her nipples poke out. Maybe she feels that people are staring at her... cause you sure are
>Her breasts are pretty small, but hey... boobs are boobs
>After stretches, the coach announces that today you will be playing dodgeball
>Great.... no seriously, that's great
>As usual, Dash is one of the team captains. And you make sure she knows NOT to pick you
>Dis gon be gud

>Teams are chosen the game starts. Less than five minutes in, you're already sitting out for the day. You got hit in the face pretty hard and started bleeding
>... okay, maybe you dove in front of the ball on purpose, but who's watching. Besides, you've always had "bad luck" in gym, always getting yourself "accidentally hurt"
>You lay on the bleachers to keep the blood from your nose from flowing all over your face
>Rainbow Dash comes back with an ice pack and some paper towels. The teacher told her to make sure you're okay, since she's the one who threw the ball after all. That wasn't part of the plan, things just work out sometime
"I really oughta be more careful, huh?"
>Dash: "Don't give me that, you do this everyday. Lift your head up."
>You pick up your head and she sits down. You lay your head in her lap
>Dash: "Hold still."
>She holds the paper towels over your nose and presses the ice pack on top. You turn your head over to watch the game, but she pulls you back to your looking-up position
>Dash: "Hey, I told you to hold still, I don't want you dripping blood all over me!"
"I just want to watch the game."
>Dash: "Well that's your fault for pulling this crap. If I don't get to play you don't get to watch."
>She pulls your head in until you're pressed against her stomach. It's firm but not quite muscular, almost like a flattened pillow. And just above your head....
>Wait. That gives you an idea

"Hey Dash...."
>Dash: "Hmm? What is it?"
>She looks down at you, and you just silently look into her eyes. She starts to blush
>Dash: "D-do you need something or not?"
"Yeah...come closer."
>She leans down
>She leans more
>At this point her ear is just inches form your mouth. You say nothing
>Dash: "Anon, are you okay?"
"Yeah, it's just..."
>Dash: "Just what?"
>You lower your voice to a whisper
"... your tits are in my face."
>Dash: "DAMN YOU ANON!!"
>She's about to slap you
>Coach: "Is everything okay over there?"
>Dash, realizing the shit she was in, she doesn't even respond. She wasn't in real trouble, the coach usually doesn't care about anything, she just hates being scolded in gym since it's the only class she stays awake through. Of course as soon as the coach looks away she drops the ice and the towels, and smacks you in the back of the head. Still worth it. She crosses her arms, either frustrated or trying to cover her chest, probably both
"Hey Dash-"
>Dash: "No."
"Look, I didn't-"
>Dash: "No."
"Let me make it up to you-"
>Dash: "No."
>Okay, now she's starting to make you feel bad
"Dash, listen for just a second."
>Dash: "... Fine, you got one second-"
"Thanks. The bleeding stopped"
>You sit upright next to her and put your arm around her waist like you did when you were walking and pull her closer. She gasps as you do, but then rests her head on your shoulder
>Dash: "Forget it. Just consider us even for earlier."
>She nestles her head into your neck, not seeming to care about the stares and whispers
>Dash: "Hey Anon... you know, y-you can lay in my lap again if you want. It's fine with me, really"
>You got back on her good side, time to mess with her some more
"I could... or you could lay in mine."
>Dash: "Is that another one of your orders?"
"Does it need to be?"
>Dash: "Sh-shut up."
>That's all she says. Right before laying down in your lap
>Got her

>She uses her hands as a pillow before laying down on your lap. You put your hand on her head and begin stroking her hair. Surprisingly, it's really soft. She actually takes really good care of herself
>Turns out all those rumors about her crusty flaky cunt weren't true after all
>You slide your hand down from her head, over her shoulder, and down to her torso. Her torso...
>... the day is almost over Anon. It's now or never
"Hey Dash, can I have my sweater back-"
>Dash: "Hang on a sec, we had a deal-"
"It's just for a second, I'll give it right back."
>Dash: "... okay fine. But you give it right back"
>She hands you the sweater and you drape it over her like a blanket, covering her from her shoulders down to her thighs
>Dash: "What's this for?"
"You'll see"
>You reach under the sweater for her shoulder, then to her torso... then further down to her chest
>Dash: "H-hey! What are you trying to do!"
"Relax, no one can see"
>Dash: "W-well yeah, but..."
"Hey, if you want to stop me, go ahead"
>She doesn't respond as you slide your hand down further. She doesn't respond when you cup her breast in your hand. But when you give her a gentle squeeze, she DOES respond. Nothing extreme, just a quiet, gentle groan, surprisingly more high-pitched and feminine than you expected. Her breasts are rather small, fitting entirely in your hand, but it's soft nonetheless. As you gently massage her little A-cups, she starts fidgeting
>Dash: "...damn it Anon..."
"What'd I do this time?"
>Dash: "Nothing, but if you're gonna do it..."
>She pulls up her shirt under the sweater and firmly presses your hand down against her little lump
>Dash: "... you might as well do it right."
>You continue playing with her chest, giving her nipple a little flick. You do it more often once you really see how she reacts. You notice a rustling going on lower down

"Dash, are you touching yourself?"
>Dash: "...maybe, shut up"
"Not without my permission you're not"
>Dash: "A-are you really doing this?"
>You let go of her breast
"Yeah, I am."
>Dash: "...fine."
>She stops, so you continue. Despite their size, her breasts are soft to the touch. Her skin is so smooth, the closest thing to a blemish is her perky standing nipple. When you press your hand down you can feel her heartbeat thumping like she's having a heart attack. It's almost a shame you can't see them right now
>... you hear Dash quietly giggling...
>Dash: "Calm down kiddo"
>Hey, her head is in your lap, she was going to notice your boner sooner or later
>Play it cool, Anon, play it cool
"Don't flatter yourself"
>Dash: "Keep telling yourself that"
>At least you tried. And hey you're still the one in charge here-
>Coach: "Okay everyone, head back to the locker rooms"
>Damn it
>You pull your hand out, she ties the sweater around her waist and gets up. You try to stand but your leg fell asleep
>Cause it's not like you dropped enough spaghetti today
>Coach: "Hurry up you two, everyone else is already gone."
>So he says as he exits, leaving you two alone together. You get yourself together, and when your leg wakes up you start walking until Dash grabs your shoulder
>Dash: "Hey Anon."
>As soon as you turn to her she lifts her shirt up. Her small blue tits are just as gorgeous as you thought
>Dash: "Here you go~"
>Something about the way she said it and the look she gave you was so... damn. But before you really had time to enjoy it she pulls her shirt back down. She walks away laughing, thinking she has you beat. Once again, she thinks she's in charge. You gotta find a way to one-up her. Maybe...
>This could either really work OR ruin your life forever
>But you gotta take the risk. Can't let her have the upper hand
>You grab her shoulder
"Hey Dash."

>As she turns around you pull her shirt up and over her face, and start groping her
>Dash: "H-HEY!"
>You're dangerously close to sexual assault here, you should pull back now while you still can-
>Too late. She took her shirt off to free her face, then grabs you and pulls you closer. Instead of strangling you like she thought she would, she clings to you tightly with one hand, the other tightly and suddenly grasps your penis.
>Dash: "I swear to God Anon, if you stop now I'll scream rape"
>She starts stroking you aggressively
>Dash: "Well hurry up! Before people get suspicious!"
>You aggressively massage her breast with one hand, and firmly grasp her ass with the other. She pants loudly as she slides her hand up and down your length. You look into each others eyes, and almost instinctively she presses her lips against yours. Your hands freeze as she does, catching you completely off guard.
>She takes the initiative to grab your hand from her ass and shove it down the front of her shorts. You respond by shoving your fingers inside her and start moving them. Her legs start to tremble, and her grasp on your dick tightens
>Dash: "A-anoooonnn...."
>Her legs start to tremble, her pussy dripping long before you put your fingers in. Once again you can feel her heart beating like a drum. She collapses into your shoulder
>Dash: "Y-yes... please, more.. I'm so fucking... s-so close..."
>Her hand slides down and starts rubbing herself again. You didn't exactly give her permission, but there's no controlling her now
>Dash: "A-anon, I, I'm gonna, mMhm... I... I-"
>Her legs clench shut
>She collapses, her pussy convulsing like an earthquake in her pants

>You wait a minute for her to get herself together, and once again you wipe her clean with your sweater. You help her get her shirt back on
>The two of you run to the locker rooms so you have time to change before the final bell
>You dress in a bathroom stall so no one sees your boner, which refused to die down

>After you get dressed, you hurry out of the locker room. Dash is already waiting for you
"Did anyone ask about what took us so long?"
>Dash: "No, you?"
"Nope, I think we're good."
>The two of you leave campus together

"Well, see ya tomorrow I guess."
>Dash: "Yeah, see ya-"
"Hey wait. My sweater."
>Dash:" W-well, can't I just wear it til tomorrow? I still gotta walk home too."
>Hmm.... you COULD use this to your advantage
"Alright fine. On one condition."
>Dash sighs, thinking this won't end well for her. And she's right
"You can borrow the sweater til tomorrow IF..."
>You pause, gotta keep her on edge
"...if you don't wear your shorts under your skirt tomorrow-"
>Dash: "What!"
"You heard me"
>She hesitates...
>Dash: "Fine. I'm keeping this til tomorrow then. See ya"
>Dash: "Oh, a-and one more thing..."
>She gets nervous and stares at the ground
>Dash: "What I said... you know, in the gym, when I..."
>She stops. She fidgets. She mumbles. Then... she kisses you. A quick, sudden, peck on the cheek
>Dash: "Okay bye"
>She turns and runs off before even finishing those two words
>You never thought you'd say this, but you're looking forward to school tomorrow
>You wait on the front steps of the school, pondering the mistake you made
>When you made that deal with Rainbow Dash yesterday it hadn't occurred to you that she wouldn't listen to you
>You're willing to bet your left nut that she'll come today with her shorts under her skirt as usual, and you'll never see that sweater again
>Still, you waited for her

>It's 5 minutes til class starts. You consider just giving up and heading in when you see her finally approaching
>.... Welp. There goes your left nut.
>She's here, with no shorts under her skirt just like you asked. When she approaches you, she can't even look you in the eye. Her face is bright red
>Dash: "...happy?"
"I'm just surprised you actually did it"
>Dash: "W-well you told me to"
>You pat her on the back for a job well done. But when you pull your hand away she longingly looks into your eyes
>Dash: "...well?"
"Well what?"
>Dash: "Aren't you gonna do it again?"
"Do what?"
>Dash: "Uggh..."
>She grabs your hand and puts it around her waist, just like yesterday
"Dash, you know you don't have to-"
>Dash: "Might as well, since you're making me go commando anyways"
>.... wut
"All I said was no shorts"
>Dash: "Y-yeah, well, it feels the same"
>You reach for her skirt
"Are you seriously not-"
>Dash: "Hey!"
>She smacks your hand away. You really don't care to see, you're just messing with her... okay, you are a little curious
>Dash: "Come on, lets go before we're late"
>You don't have class together, but you at least walk in together. Before going your separate ways, she gives you a hug. You return the embrace
>She reaches behind herself and grabs you hand. She slides it down her back, over her butt, up and under her skirt
>Dash: "S-satisfied?"
>She is wearing panties after all. You try to feel around to get a better mental image. Cotton, there's a little lace along the-
>She pushes you back, her face brighter red than before
>Dash: "S-see you later!"
>She turns and runs away
>... you should probably head to class too

>You've got three classes until lunch: math, music theory (lol faget), and biology. Not a single one of them with Rainbow Dash
>That actually disappoints you a bit now
>Your first two classes go off fine. But come time for biology, that changes

>You get to class and plop down into your seat. You instantly let your mind wander away...
>Back to this morning. You still can't get the image, or rather your mental image, of her panties out of your head. You got her shirt off yesterday, maybe you can get her to-
>"Hellooo? You awake in there?"
>You jump back to reality
>You forgot. Rarity sits next to you in biology
>Rarity: "You okay darling? You were really zoned out for a bit"
"Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just tired is all-"
>Rarity: "You were thinking about Rainbow Dash weren't you?"
>God damn this school is gossipy
"N-no, of course not"
>Jeez Anon, you're sounding a lot like... like Dash. That's not a good sign
>Rarity: "I knew it! You two are together now aren't you! Tell me all about it!"
"I swear, it's nothing. I just let her borrow my sweater, that's all"
>Rarity: "Hmm... that's not what Pinkie Pie told me"
"Well yeah, but you know how to Pinkie is"
>Rarity: "Okay, okay, if you say so..."
>She turns back to her work, and you resume yours
>Rarity: "... lovebird."
>God damn it

>After class you and Rarity head to the cafeteria, eventually catching up with Rainbow Dash. Rarity gives the two of you the most shit-eating grin you've seen since the movie Salo (look it up pleb)
>Dash: "Hey Rarity, what's up?"
>Rarity: "Oh nothing~"
>Dash gives you a look like she knows what's going on
>Rarity: "Tell you what, I'll leave you two be"
>She walks off, leaving you alone with Dash
"I swear, I didn't say anything"
>Dash: "Relax, I've been getting it all day too"
>The two of you both stare at the ground awkwardly
>Dash: "C-come on, let's get lunch"
>She lifts up her arm to give you room to put your arm around her
>You do it... you know, to embarrass her. Totally. That's all

>The two of you get your lunch and sit over at your table. No one else is there yet. She decides to sit across from you, and you can't tell her otherwise. I mean, it's not like she still has your sweater-
>Wait a sec, yeah she does
"Hey Dash, where's me sweater by the way?"
>Dash: "H-huh?"
"You know... my sweater? The one I gave you yesterday? The one you said you'd bring back today?"
>Dash: "Oh yeah, I, uhh... forgot it at home"
>u fokin wot m8?
"Are you kidding me?"
>Dash: "Wh-what? It was a mistake? No biggie. Besides, you could... you know..."
>She mumbles something
>Dash: "Y-you could just..."
>Dash: "...you could stop..."
"Speak up, Dash-"
>Well, at least you got it out of her. You should probably work on your timing though
"... what's up guys"
>Dash was too busy trying to hold her spaghetti in to realize that Rarity, Pinkie, and the others just arrived
>Dash: "U-uhh... h-hey guys-"
>You and Dash spend the rest of lunch trying to deflect their gossip, between the two of you there was enough spaghetti to feed the entire damn school
>You really need to find some more guy friends

>As soon as lunch is over the two of you hurry out before the girls pry anymore. You get to the class before anyone else arrives, so the two of you head to the same seats in the back. Dash roughly throws her bag on the desk
>...maybe you should have told her that her bag was OPEN
>Dash: "...hey Anon-"
"I am not helping you"
>Dash: "Come on, it'll take two seconds"
"...fine, but you owe me"
>You help her pick up her stuff from the floor. Well, "help" is a funny way of putting it, since she's not really doing anything
"Are you going to help me or just make me do everything-"
>Dash: "Shh!"
>She covers your mouth and looks towards the door
>Dash: "Don't say anything..."
>She slowly pulls her hand away, and you keep silent. After taking another peek towards the door, she pushes you down on the floor
"Dash what the hell-"
>Dash: "Shh!!!"
>She looks to the door again
>Dash: "Damn it Anon, we don't got much time"
"Time for what-"
>She pounces of top of you, straddling your chest. Her knees are on your arms, pinning you down
"Dash, what are you-"
>She covers your mouth again
>Dash: "Do I gotta tape your damn mouth shut?"
>With her free hand, she quickly lifts up her skirt, flashing her panties to you. Light blue stripes that almost match her skin, with lace trim around the legs and waistband
>Dash: "You've wanted to see all day, haven't you?"
>You don't say anything, so she uncovers her mouth
>Dash: "G-go ahead, you can talk, just quietly"
"... I've been curious"
>Her hands start to tremble
>Dash: "W-well... d-do you want a b-bettter view?"
>She's trying to be sexy but can't get past her awkwardness. You cut her some slack and nod. She fidgets... and fidgets...and just to shake it up, fidgets some more
>Dash: "J-just gimme a second!"
>She gets up and inches forward until her crotch is just above your face
>She takes a deep breath. Her legs shake. She slowly brings herself closer to your face
>Your heart races. You feel her body warmth come closer
>You hear footsteps

"Dash, someone's com-mMhm-"
>You're silenced by a mouthful of Rainbow Dash. Her hand is behind your head, pushing your face against her crotch
>Dash: "I-I hear it... I just need a little..."
>She gently grinds her face against you, and her panties get damp
>The footsteps get closer
>Her scent fills your nose. Unable to resist, you open your mouth to taste the wet spot on her crotch
>The footsteps get closer
>Her hands shake. She gently pulls on your hair. Her heavy breath becomes a high-pitched moan
>The footsteps get close
>Too close
"MMh.. -ash, ge uph!"
>She quickly jumps up. You take in a deep (and frankly disappointing) breath, the teacher and a few other students enter
>You and Dash resume picking up her stuff and put them back in her bag. Once she's packed up she pushes her desk against yours
>Dash: "Sorry teach, forgot my book again"
>You're pretty sure you saw it when you were picking up her stuff, but you say nothing
>The rest of the students straggle in, and class begins
>Once again she props the book up like a wall, and whispers to you
>Dash: "hey Anon"
>Dash: "sorry... a-and thanks"
"yeah, no worries"
>She scoots closer
>Dash: "d-do you..."
>She pulls your hand over to her thigh
>Dash: "... wanna finish?"
"maybe later..."
>You bring your hand to her face, then pull her closer to whisper in your ear
"...when we can do a lot more"
>She twitches as you say that, and you let her go. Through the rest of class she can't take her eyes off you. You can hear her nervously tapping her finger on the desk the whole time

>Class is over, the two of you head out together. She clings to you the whole way to your next classes
>Dash: "... w-well?"
"Well what?"
>Dash: "When are we... y-you know"
"When are we what?"
>She tightens her grip on you, and lowers her voice to a whisper
>Dash: "y-you said we'd finish"
"I meant later... like, a while later"
>Dash: "C-come on... j-just a little for now?"
"... alright, come on"
>You grab her hand and drag her through the halls until you find one where there are no students around. You press her up against a locker, holding her wrist back. You slide one hand down to her breast and squeeze and bring your knee up into her crotch. She lets out a quiet moan, so you slowly rotate your knee around
>Dash: "A-anon..."
>She gently grinds against you. She leans forward for a kiss, but you move to the side and plant your lips right on the nape of her neck. Her whole body quivers when you do. She grabs your knee and pulls it in
>Dash: "A-anon, please... m-more..."
>You pull away, and whisper in her ear
"That's all for now. We're late for class as it is"
>She clings to you, pulling you back
>Dash: "D-damn it Anon..."
"Gotta leave you with something to look forward to"
>Before heading back to class she stops you
>Dash: "One last thing, Anon"
>She slams you against the lockers, then drops to her knees, She unbuttons and unzips your pants, and pulls them down. Her face presses against your dick in your boxers and she gives it a kiss. Just as you put your hands on her head, she gets back up
>Dash: "Gotta leave you with something to look forward to"
>She runs off, leaving you alone literally with your pants down

>Cheerilee: "Anonymous, you do realize you're late for class right?"
"Yeah, sorry. It won't happen again"
>She rolls her eyes as you stumble to your seat. You try to pretend that Pinkie isn't glaring at you with a huge smile
>Pinkie:" "Weeeeell~?"
>Pinkie: "I'd be more convinced if your zipper wasn't down~"

>You treat her like a cop trying to talk to you without your lawyer, not that that ever discourages her. You somehow put up with it through the whole class

>Class comes to an end and you rush out of class. You catch Dash in just as much of a hurry to get out as you. Neither would ever admit to how eager you were to see each other
>When you meet, you say no words. You simply put your arm around her waist and head to gym

>Turns out you're playing dodgeball again today. As soon as the game begins Dash grabs a ball and nails you in the face again
>You didn't even have to tell her... she deserves a medal
>the two of you just hang out all period, not doing anything but laughing anytime someone else got hit in the face and had to stay in. Dash was really the only one who threw hard enough to do any real damage

>Class ends, and unlike yesterday you two head to the locker room without hesitation. You quickly change and leave early, and Dash is out shortly after, and you leave campus before the bell even rings
>As you head out, you start heading home before Dash grabs your sleeve
>Dash: "Hey, where are you going?"
>She pouts
>Dash: "D-did you forget?"
"Forget what?"
>Dash: "...y-you know, aren't you, c-coming to..."
>Shit. You forgot
"Oh yeah."
>Dash: "D-damn you Anon..."
>She pulls your arm around her waist before leading you to her place

>It's a fairly short walk to her place, maybe about ten minutes or so. You're still pretty tired.
>Maybe you should try participating in gym... nah, forget it

>She opens the door and welcomes you in
>Dash: "Well? Hurry up and get in here"
>Hey, it's "welcoming" by her standards, so you take it
>She takes her shoes off and asks you to do the same. She cuts right to the chase, and leads you too her bedroom
>Dash: "Okay before I let you in I've got to say something."
"What is it-"
>Dash: "If you laugh, I'll kill you"
>You silently nod, and she slowly opens the door
>What's with her, it's just a bedroom? What's the worst-
>Holy shit this is the girliest room you have ever seen. The walls are painted bright pink, her bedspread has a bright, pastel floral patter. Oh, and her bed? Enough pillows and stuffed animals to make a second mattress
>Dash: "Y-yeah... this is my room..."
>You say nothing
>Dash: "What's with that look?"
>Damn it Anon wipe that grin off your face
>Dash: "S-seriously Anon, y-you better not start laughing!"
>You silently say you prayers in your head
>Dash: "Well what?"
>You ruffle her hair
"It's cute, I'll give you that"
>Se punches your arm and heads over to her dresser. She pulls out the bottom drawer, takes your sweater out and tosses it to you
>Dash: "Don't worry, I washed it"
>You stuff it into your backpack
"Alright thanks. See ya later"

>Dash: "W-wait, what?"
"That's why you asked me over right, to give my sweater back?"
>Dash: "No! W-well, yeah, but.. I mean, th-that's it?"
"Well what else is there?"
>Dash is starting to get flustered. She's really falling for it
>Dash: "Y-you know...finishing what we started earlier..."
"Oh, yeah, about that. I've got stuff to do so maybe some other time-"
>Dash: "Damn it I've been waiting all day for this, you can't just-"
>You grab her and pull her into a hug, your face inches from hers
>Another punch in the arm
>Dash: "... you really piss me off sometimes, you know..."
"Are you pissed now?"
>Dash: "... only if you stop"
>Not like you ever intended to leave, nor do you have any intention of stopping

>You slide one hand between her legs and the other under her shirt. She's wearing a bra this time, but that doesn't stop you
>Rather than try to take it off, you slide your hand under. But between the wire digging into the back of your hand and the already tight fit of her bra, you pull your hand out
>Hey, caressing her through her bra is still something
>Apparently she doesn't share that thought
>Dash: "H-hold on a sec"
>She steps back and removes her shirt
"So they match"
>Dash: "H-huh?"
"Your bra and panties"
>Dash: "oh yeah..."
>She drops her skirt too
>Dash: "...d-do you like it?"
"Maybe. I'm just surprised you had such a feminine side to you-"
>Dash: "Y-you better not tell anyone! I swear-"
"It's cute"
>She goes silent. She makes it too easy sometimes
>Dash: "wh-whatever... j-just go over there"
>She points over towards the bed

>She grabs you by the arm and leads you over to the bed. She sits on the edge, but stops you from sitting next to her
>Dash: "N-no... right here is good"
>You're positioned in front of her, your crotch right at her eye level, She reaches for the button of your pants, hands shaking.
>She almost hesitates to touch you like you're made of glass. Once she finally grabs at your buttons she fiddles around with it
"Need help?"
>Dash: "N-no, I got it"
>She tries some more
"You sure?"
>Dash: "No, I can do it!"
>She tries even harder, but after a minute or so gives up
>Dash: ".... a little help"
>You unbutton your pants and she immediately swats your hand away
>Dash: "J-just for the record, I could have done it myself"
>She quickly unzips your pants and yanks them down, hoping you'd forget what just happened. She grabs the waistband of your boxers, but more timidly like earlier
>Dash: "Y-you sure you're ready for this?"
"Are you sure you're ready?"
>Dash: "Of course! ...I just, you know... wanted to make sure you are..."
>Uh uh. Right.
>She pulls your underpants down, slowly letting your erect member free
>Dash: "O-okay... I guess... I-I'll just pick up where I left off"
>She gently grabs the base of your dick and brings her mouth closer. AS she gets near, you can feel her breathing on you. The warmth of her panting almost feels good in itself. She lets out a long deep breath, then inhales...
>Then fills her mouth with your cock

>She pushes herself down, bringing your cock deeper into her warm, wet mouth. It felt great for the whole 30 seconds before she pulls out and starts coughing
"You okay Dash?"
>She struggles to respond while trying to catch her breath
>Dash: "Yeah... I just... haven't.. I'll get the hang of it..."
>She gives the head a few slow test licks, as if mentally preparing herself, then pushes down again. It takes her a while to get a steady rhythm, and she has to stop every once in a while to catch her breath. It's sloppy, it's awkward... but damn, is it cute. As she gets the hang of it, she begins stroking you with her hand, matching the movements of her head
>You reach down and run your fingers through her soft hair. You try not to hold her down in case she needs to catch her breath again
>She pulls her head back again, but not to catch her breath
>Dash: "s-so.. how am I doing?"
>You don't say anything, and she takes that as a complement
>Dash: "Told you I'd get the hang of it"
>She starts licking you all over, moving from the base all the way over the head and back down again. You feel your heart race, your body going weak, and the next time she goes over your head you give her a gentle push. She lets out a muffled gasp and resumes her previous moment. You hear her quietly moaning like she's enjoying it
"You're touching yourself aren't you"
>She pulls out again
>Dash: "M-maybe..."
>She doesn't stop stroking you; in fact, she moves her hand faster. She may need to work on her oral skills, but her soft little hands can work some serious magic Her eyes are glued to your member, like she's waiting for something to happen
>Your heart is about to explode... mind going blank...
>Dash: "Anon... you okay?"
>You don't respond. Your legs shake. Your breath gets heave and rigid. You feel yourself getting close.... so close....
>Dash: "Yeah?"
>You try to warn her.... it doesn't come out... you lose control
>And finally, you release your load

>The look of sheer surprise on her face was priceless. Not that you could really enjoy it, your mind was all over the place. You were thinking about everything that just happened, and nothing all at the same time
>By the time your body calms down and your mind catches up with you, you plop down on the bed next to her
>That's when you really realize what you've done. You should have given her a heads up, especially seeing how it was her first time. You consider apologizing...
"You're welcome"
>Now's not the time for jokes, Anon
>Her response isn't angry though
>She's blushing, she's confused, but... she's actually happy
>She wipes her face clean with her discarded shirt and tosses it into the corner of the room. She puts the skirt back on and takes her seat next to you
>The two of you sit in awkward silence
>Dash: "S-so, umm... d-do you want something to drink? O-or something..."
"Yeah, sure"
>She leaves, and you use this opportunity to pull your pants back up and get your mind back together. She comes back with two glasses
>Dash: "It's just water, hope you don't mind"
"Nah it's fine..."
>More awkward silence, She looks looks she wants to say something, but hesitates...
"Go on. Let it out, Dash"
>Dash: "... s-so like, umm... h-how did I do?"
>You put your arm around her
"Better than I thought"
>Dash: "Y-yeah?"
"... a LOT better"
>She look a little less nervous, and a little more proud
>Dash: "W-well it better be. I barely slept last night, I was worried that you wouldn't... y-you know... have fun today"
"... last night?"

>Dash: "Wh-what?"
"You said you've been thinking about this since last night"
>Dash: "Well, umm, th-that's-"
"The reason I came was because you forgot my sweater"
>Dash: "Y-you see-"
"It wasn't an accident was it?"
>Dash: "I-I can explain-"
"You just needed an excuse to get me down her didn't you-"
>She punches you in the arm
>Dash: "...m-maybe..."
>She's pouting again, so you do the one thing you know will cheer her up. You throw your arms around her and give her a big hug
"Well I'm glad you did"
>She blushes, trying not to smile, and pushes you away
>Dash: "And... there was another reason I wanted you to come over"
>Dash: "I just.. wanted to say that..."
>She reaches for your hand and gently grabs hold of it
>Dash: "I... k-kinda like you Anon... s-sorta"
>You figured as much, and yet this still comes as a surprise. To hear her actually come out and tell her she likes you. And quite frankly... you know, it's hard to say when, but... you actually grew feelings for her too
>Dash: W-well?"
>You give her a light punch in the arm
"... I kinda like you too..."
>She smiles like a little kid on Christmas...
>And she explodes.
>You only caught a glimpse of her face before burying it in a pillow, but that was the brightest blush you have ever seen
>After a minute of getting herself together, she puts the pillow down, her face still as bright as the red streak in her hair
>Dash: "A-are you going to call me that all the time?"
"Hey, you can call me Nonny if you want, that'll make us even-"
>She pushes you down on the bed, throws some pillows aside, and lays next to you
>Dash: "J-just shut up and hold me"

>The two of you lay in bed together for what felt like hours, but in a good way. Despite her million pillows, she chose to rest her head on your chest... again, in a good way
>Her arm is draped across you. Her heart feels like it's about to beat out of her chest, which is easier to feel since she still doesn't have a shirt on
>Before you even realize it, the room has started to glow an orange-ish red color. Since the only light coming in was from the bedroom window, that means the sun is starting to set
"Hey Dash... Dash..."
>You give her shoulder a gentle shake
"... Dash?"
>Dash: "..mmhm.."
>She quietly groans
>Dash: "... sorry, I was falling asleep"
>She nuzzles your shoulder
>Dash: "... you're shoulder... it's kinda comfy"
>She's gonna give you a heart attack before this relationship goes anywhere
"It's getting late, I should probably go soon"
>She clings to you tighter
>Dash: "You sure?"
"I mean... it is getting pretty late"
>Dash looks visibly disappointed
>Dash: "I... I guess you're right. Just give me a sec"
>She scribbles something on a piece of paper, folds it up, throws a shirt on and sees you to the door

>You're about to head out
>Dash: "Anon wait. Don't turn around, just wait a sec"
>You hear a rustling, then she stuffs something in your backpack
>Dash: "Okay, you can turn around... just don't open your bag until you get home"
>Dash: "J-just trust me, okay? You'll like it"
>Whatever that means, you nod
>Dash: "A-and... one last thing"
>Dash: "W-well... s-since I'm kinda y-your... w-well, should we like, k-kiss or something?"
"O-oh, yeah... that makes sense"
>Damn it, you're just as awkward as her
>You gently grab each other, and slowly lean forward... her lips are soft, really soft
>You each pull back sooner than you hoped, and you're sure your face is as red as hers
"S-so, uhh-"
>She pushes you out and slams the door
>Well... hey. That's her. Your new girlfriend

>As soon as you get home, you go to your bedroom and open your backpack
>There's a note:
>"Here you go, hope you like it <3"
>The writing is scribbly and jagged, even for her
>....that's all it says
>You dig through you backpack looking for anything else
>Wait, there's something at the bottom of your bag. You slowly pull it out
>A pair of panties, with light blue stripes and lace trim. The crotch area is wet

>The next day, Dash texted you not to wait for her because she was running late. The expression on her face when she showed up and saw you waiting for her anyways was priceless
>Dash: "I thought I told you not to wait"
"But aren't you glad that I did"
>Dash: "... j-just walk me in"
>You walk in together, and before head your separate ways to our classes, Dash stops you
>Dash: "Hey Anon... can you do me a favor?"
"What is it?"
>Dash: "Can we try not to make a big deal about... you know, us? It's not you or anything, it's just... weird for me saying I have a boyfriend, you know"
"Yeah... sure"
>She's still pretty shy about it. You know, she can be diabetically sweet sometimes

>The day goes by, time for lunch
>You and Dash get to the table first, and everyone else catches up with you
>Pinkie: "Hey Dashie, hey Nonny, what's going on-"
"Dash and I are dating"
>Less than one day into your relationship and you've already fucked it up. Way to go

>After a very forceful under-the-table kick, the girls start questioning the two of you bout EVERYTHING
>You come up with some half-assed story about falling in love with her in some cheesy romantic setting
>Hey, it was still better than "I forcefully fingered her in the gym and she blew me the next day"

>Somehow you survive lunch without Dash killing you. Of course, that doesn't keep her from pouting the whole time
>The bell rings and she hurries off without you
>... maybe you really did fuck up this time

>When you get to history, and see Dash sitting at her desk with her own book out... well, shit
>You sit down and take out your own book and focus on your own work... as best as you can
>You're zoned out when a ball of paper hits the side of your head. You look at Dash, who has her head down, asleep, but when you open up the ball there's a message in her handwriting
>"You know you really owe me for this."
>She's pretending to be asleep, but you catch her peeking at you. Since she's clearly intent on not talking to you, you write her a message
"Whatever you want, just say it"
>You decide against throwing it at her like she did. Instead, you gently slip it on her desk
>She waits until you're not looking to grab it, still pretending to be asleep. And again, when you're not looking, another message gets thrown at you
>"I'll think of something"
>There were a few other messages, but they've been scribbled out and made illegible
>You start writing another message, but when you see her turn away from you, you discard it

>When class ends you get up to leave, but Dash grabs your sleeve
>Dash: "...wait"
>That's all she says, before packing up her stuff and walking out with you
>You walk together without saying anything to each other
>But hey... at least she's walking with you now

>Dash waited for you to walk to gym together. Hell, the two of you actually had a normal conversation together
>Dash: "S-so Anon... I don't think we're playing dodgeball today. Do you have a new plan?"
>You pull a thermos out of your backpack
Dash: "What's in there?"
"I'm gonna throw up in the bathroom"
>Dash: "Wh-what?"
"It's just orange juice mixed with mashed potatoes. Just splash it around the toilet and say you threw up. Works every time"
>Dash: "... pour me some of that"
>She hands you an empty water bottle, and pour about half of it for her

>The class was playing flag football today
>Of course, you and Dash were "too sick" to participate, so the two of you sat on the bleachers together
>Dash: "...hey Anon"
>Dash: ".... wait a sec"
"Wait for what?"
>She sits still and silent for a moment...
>Dash: "-okay come on"
>She suddenly grabs your arm and pulls you away. She leads you down and behind the bleachers

>Dash: "You still owe me you know"
"Y-yeah... anything"
>She grabs your arm and pulls it around her shoulders
>Dash: "O-okay, now..."
>She points to her cheek
>Dash: "Just kiss me, and I'll forgive you"
"That's all?"
>Dash: "Yeah, a-and keep your eyes closed until I say. Or else"
>You do as she says, closing your eyes and slowly kissing her cheek
>She gently pushes you away
>Dash: "Okay, that's all."
"What was that-"
>Dash: "We should get back before anyone notices we're gone..."
>The two of you hurry back to your seats on the bleachers

>After gym
>You're changing in the locker room when you get a text message... form Dash
>"Thanks." That's all it says
>Attached with the message is a picture
>A picture of you kissing her under the bleachers....

>After you finish changing, you wait for her outside the locker room

>You get a text message later that night
>.... it's from Rarity?
>You're in the middle of your reply when you get another message from Pinkie
>" w(°o°)w WELL LOOK AT YOU NONNY! GO GET HER~~ ミ(o*・ω・)ノ "
>You don't even know how to type half of those symbols
>Another message, from Fluttershy, then Applejack. All saying about the same thing
>... then a message from Dash
>That. Fucking. Picture.
>She got you back

>The next day, Dash shows up barely on time as usual. When you meet, you don't say much
"So... we good?"
>Dash: "... yeah, we're good"
>... and that's all you say, because it's all that needs to be said. You take each others hands and head inside

>You have a choice: go to biology and put up with Rarity all class, or skip class and hide in the library with all the losers

>Rarity: "Well hello there Anon~ Anything interesting you'd like to talk about?"
>You may have made the wrong choice
"Not particularly"
>Rarity: "Oh reeeeeaally~? Nothing at all?"
"You're talking about the kiss?"
>Rarity: "Actually, I'm talking about everything else"
"Wh-what are you talking about?"
>Rarity: "Oh, you know, the OTHER stuff you did"
"We didn't do anything"
>Rarity: "Hmm... that's not what Rainbow Dash told me"
"A-and what exactly did she tell you?"
>Rarity: "... everything"
"All of it?"
>She giggles
>Rarity: "Don't worry darling, she didn't say anything...."
>Thank god.
>You reel in your spaghetti and let out a sigh of relief-
>Rarity: "-was there something she SHOULD have told me?"
>This one is your fault Anon
"... nope. Nothing at all"
>Rarity: "Relax Anon, you can tell me... I can keep a secret-"
"-No you can't"
>Rarity: "... okay, maybe not so much. But it's not like it's anything to be ashamed of, you and Dash are really cute together-"
>Classmate: "-Wait, who's dating Rainbow Dash?"
>The guy in front of you turns around
>Classmate: "Is it you Anon?"
>Rarity: "It's none of you business-"
>Classmate: "-yeah, pipe down marshmallow, no one's talking to you. So Anon, tell me all about it"
"About what"
>Classmate: "You know..."
"...know what?"
>Classmate: "...how crusty is her cunt?"
>He laughs and high fives the guys next to him
>Rarity looks deeply offended. And quite frankly, so are you
>Classmate: "Relax bro, I'm just-"
"-Not as crusty as your mom's"
>...well then
>It wasn't clever, it wasn't witty, but it certainly shut him up
"... and I'm not your 'bro'"

>Look out, we got a bad ass here. Anon, White Knight of Waifus, Defender of Damsels, the Master of M'Ladies
>... and the poor bastard who's about to get his ass kicked
>He turns his chair around to face you directly
>Classmate: "You wanna run that by me again?"
>You stare him down with confidence. You sit up with authority. You try not to shit in your pants
>Instead of responding, you turn your attention back to your work
>Classmate: "What's the matter? Giving up before I have to kick your ass-"
>"Is that a threat?"
>He turns around and sees the teacher standing over him, the teacher you saw approaching just a moment ago
>Y-you totally had a comeback for that though... totally... I swear
>Teacher: "I don't want to hear another word out of you..."
>You smirk-
>Teacher: "-you too, Anonymous"
>... well, he's still in trouble too
>The teacher continues with the lesson, and you get back to your own work
>Rarity taps you on the shoulder and silently gives you a thumbs up

>Class goes on without any more interruptions
>You packed up your stuff a few minutes early so you can leave as soon as the bell rings. Rarity caught you and followed suit
>And as soon as that bell goes off, the two of you jump out of your desks and head for the door
>Whats-his-face gives you an angry look on your way out

>You and Rarity wait for Dash as usual
>Dash: "Hey guys, what's going on-"
"Come on, let's just hurry"
>Dash: "Jeez Anon, you skip breakfast or something?"
"It's not that, it's just-"
>Someone smacked you in the back of the head
>Guess fucking who
>He walks by with the other guys, the ones next to him in class he high fived. He says nothing, he just flips you off... and Dash
>Your girlfriend doesn't even seem to care, she just rolls her eyes
"Seriously, what is up with that guy?"
>Dash: "Never mind him, Anon, Flash is just jealous"
>So that's whats-his-face's name
>Dash: "Yeah, I'll explain later"

"So wait, you and this Flash Sentry dude dated?"
>You're all together at your lunch table, the home of awkward conversation these days
>Dash: "No, he asked me out, but I rejected him..."
>She starts mocking his voice
>Dash: "...and no one says no to Flash Sentry"
>Back in her normal voice
>Dash: "... trust me Anon, just ignore him. He'll get over it eventually"
"I just hope he gets over him soon, I've talked to him once and I'm already sick of him"
>Dash: "What did he say?"
"Bullshit. A whole lotta bullshit"
>Rarity: "Mostly about you"
>Dash: "... yeah, that sounds like him"
>Rarity: "Don't worry Dash, Anon here stood up for you, like a true gentleman"
>Your internal fedora tips
"Hey, I'm not just gonna let someone else talk shit about my friends. Especially not my Dashie"
>Dash: " 'Y-your Dashie?' "
"Got a problem with that?"
>Dash: "Wh-whatever makes you happy"
>Giggles all around the table
>Dash: "A-and besides, I wouldn't let him talk shit about... m-my Nonny either"
>Her calling you 'Nonny' seemed to echo around the table like a gunshot. At least the other girls responded like one. They all stare at you waiting for your reaction
>... now you know how Dash feels when you call her 'Dashie'
>Rarity: "Do you two need some time alone?"
>Pinkie: "Nu-uh, no way I'm missing a second of this!"
"A second of what-"
>Dash leans onto your shoulder
>Dash: "We're fine"

>She stayed on your shoulder for the rest of lunch. Even on the way to class she wouldn't leave your side
>You don't even have to ask her to push her desk together with yours again
>Class begins
>Dash: "psst. hey Anon"
>Dash: "I've been meaning to ask you something"
"what is it?"
>Dash: "did you like the present I gave you?"
"the present..."
>Oh yeah, the "present"
>Dash: "...well?"
>She's trying to get to you Anon, don't let her... no boner, stop
>Dash: "what if I told you I was wearing the matching bra"
>Okay boner, you're in charge now
>Boner to brain: all systems go
"I'd say show me"
>Dash: "w-well, umm..."
>Tables have turned-"
>Dash: "okay, but only if you do it"
>Aaaaand back to you. She smiles like she's just defeated you
"... alright. I'll do it"
>Call her bluff, make her blush
>Dash: "a-alright, go ahead"
>She leans over to you. You slowly reach for her shirt, all you gotta do is-
>Teacher: "Anonymous, Dash, what's going on back there?"
>Brain to boner: I'm taking the wheel
"J-just dropped my pencil"
>You reach down and pretend to pick something up. The teacher falls for it.
>Dash: "nice save, Anon"
>Brain to boner: You are dismissed
>Okay, back to work
>Dash: "psst. hey Anon"
>Not again
"what is it now-"
>She pulls her collar out to give you a peek at her bra
>Boner to brain: I'm back, bitches
>Dash: "you earned it"
>She gives you a wink before letting go of her collar
"... hey Dash"
>Dash: "yeah?"
"that's not the matching bra"
>She chuckles
>Dash: "I know"
>That crafty bitch

>Back to your class work
>Dash: "psst. hey-"
>Dash: "no really, it's-"
>Dash: "come on, you'll-"
"not again"
>Dash: "but Anon, class-"
"Class is over?"
>You've usually packed up all your stuff by now
>Dash: "I was trying to tell you"
>Damn, today's just not your day. You double-time it on packing up

>Dash: "So, uhh... s-sorry for almost getting you in trouble in there"
"Eh, no biggie"
>Dash: "You sure?"
"Yeah, relax..."
>Her apology is almost guilt-inducingly sincere
"... if anything I was disappointed you weren't wearing the other bra"
>That cheered her up... kinda
>Dash: "T-tell you what, I'll wear it for you tomorrow. And maybe... something else
"...Something else? Like what?"
>She's smiling for real now
>Dash: Y-you'll find out tomorrow"
"Care to give me a hint"
>Dash: "... nope"
>Damn this girl
>You decided to actually participate in gym today. About five minutes in you changed your mind and got yourself hurt. Dash thought it was hilarious
>You sat by yourself in the bleachers, like you used to. You tried not to be distracting to Dash... okay, so you cheered and celebrated for her anytime she did anything
>Is it distracting? Yes. Is she embarrassed? Probably. Is she gonna hit you as soon as class is over? No doubt. Is it worth it? Damn right it is

"Hey Dash! Good game-"
>She punches your arm a LOT harder than usual
>Dash: "Th-that's for being such a dork!"
>Then, when no one's looking, she gives you a quick kiss on the cheek
"So what was that for?"
>Dash: "... f-for being my dork"
>She's not looking at you. Either she doesn't want to see you or she doesn't want you to see her blushing
>Dash: "A-and if you still want me to wear... you know, "that", for you tomorrow, then you owe me"
"Owe you what?"
>She whispers something in your ear
"... you've got to be kidding"
>Dash: "I-if you're gonna embarrass me, I'm gonna embarrass you"
>You consider her offer...
>Das: "W-well?"
"... fine. I'll do it"
>Dash: "Y-you better"
>You head off to the locker rooms
>Tomorrow will be... interesting

>Getting ready for school
>Just do it Anon. Go ahead

>You wait for Dash outside as usual
>When she sees you, she jumps into a sprint
>Dash: "Heey Anooon!"
>As soon as she's close enough she grabs your hand and drags you away. She leads you around the corner and behind the school. You're desperately gasping for breath by the time you get there, barely able to keep up
>Dash: "Okay... show me"
"Show... you... what?"
>Dash: "Don't tell me you forgot!"
>You finally catch your breath
"Oh yeah... that"
>Dash: "So you did?"
>Dash: "So... show me!"
"Alright, alright... just give me a second..."
>Shit Anon, are you actually nervous about this?
>You slowly unbutton your pants and her eyes get wider. Drawing this out is only making it worse on you, and more fun for her, so as soon as your zipper is down you quickly drop your pants
>Dash: "W-wow... You must really like my underwear, don't you Anon?"
>Protip: Panties can't hold in a boner... trust me
>She grabs your member through her... scratch that, your panties, and starts stroking you
"H-hey Dash, we had a deal remember?"
>With her free hand, she lifts up her shirt, revealing a bra that looks a lot like your panties
>Dash: "Told you I'd keep my word, didn't I?"
"So Dash, if I'm wearing the matching panties, what are you wearing now?"
>Dash: "... well..."
"Well what?"
>Dash: "I couldn't just, you know... wear mismatching underwear, you know? I-it just seemed weird-"
"-Are you not wearing panties?"
>Her grip tightens as you say that
>Dash: "O-of course I am!"
"Then show me"
>Dash: "... o-okay fine, I'm not wearing any, okay?"
>She reaches up her skirt and pulls her shorts down, kicking them aside
>Dash: "G-go ahead, see for yourself..."
>You reach up her skirt...
>Dash: "T-told you"
>Just as you thought, your palm is prickled with her pubes, and on your fingers feel...
>Holy crap she's actually wet
"Hey Dash... do you actually like seeing me in your panties?"
>Dash: "N-no! I-It's just cause you're touching me and stuff..."
>She starts stroking you faster with those magical hands of hers
>Dash: "A-and besides, yours is leaking too"
>Another protip: Precum leaks through panties like there's nothing there
"Well... maybe I do enjoy this"
>Dash: "Y-you're weird Anon..."
>She pulls you closer and plants a kiss on your neck
>Dash: "... b-but I guess it's not all that bad..."
>You slip your fingers inside her
>Dash: "...MMh...n-not bad at all"
>Your feel your body getting weak
>Dash: "S-so... i-is this what you normally do with them?"
"P-pretty much"
>Dash: "W-well, not like, wearing them and stuff, but..."
>She gives Anon Jr. a squeeze
>Dash: "... this?"
"... y-yeah sure"
>Okay, so maybe you DO wear them when you fap, who's to judge?
>Your member starts to twitch, and she tightens her grip
>Dash: "... I recognize that"
>She pulls you in to a kiss
>Dash: "G-go ahead... let it out-"
>You pull her back into the kiss. She runs her free hand through your hair... it's weirdly erotic
>The more your cock throbs in her hand, the faster she strokes you. And after a while you can't hold back any longer
>As you release your load, you force your tongue into her mouth. She gasps in surprise, and almost seems to be fighting back against you
>... it seemed sensible in the heat of the moment
>Your cum slowly leaks out through your panties, dripping down Dash's hand
>As you try to pull away from the kiss, she holds you in as long as she can, until she has to come up for breath
>Dash: "mmh... hmm... y-you..."
>Crap. She's pissed
"Sorry, it just-"
>Dash: "-you should do that more often"
>She smiles, and looks down at her cum-covered hand
>Dash: "W-well, at least it's not on my face again"
>Fuck. You're late for class
"Come on Dash, we gotta-"
>Dash: "Wait wait wait, hold on..."
"What? We're running late-"
>Dash: "Yeah, but you can't go to class like..."
>She motions towards your crotch, semen still dripping through your panties
>Dash: "... like that"
"W-well it's fine, I can just take them off or-"
>Dash: "You are not taking them off!"
"Why, it's easier than-"
>Dash: "-I'm still not done with you today"
"Well I can't just wear cum-soaked panties all day"
>Dash: "... m-maybe you don't have to"
"What do you-
>Dash plants her face to our crotch and licks your fluids off
>Hello boner, you're back early
>Dash: "Calm down Nonny, we don't got the time, remember"
>She pulls your panties down and licks your member clean. Very. Slowly
"I thought we didn't have time
>Dash: "Not enough time to finish. But I can still have a little fun while I'm at it"
>She pulls your underwear back up, and while she's at it, pants too
>Huh. Such good manners
>Dash runs off
"Dash, wait-!"
>Dash: "-Don't be too late, someone will get suspicious!"
>Too late, she's gone
>She'll realize soon that she forgot her shorts behind
>You'll hold on to them for now... you know, for safe keeping
>You button your pants, double checking that your zipper is up
>Can't be too careful today
>Again, you debate whether or not you should actually go to biology class today
>Uggh. Fuck

>You decide to go to class at the last second, just barely on time. The teacher is not happy
>Teacher: "Anonymous, please try to show up at least more than a few seconds before class starts next time"
"Sorry sir, won't happen again"
>That Flash Whats-his-face dude is snickering
>Dash told you to just ignore him. Just ignore him. Don't look at him, don't even acknowledge-
>The class erupts into laughter
>That son of a bitch just tripped you
>Teacher: "Anonymous, do you need to step outside?"
"No sir, everything's fine"
>Not giving him the pleasure of a reaction, you calmly get up and go to your seat
>Rarity: "...you okay?"
"don't worry, I'm fine"
>Your head aches through the rest of class

>You cringe when the bell rings... you never realized just how loud that damn bell is
>Dash is waiting for you and Rarity outside, but mostly you
>Dash: "Anon, I need to ask you-"
>She notices the look on your face
>Dash: "You okay? You don't look so good"
>Flash: "Yeah Anon, you don't look so good"
>Again, you don't respond. None of you do. He gets bored and walks away
>Dash: "... please tell me you weren't causing any drama"
"Believe me, I tried not to"
>You and Rarity explain it on the way to the cafeteria
>You're in line getting your food
>Dash: "Seriously? And you just let him?"
"I tried to ignore him like you said-"
>Dash: "-Well yeah, but there's just some things you shouldn't put up with-"
"-Dash it's fine... really. Just let it go"
>Dash: "... just promise me one thing"
>Dash: "If you ever do decide to kick his ass... I want in"
"Tell you what, I'll let you get the first hit"
>That put a smile on her face, until you started wincing again
>Damn your head is killing you

>You stumble over on your way to the table, Dash has to help you just to stand up
>Rarity: "Darling, are you sure you're okay?"
"I'm fine, just... just a little headache"
>No matter how hard you try to undersell it, you're not fooling anyone, especially not Dash
>Dash: "Come on. We're going to see the school nurse"
"No, I don't need-"
>Dash: "-Look Anon, we're going whether you want to or not"
"Dash, please, I'm-"
>Dash: "Rarity, can you let the others know-?"
>Rarity: "Sure thing, you just make sure he's okay-"
"-I'm okay-"
>Dash: "-Thanks, take these-"
>She takes your food tray and hands it to Rarity, along with her own
>Dash: "-Now come on, Anon-"
"-You guys, I swear, I'm fine-"
>Dash: "-If I have to carry you princess style I will"
"... fine"
>She walks you out
>You'd never admit it, but this probably is for the best
>Dash: "Hey Nurse, Anon here's got a problem"
"... hey Nurse"
>The look she gives you, it reminds you why you didn't want to come down here
>Nurse: "Well well well, gym class start early today?"
>Dash: "No, he's not faking it this time"
>Nurse: "Alright, tell me what's going on this time"
>She wheels her chair over to you
"I kinda fell and hit my head"
>She starts feeling around your forehead. There's somewhere that when she presses down, just makes you grit your teeth
>Nurse: "Well I'll be damned, it's the real deal. Come, sit down"
>She leads you over to the little bed. She wheels across the room and starts filling a bag with ice
>Nurse: "You wanna tell me what happened?"
"I already did, I fell"
>Nurse: "No shit, I mean how"
>The mouth on this lady
"I tripped"
>Nurse: "Okay... so you just fell over for no reason?"
>Dash: "It was Flash-"
"Yeah I'm clumsy, okay?"
>The nurse rolls her eyes
>Nurse: "Listen, Anon. It's okay..."
>She takes your hands
>Nurse: "... if you're little girlfriend here is abusing you there's nothing to be ashamed of"
>She laughs and hands you the bag of ice
>Nurse: "Relax kiddo, I'm just messin with you"
>She pours some pills into a little cup
>Nurse: "Take these, they'll help with the headache-"
>The phone on the wall rings, and apparently it's not a good conversation. When she hangs up she slams it down on the receiver as if trying to break a hole in the wall
>Nurse: "Just my luck... I gotta go, there's been a huge accident in the woodshop class"
>She starts putting together a first-aid kit
>Nurse: "I told Celestia not to let that 'Applebloom' girl and her friends take the class..."
>She gets frustrated, and for the first time you see her stand up from her chair
>Nurse: "...but no, no one gives a damn what I think! Look Anon, just take those pills, stay as long as you need, Dash you got class with him right?"
>Dash: "Yeah-"
>Nurse: "-Good, he's your problem now"
>She slams the door on her way out, still muttering to herself
>Dash: "So Anon, you wanna tell me what's going on?"
"What do you mean?"
>Dash: "Why you won't talk about Flash"
"No reason"
>Dash: "Is something wrong?"
"Everything's fine"
>Dash: "Anon... you're not afraid of him, are you?"
>Whaaaat? You mean the big meathead who could probably snap you like a twig? Of course not
"... you wanna know the truth?"
>Dash: "Anything"
>You let out a sigh
"It's just... I'm not going to let him get to me, you know? Yeah, he's annoying, and yeah he's a pain in my ass. But that doesn't mean he has to be on my mind 24/7"
>Dash: "Really? That's your reason?"
"Pretty much. If being with you means I have to put up with his nonsense, it's worth it"
>You ruffle her hair as you say that, and it puts a smile on her face
"Besides, I'm much more afraid of you than I am of him-"
>She gives you her signature punch-in-the-arm
"R-really Dash? Hitting an injured person"
>Dash: "You're fine"
"... to be honest, my head is killing me"
>Dash: "I thought so"
>You take the pills the nurse left for you and hold the ice pack to the sore spot on your forehead. You lay back on the bed, and Dash sits in the Nurse's chair. Laying down gives you a good view up her skirt... oh yeah
"Umm... hey Dash"
>Dash: "Yeah?"
>You open your bag and pull out her shorts. She immediately pushes down her skirt to cover up. Her face shoots up bright red
>Dash: "A-and you didn't tell me sooner!!"
"Well I meant to, but..."
>But then you couldn't sniff them in the bathroom
>...don't tell her that
>Dash: "I-I should have known..."
"Hey Dash, you're not-"
>Dash: "Shush"
>She looks around in a few cabinets before finally finding the nurse's spare labcoat
"Dash what are you doing?"
>Dash: "Y-you've got a serious problem Anon..."
>She puts the coat on
>Dash: "... and she said it's my responsibility to take care of you"
"Dash, what are you doing-"
>She pounces on top of you
>Dash: "Taking care of you"
>Dash: "So... how are you feeling today, Anon?"
>She walks over to the nurse's desk and puts on her stethoscope
>Dash: "Come on, take off your shirt"
>She's really going all out on this isn't she
"Dash, are you trying to impersonate a doctor?"
>Dash: "I'm not impersonating a doctor, I'm pretending to be one"
>Whatever, you play along. Honestly, it is kinda cute. So you sit up straight and take your shirt off
>She wheels over to you in the chair and presses the stethoscope to your chest with one hand, gently and unprofessionally caressing you with the other
>Dash: "So what's the problem today, Mr. Anonymous?"
"Well I've got a bit of swelling in my head"
>Dash: "Okay, let's take a look here"
>She pushes aside the ice bag and starts feeling around your forehead-
"Not that head"
>...you honestly expected her to get that lot sooner
>Dash: "W-well then... let's take a look. Can you stand up for me?"
>You get up like she says. She gets as close to you as she can and starts to unbutton your pants-
>Nurse: "Hey guys, I'm back, turns out they-"
>Dash freezes. You freeze. The nurse freezes
"Umm... I-"
>Nurse: "No."
"Listen I can explain-"
>Nurse: "No, I don't want to hear another damn word"
>She shakes her head in confusion, or disappointment or... yup, that's anger. She paces around the room and collects her things
>Nurse: "I didn't see a thing, I have no idea what's going on, this is NOT my responsibility. I SERIOUSLY don't get paid enough for this shit"
>She grabs her purse from the desk
>Nurse: "There's some condoms in the desk here, you two just finish up whatever it is you're doing-"
>Nurse: "DON'T! Tell me another word, if I don't know I can't be held responsible. Just clean up when you're done, I'm a nurse not a fucking janitor"
>She starts to head out the door
>Nurse: "...and Anon? Stick to boxers. I've seen horses that look better in panties than you do."
>She slams the door
"So... Doctor Dash"
>Dash: "H-huh?"
"Should we pick up where we left off?"
>Dash: "M-maybe we should lock the door first. Wouldn't want someone interrupting your check-up"
>She wheels over to the door and locks it. There is something about that chair that makes people not want to get out
>Dash: "So, lets take a look at that swelling"
>Surprisingly, that whole situation didn't put you down
>She slowly pulls your pants down. Your panties try to come down with your pants, but she makes sure they stay on. A girl with a panty fetish... you've really seen it all
>Dash: "Y-yeah... it's a bit swollen. I could try massaging it..."
>She starts gently stroking you through your panties. Her eyes look up at you with desire
>Dash: ...or maybe, you need more than this"
>Dash: "Please, lie down"
>You sit down on the bed and lie back. She climbs up on top of you and straddles your hips, your panties quickly becoming damp with her fluids. Your cock is positioned perfectly between her legs.
>Dash: "How's this?"
>She grinds herself back and forth against you. Even through the panties, you feel how warm her body is
"M-much better"
>As she slides her hips back and forth, your panties get pushes down, and before you know it you're rubbing directly against her vulva
"D-Dash, wait-"
>Dash: "It's Doctor Dash"
"Doctor... I think-"
>Dash: "I feel it. The treatment's working"
>Her little hairs tickle your dick in a good way, and her fluids make everything feel warmer. And slippery. She plants her hands on your chest to hold herself up. Her fingers curl up, her nails leaving gentle scratches behind
>Dash: "M-Mr. Anonymous..."
"Yes Doctor?"
>Dash: "I... I think we need... to take this treatment all the way"
"I-I think so too Doctor"
>she gets off you, wobbling as she tries to walk over to the desk. Just as the nurse said, there were several condoms in the drawer
>Hey, it's okay, this is a medical treatment
>For science
>She fumbles around just trying to get the condom wrapper open, and trying to put it on you was just as clumsy. It took her a while, but she finally gets the condom on
>Dash: "O-okay... t-time to get started..."
>She gets back on top of you. She holds your member up, She positions herself for penetration. And... she freezes
"... you okay Doctor-?"
>Dash: "-This procedure takes time! D-don't worry!"
>She takes a minute to mentally prepare herself. The anticipation nearly kills you
>And slowly, very slowly, slides down. The head goes in
>Dash: "A-ah..."
>Her body shakes for a moment... she takes a deep breath.... and screams as she quickly slams her hips down on you
>Dash: "A-ANON-"
>She covers her mouth to muffle her voice. Her legs start to twitch. As she slowly pulls her hand away from her mouth, she starts moving
>Dash: "W-well Mr. Anonymous... i-is the treatment working?"
>You put your arms under the coat and around her waist
>Dash: "I-I'll take that as a yes"
>She gasps out loud with every bounce of her hips, and she doesn't even bother trying to hold back. Not like you're trying to hold back your breath either
>You tighten your grip around her waist, and somehow on this tiny bed you manage to roll over, putting her on her back and you on top of her
>Dash: M-Mr Anonymous! Wh-what do you think mmHm-!"
>You interrupt her with a kiss, leaving a lustful gaze in her eyes when you pull away
>Dash: Wh-whatever helps you heal faster... Y-you can do whatever you want"
>You thrust your hips harder against hers, and at times you wonder if you're being too rough. But every time you slow down, she begs you to do it faster
"D-Doctor... I'm..."
>She wraps her legs around you
>Dash: "G-go ahead, I'm all yours"
>You lose control
>You thrust harder and faster
>And for a moment she drops the doctor fantasy
>Dash: "N-NOOONNY!!!!!"
>Whatever she just felt, you probably felt a million times better
>You lay on top of her, unable to move
>Doctor Dash gently runs her fingers through your hair
"Doctor... I think... the treatment worked..."
>Dash: "Y-yeah... f-for both of us..."
>You glance over at the clock. Lunch ended long ago, history class is about half way over
>Dash: "Wh-what is it Nonny?"
"... nothing, Doctor Dashie"
>She nuzzels your cheek
>You're in no hurry to get out of here
>Dash's phone vibrates... at least you hope to God that's her phone
>Dash: "Huh, Rarity just texted me"
"What's it say?"
>Dash: "She's wondering if you're okay. I'll let her know-"
"-Tell her I'm in a coma"
>Dash: "... a coma?"
"Yeah, and while you're at it, tell her you took advantage of me while I was-"
>She punches you
>Dash: "I'm telling her you're just fine"
>Dash: "Come on, let's go before we miss lunch entirely-"
"-Lunch ended long ago"
>Dash: "Seriously?"
"Hell, 5th period is almost over"
>Dash: "Why didn't you say something sooner?"
"I was a little busy at the time"
>Yeah, "busy"
>Dash: "Oh yeah... umm, about that... can we, you know, keep this a secret?"
>You're honestly not surprised to hear that
>Dash: "A-and I mean like, for real this time"
"Yeah, sure-"
>Dash: "For real! I mean it-"
"Of course, don't worry"
>You hug her to reassure her, although it's mostly for you. You don't want a repeat of last time
>Dash: "Oh, and Anon, one more thing"
>Dash: "My shorts"
>You were hoping she'd forget... oh well
>As she puts them back on, you tear a page form the notepad on the nurse's desk
>Dash: "What's that for?"
"A note to get out of gym, you want one?"
>Dash: "... sure, why not"
>You're turning her into a lazy fuck, just like you
>While you write some fake notes about how "sick" you and Dash are, she grabs the rest of the condoms out of the drawer and stuffs them in your pocket
>Dash: "... what?"
"You sure you don't want to hold on to them-"
>Dash: "J-just hurry it up"
>You finish writing the notes and head out
"Wait, Dash. You're still wearing her coat"
>Dash starts to take the coat off and drape it over the chair-
>Nurse: "-and no matter what I do they just- Oh great, you two are still here?!"
"We we're just leaving-"
>Nurse: "-Is that my coat? Don't tell me..."
>Dash: "Umm..."
>Nurse: "Forget it I don't care"
>She pulls a flask out of her pocket
>Nurse: "Just keep the coat and get to class"
>She slams the door behind you
>You start heading to your next class, even though the bell won't ring for another ten minutes. Dash grabs your arm and redirects you the opposite way
>Dash: "We got time, come on"
>She leads you over to the nearest vending machine
>Dash: "Thanks to somebody we missed lunch, and I'm starving"
>Really? Lunch from a vending machine? What kind of person does she take you for? You are so above this...
"Hey Dash... get some of those chips from the top there"
>No you're not

>She starts pouring coins into the vending machine, and when she runs out you start emptying your wallet
>Before long, you have yourselves about $20 worth of vending machine food
>It's a regular art student Thanksgiving
>The two of you sat alone in the hallway eating. There was this one weird girl came along, she was pissed that you guys bought all the peanut butter crackers
>Regardless, it was actually pretty fun

>You showed up late to English
>Hey you weren't gonna let that bell ruin your hobo feast
>Apparently Pinkie told the teacher that you had to see the nurse, so you were excused
>Pinkie: "Hey Nonny, you okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine, my head's a lot better"
>Pinkie: "Thank goodness. When Rarity said you had to go see the nurse I was so worried"
>She's such a good friend, caring about others like that
"Relax Pinkie, I'm-"
>Pinkie: "-No really, I thought you had seriously hurt yourself-"
"Don't worry-"
>Pinkie: "-and when you didn't come back I thought they had to take you to the hospital-"
"Pinkie I-"
>Pinkie: "-but then I started thinking, you know, I bet the nurse probably left them alone and then they started fucking in some doctor-patient role-play fantasy-"
>Pinkie: "-but there's no way THAT was true, and I figured you probably just felt sick and needed a little nap. So, you feeling any better?"
"... yeah. All better"
>... at least she cares
>You explain to Pinkie what happened
>She gives you the "You should have kicked his ass" speech
>You give her the "I'm not going to let him get to me" speech
>She takes it a lot easier than Dash did
>Your head is actually a lot better, and you're feelin pretty good

>Time for gym. You got your note from the "nurse", you just got laid, not to mention your fancy feast for lunch
>Yeah, you're feelin pretty good
>Dash: "Hey Anon, ready for gym?"
"Oh yeah, just a sec..."
>You pull the note you prepared for her out of your pocket and hand it to her
>Dash: "Thanks Nonny"
>She gives you a little peck on the cheek
>Feelin pretty good
>The two of you reach the locker rooms
>Dash: "See you in a bit, Anon"
"Alright, see ya-"
>Dash: "And Anon..."
>Dash: "... t-thanks. You know, for earlier"
>She gives you a wink before heading off to the girls room
>Feelin pretty damn good here

>You head inside and are about to start changing. You grab the button of your pants when you feel the gentle brush of soft lace on your fingers
>Remember... you're still wearing panties
>All of a sudden you're not feelin so good
>You weigh your options
>#1: Confidently flash your panties to the whole locker room like the alpha you are, and probably get ridiculed for the rest of your life
>#2: NOT dress, get detention, have stay after school for an hour
>On the one hand, your parents will give up on you, your friends will ignore you, and your life will be ruined forever
>On the other hand, you'll have to stay after school for an hour
>Well it was a nice life. Goodnight cruel world....
>... Wait a sec
>You have another option. The locker room has bathrooms inside
>#3: Change in a bathroom stall
>Anon you goddamn genius

>You run into the stall and start getting changed
"Just a minute-"
>"Hurry it up in there!"
"Just a freaking minute!"
>You hurry up and finish and step out of the stall
>Flash: "... Anon?"
>Flash: "-Were you changing in the bathroom stall?"
"What's it to you?"
>You push him aside and walk by
>Flash: "What's the matter Anon, get a hard-on changing with a bunch of dudes?!"
"Why, would you want me you?!"
>You stare each other down, and silently agree not to make more of a scene before you both looks like butt buddies
>You throw your clothes in your locker and head to the gym
>Dash made it to the gym before you did
>Dash: "Hey Anon, what took you so long?"
"... long story"
>Dash: "And the long story is...?"
"Let's just say someone got my panties in a bunch"
>Dash: "What does- oh..."
>Dash: "W-who found out?"
"No one, but... yeah, it was close"
>Dash: "So... no one knows?"
"No one knows"

>The coach has a special announcement for today. You're playing flag football again, but today there's going to be a cross-class competition
>Guess who's class you're playing...
>Flash eyes you from across the gym with a shit-faced grin. Dash hands you her "nurse's note"
>Dash: "Sorry, but I want in on this one"
"... kick his ass"

>You watch the game from the bleachers, since you're "too sick" to participate. In your defense, you did get hurt earlier
>Dash is actually happy to hear you cheering in the stands this time

>Flash's class gets BTFO
>You walk down from the bleachers to greet the champion
>She runs up to you with a smile. Flash is nowhere to be seen
>Off hiding his shame probably
"Hey Dash! Way to kick some ass!"
>... the smile on her face drops to a look of horror
"What's the matter-
>Dash: "-Anon behind you-!"
>And in a split second, your gym shorts drop to the floor. Everyone turns their attention to you. Dash is both shocked and pissed
>And behind you, Flash is laughing
>Flash: "Well well well Anon..."
>Think of something think of something think of something people are starting to laugh say something
>Flash: "What's the matter, wearing a matching bra with that too?"
>Word is getting around. The crowd is getting bigger
>Say something Anon, say fucking anything, like... like "your mom", yeah that's a good comeback say that-
>Dash: "-Actually I'm wearing it"
>Dash suddenly grabs you and kisses you, forcing her tongue into your mouth. She presses her body against yours and grinds her crotch on your leg. When she pulls away, a light strand of saliva drips between your tongues. Whatever her plan is, it's good
>The crowd goes silent
>Dash: "...come on Anon, step it up"
>You grab her ass with one hand and slide the other up her shirt. You start kissing her neck. You peek up only to see Flash's brain dead expression
>Dash: "What's the matter, jealous he's getting what YOU never could?"
A few "damn's and "oh shit"s echo through the crowd
>Dash: "Thought so, Fag Sentry"
>The coach doesn't see a thing, he just yells for everyone to get back to the locker rooms
>Dash: "Come on Anon let's go"
>She pulls your shorts up and puts her arm around your waist. You put one arm over her shoulders, accepting high fives and brofists with the other
>Dash: "... when you get back to the locker room take those off"
"... don't gotta tell me twice"

>You get to the locker room. Everyone who witnessed the scene starts cheering
>"... I swear I thought Anon was a faggot"
>There's one dead face across the room... Flash
>Bitch ass
>You head back to the bathroom and get changed
>You put your pants back on, bunch up her panties and stuff them in your pocket
>As you step out of the stall you get a pat on the back by some random guy waiting to get in
>"Hey Anon is this yours?"
He hands you an unused condom. Remember? The ones she stuffed in your pocket in the nurse's office?
>You silently take it from him
>"Go get her, man"
>Your popularity has shot through the roof. No one will probably remember this by tomorrow, but hey, you can savor the moment for now

>Flash is waiting for you as soon as you step out of the locker room
"What, are you trying to flirt with me now-"
>Flash: "-Drop the tough guy act Anon. Your little lapdog isn't here"
"My little lapdog?"
>Flash: "Admit it. You think you're so tough, so bad ass, but you do it all just to impress that little girl of yours"
"Or maybe I do it because I don't want to put up with your shit"
>Flash: "Look, just stop being a smug little shit and we won't have a problem"
"Fine... deal"
>He pushes you aside and walks off thinking, he's won
"... And you back off of me and Dash, and THEN we won't have a problem"
>Flash: "... you watch your fucking mouth"
>And with that, he leaves
>Dash: "Anon, who are you talking to?"
>You didn't even hear her come up from behind
"No one... just another bro"
>Dash: "You wanna tell me what's on your mind?"
>You zoned out for a minute
>Dash: "I recognize that look, something's bothering you"
"There really is no getting anything past you"
>Dash: "Tell me"
"... it's Flash"
>Dash: "Anon listen. I know I told you to just ignore him, but there's only so much bullshit I could put up-"
"-It's not that"
>Dash: "... huh?"
"Earlier... just now... he said-"
>Dash: "He threatened you didn't he?"
"How'd you know?"
>Dash: "He did it to me too"
>Dash: "Y-yeah... when I first rejected him, he wouldn't let it go. Then one day I just couldn't take it anymore... he came up to me at lunch and I just yelled at him in front of everyone... said I wouldn't date someone so desperate"
>Note to self: Don't ever make her angry
>Dash: "Later that day, he came to me... when I was alone. He said told me if I didn't take back what I said he'd beat the shit out of me. You know what I told him?"
"... what?"
>Dash: "Do it. Fucking do it."
"And what happened?"
>Dash: "He couldn't. He was all talk."
>She giggles
>So that's the story
>Dash: "Trust me, Anon. He won't fight you, he acts all high and mighty, but he doesn't have it in him. If push comes to shove, even a guy like you could take him out"
>You smile, actually feeling reassured. She hugs you tightly and you return the hug.
"... a guy like me?"
>Dash: "O-oh, I didn't mean it like that-"
"Too late, it's out. You said it-"
>She punches you in the arm, then takes your hand
>Dash: "C-Come on, you're coming home with me"
>Dash: "I-its time for your follow-up appointment with Doctor Dash"
>You knew it
>Nothing could ruin this great day
>And once again... you're feelin pretty good

>You wake up the next morning, ready to tackle the day
>Your girlfriend is now your lover
>Your rival is a spineless wimp who won't fight
>The whole school is probably talking about what a bad ass you are
>Let's do this
>You quickly get ready for school, even skipping your morning coffee because you didn't feel like you needed it. You make sure to bring a condom with you, just in case Dash is feeling extra frisky today
>Once you've decided that you're ready to start grabbing life by the horns, you haul your ass out the door

>You're half way to school, when an interesting thought pops into your mind
>Isn't it Saturday?

>You drag your feet home, dying for your morning coffee

>You get home, plop down on the couch, and turn on the t.v.
>It's one of those detective shows from the 70s that your dad watches all the time
>You don't really know what's going on, but you're too lazy to change the channel
>Such is the extent of your weekend life-
>Your phone ring tone sucks
>It's Dash. Try not to sound desperately bored
"Hey Dash, what's up"
>Dash: "Oh nothing really... but..."
>"Dash: "I was just wondering, are you busy today-?"
"-No not at all, why?"
>Reel it in, kiddo
>Dash: "Yeah, me either. So do you wanna... I don't know, come over to my place and hang out or something?"
"... yeah, sure. Why not?"
>Dash: "Great! When do you want to come over?"
"Whenever, I'm pretty much free all-"
>Dash: "-Well how about now?"
>Oh... Okay then
"Sure, just give me a few minutes to get ready and I'll head over"
>Dash: "Alright, see you in a bit"
>She hangs up, and you immediately bolt out the door
>When you get to her place, you wait on her porch for a few minutes to catch your breath
>Next time don't run the whole way here... don't get lost either
>You finally build up the strength to knock on her door
>... no answer
>Here's an idea, try the damn doorbell
>Just as you're about to push it, the door creaks open, and she peeks out from behind it
>Dash: "Hey Anon, I wasn't expecting you here so soon"
"Sorry, should I come back later?"
>Dash: "No it's fine, just get in, it's cold"
>...it's not that cold, but whatever. You step in and she closes the door
>Her hair is damp and she has a big white towel wrapped around her entire body. It covers her chest but barely goes down to her thighs
>Dash: "Umm... y-yeah, I just got out of the shower"
"I can tell"
>She smells sweet... really sweet. You can't quite put your finger on it, but it smells familiar
"Hey Dash, what's the scent of your shampoo?"
>Dash: "You're actually ]smelling my lotion. It's supposed to be some fruity scent, but if you ask me it kinda smells more like Skittles"
"Whatever it is, I like it"
>Dash: "Th-thanks, it's actually my favorite"
>Five minutes and you're already making her blush. Show some mercy Anon
>She takes your hand and leads you to her bedroom-WELL WHO DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING
>You sit on the bed, unable to take your eyes off her as she takes the towel off... no wait, she's holding it up
>Dash: "A-are you gonna stare at me like that the whole time?"
"Should I step outside?"
>Dash: "No no... j-just, close your eyes, okay?"
"... sure"
>You're a little disappointed, but you do it for her
>It's not like you're not gonna peek anyways
>You hear the towel drop to the floor, and a few drawers opening and closing. You open your eyes just a tiny bit
>You're just in time to see her bending over and pulling her panties up, white briefs with rainbow-colored hearts printed all over like polka dots
>You have a real talent for analyzing panties, don't you Anon?
>Dash: "Anon stop peeking"
"I wasn't"
>You shut your eyes again. She didn't see you, she probably just knew you would eventually
>... you hear her grunt and struggle
"Need help with something?"
>Dash: "No, I'm good, just..."
>She rummages through her drawers. More frustrated groaning
>Dash: "Uhh, damn it..."
>She slams the drawer
"What is it-"
>Dash: "-Nothing"
>Dash: "Okay, you can open your eyes"
>She's dressed very differently than she usually does for school. Black shorts, not her spats but regular shorts, and a white t-shirt. She has black and white striped socks pulled up to her knees
>You know, aside from gym class, she's always wearing a skirt. All the girls are. It's like there's some kind of "mandatory miniskirt" dress code... nah, it's probably just a coincidence
>You can tell her bra matches her panties, because her bra is lying on the floor. The more you look, you can clearly see where her nipples are
>Dash: "... why are you staring at me like that Anon?"
>Damn she looks cute... really cute
>Dash: "Anon? You okay?"
>Tell her she's cute, tell her she's cute...
"... huh? what?"
>She giggles
>Dash: "I'll take that as a compliment"
>She kisses you on the cheek and hugs you tightly, discretely kicking the bra under the bed. You say nothing
>Dash: "Hey Anon... you can tell, can't you"
>You didn't want to say anything and spoil the moment. But she did. Way to ruin the moment Dash
"Yeah, a little"
>Dash: "Uhh..."
>She plops down on the bed
"Why aren't you wearing it?"
>Dash: "C-cause..."
"Cause why?"
>Dash: "...c-cause it won't fit. None of them will"
"None of them?"
>Dash: "They've been getting tighter for a while now, but now I just can't get them on at all."
"Why haven't you gone shopping"
>Dash: "I've just been putting it off. But I guess I HAVE to go tomorrow now"
>Dash: "...or what?"
"... or we can go today"
>Well that threw her off guard
>Dash: "R-real funny, Anon"
"No, for real, I'd go with you"
>Dash: "Wh-why would you want to-"
>You give her the "bitch is u srs" look
>Dash: "... b-but... won't it be weird?"
"Lots of guys do it"
>Cool guys do, anyways. And as of yesterday, you ARE a cool guy
>She twiddles her thumbs. She fluffs her pillow. She does anything she can with her hands to distract her from the question
>Then, she lets out a loud, exaggerated sigh
>Dash: "... a-and you're not just messing with me again, right?"
"Of course not"
>When something is for sexual, it's no laughing matter
>Dash: "...A-alright. Just give me a minute to get ready"

>There's a strip mall not far down the street from here. Dash offers to drive down there
"Wait a sec, you have a car? Why do you walk to school everyday?"
>Dash: "Because it's not that far. Besides, it's good to get a little exercise now and then, you know?"
"No, I don't know"
>She pulls up in the parking lot, and the two of you look around at the stores
"So Dash, where do you want to go?"
>Dash: "I don't know, where do you want to go?"
"Well, where do you usually shop?"
>Dash: "I don't know, wherever"
>This is one of THOSE conversations, the " 'what do you want to do' , 'I don't know, what do YOU want to do' " scenario
>You get out of the car
>Dash: "Wait, where are you going?"
"Come on, I'm picking the place"
>Dash: "... Alright, fine"
>You have no idea where to take her. But there's exactly one fuckton of clothing stores, all of which look the same to you, so you could really go anywhere-
>"Dash! Anon!"
>Rarity run across the parking lot to greet you
>Rarity: "What are you two doing here"
>Dash: "Oh nothing, just some shopping"
>Rarity: "For anything in particular-"
"Stuff... just some stuff"
>She can tell you're hiding something
>Rarity: "Okay, Dash, YOU tell me. What are you really here for?"
>Dash: "..."
>Rarity: "Hmm? What is it?"
>Dash whispers in her ear
>Rarity: "...and you two came together?"
>Dash: "W-well, you see-"
>Rarity: "Relax dearie, I think it's adorable. Where were you headed?"
>Dash looks at you
"Oh I don't know, just anywhere really-"
>Rarity: "Oh for heaven's sake, you can't just go ANYWHERE for that sort of thing"
"Then where should we-"
>She grabs both of you by the hand
>Rarity: "Come on, I know just the place"
>She leads you across the parking lot to a shop with a big, pink sign that read "Cadence's Closet"
>And you can tell just by looking inside that you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into
>Rarity walked inside the same way a child walks in to a toy store: fast, excited, and almost got hit by a car on the way. Dash is almost as hesitant to go in as you are
>Dash: "you know you can't back out now Anon"
"you too"
>You head in together, one slow step at a time

>Dash grabs one of the baskets by the door and hands it to you. Of course she's gonna make you carry her shopping
>Rarity: "So Dash, do you already know what you're looking for?"
>Damn, Rarity's basket is already half full. You almost feel weird looking, knowing what kind of underwear she'll be wearing, but kind of interesting at the same time. Besides, it's good to get to know your friends better. You're just being a good friend. Totally.
>Dash: "Yeah, just some new bras... y-you know, a bit bigger"
>Even in here she feels awkward talking about it out loud
>Rarity: "Do you know what size you are?"
>Dash: "W-well I was a... u-umm..."
>She glances over at you, then pulls Rarity closer to whisper in her ear
>Dash: "...32B..."
>You still overheard her.
>Rarity: "And what size are you now?"
>Dash: "I-I dont know... maybe a-"
>Rarity: "What do you mean you don't know? You can't just guess, Dash, you have to be sure"
>Dash: "Well, I don't really-"
>Rarity: "Come with me"
>She grabs Dash's hand and pulls her across the store. You silently follow behind. Rarity takes her into one of the dressing rooms
>Rarity: "Umm, Anon. Maybe you want to wait outside for now"
>No you fucking don't
"Yeah, sure"
>From what you hear, it's safe to say Rarity is viciously molesting Dash
>Dash: "Rarity, are you sure about this?"
>Rarity: "Trust me Dash, I now what I'm doing-"
>Dash: "-Whoa, what are you-"
>Rarity: "-Just hold still-"
>Dash: "-H-hey! Where are you grabbing-?"
>Rarity: "-Trust me, it's important, now stop moving!"
>You patiently wait outside, not really sure where to look without looking like a pervert
>"Excuse me, sir? Do you need some help?"
>An employee approached you, wearing a light pink dress shirt, halfway unbuttoned to show off her black lace bra. Her black skirt is either too small, or was meant to show off her g-string. Her long, slender legs were covered by black fishnet stockings Around her neck is a choker with a small crystal heart hanging. She must be the owner, because her name tag says "Cadence"
>Cadence: "Do you need help finding anything?"
"N-no, I'm good. Just waiting for a friend"
>Cadence: "Okay, well if you need any help, just look for me, I'd be happy to assist"
>She bows down, giving you an amazing view of the top of the mountain. (if you know what I mean) She walks away with a bounce in her step, and a bigger bounce in her chest
>Rarity and Dash step out of the dressing room, dash adjusting her shirt, and you expect Rarity to light a cigarette any second now
>Rarity: "You two do your thing, I've got a little more shopping to do"
>She hurries off to the other side on the store
"So Dash, you know what you're looking for?"
>Dash: "Y-yeah, I think so"
>She leads you over to a wall with racks of bras hanging on the wall. After pondering for a moment, Dash decides on a few
>Dash: "...s-so, Anon..."
>Dash: "W-well... s-see anything you like?"
"O-oh, uhh..."
>You weren't really looking, but you decide to glance over the racks
>Pun intended
>You actually see one on the top rack that you find... enticing
"How about that one?"
>Dash: "Y-yeah, sure"
>She reaches for it, but can't get to it
>Dash: "think you can get it for me?"
>You're barely able to reach it, but you manage to get a hold of it-
>Rarity: "-Good taste, Anon"
>And you drop it. Thanks Rarity
>Both girls laugh, even as Dash tries to hide her face
>You pick it up and put it in the basket
"Well, ready to go?"
>Dash: "W-wait Anon, shouldn't I get some matching sets too? I thought you were... y-you know, into that"
"W-well, not really, I mean-"
>Rarity: "Yeah Anon, aren't you into that?"
>You're going to kill Rarity one day
>There's another section with pre-matched bra and panty sets, displayed just like the bras were
>Rarity: "So Anon, see anything for your little Dashie here?"
>You look over the different garments hanging
"I don't know, what do you think Dash?"
>Dash seems to be in a lighter mood than before. Rarity helps her browse, and Dash almost seems to be having fun. Eventually she picks out a few sets, always looking at you after every selection as if asking for approval. And with all her selections, you always tell her yes. After making her choices, she asks you to pick something for her. After looking for a minute, you take one off the rack
"Hmm...how bout this one?"
>Dash: "Sure, okay-"
>Rarity: "Really Anon? What on Earth would she wear THAT with?"
>She takes it and puts it back
>You pick again
"How's this?"
>Dash: "That's pretty-"
>Rarity: "-It doesn't go with her eyes"
>She puts it back
>What the hell
>You pick again
"Are these good"
>Dash: "I was actually thinking-"
>Rarity: "Come on Anon, no joking"
>She puts it back
>Rarity pls
>You FINALLY pick something that she approves of. You put it in the basket and you all head off to the registers-
>Dash: "Anon, wait"
>When Rarity isn't looking, she grabs one your previous choices and throws it in the basket
>Dash: "... you really do have good taste, Anon"
>Guess who's working the register?
>Cadence: "Oh hey there again! Did you find everything okay?"
"Yeah, just fine"
>Rarity: "You and Anon know each other?"
>Cadence: "Oh no, he and I just talked a bit earlier"
>She gives you a wink
>... thank god Dash didn't notice
>Rarity pays for her stuff and heads out, and you put your basket up on the counter. As she's scanning the garments, you notice one of the sets you picked came with a thong. You knew you had a good eye for this sort of thing
>... wait a sec, DID you pick that one?
>Oh well, whatever
>Dash pays and you head out together
>Cadence: "Have fun you two! Hope to see you again real soon~!"
>Her breasts bounce while she waves like she's in an earthquake
>You exit and Rarity is waiting outside for you
>Rarity: "Okay you two lovebirds, where to next"
>Dash: "Actually Rarity, this was all we came for-"
>Rarity: "Nonsense! There's still so much time!"
>She tosses her bag to you and takes Dash's hand, dragging her off to another store
>You've seen enough girly anime to know were this is going

>A few hours later, the sun is just starting to set
>Rarity and Dash happily walk through the parking lot after a long day of shopping
>You straggle behind, carrying more bags than you know of. You lost count after 7

>You manage your way to Rarity's car and help her load all her bags into the trunk
>So how many were you carrying? 12. How many were actually Dash's? 3.
>You REALLY need more guy friends...
>When it comes to the bags from Cadence's Closet, you have no way of knowing who's is who's without looking. So you take a peek inside one bag... oh yeah, that's WAY to sexy to be Dash's
>Though some of it wouldn't look too bad on her...
>No Anon. Don't think about it like that. They're Rarity's....
>Damn it Anon, don't think about Rarity wearing it either

>You take Dash's bags back to her car before you have any more bad thoughts, like Cadence wearing-
>Dash decided to drive you home that night
>She pulls up to your house, and you say your goodbyes
>Dash: "Thanks Anon... today was really fun"
"Yeah it was, we should do it again-"
>She pulls you into a hug, not wanting to let you out
>Dash: "... promise?"
>You pat her on the back
>You just asked a girl to take you shopping. Your love is making you soft Anon
>... but hey. It's worth it

>Later that night, you're laying in bed, trying to sleep
>You're shitty ringtone. You're trying to sleep here, whoever this is, it better be god damn important-
>It's a text from Dash. You take that thought back
>Attached is a picture
>It's a selfie from Dash. She's laying in bed, her messy hair spread out like it's swallowing her pillow. You only see down to her shoulders but she's in her pajamas. Her eyes are hazy with sleepiness. A small smile is on her lips

>Be Rainbow Dash
>You just sent Anon that picture, and decided to get some sleep
>Your ringtone is just as bad as his
>You check your phone. He replied to you
>Attached is a picture of him laying in bed, much like the one you just sent him
>D-Damn it Anon

>Sunday morning
>Your alarm was set to wake you extra early so that you'd have time to iron your church clothes and properly groom yourself. For once, you actually care about how you look
>You shut off your phone so as to not have any distractions during your prayer
>When you're all ready, you head down to the church
>Who are you kidding
>You got up at the crack of noon and watched cooking shows all day until you passed out on the couch
>So productive

>You and Dash get the occasional snicker, but otherwise everyone seems to have forgotten about the happening on Friday
>Well, the fame was fun while it lasted, but it seems the hype machine has died
>Or so you thought, until you got to biology
>You take your seat next to Rarity, but... something's off
>Rarity: "Is something the matter Anon?"
>... Actually, it's three somethings that are off. The three seats in front of you are empty
"Where's Flash and his body guards?"
>Rarity: "Haven't seen them. Maybe they're not here today"
"Probably doesn't want to show his face around me"
>Rarity: "By the way, what was all that about? I heard something happened between you two last week"
"Well... It's a long story"
>Rarity: "I get it. If you don't want to tell me, you don't-"
"Oh no, I'd LOVE to tell you"
>You were just finishing your story when the door opens like a SWAT unit just kicked it open. But it's no SWAT unit... just a SHIT unit
>Teacher: "Flash, do you realize how late the three of you are?"
>Flash: "Sorry sir, won't happen again"
>Every teacher at this school seems to accept that answer without question
>Flash and his bodyguards stare you down on the way to their seats
>Rarity tries to stifle her laugh, the story of last Friday fresh in her head
>The three amigos take their seats
>The one in the middle is Flash Sentry, everyone's favorite asshole. There's the guy on the left, he's always talking about basketball... and that's all he ever talks about; we'll call him Cranberry. Last, there's the guy on the right, he's always tapping his pencils on his desk like he's playing drums; let's call him Fucknut
>Class carries on. They get to their work, you get to yours
>Rarity: "... hey Anon"
>Thank God, you were getting bored
>Rarity: "What page were we on again?"
"Hell if I know, just somewhere in chapter-"
>Flash: "-Can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to focus"
>You're pretty sure he was sleeping. But then again you had a deal to stay out of his hair and he'd keep out of yours. Now's not the time to start any drama
>You bring it down to a whisper
"chapter 8"
>Rarity: "we finished chapter 8 last week
"well screw me, I have no idea what's-"
>Flash: "-Do you not know the meaning of shut up?"
>He, Cranberry, and Fucknut all turned around
>You tried to be nice. The deal is off
"Actually no I don't, how about you show me?"
>Teacher: "Knock it off you two!"
>No response. From any of you
>Teacher: "Well?"
>The three of them turn around
>Teacher: "That's what I thought"
"Me too"

>Class ends, the three jackass amigos are the first out the classroom
>Dash meets you and Rarity outside of class
"You guys go ahead to the cafeteria, I gotta run to the bathroom really quick"
>Dash: "Alright, see ya later Anon"

>You always use the handicap stall if it's open, it's the perfect combo of privacy and space
>The bathroom door opens, and the approaching footsteps are loud and aggressive. Someone starts banging on the stall doors, yelling at everyone to get out. Someone REALLY has to go
>You were just finishing up when they bang on your door
>You step out of the stall
>The door banger was Flash. Cranberry and Fucknut are blocking the exit
>Flash: "We need to talk, Anon"
>Just what the fuck is going on
"About what?"
>Flash: "I think you know what"
"And if I said I don't?"
>Flash: "I'd say cut the bullshit"
>You glance over at his henchmen, and though you hate to admit it, they actually look threatening
"... so this is about Dash, isn't it?"
>Flash: "This is about our deal"
"Yeah, maybe you should start sticking to it-"
>Flash: "Knock it off Anon. It's obviously not working because you can't cut the bullshit"
"My bullshit-?"
>Flash: "How about we settle this once and for all"
"Where are you going with this?"
>He cracks his knuckles
>Flash: "It's going to happen sooner or later, might as well get it over now-"
"-How about later?"
>Flash: "What?"
"This Friday. Right here outside, in the hall"
>Flash: "... fine. Friday it is"
"Great, now step aside-"
>His henchmen stop you
"I thought we were done here"
>Flash: "I just want to make sure you know what you're getting into"
>You gotta think of a good comeback before you leave... you got it! It's the perfect-

>"... are you okay?"
>You hear a soft, soothing voice, it sounds familiar but you can't really recognize it. You can't see a thing
>"Anonymous, can you hear me?"
>"I'll wake him up"
>... that last voice wasn't so soothing as the first-
>You slowly open your eyes
>Nurse: "Told you it'd work"
>You're laying on the bathroom floor, and your head is killing you. The Nurse is standing over you, and next to her is... Principal Celestia?
>Celestia: "Anonymous, can you tell me what happened?"
>So what happened Anon?
>Flash Sentry and his butt buddies ganged up on you in the bathroom, one of whom apparently knocked you out, and arranged for a fight between you and most likely all three of them this Friday. You clearly remember everything that happened
"... I fell"
>Celestia: "Anonymous, we both know that's not true-"
"-It is. I slipped and hit my head on the sink"
>Celestia: "... really? Are you sure about that?"
"Yeah. I'm okay"
>Celestia: "Okay, well, if you ever want to tell me the TRUTH, you know where my office is. Nurse, please take care of him"
>Nurse: "Yeah, yeah... come on kiddo"
>She grabs you by the arm and yanks you up
"Jeez lady, can you be a little more gentle?"
>Nurse: "Calm down, you got hit in the head. Your legs are fine"
>With her help, you make your way to her office

>She gives you the same pills as last time and some ice
>Nurse: "The two of you really need to stop screwing around, you're making me work too much"
"Wait, the two of us?"
>Nurse: "Yeah, you and whoever's been smacking you around"
"Look, no one's been smacking me around, okay?"
>Nurse: "You expect me to believe you just "fell" again? No one's that clumsy, not even you"
"Seriously though, I just-"
>Nurse: "-Anon, I'm not like that principal. I'm not going to guilt trip you into talking to me, if I have to twist your arm to get it out, I will. So are you going to tell me or not?"
"... I don't know his name, but he's always hanging out with Flash Sentry-"
>Dash: "Anon! Are you okay!?"
>Dash runs across the room and tackles you, nearly throwing you off the hospital bed
"R-Relax Dash, I'm okay"
>She squeezes you tighter
"Dash what's the matter?"
>Nurse: "I'm sure you haven't heard all the talk. Someone actually told me on my way to get you that you were dead"
>God damn this gossipy school
>Dash: "Anon, I'm sorry. I know you're trying to be the bigger person here-"
"-I'm really not-"
>Dash: "-but this has really gone too far. You shouldn't be putting up with his shit-"
"-I won't-"
>Dash: "-and if you're not going to stop him this time-"
"-I will-"
>Dash: "-I'm going to do it, so it's best that you just stay out of it-"
>You finally got her to stop talking. This is the kind of thing you usually have to do with Pinkie
"Listen, I agree. And I'm going to put a stop to it"
>Dash: "What are you planning?"
"Friday, I'm going to... take him out. I don't know how, but I'm going to do something"
>Nurse: "You better not be planning on fighting him"
"What if I said I am?"
>Nurses: "Do you think I want to drag your mangled body across the campus?"
"Well maybe you won't-"
>Nurses: "I'm not holding my breath"
>Dash: "You do have a plan though, right Anon?"
"... I'm working on that?"
>Dash: "Seriously?"
"I'll come up with something, I always do"
>She's not convinced. Then again, you ARE bullshitting, you have no idea what you're gonna do
>Dash: "Nurse, can we have a few minutes to talk in private-"
>Nurse: "-Normally I'd say no, but then I remember what you did with my old coat, so I'm gonna have to say, 'no god damn way' "
>Dash: "... alright, forget it. Look Anon, if you're going to do this, I've got your back, I always do. But I'm only going to help you under three conditions"
"And if I don't agree to them-"
>Dash: "-I'll kidnap you and keep you locked in my closet until after the fight on Friday"
>... that doesn't sound so bad
>Nah, you gotta do this fight. It's personal
"Alright fine, what are they?"
>Dash: "First, you're not going into this alone. You tell me when and where the fight happens, got it?"
>You were planning on it anyways
"Yeah, what else?"
>Dash: "Second, and no offense, but you don't really stand a chance in this fight... not without some lessons at least"
"So you're gonna teach me to fight?"
>Dash: "There's not enough time to teach you to win, but I could at least teach you enough to survive"
"When would these lessons be?"
>Dash: "I figure since you always skip out on gym, we could sneak out then and nobody would notice"
>Doing something during gym period? Blasphemy! Heresy! Burn the witch!
"... sure. And what's the last one-"
>Dash: ".... well... J-Just in case you-"
>Nurse: "Has no one heard of knocking?"
>Pinkie: "Nonny! We heard you were dead!"
>Rarity, AJ, and Fluttershy were with her
"All I had was a little accident, okay? Who was spreading the word that I was dead, anyways?"
>Pinkie: "Umm... well I kinda did, but I was just really worried! And I also told people you were okay too, doesn't that even it out?"
>When she acts so... like herself, it's hard to stay mad
"Sure, we're even. Why not"
>They all embrace you and Dash in a giant group hug. Of course, the nurse isn't going to let you all share a moment of happiness
>Nurse: "Okay okay, when you ladies are all done having an orgy over there, I should let you know lunch is over"
>Dash: "Damn, I skipped lunch to come check on you"
"... whose up for an art student Thanksgiving?"
>Nurse: "Hey Anon, before you go, take this"
>She tears a page out of her notepad and hands it to you
>Nurse: "This should get you out of gym for good the rest of the week. And one last thing..."
>She puts her fist out and you brace yourself for another knockout punch, but her hand stops just in front of you. It takes you a minute to realize what is going on, but once you do, you return the brofist
>Nurse: "Kick some ass"
>Dash: "Should I get a note too?"
>Nurse: "Nah, just tell a male coach you're on your period or pregnant or something. They never second guess you"
>It's kinda true

>You head off to the vending machines for lunch
"By the way, Dash, what was that last condition?"
>Dash: "N-nothing... I'll tell you later"
>That tells SOMETHING
>Between the six of you, you almost empty out a whole vending machine
>Once again, weird peanut butter cracker girl was pissed
>You all chill in the hall eating your vending machine feast until the bell for sixth period rings

>Pinkie: "Hey Nonny, Dash said you were going to fight Flash Sentry on Friday? Are you sure that's such a good idea?"
"Not at all, but I gotta do it. Besides, Dash said she'd help me train"
>Pinkie: "Well, that's good, if anyone can fight it's Dash. If there's any way I can help you just let me know"
"I appreciate it Pinkie, but I don't know if pranks and parties can..."
>Pinkie: "... can what, Nonny?"
>Pranks... you don't want to involve her, but it may be your only way
"Hey Pinkie... you've pulled big pranks before. Like, REALLY BIG ones, right?"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, why?"
"Does anyone help you with those?"
>Pinkie: "..."
>She looks around and over her shoulder
>Pinkie: "... I'll make a call. And we never spoke of this"
>She doesn't say another word for the rest of class

>After class
>Dash: "Hey Anon, ready for your first lesson?"
"Ready as I'll ever be"

>Before giving the note to the coach, you glance over it in case someone asks
>"Anonymous lost a toe last week during woodshop and though it was re-attached, he should not be putting too much stress on it. Please excuse him from any further activity for the rest of the week..."
>... you'd have been better off if you came up with your own excuse
>Wait, there's more on the back
>"If you have any issues with this come to my office"
>Clever move, she probably knows no one would go to her office and question her

>Before role call, you see Dash saying something to the coach. He just nods and continues, and she sits next to you
"So Dash, you pregnant or on your period?"
>Dash: "N-neither"
>Punched you in the arm
"Was that my first lesson?"
>Dash: "Do you want your first lesson now?"
>Damn she's feisty today... it's kinda hot. Regardless, you zip your mouth

>The class is in the gym playing basketball, you and Dash wait on the bleachers for our chance to sneak out
"I take it we'll be practicing outside?"
>Dash: "Not quite. I know a place"
>Dash: "... just give me a minute"
"For what?"
>Dash: "I'm looking for a chance to sneak out"
"Is that all? Come on"
>You take her hand and lead her down the bleachers
>Dash: "Hey, where are we-"
"Hey coach! I think my toe exploded!"
>Coach: "All right, get to the nurse's office"
>Dash: "... exploded?"
"I'll explain later, just take me where we're going"

>Dash: "Your toe? THAT'S the best she could come up with?"
"Hey, it worked didn't it?"
>The two of you leave the gym and heads toward the track. You walk with a limp the whole way. She leads you to a big shed, and after looking around, making sure no one is watching, she pulls a key out of her bra and unlocks it
"What is this place?"
>Dash: "It's the storage room for all the sports teams. The only people with a key are me, a few other team captains, and the coaches. We shouldn't be interrupted here"

>When you enter and she closes the door, it's pitch black. All you hear is the click of the lock, then the click of a light switch. There's a small light hanging from the roof, it's not too bright but it's enough to light up the shed. There's all kinds of fancy looking gym equipment, none of which you know what they're for. This room looks both organized and chaotic at the same time
>Dash: "Here, help me clear out some space"
>You start pushing stuff aside to the walls, trying to keep things together like they were when you came in. In the back there's a rack with all the equipment for the track and field team. They've got javelins, batons, those giant metal ball things...
>Dash: "No, Anon"
>Damn it
>Once a big enough area is cleared, she plops down some foam mattress type things. If you were planning on getting laid, forget it; the smell of old sweat and piss coming from these is enough to kill even the most degenerate erection
>Dash: "These are the floor mats for the wrestling team. I know it's bad Anon, just bear with me"
>That explains SO much
>Dash: "Alright, come on Anon"
"Come on what?"
>She puts her fists up
>Dash: "I need to know where to start with you"
"Are you serious about this-"
>Dash"-Dead serious"
>There's a fire in her eyes you haven't seen before. This must be her "competitive" side
>Dash: "Heads up, I'm not holding back, and neither should you"
"Wasn't planning on it"
>That was actually pretty bad ass... for about two seconds before she throws the first punch
>Your arms are barely up in time to block it. What starts as one punch becomes another, and another, and another. You wait for an opening, but she's not giving you one. You thought she'd be good... but not this good. After what felt like an eternity she steps back. She actually needs a second to catch her breath
>Dash: "Not bad... you box?"
"Used to watch boxing all the time with my dad when I was a kid"
>Dash: "You're good... you should join the team"
"Didn't know there was a team"
>Dash: "I think you could make it"
>She comes back at you, but you're actually prepared this time. You're ready... you're watching... that's when you see just a SLIGHT hesitation, and you take the opportunity to swing at her
>You manage to get a hit on her, right in her adorable face. She stumbles back, barely able to stay on her feet
>Dash: "Ahh.. damn it..."
>A tear rolls down her cheek, but that's most likely just because you hooked her RIGHT in the eye
"Dash, you okay?"
>Dash: "... sh-shut up..."
>Just when you thought she was pissed, she wipes the tear from her cheek
>Dash: "You're not going to ask Flash if HE'S okay, will you?"
"You sure you don't need a break?"
>Dash: "A break? Hell, this is just getting fun!"
>Her fists go back up
>Dash: "Enough talking, is this a date or a fight?"
>The match continues, you get a few hits on her, she gets some on you. The best part: you managed to stay conscious after every one
>By the time she gets tired, you're already dying
>Dash: "... I think... this is a good time to stop..."
>You flop down onto the mats. It doesn't matter how bad they smell, you're exhausted. She takes a seat next to you, so you lay down in her lap
>Dash: "You okay Anon?"
"Nope, I'm dead"
>Dash: "Well, on the bright side, you're a lot better than I expected. You might actually survive"
"Thanks... I guess"
>Dash: "I-I didn't mean it like that, really, I just-"
>You sit up and kiss her on the cheek, and she can't help but blush. Even after a fight, she's still got a soft side
>Dash: "S-so, anyways... you're a good fighter, why not join the boxing team?"
"Not really my style"
>Dash: "What do you mean?"
"Well... "
>What's a nice way of saying "I usually fight like a bitch"?
"... you'll see for yourself on Friday"
>Yeah, that's good
"So now that you know where I'm at, what have you got planned for tomorrow's lesson?"
>Dash: "Not sure, but I know one thing, I can stop going easy on you now"
>Well... shit. You plop your head down into her lap, and she starts petting your head like a dog. It's actually kinda nice... really nice
>Dash: "... but for now, just relax. You did really... do you hear that?"
>Listening closely... there's a muffled school bell ringing in the distance
>Shit. School is over. The two of you hurry out of the storage room and run to the locker rooms-
>Dash: "-Anon, your limp"
>Oh yeah, you only got 9 toes. You start to limp, looking like a total tard
>Seriously, ever see someone run with a limp?

>You make it to the locker rooms and see the coach carrying both yours and her bags
>Coach: "How's your toe?"
"It's fine, just needed some ice"
>Coach: "Well, I was about to take these down to the nurse's office, glad I ran into you..."
>Dodged a bullet there
>Coach: "... quite frankly, that lady scares me"
>You hurry back into the locker room as fast as you can with your fake limp. You don't bother to change, you just empty your regular clothes from your locker into your backpack
>... That's nasty. You're nasty.
>But you're also too exhausted to care
>It's not until Dash steps out, and you suddenly feel self conscious about how you look- wait, scratch that
>Dash: "So you didn't bother to change either?"
>She came out in her gym clothes too
>... That's nasty. She's nasty
>You're both nasty

>Training wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. Still, you're grateful to finally be going home
>... maybe if Dash will let go of your hand
>Dash: "Hey Anon, wait"
>Dash: "... I'm glad you let me train you"
"No problem, I needed it"
>Besides if you didn't let her she would have kidnapped you. It was one of her three conditions
>Three conditions...
"... by the way Dash, what was your third condition"
>Dash: "O-oh yeah, that. W-well, I'm sure you'll be fine, you are tough and all, but..."
"... But?"
>Dash: "I think that... a-after the fight, you should still pay Doctor Dash a visit. Y-You know, just for a check-up"
>Like you have to be forced into it
"I might be able to agree with that. I just might"
>Dash: "G-Good, you better"
>You give her a hug
"Alright, see ya tomorrow-"
>Dash: "Wait, again"
"What is it?"
>Dash: "D-Do you..."
"... yeah?"
>Dash: "..."
>Instead of saying anything, she just starts walking home, gently pulling your hand to take you with her
>You never said you wanted to go with her... then again, you never would have said "no" either

>The walk to Dash's place felt a lot longer than usual
>Once you get there, the two of you head straight to her room
>Dash: "Come on Anon, get changed quick. We still got a lot of work to do today"
"More? What else is there?"
>Dash: "Trust me, it won't be that bad"
>She immediately starts undressing. You're too tired for sexual, you don't even analyze her underwear the way you usually do, you just focus on changing. As slowly and groggily as you change, you still finish before her
>Dash: "Okay, come on"
"Where are we going?"
>Dash: "Back to the mall"
"What for?"
>Dash: "Stuff"
>Dash: "- It's part of your training"
>...you're too exhausted to argue

>She takes you to this store that sells all kinds of fitness products and vitamins that will maximize your pump. At least, that's what the sign says
"Dash, I think it's a little late for me to start working out, unless you're going to fill me up with steroids... "
>You glance over your shoulder
"... is that why we're here?"
>She rolls her eyes and grabs some bottle of some milkshake powder stuff off the shelf
"What's that, protein powder?"
>Dash: "It's a drink mix, it'll give you more energy throughout the day"
>She grabs another one
>Dash: "I actually drink this too"
"Can't I just add some protein powder to my morning coffee?"
>Dash: "That's not how it works Anon"
>Dash takes the two bottles up to the register
>Cashier: "Dash, what's up brah!"
>They exchange high fives
>Cashier: "Ey, who's this little guy?"
>Dash: "This is Anon, he's got something big coming up he's gotta prepare for"
>Cashier: "Alright brah, ready to maximize your pump?"
"Do what with my what now?"
>Cashier: "Don't be like that, gimme some skin"
>He reaches up for a high five. You leave him hanging
>Cashier: "Come on man"
>You realize he won't finish until you high five, so you do it. His hand feels sweaty and sticky. Whatever "maximizing your pump" means, he must have just finished
>Cashier:"Alright brah, that's what I'm talkin about"
>He scans the two bottles of the energy drink stuff
>Cashier: "This everything? You can't bulk up like this"
>Dash: "Don't worry, that's all we need"
>Cashier: "Sure you don't want no protein powder to go with that?"
>Dash elbows you in the stomach to stop you from laughing. Once he's done she takes the bag and you leave together
>Cashier: "Alright brah, come back anytime you need some pump, I am also personal trainer-"
"Thanks brah, I'll call you"
>You don't even have his number, you just want to get the hell out before you hear the word "brah" one more time

>Dash: "Well, that was all I wanted to come down here for, do you have anything else in my mind?"
>... there's an interesting shop across the street
"How about there?"
>Dash: "What could you possibly need from THERE?"
"That's why we're going to look
>You head across the street and enter the Canterlot Military Surplus Store

>When you enter the shop a little bell above the door jingles. There's an employee standing in the corner with his hands clasped together at hi waist. He watches you and Dash, but says nothing. You can't even say with certainty that you saw him blink
>Dash: "... I-I don't think we should be in a place like this"
"Relax, we're fine"
>You head over to the wall where there's an assortment of tactical vests hanging
>Dash: "Come on Anon, what would you need one of those for?"
"I don't know, I never thought I'd even be in this situation-"
>"Good Choice. Perfect for big guy."
>That guy who was watching you from across the room sneaked up behind you.He some kind of accent, but all you can say with confidence is European. He looked normal from across the room, but up he close he towers over you
>Guy: "My name Vladimir. How can I help"
>The way he talks, even his questions sound like orders
"Well you see, I've got this thing-"
>Vladimir: "-What kind of thing"
"It's just a little situation-"
>Vladimir: "-What kind of situation"
"I've got a fight coming up-"
>Vladimir: "-Shut up. I come back"
>He walks past the register counter and into the back. He returns with a large briefcase.When he opens it, there's an assortment of guns, most of which don't look legal. He picks up a pistol
>Vladimir: "This here make for good comrade. Turn little man like you into warrior"
>He hands it to you
>Vladimir: "You buy"
>You're afraid to turn him down
"...M-Maybe something a little less... extreme-"
>Vladimir: "This small gun. For babies. You want extreme-"
"No, NOT extreme. I don't need to kill him"
>Vladimir: "... You want for not kill. Explain"
"W-Well... this guy, he's kind of a dick, always walks around like he owns the place. He needs to be put in his place, but a place where he lives"
>Vladimir: "... Many years ago, military coup was happening. Rebels take over the motherland, and dark days were many. Rebel leader claims ownership of the homeland. Your story remind me"
"... so what happened to the rebel leader?"
>Vladimir: "We kill him"
>Vladimir: "But you want for not kill. Is that right"
>Vladimir: "I'll see what I have"
>He wanders aimlessly around the store, as if not sure what he's looking for. He comes back with a knife and hands it to you
>Vladimir: "You cut off fingers. You cut off ears. You cut off anything. He live"
"... You know, I'm not sure you have what I'm looking for here"
>What exactly were you looking for?
>Vladimir: "Little man isn't very bright, is he?"
>Dash: "Not quite"
>Vladimir: "I understand. When have dim witted friend, you will never be of dead in times of war. They make for excellent ammo fodder"
>The two of them share a laugh. They sounded like drunk pirates
>Vladimir: "I like you, ladywoman. Your good people. Let me show you something"
>He opens the gun case and hands Dash an assault rifle...a fucking assault rifle
>Dash: "... not bad"
>Vladimir: "I call her Natalia. Good woman. She save my life many times in the war"
"And what war was that?"
>He puts his arms around you and Dash
>Vladimir: "Everyday is war, my friends. Every morning you wake up a dead man. Every night you go to sleep a hero"
>The somber tone of his voice is soothing, almost empowering, even if just mentally. This guy may not be so bad after all-
>Vladimir: "Some of less hero than others"
>He laughs and slaps you on the back. Hard
>Well... you've had worse
"Come on Dash, there's nothing here we need"
>Dash: "You sure? I kinda like this place"
"I'm sure, come on"
>You leave the store without buying anything
>Vladimir: "Come back soon"
>Dash: "We will, comrade"
>... You probably will

>You stop by Dash's place to pick up your stuff before she takes you home. When you grab your backpack you feel it vibrate
>Your cell phone was in there all day, and apparently, you just got a text message
>... scratch that, you have a missed call and fifteen text messages. You're about to read them when Dash pops into the room
>Dash: "Ready to go Anon?"
"Yeah, sure"
>You put your phone into your pocket and go with her
>It must have went off at least five more times on the way home

>Later that night, you're cleaning out the trash on your phone
>And by trash, I mean the missed call and 20 unread texts
>... All from Pinkie. You start reading off the messages


>You delete the rest without reading them
>"Her guys"... Sooner or later you have to tell Dash about your plan
>But it's gotta be the right time, and tomorrow is not the right time

>You try some of that energy milkshake protein powder drink stuff Dash got you
>You'll stick to coffee

>You go through your morning classes, not a word from Pinkie. That gives you time to work out the finer points of your plan
>Since you're certain Flash is going to bring Cranberry and Fucknut along, you need a way to separate at least one of them from the group
>And you think you have an idea

>In the middle of Biology you get a text message from Pinkie
>Well damn
"Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?"
>Teacher: "Can't it wait?"
"Not really-"
>Teacher: "-Alright, just hurry up"

>You wait outside the bathrooms, not sure which one she wanted to meet you in
>You figure, hey, she's a girl, so you look around before peeking into the girl's bathroom
"Hello? ... Pinkie?"
>Pinkie: "In here!"
>She's poking her head out of the guy's bathroom
>Well then
>She retreats back into the bathroom, and you go in with her
>With her were these two younger looking kids, probably freshman. One of them was kind of chubby with a face that made you want to punch him. The other, pretty sure he's Canadian
>Pinkie: "Anon, these are my guys. You need anything done, they get it done"
>Punch-face: "You can call me Deepthroat"
>Canadian: "And I'm Snails"
>Punch-face: "I told you to come up with a nickname!"
>Canadian: "Oh yeah, sorry Snips"
"So let me get this straight..." You point at the guy with the punchable face "....you're Snips..." then you point to the Canadian "...and you're Snails, right?"
>Snips: "Dang it Snails, you did it again!"
"... they're not too bright, are they Pinkie?"
>Pinkie: "Well... they do good work, and that's what matters"
>You doubt it
>Pinkie: "Come on, so what's the plan?"
"You were the ones who trashed the Fall Formal not long ago, right?"
>Snips: "Yeah, that was our handy work "
"Well, I'm going to need something similar, just a little more... subtle"
>Snips: "What do you mean?"
"You know the abandoned hallway? The one with the empty classrooms, where no one seems to go?"
>Snips: "Yeah?"
"I need that hallway... almost destroyed. And I need it done Friday after lunch. Not before, and not after"
>Snips: "Almost?"
>You hand him the paper you've been writing throughout the day, with all the details of your plan. Pinkie reads over it with them
>Snips: "... this is a big project. And I can tell you it won't come cheap"
"How much?"
>Snips: "Well, it's a lot of work, and we're gonna need supplies..."
>Snails: "... yeah, not to mention there's a lot of-"
"-Five bucks"
>Snips: "Deal!"
>You pull a five dollar bill out of your wallet. Only one
>Snails: "Hey, what about mine?"
>Maybe it'd work on them...
>You tear the bill in half and give each them a piece... and they both smile. They actually fell for it
>Snails: "Don't worry boss, you won't be disappointed!"
>Snips: "Yeah, boss, don't worry!"
>They excitedly run out of the bathroom
>Good kids... dumb as shit, but they're good kids
"Pinkie, you sure we can trust them?"
>Pinkie: "They haven't let me down yet"
>You take her word for it
>You leave the bathroom, and when the coast is clear, you give Pinkie the signal to come out
>Pinkie: "Nonny, before you go..."
>Pinkie: "... that hallway, that's where the fight will be, right?"
"Yeah, why?"
>Pinkie: "I was looking over your instructions. Are you sure it's all necessary?"
"I'm sure. He's most likely going to bring his friends along, and there's no way I could take on all three of them at once. But they don't need to know that"
>Pinkie: "... I'm still confused"
"They're not going to know what Snips and Snails did in that hallway. All they're going to see is what I do"
>Pinkie: "And what WILL you do?"
"What I do best: make up bullshit"

>You get back to biology
>Rarity: "You okay Anon? What took so long?"
"Do you REALLY want to know?"
>Rarity: "... as long as you're here that's what matters"

>Lunch time
>Dash says nothing about your training
>Pinkie says nothing about your secret plan
>Rarity says nothing about how you took a ten minute bathroom break

>You're going to need a new excuse to sneak out of gym today, because "exploding toe" shouldn't be your go-to excuse. It should to be reserved for special occasions
>Regardless, you have your backpack and your clothes with you in case you run out of time like yesterday happens. You're waiting in the gym for roll call when Dash comes in carrying hers
>Dash: "Come on, we're going to the nurse"
"What for?"
>Dash: "Someone threw up in the bathroom. But if you ask me, it looks like orange juice and mashed potatoes"
>She winks
>Dash stole your secret recipe for fake vomit
>You really should have a patent on that

>You get to the storage room, and nothing was moved since yesterday
>Dash: "Just a second"
>She takes a can of air freshener from her bag and sprays the hell out of the wrestling mats
>Today's already off to a better start
>Dash: "So Anon, ready for today's training?"
>She starts undressing as she says that
>So it's THAT kind of workout? Gettin laid tonight son
>Dash: "You should probably get yourself comfortable too"
>You're about to take your shirt off when you notice Dash, stripped to a sports bra and her usual black spandex shorts, tying her hair up into a ponytail
>Maybe you're not gettin laid tonight
>You keep your clothes on
>Dash: "You sure you're comfortable like that?"
"Yeah, I think I'll keep my clothes on"
>Dash: "Suit yourself"
>She puts her fists up
>Definitely not gettin laid tonight
>... unless she's into this sort of thing

>You begin your match, and she's fighting a lot harder than yesterday. When she said that she wouldn't hold back today, she wasn't just bluffing
>Dash: "Come on Anon, you gotta really try"
>Maybe not as hard as her. After about five minutes she's already panting
"You okay Dash?"
>Dash: "I'm fine... are you?"
"Yeah but-"
>Dash: "Come on then"
>She comes at you as reckless and aggressive as before, despite how exhausted she looks. She lets up for just a moment, and you get a hit on her
>... and she falls to the ground
"You okay?"
>You reach out a hand to help her up
>Aren't you usually the one in this situation?
>She sits up but doesn't get up all the way
>Dash: "I'm fine... just a little tired"
"Maybe you shouldn't have been trying so hard"
>Dash: "It's not that... I just didn't sleep so good last night"
>You take a seat next to her
"You going to be okay? We could stop now if you want"
>That's mostly you trying to get out of doing work, but it's for her too
>Dash: "I'm fine, but..."
>Dash: "... Anon, do you know how to give a massage?"
>Do what now
"Umm... well-"
>Dash: "It's mostly just my neck and my shoulders. And my back, kinda"
>You've never given a massage before, nor have you received one. Don't try and humiliate yourself, just be honest and-
"Yeah, sure"
>... you're on your own now
>Dash: "Thanks Anon, I owe you"
>She lays down on her stomach
>Dash: "Can you start with my shoulders?"
>No it's not alright, you're going in blind here. You start awkwardly rubbing her shoulders, hoping you're doing something right
>Dash: "hey Anon?"
>She actually sounded relaxed, maybe you-
>Dash: "You've never done this before, have you?"
"... not really"
>Next time listen to me
>Dash: "Alright alright, I'll show you"
>Dash lifts up your shirt, and you lift your arms to let it come off
>Dash: "It's actually really easy, you just..."
"... Dash?"
>Dash: "S-so, can you turn around for me?"
>You turn around and lean forward. Her hands gently touch your back and her fingertips slowly trace your shoulder blades
>Is this really how it works?
"Is this it?"
>Dash: "... th-then,you just press with your thumbs and..."
>She applies gentle pressure just under your shoulders and slowly rotates them
>Hell, this feels pretty nice. Then again, so does her body pressed against her back, and the feeling of her hot breath down your neck
>Dash: "... s-see? It's really simple"
"Alright, I think I got it it"
>She doesn't stop
"... Dash, I think I figured it out"
>Dash: "Huh? O-Oh yeah, alright"
>She lays back down on her stomach
>Dash: "Y-You can put your shirt back on now"
"... nah, I'll leave it off"
>Dash: "A-Alright, whatever you want"
>You place your hands on her back, and she shivers at your touch. Her sports bra is covering her shoulder blades, but you manage to reach under it
>Dash: "... hold on"
>She takes off the bra and lays back down, making it easier to find the right spot
>You gently trace your fingers along the curves of her shoulders like she did to you. You know it's not necessary, but you knew she'd like it
>When your hands get to the right spot you begin the massage
>Dash: "... h-harder"
>You press down harder, and she lets out a long sigh
"How's that?"
>Dash: "..."
>Dash: "... perfect"
>As you go on with the massage, she starts to wiggle around. When you ask if she's okay, she just says she's getting comfortable, Her back is warm, and little beads of sweat slowly trickle down
>Dash: "... Anon, can you do my neck?"
"Yeah, sure"
>You slowly drag your hands up over to the sides of her neck, and hesitate before beginning
>Dash: "Everything okay?"
"Yeah, it's just that your skin is just really soft
>Dash hides her face in the wrestling mats
>Dash: "Th-thanks... y-you know, I brought that lotion with me, you know, the skittles lotion"
>Dash: "Y-Yeah... my neck Anon"
>You start massaging her neck, and once again she starts to shiver
"Dash, you sure you okay?"
>Dash: "Yeah, it's just really nice"
>You give her a few minutes
>Dash: "Th-thanks, that's good"
"You sure? Anywhere else?
>Dash: "W-Well..."
"Come on Dashie, it's now or never-"
>Dash: "-Okay okay, fine..."
>It's like you can get her to do anything just by calling her Dashie
>Dash: "... I-I've always liked getting my feet rubbed, but-"
"Say no more"
>You take her legs and plop her feet in your lap
>Dash: "N-No, it's fine Anon, you don't have to-"
"Save it, Dashie, I'm doing it anyways"
>Dash: "..."
>She goes silent
>You're not sure where to begin so you press your thumb down on her heel and slide your finger up. She gasps when you run your finger over her arch
"You good?"
>Dash: "Y-Yeah... it just tickles"
>Dash: "B-But... don't stop"
>A embarrassed smile stretches across her face, a fitting complement to her bright red blush. As you run your finger up and down her foot, she spreads and stretches her toes
>Dash: "Anon... y-you're good at this"
"I can tell"
>She sits up
>Dash: "A-Anon..."
>Dash: "Y-You should stop-"
>She clasps her hands together and starts twiddling her thumbs
>Dash: "... p-please, Anon"
>Dash: "... I-I..."
>She suddenly jumps up and tackles you to the ground. She lays next to you and clings to your arm, pressing it between her small but soft breasts. She nuzzles your cheek
>Dash: "I told you... I-I like having my feet rubbed"
>She kisses your cheek
>Dash: "I told you to stop"
"I couldn't help it"
>She lays her head on your shoulder
>Dash: "Well you're coming home with me again today, whether you want to or not"
"Where are we going this time?"
>Dash: "Nowhere... just my place"
>Unless you plan on snuggling Flash to death, this is not effective training
>Not that you mind

>The two of you lay together until the bell rings
"Dash, the bell"
>Dash: "..."
>She won't get up
"Dash, come on"
>Dash: "..."
"The sooner we go, the sooner we get back to your house"
>Dash: "... fine"
>The two of you change into your regular clothes and leave the storage room. Since you both already had all your stuff with you, you head straight to her place
"By the way Dash, you still owe me for the massage"
>Dash: "Don't worry, I remember"
>She smiles and winks at you
>Is that your way of trying to be sexy?
>Cause its working

>It was a slow, relaxed walk back to her place. Either the massages had you both calm, or it was the face that you hadn't spent all day kicking each others asses
>Dash: "...hey Anon"
>Dash: "It's a pretty long walk, isn't it?"
"You've never said anything about it before"
>Dash: "Well, maybe I'm just a little more tired than usual today"
"... don't worry, I'll do it"
>Dash: "Wh-what do you mean?"
>She's not fooling you

>When you get to her place, she kicks her shoes off, then peels off her socks too, something she doesn't normally do
>Take a wild guess why
>You both go to her room and sit next to each other on her bed. When you sit down, you pat your lap
"Come on Dash"
>Dash: "Wh-what do you mean?"
"Didn't you say you were tired?"
>Dash: "A-Alright, fine..."
>She plops her feet in your lap
>Dash: "... but I'm only letting you massage me because you offered"
"... you know I never actually said 'massage'"
>Dash: "..."
>She stutters, trying to find the right thing to say
>Dash: "W-Well it's too late now, you might as well do it!"
>And that's why you love her
>You take her foot in your hands and start rubbing just like before
>It's not long before she lets out a deep, relaxed sigh, and lays back on the bed. Her lips curve into a little smile and her eyelids slowly close
>She looks so calm, so serene... it gives you an idea
>You slowly lift her foot up to your chest... she doesn't react. You lean down, and quickly plant a kiss on the ball of her foot
>Dash: "-WHAT WAS THAT!"
>She sits up like a dog that just saw a squirrel. Her foot is still at your chest, but she didn't see a thing
"What do you mean?
>Dash: "You did something!"
"I didn't do anything, I'm just giving you a massage like you wanted"
>Dash: "... alright"
>She lays back down and closes her eyes. You give her a minute to calm down... then you do it again
"There is what again?"
>Dash: "You did something, I know you did!"
"I seriously don't know what you're talking about"
>She watches you as you continue the massage. Her foot twitches with anticipation
"... just relax Dashie, it's fine"
>You hand her a pillow to rest her head on. She takes it from you and smiles, before resting her head on it and letting her eyes droop closed
>When you're sure she's relaxed, you slowly lean back down and-
>Dash: "-I KNEW IT!"
>She caught you
>Dash: "W-Were you kissing my foot?"
"... Maybe"
>Her face brightens up as red as the streak of her hair
>Dash: "Y-You enjoyed doing that, didn't you?"
"Well... did you?"
>She grabs the pillow and hides her face
>Dash: "... i-if you do it again I won't be mad at you..."
>You lift her foot up and kiss it again
>Dash: "... th-thanks-"
>And you do it again
>Dash: "-H-Hey-!"
>And again, and again. All the while not stopping the massage
>Dash: "A-Anon, what are you doing?"
>You really don't know why you're doing this, but it makes her smile
>Besides, it's not weird... right? What would be weird is if you... nah, don't do it. You can't
>... maybe she'd actually like it though
>You stop everything just a moment, and hold her foot up to your face
>Dash: "... g-go ahead, Anon. Do whatever you want"
>You take a deep breath to prepare yourself. Then, starting at her heel, you slowly drag your tongue along the bottom of her foot
>She gasps loudly at the touch of your tongue, her foot starts shaking, her toes spread
>You stop just below her toes and pull your tongue away, but she pushes her foot towards you
>Dash: "A-again"
"You sure-?"
>Dash: "-O-Only because you want too"
>You lick her foot again. When you reach her toes, you use your tongue to play with her big toe
>Her staggered breathing gets louder, almost into a moan
>Dash: "N-Nonny..."
>Well that means it's working
>You take it into your mouth and gently such. She's tries to stutter out your name again, but she can't get past "Non" without her voice cracking
>She slowly pulls her foot from your mouth. You look up and notice her whole body shivering, her hands stuffed between her now tightly shut legs
"So, you really like it when people touch your feet, huh?"
>Dash: "N-Not people... o-only you"
>After a moment, she calms down, her body stops shivering
>Dash: "A-Are you ready?
"For what?"
>Dash: "I still owe you, remember? Now take your shirt off"
>You do as she says. She closes her door and turns off the light. There's a dim glow coming through the window, blocked by curtains. From her closet, she pulls out a long rainbow striped scarf
"What's that for?"
>Dash: "Do you trust me?"
"Yeah, of course"
>... says every man murdered by his partner ever
>She slowly brings the scarf over your eyes, and ties it just tight enough to stay on
>Whatever is about to happen, you already like it
>She lays you down on your chest. Something cold and creamy drips onto your back, and you can tell by the skittle-like scent that it's her lotion
>With a gentle touch, she slowly spreads it over your shoulders. When she's done, she pulls her hands away... that's the last you feel of her for the next few minutes
>The only sign that she's even still in the room is a quiet rustling sound
"Dash, everything okay"
>Dash: "Y-Yeah... just a second. Just don't take the blindfold off"
>After another minute of quiet rustling, she climbs up on the bed and sits on top of you, straddling your hips. She's actually really light. Something prickles your back, but you can't quite put a finger on what it is
>She starts slowly massaging your shoulders with her warm hands
>Dash: "Is that too hard"
"No, it's perfect"
>Her hips start sliding back and forth on your back. That slight prickle becomes wet and sticky... it feels like her pubes
"Dash... what are you wearing?"
>She lays down on top of you, bringing her face right next to yours. There's not a fabric in the world as soft as what you feel pressed on your back. That, and the two little bumps you feel poking from her chest...
>Dash: "You tell me"
>She's naked. Completely naked
>She continues to massage your shoulders, while rubbing herself against your back. Her hot breath runs down your neck, sending a warm chill through your body
>Just as you start to relax, she begins kissing the nape of your neck, slowly moving her way up, then down again
>You quietly call out her name, making her giggle
>Dash: "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"
"N-Not as much as you"
>You can't really play it cool here
>After making her way up your neck, she gives your ear a quick nibble, before whispering
>Dash: "W-Will you do me a favor?"
"Y-Yeah, sure"
>Dash: "G-Get on your back"
>She gets off of you and lets you get on your back. Once you do, she slowly pulls your pants and underwear down
>Dash: "L-Looks like you've been waiting for this for a while"
>Implying you haven't been excited since you first kissed her feet
>She climbs on top of you, holds your member in place, and slowly, very slowly, slides her hips down
>A high pitched squeak slips out when you finally hit all the way inside
"You okay Dash?"
>Her body quivers, but she manages a response
>Dash: "Y-Yeah..."
>With her hands planted down on your chest she begins bouncing her hips up and down. She tries to stifle her breath, which only makes it heavier
>Dash: "I-It's easier than last time..."
>She leans over, her lips just inches from your ear
>Dash: "... b-but that was my first time after all"
"It was?"
>Instead of giving you a response, she gives your ear a gentle nibble
>Something about being her first makes you feel a little... special
>You start to move your hips to match up with her movements-
>Dash: "-No... l-let me take care of you"
>She buries her face in your shoulder
>Dash: "Y-You just sit and relax"
>Every time her hips hit yours, you feel her pubes gently scratch you. Her leaking fluids make your crotch area wet and hot, but her insides are even wetter and hotter
>Dash: "Y-You're getting close, aren't you"
>... wait a sec
"D-Dash, I'm not wearing-"
>Dash: "It's okay... I want you to cum inside me"
>She brings her hands up to your cheeks and slowly slides your blindfold off
>You had your eyes closed underneath. You open them and see Dash leaning over you, a light blush in her cheeks, her eyes droopy as if she just woke up. Her lips curved up into a sweet smile, and her gentle hands caressing your cheeks
>The perfect sight as you cum inside Rainbow Dash
>Just like you've always wanted
>You know what'd be funny? If you cumming inside Dash just no got her pregnant
>No. That would not be funny
"Dash, shouldn't we try to... you know, clean up?"
>Dash: "... nope"
"But what if-"
>Dash: "-Too bad, I like it. It's warm"
>She lays her head on your chest... maybe it can wait

"Hey Dash, is this how our training is going to go on for now?"
>Dash: "You know it wasn't supposed to go like this"
"Yeah, but I think I like this way better"
>Dash: "Well, unless you're planning on having sex with Flash we gotta go back to our normal workout"
>... It could work
>Dash: "Besides, since we skipped today's training I have to work you twice as hard tomorrow"
"Like how I just did to you-"
>She punches you. Hard.
>Dash: "S-Seriously Anon, you need to get ready for that fight, Chances are Flash is going to bring his friends with him, and the two of us might not be able to take both of them on"
"Well if my plan works, we won't-"
>Dash: "... what plan?"
>Dash: "Tell me Anon. Now"
>You've seen her angry side, and chances are you won't make it out of this room alive if it gets worse
"When I first challenged him to the fight, I thought there was no chance I could win. So I arranged for some... special help"
>Dash: "What does special help"
"... I'll explain tomorrow"

>Now Dash knows about your plan
>... well, she knows that you HAVE a plan

>You stop at a convenience store on your way to school and pick up a pad of stickers

>Dash is waiting outside for you. She actually got here on time for once
>... scratch that, you're just late
>Dash: "What took you so long?"
"I had to make a stop"
>Dash: "For what?"
"... something"
>Dash: "Something for that plan of yours you won't tell me about?"
"Don't worry, I'll explain everything later"
>Dash: "You better, thanks to you I'm late for class"
"Aren't you always late though?"
>Dash: "... just come on"
>She grabs your hand and takes you inside

>Biology class
>Rarity: "Hey Anon, I've been meaning to ask you something about the 'thing' Friday-"
"I'm not talking about the plan"
>Rarity: "... Rainbow Dash told me to ask, so I asked"
"I told her I'd tell her later today"
>Rarity: "I get it, she never has been a patient one"
>Rarity can be pretty chill... you know, as long as you're not out sopping with her
>Rarity: "... but, just between you and me-"
>Rarity: "You can tell me, I won't tell her"
>First of all: Yeah she will, she's a god awful gossip
>Second: It's not just her you don't want knowing, it's the three guys in front of you
>Then again, maybe they should hear this
"Okay, here's the thing. On Friday..."
>You pretend to look around making sure no one's listening. You're making sure Flash and his friends ARE listening
"... I'm calling in some reinforcements"
>Rarity: "Reinforcements?"
>Cranberry and Fucknut were about to turn around before Flash stopped them
>You bring it down to a whisper
"yeah, a friend of mine got in touch with some of his old comrades in the war, said they'd back me up"
>Rarity: "war comrades? just who is this friend?"
"his name is Vladimir, he runs the military sur-"
>Rarity: "-uncle Vlad!?"
>Wait a sec, what?
>Rarity: "yeah, he moved here from Russia with my parents before I was born"
"so wait... you're Russian?"
>Rarity: "didn't you know?"
>... damn it
>Secretly, you and the girls have been betting on what her nationality really was. You're money was on French. Now you owe AJ five bucks
>Damn it
>Rarity: "he knows that you're not supposed to kill them, right? he can sometimes get a little... enthusiastic"
"don't worry, I made sure to tell him that they can't be of kill. you know, for fear of prison time"
>Rarity: "yeah... that sounds like him"

>The three amigos spend the rest of class exchanging awkward glances
>They took the bait
>Mental note: Don't forget to tell Rarity that you were bluffing
>... you just can't seem to get it out of your head
>Uncle Vlad? Rarity?
>Who comes up with this shit?

>After class, you and Rarity meet up with Dash as usual
>Dash: "So Anon, you ready to tell me about your plan?"
"I said I'd tell you later"
>Dash: "Yeah, and it's later NOW, so tell me-"
>Rarity: "Come on Anon, just tell her about your plan"
>Dash: "Wait, you told HER your plan?"
>Rarity: "He told me he was bringing in some mercenaries from my uncle"
>"Wait, is there a change in the plan?"
>Pinkie popped up out of nowhere... you know, like she always does
>This is why you don't tell Rarity anything

>Dash: "So wait, you're RUSSIAN?"
>Rarity: "I thought you all knew this already"
>Everyone at the table looks down at the floor, realizing they all lost the bet
>Pinkie: "So is there a change in the plan or not? I need to know so I can give a heads up to Deepthroat and..."
>That kid really needs a nickname. He sounds Canadian, something Canadian...
"... Maple Syrup"
>That's a Canada thing, right? It's their national thing
>Pinkie: "... yeah, sure. Deepthroat an Maple Syrup"
>Well, it threw her off but she went with it. The other girls seem confused, but they probably just assume you've gone full Pinkie too
"Well, don't worry Pinkie, no hired guns will be crashing our fight"
>Pinkie: "You sure?"
"Promise. The plan is still the same"
>Dash: "So then what is the plan?"
"Look, I'll tell you next class, alright?"
>Dash: "... alright"
>Applejack: "What plan are y'all talking about?"
>AJ and Fluttershy show up at the table last
>You know, sometimes you forget that they're still around
>History class
>As soon as you sit down, she starts asking about the plan
"Alright alright... when I give the signal, just play along"
>Dash: "What's the signal?"
"You'll know"

>Class is going on as normal
>Go time
>You fall out of your chair, clenching your hands on your gut and groaning in agony
>Teacher: "Anonymous, are you okay?"
"N-No.. my stomach is killing me. I think I need... someone to help me to the nurse's office"
>Dash, that's the signal
>Teacher: "Alright, can someone help him-?"
>Dash: "-I'll do it"
>She grabs yours and her bags, and helps you up

>As soon as you're out of the room she lets you go
>Dash: "Alright now what's the plan"
"... come with me, I'll show you"
>You lead her down the hall
>Dash: "Wait, isn't the nurse's office the other way?"
"That was just an excuse"
>Dash: "So she's not part of the plan?"
>Though she could prove useful...
>You take Dash down to the abandoned hallway
"This is where the fight's going to be"
>Dash: "So what are we going to do?"
"... We're going to rig it"
>Dash: "Rig the fight? How?"
"Let me put it this way: Flash and his friends are big, they're strong, and they're probably better fighters than the both of us. But what's our one advantage?"
>Dash: "What"
"How would YOU describe Flash Sentry?"
>Dash: "A total dick"
"Exactly. A total dick... but not as much as me"
>You take out your pad of stickers. Yeah, they're adorable, glittery, cat stickers, no one's judging
"Let's say one of Flash's friends slammed me up against this locker here. Right now, nothing would happen..."
>You slap a sticker on it
"... but come Friday, it won't be attached to the wall, and with that slam, this locker will topple over"
>Dash: "... I still don't get it"
"My guys, Deepthroat and Maple Syrup, they're going to come in Friday just before the fight..."
>You slap a few more lockers with the adhesive kittens
"... and they're going to detach every locker we mark. Along with a few other perks"
>You tear a few pages out of the pad and try to hand them to her. She doesn't take them
>Dash: "You're kidding, right?"
>Dash looks skeptically at you. To reassure her, you pat her on the shoulders
"Trust me, this WILL work"
>Dash: "But... don't you think we should keep this a fair fight?"
"Do you think Flash will keep this a fair fight?"
>She takes a minute to think about it
>Dash: "... You're a real asshole, Anon"
>She smiles and takes the stickers
>Dash: "... but that's what makes you fun"
>The two of you empty the sticker pad, plastering about 10 or 12 lockers and one classroom door before heading back to class
>Dash: "What's the door for?"
"Our grand entrance"

>You get back
>Teacher: "Is everything okay?"
>... damn, you hadn't thought of an excuse
>Dash: "Yeah, he just REALLY had to go to the bathroom"
>A few snickers resonate through the class
>She's a quick thinker but... is that really the best she could come up with

>Gym class
>After roll call you head for your spot on the bleachers until Dash stops you
>Dash: "You know you're not going to sit there all day, right?"
"Then where will I sit?"
>Dash: "Nowhere. You've got training, remember?"
"... really?"
>Dash: "Yeah really, let' go"
"I thought I told you my plan"
>Dash: "You weren't hoping to avoid the fight altogether with that plan, were you?"
>Dash: "Just come on:
>She grabs your hand and takes you back to the storage room

>Dash undresses to her sports bra and shorts like before. Unlike last time, she doesn't fight herself to death in the first ten minutes, but halfway through class she did suggest taking a much needed break
>Dash: "So Anon... how long have you had your plan?"
"Truth be told, from the very moment I challenged him to the fight, I knew I had to find a way out of it. Before we even ha our fist training session"
>Dash: "And you really think it could work?"
"It's worth a shot"
>Dash: "It's going to take a lot more than a couple of falling lockers and a dramatic entrance to beat them"
"Believe me, I have a lot more than that in store"
>She leans on your shoulder
>Dash: "You better... and while we're at it, I might as well admit..."
"Admit what?"
>Dash: "... I had no intention of letting you fight, form the very beginning"
>Dash: "I had arranged for you to get locked in the nurse's office during the fight"
>She calls THAT a plan?
"And who would have kept me locked in-?"
>Dash: "-The nurse"
>... okay, it's a pretty good plan
>Dash: "Tell you what, promise me you won't die, and I won't have her lock you up"
"Well, I'm probably safer with Flash and his friends than I am locked with the nurse"
>Dash: "So it's a deal?"
"... Deal"
>Dash: "Thanks, Anon"
>She lays her head down in your lap
"But I do have to ask, how did you get the nurse to agree with it?"
>Dash: "..."
"Dash? What did you tell her?"
>Dash: "L-Look, I was worried, okay?"
"Tell me"
>Dash: "I said, that... i-if she kept you out of the fight with Flash..."
"... Yeees?"
>Dash: "... I told her she could fight you herself"
"... god damn it Dash"
>Dash: "W-Well, I was really worried you might not-"
>You pat her on the head, and it quiets her down
"What do you think, should we get back to training?"
>Dash: "... f-five more minutes"
>Five more minutes became the rest of class, and the rest of class became a good fifteen minutes after the bell
>You two really can't keep focused

>Later that night, you get a call from an unknown number. You consider letting it go, but it could be important... okay, you have nothing important. But what the hell, why not
>Oh shit
"V--Vladimir? Is that you-?"
>Jesus, he's one of those people who screams on the phone non-stop
"Do you need something-"
"N-No, it's fine, that was all a joke-"
"Look, I don't need any killing-"
>Vladimir: "VERY WELL. I GO NOW"
>... well that happened

>Your fight is today
>Everything should be ready
>Your plan is in motion
>Dash's plan is NOT in motion
>Everything is ready
>... but just to be on the safe side, you make one phone call before school
"I might need some help. Meet me in front of the school"

>Dash meets up with you before school as usual
>Dash: "Hey Anon, is something going on?"
"You mean aside from the obvious?"
>Dash: "I mean with Rarity"
"No idea, did something happen?"
>Dash: "I don't know, but I just saw Vladimir walking by"
"... tell you what, I'll ask her"
>No you won't

>You got there pretty early, and Rarity comes in not long after you. Before long, everyone else shows, the bell rings, class begins
>The three seats in front of you are empty
"Hey Rarity"
>Rarity: "I noticed"
"I take it you haven't seen him today either?"
>Rarity: "Nope"
>... probably chickened out
>Scratch that, they show up fifteen minutes late. The teacher is not happy
>Flash: "Sorry, teacher, won't happen again"
>Teacher: "...Alright, just take your seats"
>Sometimes you wish the teachers here weren't so gullible... who are you kidding, you love it
>They come to their seats with shit eating grins. If only the knew what you had in store...
>Speaking of which, you get a text from Pinkie. She needs to speak to you again
>... and of course, in the bathroom again

>You start to head into the guy's bathroom-
>Pinkie: "-In here"
>... god damn it
>You take a look around, making sure no no is here before quickly stepping into the girl's bathroom
>It's true what they say... the girl's bathroom is just as nasty as the guys
"This better be important Pinkie-"
>Pnkie: "-I've got bad news Nonny... really bad news"
"How bad?"
>Pinkie: "We may have a change in the plan"
>You have got to be kidding me
"What do you mean change in the plan?"
>Pinkie: "Snips and Snails weren't in class this morning, and I can't seem to get a hold of them. They're... just gone"
"And there's no one else who can help you?"
>Pinkie: "Not really, and I'm not sure how much I can do on my own"
"Well what about me?"
>Pinkie: "You? I don't know, it's a pretty big job, and they were professionals. They knew what to do"
"How hard can it be to remove a locker?"
>Pinkie: "... yeah, maybe we should just call it off"
"Look, I'll help however I can. We just have to do SOMETHING"
>Flash is expecting something, and sure enough he's going to try and one-up you. There's no way you can go in with nothing up your sleeve
>Pinkie: "... I DO have a plan B. I've been saving it for April Fools, but it's simple and I think we can do it on our own"
"Alright, just tell me what I have to-"
>The door opens, and Pinkie quickly shoves you into a stall. Quick thinker
>"Hey Pinkie, who were you talking to?"
>... that's Dash's voice
>Pinkie: "Oh no one, just the person in the mirror"
>Dash: "... you mean yourself?"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, you should try it sometime, it's really fun"
>Pinkie leaves the room. You stand on the toilet and crouch down so Dash doesn't see you
>How can this situation get any worse
>You watch through the crack in the door. She doesn't go in any of the stalls, she just stands in front of the mirror talking to herself
>Dash: "... come on Dash, get a hold of yourself"
>Is she encouraging herself?
>Dash: "... Anon needs you, you can't let him down. You just can't"
>She turns on the sink and splashes her face
>Dash: "You got this Dash"
>She dries herself off and leaves
>You feel a little guilty for getting her involved

>You get back to class
>Flash still has that same shit-eating grin as this morning
>Rarity asks what took you so long
"Again, do you REALLY want to know?"
>Rarity: "... Never mind"
>She really needs to stop asking that

>Lunch time
>You decided it'd be best to not tell Dash about the problem with the plan until later, mostly because you have NO IDEA what Pinkie has in store. For now, you have to put your faith in her
>You get to the table with Dash, Pinkie, and Rarity. There's a few whispers at the surrounding tables
>Dash: "... I'm not the only one who hears that, right?"
"Guess I'm not the only one either"
>As lunch goes on, Dash gets up to go to the bathroom
>Pinkie: "Dash, didn't you just go?"
"But she-"
>Dash: "...were you saying something Anon?"
"No, see you in a bit"
>You ALMOST let it slip. You really need to work on your mouth filter
>... she comes back less than a minute later
>Dash: "Hey Anon, you didn't change the plan on me did you?"
>You shoot a glare at Pinkie
>Pinkie: "I swear I didn't say anything"
>Dash: "So you did... and you didn't tell me?"
"Yeah, but don't worry, Pinkie and I have it covered"
>Dash: "Well then, do you want to tell me what the padlock is for?"
"What padlock?"
>Dash: "The cafeteria doors are chained up and locked shut, all of them"
"... Pinkie?"
>Pinkie: "They're not part of MY plan..."
>Everyone at the table to your left gets up and leaves
>Dash: "Anon..."
>Another nearby table clears
>Dash: "...please tell me this is part of your plan"
>Another table clears, and another. You take out thee walkie talkie Vladimir gave you this morning
"... We have a situation at the cafeteria, requesting backup"
>Rarity: "Who's that? Vlad?"
>All the tables empty out. All but one
"... I hope so"
>The students from the surrounding tables form a kettle around yours and one other table... occupied by Flash and his friends
>Flash: "Change in plan, Anon"
>What the hell is going on here
>You whisper one last thing to the girls before getting up
"listen... when you hear the bang, get against the wall"
>Rarity: "What bang?"
"you'll know"
>Dash tries to join you but you stop her
"It's just me and him"
>Dash: "Anon I won't-"
"-Trust me"
>She nervously nods and sits back down, and you step forward
>Flash: "At first, I wanted to make sure you'd keep this a FAIR fight..."
>He gets up from the table
>Flash: "... but then I thought, where's the fun in that?"
>His friends get up. It's not just Cranberry and Fucknut this time, there's two others. And save for Flash, they all have baseball bats. You can't stop Dash from joining you this time
>Dash: "Talk about fair?! You've got him outnumbered 5 to 1!"
>Flash: "Looks to me like 5 against 2-"
"-Make that 4 against 2"
>Flash: "Really Anon? Can you not count? Or have you never been able to?"
>A few chuckles around the cafeteria
"No I can count. There's only 4 of you who are going to fight. Cause let's face it, your friends there, they got bats. But YOU? You don't even got the balls"
>The crowd laughs
>Dash: "Anon, what the hell are you doing?"
>Dash: "Stalling for what?"
>You look back to the girls and nod
"And as for us..."
"Comrade stronk"
>Everyone jumps when they see the doors forcefully kicked open. In the commotion, your friends break through the kettle. They all hit the wall, and Pinkie takes the opportunity to hit the fire alarm. The alarm rings, the sprinklers start spraying. Everyone herds out of the cafeteria like a bomb just went off
>The crowd was in too much of a panic to see the unfamiliar face walking in, towering above the crowd, dressed in an old military uniform with extra bedazzling
>Well, he is RARITY'S uncle
>"Look like I arrive just in time, little man"
>Flash and his friends are the only ones who stayed behind
"Make that 4 against 3

>Pinkie and Rarity have backed up against the wall. Dash and Vlad are right behind you. Flash and his friends are hiding behind a flipped over table
>Dash: "Don't worry Anon, we got your back-"
"-Hold on..."
>You step forward, towards Flash's table bunker
"What's the matter guys? Backing out now?"
>Rather than walk around the other tables, you push them aside, because loud noises are intimidating, right? The tables have wheels so they can easily be moved aside for the janitors to clean the floor, or so students can fuck some shit up
"Come on assholes, I'm wide open-!"
>Cranberry comes out from behind the table and charges at you with his baseball bat. He swings at you like a drunk Mexican, you barely had to move to dodge it. You jab him in the stomach, and he drops his weapon
>Dash: "-Anon, behind you!"
>You turn around and see one of his new friends behind you, his swing a lot more accurate, though still unable to make contact. Vlad grabbed his arm and yanked the bat out of his hand
>Vlad swings the guy around by his arm and throws him across the cafeteria... shit, his feet even came off the ground a good few inches. You didn't see where the other guy even landed, if he laded at all, because Cranberry grabbed your leg and dragged you to the ground. He stands up and manages to get a good kick on you. Right after, you hear a loud clink sound and he drops to the ground. Dash stands over you, holding his bat
>Dash: "Didn't forget about me, did you?"
>You take her hand so she can help you up. Once your on your feet, she pulls you into the most aggressive kiss she's ever given you
>Dash: "We should have done this fight a LONG time ago-"
>Vlad: "Save it for bedroom my friends. No time for Serbian handshake"
>Cranberry took the advantage to crawl back to the table bunker. Fucknut and Guy#3 are holding him up. The guy Vlad threw... you're not sure if he's even conscious
>... you wonder how many of Rarity's ex-boyfriends he's killed

"What's the matter guys, can't Flash fight for himself?"
>Cranberry: "You shut your mouth! You don't know what Flash is capable of!"
"At least you can talk"
>Cranberry: "Trust me, you wouldn't last a single minute in a fight with Flash-"
"-I'd end it much faster than that"
>He's getting pissed. Now you know who the bottom bitch is
>Cranberry: "One more word and I'll bust your fucking-"
>Flash: "-Shut up, Skeeter" he says, slowly crawling out from behind the table
>... his name is Skeeter
>Are you fucking kidding me
>You burst into laughter
"Okay okay, stop for a sec... I hang out with Applejack all the time, so I know white trash when I see it, and that just takes the fucking-!"
>Flash: "Shut the fuck up!"
>Flash charges at you, and Fucknut follows suit. Dash tackles Fucknut to the ground and holds him down
>Dash: "Don't worry Anon, it's just you two. Right Vlad?"
>Vlad lets out a hearty laugh
>Vlad: "Don't worry little man, we handle littler men!"
>So he says as he holds Cran- scratch that, Skeeter, on the ground under his foot, and Guy#3 in a chokehold
>He does remember that everyone has to live, right?
>Flash tries to push you to the ground, but you hold yourself up and hit him in the gut
>He actually fights back, you must have pushed him over the edge
"Damn, you got actually got some fight in you bro-"
>Flash: "I'm not your fucking bro"
"Well I gotta call you something-"
>Pinkie: "Deepthroat!"

>You avert your attention to Pinkie, a blazing hatred in her eyes you've never seen before. Across the cafeteria, Snips and Snails are trying to pry the window open
>First off, what are they doing here... the padlocks
>Pinkie: "... you... Mother... FUCKERS!"
>The way she sprints across the room tells you she must have figured it out too
>Number one rule of fighting: PAY ATTENTION YOU FUCKING TARD
>While you're watching two freshmen get beat the fuck out by a homicidal Pinkie, Flash takes the opportunity to throw you to the ground
>Flash: "Not so tough now, are you!"
>Shit, he might actually have you here. You struggled trying to get up, but that fall was pretty hard. Every time you get up on your elbows he kicks you back down, laughing while he does do
>There's only one way out of this...
>Flash stumbles back, after getting kicked square in the nuts
>Hey, you had no intention of fighting fair in the first place
>You pick yourself up and unleash a relentless assault, throwing fist after fist until he falls on the floor. Learning your lesson from last time, you step back when you see him reach for your leg... he's not grabbing your leg. He grabs a stray baseball bat off the floor
>Number two rule of fighting: PAY ATTENTION TO IMPORTANT SHIT
>After a hit in the knee that your body wasn't ready for, you fall to the ground, and he struggles to his feet
>Flash: "I've been waiting so long for this-"
>An arm grabs him from behind in a choke hold. He drops the bat while trying to pry the arm from his throat. He gets thrown to the ground, and the assailant kicks him in the ribs in a way that clearly shows military training. Way to go Vlad-
>Rarity: "No one... touches my comrade"
>She says it straightening her hair, and for a moment a thick accent slipped out
>... it' one thing when Vladimir saved you, it's another thing when Dash did, but fucking Rarity?
>She helps you up, and Pinkie runs over to you
>Pinkie: "We've got a serious problem"
>... there's something different about Pinkie's hair. It's... flatter
"What is it-"
>Pinkie: "Snips ans Snails just told me that they helped Flash"
"I figured that-"
>Pinkie: "-There's more... Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna are on their way"
"... what?"
>Pinkie: "They called Celestia's office directly, right before they tried to sneak out"
>Everyone overheard Pinkie, and Dash and Vlad gather around
>Dash: "The principal is on her way NOW?"
>Vlad: "Don't worry, I prepared for kill-"
"Vlad, you have to get out, now"
>Vlad: "... understood, little man. May we meet again on the battlefield"
>He salutes you before dashing across the cafeteria
"I think you can still sneak out through-"
>He jumped out a fucking window... you honestly can't say you're surprised
>Dash: "What about us? What now?"
>Flash and his friends get to their feet, even Vlad's ragdoll
>It's too late, if they're getting in trouble, they're dragging you and Dash down with them. But Pinkie wasn't even involved with THEM, and Rarity only grabbed Flash from behind, he probably didn't even see her...
"Pinkie, you and Rarity get out of here"
>Pinkie: "What?"
>Rarity: "You can't expect us to leave you alone-"
>Dash: "He's right. You two were the least involved, there's a chance that they didn't see you two"
>The locked door rattles
>Dash: "Look there's no time to argue, just get out of here!"
>Rarity: "This doesn't feel right-"
>The ulocked door slowly pushes open
"Just go!"
>The two of them give you and Dash a hug before bolting out the broken window
>Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna enter the cafeteria, calm and collected... unnaturally calm
>Celestia calmly walks over to the fire alarm and hits the emergency shut-off
>Luna followed behind her, megaphone in hand
>You and Dash exchange glances, before slowly making your way out

>Luna takes you and Dash to her office, Flash and his friends are waiting outside
>You know how in movies when some kind of gang leader or corrupt businessman wants to look tough, he takes out a knife and stabs it into his desk? Luna's desk already has the knife stuck in. At all times
>Rumor has it that whoever pulls it out will be crowned Kind Arthur...

>You'd say her office is darkly lit, if it were even lit at all. The only light is coming in through the half-closed blinds
>Luna: "Tell us what happened Anonymous. Everything"
>Dash: "It wasn't us! Flash-"
>Luna: "-We didn't speak to you!"
>Dash goes silent and scoots her chair back. Not even you can put her down like that
>Luna: "Now you tell us, and only you Anonymous, what happened?"
>You tell her everything... well almost everything. You tell her about how Flash hired Snips and Snails to lock the doors. You tell her about how SOMEONE pulled the fire alarm. And you tell about how Flash's friends started the fight. You never mention the Pinkie and Rarity were even there, and god forbid you mention your good comrade
>Luna: "... So that's your story?"
"Stroy? It's all true-"
>Luna: "Don't take that tone with us. Remember your fate is in our hands here"
"... sorry ma'am"
>Luna: "Is all this true, Rainbow Dash?"
>She silently nods
>Luna: "... step outside. We need to speak with the others"
>You and Dash step outside, and she calls in the others. The nurse was outside with her first aid kit, taking care of Flash and his friends
>Nurse: "Well I'll be damned..."
>Luna: "Bring them in"
>She finishes putting a bandage on someone's head, and they all go into Luna's office together
>The nurse takes out a gauze pad and starts patting at your forehead. You had no idea it was even bleeding
"You're having fun with this, aren't you?"
>Nurse: "Yes, very much so. But to be honest, I'm surprised. A couple of those guys may need an actual hospital"
>She laughs, and though you'd never admit it, you share her sick sense of humor
>They're in there for a lot longer than you were. When they do finally step out and leave, Flash stays behind. Luna isn't happy
>Luna: "You two, in our office. Now"
>Nurse: "Just a sec, I need to make sure-"
>Luna: "-Now!"
>Nurse: "... go on. I'll be back in a minute"
>The nurse leaves, so you and Dash head back into Luna's office, the door slamming behind you
>Flash is sitting in a row of chairs, a half smile struggles through his pain. You sit next to Flash, and Dash sits next to you
>Luna: "We're going to cut to the chase. If what Flash told us is true, then you're keeping SOMETHING from us. He told us how YOU organized the fight on Monday, and how YOU locked the doors, and how YOU sneaked a non-student onto our campus. Now, we will ask you one more time: tell us what happened!"
>You and Dash look at each other. She nods her head "no"
"... alright fine. I did arrange for the fight on Monday"
>Luna leans back in her chair
>Luna: "... Go on"
>Dash: "Anon-"
"-And yes, I did sneak someone onto campus. But the doors? That was all Snips and Snails. I don't know who told them to do it..."
>Yeah you do. But you can't really say how you know without outing Pinkie, so you hold back
"... but it was them nonetheless"
>Flash: "You're not seriously believing this are you?"
>Luna: "Be quiet-"
>Flash: "-I'm innocent here! He's clearly covering his own ass"
>Luna: "Don't speak to us like that-"
>Flash: "Come on are you kidding? You're on his side aren't you-?"
>Luna: "BE SILENT!"
>Your heart skipped a beat, and by the look on both Dash's and Flash's faces, they'd say the same
>Luna: "As far as we're concerned none of you are innocent. We haven't heard a single honest word from any of you since you came in, and we're tired of listening to your lies. Give us one reason we shouldn't have you all expelled this moment-"
>Nurse: "-Cut the crap Luna"
>The nurse barges into the office like a pimp looking for his money
>This should be good
>Luna: "Excuse us?!"
>Nurse: "What, do you got potatoes in your ears? I said cut the crap!"
>Luna: "Get out of our office!"
>Nurse: "You're not seriously listening to THIS guy are you?!"
>She slaps Flash in the back of the head
>Luna: "Are you saying we should listen to YOU?"
>Nurse: "Look, I'm not here to say these brats weren't fighting in there..."
>The nurse slowly lowers her voice
>Nurse: "... but what I AM saying is this: Flash Sentry has put Anon in my office twice over the past two weeks"
>Luna: "... is this true?"
>Flash: "Are you kidding-?"
>Luna: "-Shut your mouth!"
>She jumps up and pushes her desk forward. You're willing to bet money that she intended to flip the desk over, but restrained herself. When finally calms down, she pulls her desk back
>Luna: "Is it true, Anonymous?"
"... yeah"
>Nurse: "And it's not just him..."
>She pulls a folder out from her inner coat pocket and slaps it on Luna's desk
>Nurse: "... there were a lot, and I mean a LOT of students coming into my office with suspicious injuries for a while now. Those that do give a name all mention the same phrase: 'Flash and his friends' "
>Luna's flipping through the folder when someone knocks on the door
>Luna: "Enter"
>Celestia opens the door, her arm around Snips and Snails. Luna closes the folder and puts it in her desk drawer
>Luna: "We'll discuss this later. Everyone out"
>Nurse: "Heads up, I'm taking these two to my office. I need to make sure they're okay"
>Luna: "We'll come when we need you"
>The nurse leads you and Dash out, Flash following behind. He rejoins his friends in the waiting room, and the nurse takes you back to her office

>When you get to her office, you all sit down. She reveals a flask from her pocket and takes a swig, then hands it to you
>Nurse: "... go ahead kid, you earned it. You look like you just came back from 'Nam"
>You grab it and take a drink, then hand it to Dash
>Nurse: "But I mean, those other guys? They looked straight out of a fucking gulag camp. Which one of you did THAT?"
>You and Dash exchange awkward glances
>Nurse: "I take it I probably don't want to know"
>The door opens, and the nurse quickly grabs the flask from Dash
>Nurse: "So?"
>Luna: "We thought about it. Snip and Snails confirmed what you said, as well as the reports she gave us"
>The nurse whispers in your ear: "You're welcome kid"
>Luna: "And though you WERE fighting on campus, my dear sister advised us to show mercy... so everyone involved in the fight will be suspended for the next week-"
>Nurse: "-You call that mercy-?"
>Luna: "-If it were up to us none of them would set foot on our campus again. And if anything does happens again, you won't, are we clear"
>Dash: "Yes ma'am"
>Luna: "... Anonymous?"
"Yeah, got it"
>Luna: "Good. As soon as the two of you are feeling better, please leave the school grounds"
>There's a sweetness to her voice now, almost like loving caretaker
>Luna: "... oh, and Nurse Redheart? If you ever speak to us like that again, we WILL have your job"
>Aaaand there goes the sweetness
>Nurse: "It's a pleasure working with you too, ma'am"
>Not wanting to put up with anymore of her sarcasm, Luna leaves
>Nurse: "... don't worry she gives me that shit all the time. You heard her though, stick around"
>She pulls her flask out and takes another drink. When you reach out for it she swats your hand away
>Nurse: "Piss off, I offered you ONE drink"
"You said we earned it"
>Nurse: "Well I need it more. I got a fucking ass load of paperwork thanks to you..."
>She mumbles away to herself. You and Dash get on the hospital bed and cuddle
>Nurse: "You two BETTER keep your clothes on this time"
>Nurse: "You know, when I said, 'stick around', that didn't mean 'spend all freaking day here' "
>You hadn't realized how long you were actually here. The school day was almost over. Dash was still snuggled on your shoulder
>Nurse: "Go on, get out of here"
"Just ten more minutes"
>Nurse: "The final bell rings in five, and I can't have Luna finding out you're still here. She'll have a bitch fit"
>Dash: "She's right though, Anon"
>... you could have sworn she was asleep
>Nurse: "You heard the lady"
"Cut me some slack already, I've had a long day"
>Nurse: "No one told you to go picking fights like a god damn cowboy"
>Dash pulls your arm
>Dash: "Come on, the sooner we leave... the sooner we can be alone"
>Dash gives you a sweet smile. The nurse rolls her eyes
"... alright, let's go-"
>Nurse: "-Yes, please, get out of here you snugglefucks"
>Dash heads out, and you drag your feet behind her. You take one glance back... she's actually smiling
>Not her usual sinister smile, but a warm, endearing smile

"Have you been out here since the fight?"
>Rarity and Pinkie are waiting for you outside the front doors of the school
>Pinkie: "Omigosh! You guys are back!"
Rarity runs up and gives you a hug
>Rarity: "... are you okay darling?"
"Y-Yeah, I'm fine"
>You're discretely leaning away from the hug before she snaps your neck. Pinkie tackles the two of you and pulls Dash into a giant group hug
>Pinkie: "So what happened? Are you guys in trouble? What about Flash? Did someone rat out your Russian friend? What about-"
>It's amazing how much she can say on one breath
>Pinkie: "... yeah?"
>You explain everything to her and Rarity
>Pinkie: "You mean I won't see you guys for a whole WEEK?"
"Pretty lenient, considering we brought in a Russian mercenary and planned to vandalize an entire hallway"
>Rarity: "So what are you guys up to now"
>... you were really planning on just going home after this
>Dash: "We were going to go hang out at my place"
>That works too

>Dash whispers... something to Rarity before the two of you take off

>The walk to her place is exhausting
>Your leg is sore, your head is killing you, and your stomach feels upside down
>You hadn't had a day this long in a looong time
>As soon as you get to her place you plop down on her bed
>Dash: "You okay Anon?"
"Yeah, I'm... "
>... too tired to finish that thought
>Dash fluffs up her pillows, then gently pushes you back
>Dash: "Just relax... you've had a long day"
>She pulls the blanket over you, the leans in and kisses your forehead. The last thing you see before your eyes close is her face pulling away
>Dash: "... sleep tight, Nonny"
>You feel her get up off the bed...
>... Did she just go somewhere?
>You don't think too much about it, you just drift off to sleep

>Your eyes slowly open. Dash is back
>Dash: "Sorry, did I wake you?
"where'd you go?"
>Dash: "O-Oh, nowhere, just some quick shopping with Rarity. She helped me pick this out"
>She's holds up a bag from Cadence's Closet
>... you're a little more awake now

Chapter 2: Dance Dance Revolution[edit]

>You wake up the next morning, lying on a bed in a strange room. You look around trying to figure out just where you are, but your vision is still a bit blurry
>You don't really remember much about last night, all you remember is... the fight yesterday!
>That mother fucker Flash must have kidnapped you and took you back to his place, thinking he can get his revenge. Son of a bitch has no idea what he's gotten himself-
>... wait a sec
>This is Rainbow Dash's bedroom
>You were too tired to go home last night, so you spent the night here, remember?
>... of course you don't
>By the way, where is Rainbow Dash?
>Is that her alarm clock? No, it's coming from outside. Just as you get up, she comes in the room
>Dash: "Oh hey Anon, you just get up?"
"Yeah, what's that beeping?"
>Dash: "N-Nothing"
>She's still wearing the black nightie she bought yesterday from Cadence's Closet while you were... well, pretty much unconscious. And damn, does she look good in it
>Dash: "Just wait here, give me a minute"
>She leaves, and after a few minutes, the beeping stops and she comes back
"Everything okay?"
>Dash: "Yeah, but..."
>She takes a seat next to you on the bed
>Dash: "... you should probably stay out of the kitchen"
"That was a smoke alarm wasn't it"
>Dash: "O-Of course not!"
>She's not fooling you, she never can
"... you know I watch cooking shows all the time, you could have just asked me to make breakfast-"
>She punches you in the arm. It was gentle, but after yesterday it still hurt like hell
>Dash: "Anyways, how'd you sleep?"
"Fine I guess. I probably should be getting home though-"
>Dash: "What?"
>Something about that surprised her
>Dash "I mean, you can stay longer. You know, if you want"
"I'd love to, but I probably should at least go home and shower, and change my clothes"
>Come to think of it, those were the clothes you fought in
>Absolutely disgusting
>Dash: "Well, you could just take a shower here. You know, if you want"
"I suppose I could, but I still don't really have clothes to change into"
>Dash: "I could just throw those clothes in the wash while you're in the shower
>... Eh, might as well

>She leads you to the bathroom, and you get undressed. Her back is to you so you can have privacy. After you finish and give her your clothes, she leaves
>Why is it that using a different shower from your own is always like figuring out some alien technology?
>You poke your head out the door and call out for her. She works it for you while trying to explain how it works
>Dash: "Just take your time, come back to my room when you're done"
>The water's a little too hot, but you bear with it. There's one bottle on the side that looks like some kind of body wash, another that appears to be shampoo. There's also about 10 other bottles of assorted beauty products that you don't even bother trying to figure out
>When you're done, you try to remember her tutorial on using her shower, but it looks just as foreign as it did when you first saw it. After accidentally turning the water up to burning hot, down to freezing, then back up again, you finally get it shut off. You dry yourself off and wrap the towel around your waist, before hurrying back to her room
>When you get back to her room, something smells pretty good
>Dash: "Just in time"
>She holds out a plate with bacon and scrambled eggs, a second plate by her side
>Dash: "I know it's not great, but it's better than my first plan. Trust me"
>Oh you do trust her

>Since you usually skip breakfast, this actually wasn't half-bad. When you're both done, she takes the plates back to the kitchen, closing the door behind her
>You patiently wait on her bed. It could have been a minute, it could have been an hour, time feels so much longer when you're naked in someone else's bedroom
>It's a relief when you finally hear her coming
>... those footsteps are too slow and heavy to be hers
>"Dash? You in there?"
>Who the hell is this guy?
>"Dash? You awake?"
>You have half a mind to beat this guy's ass for coming onto your girl-
>-But not the energy for it. You hide under the covers and lay as flat as you can, as the door slowly creaks opens
>"Hey, Dash, is that you?"
>It sounds like they're coming closer, you may have to fight whether you're ready or not
>Quick, how fast can you get a hold of Vlad?
>"Hello? Can you hear me-?"
>Dash: "I'm right here"
>Thank god
>"... is someone in your bed?"
>Dash: "No, it's just a new body pillow I bought. It helps me sleep"
>She gets on the bed and plants her ass right on top of you. Sure she's trying to prove a point, but she didn't have to plop down so hard
>"Don't you have enough pillows already?"
>Dash: "This one's different"
>"Alright alright, just keep the noise down, I'm trying to sleep"
>Shit, that might actually be her dad
>Dash: "I will"
>"And take that damn thing off, your dad will kill me if he finds out you're dressing like that"
>So it's not her dad... maybe a babysitter or something?
>Dash: "Okay okay, can you just close the door?"
>The door closes, and the heavy footsteps march away. When they're no longer audible, she lifts up the covers and whispers to you
>Dash: "you okay?"
"damn near broke my ribs"
>Dash: "sorry about that. didn't mean to do it so hard, but it had to be convincing"
"yeah, about that. convincing to who?"
>Dash: "that was my grandpa"
"your grandpa?"
>Dash: "yeah, he stays with me while my parents are away"
>All of a sudden, you don't feel the need to fight him
>... though you totally could, just for the record
>Dash: "wait here for just another minute"
>She runs out of the room, and you lay as still as you can. It's less than a minute before she comes back
>Dash: "your clothes aren't dry yet"
"so I have to stay naked?"
>Dash: "unless you want to wear my clothes"
>... sounds intriguing
>Dash: "don't worry, it shouldn't be more than another ten minutes"
"what do I do until then?"
>She crawls under the covers and hugs you
>Dash: "you're going to be my body pillow"
"whatever you want-"
>She puts her finger to your lips
>Dash: "pillows don't talk"
>Fair enough. You put an arm around her and pull her as close to you as you can. She buries her face into your bare chest
>It's only a matter of time before little Anon wakes up
>Dash: "... pillows don't do that either"
>Hey, it's not your fault
>With her face smushed against your chest, you lay together and relax... until she starts sniffing you
>Dash: "did you use my body wash and shampoo?"
"yeah, why?"
>Dash: "... so that's what I smell like"
"pretty much. just usually a little sweatier-"
>Dash: "-what's that supposed to mean?"
"nothing, nothing... and I never said it was a bad smell-"
>Dash: "-okay, this is getting weird. I'm going to check your clothes"
>She crawls out of bed and throws the covers over you
>You have to admit, she does have a nice smell
>... you ARE weird
>She comes back in and tosses your clothes to you. You start getting dressed
>Dash: "I'd let you stay longer, but since gramps is up now he probably won't take kindly to you-"
"-hey Dash, where's my shirt?"
>Dash: "huh?"
>She seems surprised
"it's not here"
>Dash: "oh, I must have forgot to wash it. you can borrow one of mine"
"really? one of yours?"
>Dash: "yeah, you know, since you like the way I smell so much"
>You recognize "damage control" when you see it
"... and what about you?"
>Dash: "what do you mean?"
"come on, you FORGOT to wash my shirt-?"
>She puts her finger to your lips again
>Dash: "you should go before you get caught. trust me you really don't want that"
>She opens the window for you to sneak out. Way to make you feel like some kind of cheap whore
"alright, see ya later"
>You give her a kiss that she holds you in for longer than you intended. Not that you mind
>Dash: "goodbye"
>She helps you climb out the window
>Dash: "... and by the way, you do have a nice smell too"

>You change shirts as soon as you get home, not wanting to ruin her smell

>Whoever thought suspension was a good "punishment" wasn't very bright
>Yeah, how awful

>Alright, no school. This is great


>Soooo fucking boring
>Seriously, don't ever get suspended again
>... Let's call Dash, see what she's up to

>Dash: "Oh hey, I was just about to call you"
"Hey Dash, what are you up to today?"
>Dash: "Not much. Kinda bored to be honest"
"Yeah, I know what you mean..."
>Dash: "..."
>Dash: "..."
"So... you wanna hang out or something-"
>Dash: "-Yeah sure! ... I mean, if you have nothing better to do"
>She sounds a lot more eager than she'd ever admit. Then again, so are you

>Dash "Come on in, make yourself comfortable"
>Good to see the break hasn't taken the life out of her as it has you
>Dash: "Gramps is going to be out all day, so it's just you and me"
"Where is he?"
>Dash: "Every once in a while, he and his old platoon get back together"
>Platoon? As in like, military platoon?
>Eh, you could still take him if you had to... right?
"So, what do you want to do?"
>Dash: "... I don't know, what do you want to do?"
"I don't know"

>You both plop down on the living room couch and look for something on t.v... just like you were doing at home
>At least you're not alone
>Dash: "So is this what you've been doing all week?"
"Yup. Just sitting in my underwear watching whatever the hell is on"
>You've been spending your days like a stoner, just without the smoking
>Dash: "Seriously, in your underwear?"
"Yeah. You mean you've never done that?"
>Dash: "Well... well, yeah, I have but I'd never-"
"-Then go ahead. Like you said, it's just us here"
>Dash: "Wait, are you serious?"
"Yeah, why not?"
>Dash: "... you first, then I'll do it"
>She's actually daring you, like she thinks you still have a sense of shame
>You kick your pants off and wait for her to do so. Once she's stripped, she sits down on the couch next to you
"There, now isn't that better?"
>Dash: "Maybe-"
>You grab her shoulders from behind and pull her back into your chest, crossing your arms around her
"How about now? More comfortable?"
>Dash: "... a lot more"
>She wiggles around, getting herself comfortable

>The two of you flipped through the channels for something to watch, to no avail
>It's almost a welcome relief when you hear a knock at the door
>Dash gets up and hurriedly gets redressed
>You're barely getting your pants back up when you hear that familiar voice
>Rarity: "Did I interrupt something?"
"No, we're fine, just... fine"
>Dash was right, there are some people you wouldn't admit that to

>Rarity joins you on the couch, fully clothed, filling you in on everything that you've missed. According to her there's been a lot of rumors
>Rarity: "A lot of people saw Vlad that day. Some are saying he's a Russian mercenary, others a mafia hitman"
"Well... is he?"
>Rarity: "You know he's not a mercenary"
"No, I mean a hitman"
>She quietly giggled
>Rarity: "Good one Anon"
>... that not an answer
>Rarity: "So what were you two doing before I came along?"
"Nothing really, just watching t.v."
>Dash: "Anon insisted on sitting in his underwear"
>Rarity gives you an amused, slightly disgusted look. Dash laughs
>She thinks she got you
"Yeah, we both were"
>Rarity: "Well, umm... whatever makes you comfortable"
>She returns the same look to Dash
>Dash: "What? Everyone does it"
>Rarity: "Almost everyone"
>Dash: "It's actually really comfortable"
>Rarity: "I'm sure"
>Dash: "Why don't you try it"
>Rarity: "Excuse me?"
>Did she really just say that? To Rarity, of all people?
>She dug her own grave on this one. You just enjoyed the show
>Rarity: "Well... tell you what, I'll try it, but only if you do"
>Dash: "I'll do it if Anon does"
>Again, she thinks you have shame
>You discard your pants without hesitation, then Dash nervously strips off her skirt and shorts. Rarity was even more timid than her, insisting that neither of you even watch as she removes her skirt
>Of course, with your girlfriend sitting next to you, you have no desire to watch
>... come on now, who wouldn't?
>Apparently Dash took a peek too, because you both exchange the same awkward glance
>Rarity: "What?"
>Neither of you respond
>Rarity: "You looked, didn't you?"
>No response
>Rarity: "I WAS wearing them today, I took them off for gym"
>Dash: "Uh-huh..."
>Rarity: "I just didn't want them to get ruined"
"Yeah, sure"
>Rarity: "Uggh, give me a minute..."
>She storms off, leaving you and Dash in awkward silence
>Dash: "... you looked"
"So did you"
>Dash: "That's different, I was curious"
"So was I-"
>Dash: "-What's that supposed to mean?"
"I didn't mean it like that"
>Her eyes drift down to your crotch. You were really hoping no one would notice
>Dash: "You sure about that?"
"Just to be clear, YOU did that one, not her"
>She spreads your legs apart and nestles herself between them, her butt pressed against your crotch
"What are you doing?"
>Dash: "Keeping it hidden. I don't want Rarity seeing it-"
>Rarity: "-Seeing what?"
>... shit
>She comes back wearing a white lace thong, complete with a garter belt and stockings
"You wore ALL THAT to school?"
>Rarity: "Of course, a lady's got to look her best at all times. Speaking of which, Dash, why don't you go put on the nightie we bought? I'm sure Anon would love to see it"
>You and Dash both realize who'll happen if Dash gets up
>Dash: "N-No thanks, I showed him already"
"Yeah, it's fine-"
>She grabs Dash's hand and pulls her up
>Rarity: "Nonsense, it looks gorgeous, you should go-"
>Rarity freezes, her eyes focused on your crotch
>Dash: "... how about I go put it on
>She dashes out of the room leaving you and Rarity in awkward silence
"I take it we can't just PRETEND this didn't happen"
>Rarity: "Well... the least you could do is close your legs or something"
"I really just can't"
>She plops down on the couch without looking at you any further. Isn't there something you can say to make this situation any less, you know, awkward?
"... Just to be clear Rarity, you didn't do this. I don't find you that attractive-"
>Rarity: "-Excuse me!?"
"I didn't mean it like that either, you are pretty-"
>Rarity: "-Just stop. Please"
>Yes, please, stop. You're embarrassing the both of us
>The two of you sit on awkward silence. She lays sideways on the couch, and you throw your head back and close your eyes, wishing you could redo the last five minutes
>... *boop*
>You quickly sit up
"What was that?"
>Rarity: "What was what?"
"Something just- ... never mind"
>You'd rather not mention that something just brushed your dick. It was probably just a fly or a breeze or something
>Just close your eyes again, and wait for Dash to come-
"Okay, there it is again"
>Rarity: "There was what?"
"... Nothing"
>You close your eyes again... *boop* You pretend to ignore it ... *boop*... *boop*... *boo-
>-Whatever the hell is nudging your dick, you grab for it
>Well then
Rarity: "Umm... can you let go of my foot?"
"Depends, can you control yourself?"
>You release her foot, and she pull her legs back. You keep an eye on her until Dash comes back
>Dash: "Hey guys I'm back... is everything okay?"
>She must read the awkwardness, so she takes her seat between your legs
>Dash whispers: "... hey Anon, I think she saw it"
"You think so?"
>Once Dash gets herself comfortable, the three of you carry on like nothing happened
>Rarity: "You know, as crass as this seems, this is pretty comfortable"
"Told you"
>Dash is fidgeting around, most likely due to you poking her in the back
>Rarity: "You okay Dash?"
>Dash: "Yeah I'm just... trying to get comfy"
>As far as Dash knows, Rarity doesn't know about your erection, which probably confuses her when a lewd smile spreads across Rarity's face
>Rarity: "Speaking of getting comfy..."
>She grabs the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulls it up over her head, tossing it across the room once it's off. Her bra matches her panties... not that you're staring or anything, you just happened to notice
>Rarity: "Go ahead, it's a lot better"
>Dash: "I would, but it's one piece"
>Rarity: "Not you. Anon"
>Rarity: "Go ahead, just take your shirt off"
>She's clearly challenging you, gotta call her bluff. You take your shirt as confidently as you did your pants
>Rarity: "There isn't that better?"
"Sure, I guess"
>Rarity: "What do you think Dash?"
>Dash: "Huh?"
>Rarity: "You know. Anon's got a nice body doesn't he?"
>Dash: "Sure"
>Rarity: "Really? I mean, don't think I'm trying to steal him or anything, but he's not too bad looking if you ask me"
>Dash: "W-Well, I guess so"
>Rarity shifts her gaze to you, holding out the same lewd smile
>Rarity: "Alright, well, I'm running off to the bathroom. Be back in a sec"
>She quickly gets up off the couch and runs down the hall
"Well that was weird"
>Dash: "How long do you think she'll be gone?"
"How should I know-"
>She turns around and kisses you
>Dash: "She's got a point... you do have a nice body"
>Between the attempted footjob, the way she upsold you to her, and then left you alone... it's like she's TRYING to get you two to hook up
>Dash: "Come on, we have a few minutes at most"
>Rarity: Oh no, take all the time you need"
>Dash jumps
>Dash: "When did you get back!?"
>Rarity: "I never really left"
>She IS trying to hook you up
>Dash: "I sear, we weren't doing anything"
>Rarity: "Oh, come on Dash, there's nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, if I had THIS next to me all day..."
>She lays back on the couch like before and nudges you with her foot
>Rarity: "... I sure wouldn't want it going to waste"
>The gentle nudge turns in to a slow stroke through your boxers
>Dash: "Wh-What are you doing?"
>Rarity: "Oh nothing..."
>She slides her foot under your waistband and pulls it down enough for your penis to come out. As much as you hate to admit it, shes got some skill
>Rarity: "Well Dash, ready to take over?"
>Dash: "Take over what?"
>Rarity giggles, then continues stroking you with her little covered feet. You wish you could say you weren't enjoying it, but her stockings are just too soft to not like it. Not to mention she's got some real skill
>Rarity: "Come on Dash, jump in, he's getting my socks really dirty"
>Rarity pulls Dash between her legs, the way you did earlier
>Rarity: "Just do what I'm doing, it's really simple"
>Dash: "... you sure?"
>Rarity: "Trust me. Anon sure seems to be enjoying it, doesn't he?"
>Dash: "Well Anon, are you enjoying it?"
>If you say you are, Dash would get jealous. But if you say you're not, Dash won't join in...
"I'd enjoy it a lot more if you'd join"
>Smooth bro. Smooth
>Dash: "So... just like you're doing?"
>Rarity: "Uh-huh, just the same"
>Rarity holds still so Dash can get her feet in a good position above Rarity's. Since she's not wearing socks, her skin is warm to the touch. Once Dash starts moving, Rarity begins moving hers just under Dash's
>Rarity: "Well? How is it?"
"... a lot better"
>Rarity: "See Dash? Told you he'd like it"
>Rarity sure seems to be enjoying this more than you are
>When Dash starts to move her feet faster, Rarity pulls hers away
>Rarity: "Don't stop Dash, I have something else planned"
>Dash: "Something else?"
>Rarity: "Don't worry, you'll like it-"
>Dash: "H-Hey! What are you doing?"
>Rarity's hand found it's way between Dash's legs
>Rarity: "Well, your body doesn't seem to mind"
"It must be her feet, she likes having them touched-"
>Dash: "Anon!"
>You and Rarity both find her embarrassment amusing. Rarity's fingers find their way under Dash's panties, despite the way she tried to cover it up. Dash's feet tremble with excitement, but don't stop moving. On the contrary, as they get more slippery with your precum she moves faster
>Rarity: "You know Dash, maybe you should consider shaving. Anon might love it-"
"-You don't have to Dash, it's okay"
>Hey, some things shouldn't be messed with
>Dash starts to quietly moan, and she actually gasps out your name
>Rarity: "Really Dashie? After all I'M doing for you here, you say his, not mine?"
>Rarity pulls her fingers out
>Dash: "Please... keep going Rarity"
>Rarity: "I don't know..."
>She sits up on the back of the couch and puts her leg out, her foot right in front of Rainbow Dash
>Rarity: "Maybe once you've cleaned me up. He is your boyfriend, so he's YOUR responsibility
>There's no way Dash would let herself be degraded like that-
>She does it. She actually starts licking the precum off Rarity's stockings. It's actually kind of hot to watch, in a weird kind of way. Once Rarity's feet are all clean, she takes a seat behind Rainbow Dash
>Rarity: "You ready Dash?"
>Dash: "Yeah"
>Rarity: "How about you Anon?"
"Ready for what?"
>Rarity pushes Dash forward, on top of you
>Rarity: "Do I really have to explain it?"
>Rarity grabs the base of your member and holds it straight up. Dash slowly slides down on you, apparently too slow for Rarity's taste. She grabs Dash's ass and forcefully pushes her hips down. When her body slams against you, Dash let's out a high pitched squeak. Rarity can't help but giggle
>Dash's hips bounce up and down on your dick, her pussy gently squeezing on you. You thrust against her to match her movements. Rarity's gets behind Dash and starts sucking on her own middle finger. She pulls it out of her mouth leaving as much saliva as possible on it
>Rarity: "Hold still for a second"
>She firmly grabs hold of Dash's butt again
>Dash: "Why, what are you-AAh! HEY!
>Whatever she did, it made Dash clench down tightly
>Rarity: "Go ahead Anon, continue moving"
>You resume thrusting your hips against her
>Dash: "Can you not do that!"
>Dash: "Not you, her!"
>Rarity: "Sorry, but it's fun"
>Dash: "Then... can you at least be more gentle?"
>Rarity: "Hmm... nope"
"Mind telling me what's going on back there?"
>Rarity: "Feel this?"
>Something wiggles around inside her, you can feel it against your cock
>Rarity: "That's me"
"Wait, is your finger inside her-"
>Rarity: "-Yup. I admit it's probably not the most clean, but it's not that bad..."
>She gives you a wink
Rarity: "... you should try it some time"
>Dash: G-God damn you Rarity..."
>Once Dash gets used to the movement in her other end, her hips begin bouncing. Her pussy clenches like it never wants to let go. Rarity's finger from the other end feels as though it's stroking you, gently massaging your dick with her body
>Rarity: "You okay there Anon?"
"Almost... there"
>Rarity: "Thought so... Dash pull out"
>What, now?
>Much to your dismay, Dash does as she says. Rarity gets off the couch and kneels down next to you. When she begins stroking you, Dash joins her
>Rarity: "Sorry darling, but we don't want any accidents now do we"
>Dash's hand moves quickly, Rarity struggling to keep up
>So close... so damn close
>Dash: "Come on Anon... let it out"
>Rarity: "You heard her, don't keep us waiting"
>They must have good timing. Either that, or they felt your cock throbbing in their soft, tiny hands
>There's no time to give them a heads up... the moment just kind of sneaks up on you, as you blow your load all over their faces
>Dash blushes with a slight smile, happy to have satisfied you. Rarity wipes her face clean, a smile not so sweet, but more lewd
>Rarity: "Normally I'd prefer it less messy, but I suppose it couldn't be helped"
>Dash lays back on the couch, panting and gasping
>Dash: "Hey... Rarity..."
>Rarity: "Yes Dash-"
>She grabs Rarity and pulls her up on the couch
>Rarity: "H-Hey! What are you doing?"
>Dash brings Rarity down on top of her so that they're facing each other. Both her arms and legs wrapped around Rarity's body to hold her down
>Dash: "I'm getting revenge"
>Rarity: "What's that supposed to mean-?"
>Dash: "-Go ahead Anon. Maybe you can use that other hole like she suggested"
>Rarity: "H-He would never... right Anon?"
>Would you, Anon?
"It's like you said, I shouldn't keep you two waiting"

>Later that night
>Things are going to be awkward for a while between you and Rarity. But hey... at least you didn't disappoint
>Just before bed you got a text from Pinkie
>... Rarity is a horrible gossip

>Monday... finally Monday
>You've never prepared for school so excitedly

>Something's different about the front of the school. Something really different. Something wrong...
>Dash is out front waiting for you. And you even got her earlier than usual
>That's just wrong... really wrong
>... it may just be the fact that she's here early, but there's something different about her today
"You're here early-"
>Dash: "-Huh!?"
>She jumps at the sound of your voice
"You okay?"
>Dash: "I'm fine"
"Why'd you come so early"
>Dash: "Well, why not?"
"What kind of answer is that?"
>Dash: "The kind you'd give"
>Damn son
>Dash: "Come on, let's go"
>She takes your hand and leads you inside
>... *sniff sniff*
>She smells sweet... really sweet
"Dash are you wearing perfume?"
>Dash: "Yeah, I thought it'd be nice... do you like it?"
>You fucking love it... but that's not what's different

>You have a good twenty minutes before class even start
>Dash laughs when you suggest hanging out in the library. But there's really nowhere else to go in the morning, so she comes along

>You look around the library for something interesting to pick up while you wait for class. Of course, it's a high school library, so there's really only three kinds of books here
>There's the section for teen romance novels, a section for teen dystopian novels, and a section for dictionaries and stuff
>... just find a quiet place to sit and hang out
>Somewhere upstairs there's a makeshift bed made out old dusty books. Seems like a nice quiet place... but seriously, the janitor needs to do a better job of keeping the homeless people off campus
>You sit on the "bed", leaning back against the book shelf. Dash lays down and rests her head in your lap. Her eyes slowly drift closed like she's falling asleep, which isn't surprising. She'd probably be just waking up at this time of day
>You silently stare at her sleeping face, stroking her hair like a creep. It's hard to not be a creep with a face as cute as hers
>Her face... is she wearing makeup?
>Rather than wake her up, you let her get her rest. She probably needs it
>But still, between the makeup and perfume, it's not like her. Either that, or her soft side is a lot softer than you realize

"Hey Dash... Dash. The bell rang, time to go"
>No response, so you give her a shake
"Dash, come on, we're going to be late"
>She just groans and rolls over onto her side. She really is a heavy sleeper
"... Is someone making pancakes-?"
>Dash: "-Hmm? Pancakes?"
>That actually worked. She slowly crawls up, rubbing her eyes
>Dash: "Did you say someone has pancakes?"
"Yeah, they're in your next class"
>Dash is not amused. You did it for her own good

>On your way to biology, guess who steps out with his two friends
"... so how was your vacation?"
>Flash: "Cut the crap Anon. And consider yourself lucky, they rearranged my schedule to keep us apart as much as possible"
"I doubt that'll work"
>Flash: "Well it better, I'd be happy to never see your damn face again"
>Instead of stepping around you, like he easily could have, he pushes you aside as hard as he can. He and his friends walk down the hall, never to be seen in your class again
>Though whether or not he stays out of your life is entirely up to him
>Now that he's out of your hair, this class should get a million times better
>And then Rarity walks in... and this class got a million times worse
>The two of you hadn't really talked since Thursday either... you know, the day you and your girlfriend had a three-way with her ? Who would have thought that could EVER turn out awkward?
>She takes her seat, actively avoiding eye contact. Realizing that the silence only makes things more awkward, the two of you try to strike up a conversation
>Rarity: "... I see Flash isn't here today"
"Yeah, he switched classes"
>Rarity: "Huh. That's probably for the best
"Yeah, probably. So anyways... how you been?"
>Rarity: "Good, good... I can finally sit down again"
>Rarity: "...I take we're not-"
"-We're not talking about it"
>Rarity: "Gotcha...but before we start not talking about it can I just ask one thing?"
>Rarity: "How does Rainbow Dash feel about all of it?"
"What do you mean?"
>Rarity: "Well, she hasn't really talked to me since then, I was wondering if you have"
"Yeah, I saw her this morning"
>Rarity: "And how was she?"
"She's fine. Same as always"
>Rarity: "So she's not... bothered by it?"
>Rarity: "I'm sure I'm just over thinking it, but maybe she feels we went just a little... too far"
"If so, she hasn't said anything to me about it"
>Rarity: "Okay... just wondering"
"Tell you what, I''ll let you know if she says anything"
>Rarity: "Thanks, that makes me feel much better"
"No problem. So now... let's not talk about it"
>You're sure Dash is fine with it. It was kind of her idea... still. You should make sure

>Dash is already waiting for you and Rarity when class is over. Again, earlier than usual
>Dash: "Oh, hey Rarity, how have you been?
>Rarity: "You know, there's something different about you"
>She noticed too
>Dash: "Yeah, I thought I'd try-"
>Rarity: "-You put makeup on!"
>Rarity sounds so proud, like a mother handing down her wedding dress to her daughter
>Rarity: "See Dash! I told you it wouldn't kill you to take a little more care of yourself, and you look absolutely gorgeous!"
>Dash: "Thanks-"
>Rarity: "-Though if I may point out that you COULD use a little more blush on your left cheek, and without mascara you may as well be naked-"
>Dash: "-Well I-"
>Rarity: "-So what made you change your mind after all these years-?"
>Dash: "-Anon, save me here"
>You wedge yourself between the two of them
"Look, we can all agree Dash looks beautiful, but there's more important matters to attend to. Like lunch"
>Dash: "I'm with Anon here"
>Rarity: "... alright fine. But today after school, you're mine"
>Dash: "Fine, but right now I'm starving, so let's go"
>Dash takes your hand and leads you, well, more like forcefully pulls you, to the cafeteria. She must REALLY be hungry. On your way there, you run into Vice Principal Luna. Today's just been one awkward encounter after another
>Luna: "Welcome back. We're glad we ran into you now, we have something to discuss. Come with us to our office"
>Dash: "Now? But it's lunch-"
>Luna: "Now."
>... sometimes you need to just accept that there's no way out

>She takes you back to her cold, dark, office
>Luna: "To start off, we rearranged some schedules to avoid any further conflict between you"
"I know, Flash already told-"
>Luna: "-Don't interrupt us. Now, as I'm sure you're both aware, there was extensive damage to the cafeteria after the fight, most of which has yet to be fixed. From now on, the two of you will be joining the janitor for an hour after school assisting him with repairs"
"For how long?"
>Luna: "Until it's done"
>You used to watch Bob the Builder when you were a kid. Maybe you can use that knowledge to help you finish faster
>Just imagine...

>Janitor: "Anonymous, can you fix it?"
"No it's fucked."

>... never mind
"I'm not sure we have the skills necessary to be of any help"
>Luna: "He'll teach you"
>Dash: "Will Flash be working with us as well?"
>Luna: "No, he and his friends have their own assignment, though we assure you they are working just as hard as you two"
>They fucking better
>Luna: "One more thing, and then we dismiss you"
>Luna: "I'm sure you can agree with us in saying that another situation like this will be unacceptable. And that our precautions are both necessary and reasonable"
"What precautions?"

>Great, now you'll be constantly looking over your shoulder until you graduate
>Cops. Fucking Cops. Thanks to you and Flash, there's going to be at least one on-duty officer on campus at all times. AT LEAST one
>Congratulations: CHS is now the ghetto school

>On your way to the cafeteria, Dash stops you
>Dash: "Hold on a sec, I need to ask you something"
"What's the matter, I thought you were hungry?"
>Dash: "I am, but... "
>Dash: "You have class with Rarity, right?"
>Dash: "Has she said anything about... you know, Thursday?"
"Anything... like what?"
>Dash: "Just anything"
"Kinda, we both agreed to not talk about it"
>Dash: "Okay... just wondering"
"Why? What's this about"
>Dash: "It's nothing, don't worry about-"
"-You know you're not a very good liar. Now tell me what's on your mind"
>Dash: "... I've been thinking"
>Dash: "You know... what we did. Did you enjoy it?"
"... I suppose"
>There really is no good answer to that
>Dash: "And, you enjoyed... m-me, right?"
"What do you mean by that?"
>Dash: "I mean..."
>She stuffs her hands in her pockets and starts aimlessly kicking her feet at the ground
>Dash: "Let's just say that... if you had to choose between me and Rarity-"
"I'd choose you"
>Dash: "... thanks, I needed to hear that"
>She gently kisses your cheek. She starts to walk away but you grab hold of her hand
"Hold on a sec. You didn't really think I'd choose her over you did I?"
>Dash: "Well no, of course not. But I just... I had to make sure"
"Well, you don't ever have to worry about that..."
>You give her a punch in the arm, something that has grown to be meaningful between you two
"... she's not nearly as awesome as you are"
>You got her to smile. A real, honest smile. The kind of smile when someone's actually feeling good about their self
>Dash: "Y-Yeah, I am pretty awesome aren't I?"
"Come on, let's forget about this and go to lunch"

>Jesus, the cafeteria is a mess. Several tables must have broken in the fight, probably by Vlad, because a lot of the tables that are out are crowded. The window, broken by Vlad, was sloppily covered with wooden boards. The floor is covered in cracks and scratches, as if someone, Vlad, had been running around in with combat boots and throwing heavy stuff around
>Surprisingly with all the overcrowded tables, yours was still occupied only by your usual friends
>You and Dash approach the table
"Hey guys, what's-"
>Pinkie: "-You guys got suspended again?!"
>You're back for one day and already she aint right
"I literally have no idea what you're talking about"
>Pinkie: "Rarity said that Luna called her security pigs to drag you off campus"
>Rarity: "All I said was 'Luna took you to her office', I didn't say any of that"
>Pinkie: "No, but you implied it"
>Rarity: "You don't seriously believe her do you?"
"Well... on the one hand Pinkie is... well, she's Pinkie. On the other hand you are a terrible gossip. So I'm not sure"
>Rarity: "I'm not that bad, am I?"
>Pinkie: "You told me about last Thursday. If that wasn't private, I don't know what is"
>Dash: "You told her?"
>Rarity: "I... may have mentioned it-"
>Pinkie: "She mentioned all of it..." Pinkie leans across the table and whispers, "every... dirty... detail"
"Okay, well just to be clear- "
>Rarity: "-No Anon-"
"-the anal thing was ALL HER idea"
>Pinkie: "... anal thing?"
>Rarity: "This is your fault"
"What is?"
>Pinkie: "All she mentioned was that you guys 'fooled around a bit'. So what's all this about anal now?"
>Dash: "Well, you might as go ahead"
>Rarity: "Don't look at me, this one's on you Anon"
>They make you explain all the details of Thursday, a lewd smile growing on Pinkie's face
>Dash and Rarity won't even look in your general direction
>Thanks to your own big mouth, you're forced to tell the story of last Thursday
>To the three of you that were there, it was long and awkward. To Pinkie, it was the best story ever, and she refused to let you leave out any little details. She wanted specifics
>Pinkie: "So wait, who was on top?"
>Pinkie: "How loud was she?"
>Pinkie: "Was it easy? Or did she give up a lot of resistance?
>It's like she was transcribing your story for some erotic friendfiction

>You're just about to come to the end of your story
>Pinkie: "So she actually started saying your name?"
"Yeah. Anyways, it wasn't even that long, maybe-"
>Pinkie: "-Was it THAT good Rarity?"
>Rarity: "I guess, I don't really remember-"
>Pinkie: "-What about you Anon? How was it?"
>Out of the corner of your eye you catch Dash glancing at you, anticipating your answer
"... It was okay, I guess"
>That answer seems good enough for her
"Now as I was saying, it was probably only a few minutes before her grandpa came back"
>Pinkie: "Her grandpa caught you?"
"He didn't catch us, we just heard him come in the door. We got dressed before he came in the room, but he probably knew"
>Pinkie: "How do you know?"
"He was complaining how the room smelled 'like a hundred pounds of pussy and ass' "
>Dash: "He says that about everything when he's drunk"
"But when he did come in the room, guess who was with him"
>Pinkie: "Who?"
"Remember the big Russian guy from the fight, Vlad? Apparently they met in the war, and they still meet up from time to time-"
>Thank god, time for class
>If only it could have rung five minutes ago
>You and Dash hurry out
>Pinkie: "Wait, Anon, did you finish?"
"Yup, that's it. That's all that happened"
>Pinkie: "That's not what I mean"
"Then what do you mean"
>She grabs your arm and pulls you closer. Dash, holding tightly onto your hand, got pulled with you
>Pinkie: "I mean..." She glances around as if making sure no one is listening. Then with her snorty giggle, she whispers "...did you finish in Rarity-?"
"-Of course not!"
>Pinkie is seriously disappointed. Dash on the other hand seems relieved
>Pinkie: "You sure about that Anon? Cause I can tell when-"
>Rarity: "-Come on Pinkie, you don't want to be late again"
>She grabs Pinkie's shoulder from behind and pulls her away. Dash pulls you in the opposite direction
>Dash: "Come on, we should get going too"
>Before heading off to class, you and Rarity take a quick glance at each other
>Her stare speaking for itself
>"I saved your ass back there"
>Everything that happened when Dash's grandpa came back happened so fast only she and you really know that you just lied to Pinkie

>History class
>As usual, you and Dash take your seats in the back. As usual, she "forgot" her textbook. And as usual, she pushes her desk right next to yours
>Yup, everything is back to normal
>And just as usual, this class is boring as hell
>You get a little nudge in your side
>Dash: "Hey Anon, cover for me"
"For what?"
>She props the book up, then lays her head down
>Dash: "If he calls on me just wake me up"
"I'm making no promises"
>With a heavy sleeper like her, good luck...

"... pancakes"
>Dash: "Huh?"
>She springs up awake
>Dash: "What'd I miss?"
"Everything, class is over"
>Dash: "Really? That went by fast"
>Not for the person who was awake for it

>You walk in to English class and take your seat next to Pinkie
>... scratch that, Pinkie's not here
>Part of you is curious about where she is, but most of you is glad she's out of your hair for now
>Class carries on without any interruptions
>Well, almost without interruptions
>It's just a text from Pinkie, and the lack of obnoxiously complicated emoticons tells you it's strictly business... and we all know what that means with her

>You head to the men's restroom outside the cafeteria, and Pinkie is waiting for you inside. With how often she calls you here, it makes you wonder if she's ever been caught in here
"So what's this all about, Pinkie?"
>Pinkie: "Just some old friends-"
"I told you the whole story already, there's nothing else-"
>Pinkie: "Not them"
>From behind Pinkie, out steps Snips and Snails from two adjacent stalls
>You never thought you'd see their faces again
"So do we have business with them or are we just going to kick their asses and leave it at that?"
>Pinkie: "Maybe a little of both"
>They both flinch at that comment
>Pinkie: "Go on, tell him"
>They step forward
>Snips: "Flash paid us lock the doors on you-"
"-I could have told you that"
>Pinkie: "There's more. Keep going"
>Snips: "..."
>Snails: "..."
>When neither of them respond, she smacks both of them in the back of their heads
>Pinkie: "Do I have to remind you why we're here again?"
>They both reach in their pockets, taking out five dollars each. They both hand it over to you
>Pinkie: "Alright, now get out of here, both of you"
>They run out of the bathroom in a hurry
"Hey Pinkie... did we just rob them?"
>Pinkie: "Don't think of it as a robbery... think of it as a 'refund for an unsatisfying service' "
>Fair enough
"Well anyways, I should probably head back to class, you coming?"
>Pinkie: "I would, but I've got another meeting planned"
>She backs into another stall and closes the door
>Sometimes you wonder what goes on in her brain

>Gym class
>You consider turning over a new leaf after being suspended. Maybe you should start participating in gym. It could be good for you
>Five minutes into class you take your seat on the bleachers after "accidentally" getting hit in the face with a stray basketball
>Yup, things are finally back to normal

>After gym, you begin heading home
>Dash: "Hey wait, where are you going?"
"Home, where else?"
>Dash: "How about the cafeteria? Remember? We have work to do"
>... you were honestly hoping she'd forgotten

>The doors are open but the cafeteria is empty
>Dash: "... she did tell us to meet the janitor here, right?"
"Pretty sure"
>Dash: "Maybe he's just running late"
"Or maybe he's just lazy, like every other janitor in the world"
>Assuming it will be a while before he shows you take a seat at one of the tables-
>The seat collapses beneath you
>"Or maybe you shouldn't be so negative towards a janitor you've never even met before"
>Dash: "Anon! You okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine"
>No you're not, that actually hurt
>Janitor: "So you two are the ones who trashed the cafeteria? I've got a few words I'd like to say to you..."
>He walks over to you as you struggle to get up, a sour expression on his face. Just as you've mentally prepared yourself for another fight, he takes your hand and helps you up
>Janitor: "... you could have done a LOT better"
>Janitor: "So you broke a window and left a few scratches on the floor, not bad. I admire the effort. But THAT..."
>He motions towards the broken seat behind you
>Janitor: "... now that was entertaining, AND destructive"
"Wait, so YOU did this?"
>Janitor: "Not me, my apprentice"
"A janitor's apprentice? Who the hell would-"
>Pinkie: "-Hi Nonny!"
>Again, wut?
>The janitor sits at a a table, and Pinkie sits next to him
>Janitor: "The repairs can wait. Come on, take a seat"
>Naturally you're skeptical
>Janitor: "Relax, I only rigged the one seat"
>... after thinking it over, you sit on the bench across the table from him
>Janitor: "Okay, and maybe one other"
>You wince in pain
"Wh-What the hell kind of janitor are you?"
>Janitor: "There's a reason they call me Discord' "
>So where did Pinkie get all her knowledge about vandalizing school property? And how does she seem to have access to places in the school no one else does to set up her pranks? And why does she never get in trouble for anything?
>Because the janitor, this Discord guy, makes it all possible
>He pulls a bench away from another table for you to sit. You let Dash take a seat first this time. Once it's proven safe, you sit next to her
>Discord: "Alright, lesson number one: That window. Celestia's been insisting on me fixing that first, apparently she doesn't like my work"
>It's just a bunch of wooden boards sloppily nailed to the wall, not even painted to match the wall. He pulls out a nearly flat cardboard box and leans it against the wall
>Discord: "Here's the replacement"
"Okay... and how exactly do we get it in there?"
>He tosses you a rolled up paper, the instructions
"Are you at least going to help?"
>Discord: "I could... but no. I'm just here to supervise"
>Of course he's making you do all the work

>After dropping it and nearly breaking a dozen times you finally got it in
"What do you think Dash, does it look right?"
>Dash: "I don' know.. I think so"
>Pinkie: "Looks fine to me"
>You look back, and notice the janitor is gone
"Where'd Discord go?"
>Pinkie: "He went out to get us sandwiches?"
"All of us?"
>Pinkie: "Just me and him"
"What about us?"
>Pinkie: "You didn't say you wanted anything"
"You didn't tell us he was going"
>Pinkie: "You didn't ask"
"Well... the windows in, and he's gone so we'll probably get going-"
>Discord: "-You're still supposed to be here for another half hour"
>He comes back at just the wrong time

>He keeps the two of you behind, having you fix all the benches that HE broke. You left one unrepaired, should make for a good laugh tomorrow at lunch
>Once the works is done he finally let's you go, and Pinkie joins you
>Pinkie: "You coming too, Discord"
>Discord: "No no, I still got some work to do"
>What the hell does he mean by that

>Once gain, Dash is there before you, bright and early. And once again, she's gone and dolled herself up
"Hi Dash, you're here early"
>Dash: "So are you"
>With nothing else to do, the two of you go to the library again

>Just as you expected that makeshift bed is still there. The two of you hang out there just like the day before. She manages to stay awake this time
>Dash: "So... is this what you do all morning? Just wait?"
"Pretty much. I actually had World of Warcraft installed on one of the computers in here, I used to come in and play when the librarian wasn't around"
>Dash: "World of what now?"
"... Nothing, it was a long time ago"
>Yeah, you used to play, but then something magical happened
>You made REAL friends

>You go through your first two classes, feeling more awkward than usual
>That feeling when you think everyone is looking at you when you're back is turned, but no one really is... except they ARE all looking at you
>It's like Rarity told you a week ago. There really are a lot of rumors going around

>Biology was quite the scene
>As soon as you take your seat, the whispers begin again
>"... dude, ask him"
>"no you ask him"
>"no way he'll kill me"
>"fine, if no one's gonna do it, I will"
>You roll your eyes while still pretending not to notice
>"... psst. Hey Anon, Rarity. Is it true?"
"Is what true?"
>"That you guys are in the mafia?"
>You and Rarity exchange glances, already done with this shit
>You ponder your options. On the good side, you can play along with it and convince everyone that you had the whole school in the palm of your hand. But on the bad side, you might... uhh...
"And what if I said I was?"
>Yeah, there is no bad side
>"So then... you're friends with that big Russian guy from the-"
>Rarity: "-You mean my dad?"
>"That was your dad?"
>Her dad?
>Rarity: "Yeah, he watches over all of us, and all it takes is one phone call"
>"... dude, he's in with the family. This is some Godfather type shit here"
"The Godfather was Italian"
>"But you ARE in with the family, right? Like, they got your back and stuff?"
"You wanna find out?"
>Reel it in, you can't go around executing everyone in the school... well, you technically COULD, Vlad's quite the fighter
>But that doesn't mean you should
>"So, if her dad's got your back, and you're in with her family..."
"... Yes?"
>"You two really-"
>Teacher: "-Knock it off back there!"
>They go silent
>Damn teachers, always making you do work and stuff, like they think they run the place or something
"... hey Rarity" you whisper
>Rarity: "yeah?"
"I thought Vlad was your uncle"
>Rarity: "he is, but saying he's my dad sounds more threatening. especially when dealing with the Bratva"
"the what-?"
>Teacher: "-I said stop talking!"
>Fucking teachers...
>But still
>Rarity making up bullshit... it fills you with pride

>When class is over, the two of you are the last ones to linger out
>Dash is there waiting for you
>Dash: "What happened in class? Everyone looked so freaked out"
"Well... let's just say that if anyone asks, you're in the mafia"
>Dash: "The mafia?"
"It's okay, we all are"

>Walking into the cafeteria, the first thing you look for is the window you replaced. Seeing it fills you with a sense of pride
>When the three of you head to the table, Pinkie is already waiting for you
>Pinkie: "Hey guys, how's it going?"
"Well, our new window is still in place, so I feel pretty-"
>Pinkie: "... told you to fix all of them"
>Remember the one seat you didn't fix? The one you thought would make for a good laugh?
>Yeah, you're not laughing
"Was this your idea?"
>Pinkie: "No, it was Discord's idea"
"... that's it. He started a war-"
>Discord: "-Are you sure you want to challenge ME to a prank war?"
>He has a way of popping up completely out of nowhere
>He actually fixed the seat for you. Suppose he could be a nice guy when he isn't pulling some kind of bullshit
>... sounds a lot like Pinkie

>Heading back to class after lunch
>Dash: "... all I'm saying is, they DID tell us to fix all of them"
"And all I'M saying is, I didn't think they'd actually get me with it"
>Dash: "You're really not going to let it go, are you?"
"Would you let it go, after falling for it three times-"
>"Well, holy shit you're alive!"
>A pair of arms comes out from behind, one swinging around your shoulders and the other around Dash's
>Nurse: "Hate to say it, but I'm glad to see you two again, this school can get really boring"
>She pulls the two of you towards her office
"What about class?"
>Nurse: "Since when were you above ditching class?"
>... true
>Might as well see what she's up to

>She spends the whole walk back to her office complaining about how boring the job is without you two
>When you do arrive she locks the door behind you
>Nurse: "Sick of those damn cops popping in unannounced and telling me, 'you can't have alcohol on campus! you can't smoke on campus!' Yeah yeah, don't give me that"
>You and Dash sit down on the bed, she takes a seat in her swivel chair
>Nurse: "Alright, first thing's first, did you just come back today?"
"No, we were here yesterday-"
"What the hell?"
>Nurse: "That's for not stopping by. Couldn't spare two damn seconds to say 'hi, we're back, thanks for saving my ass with Luna' or something?"
>She hit you, only you
"You know Dash was here yesterday too?"
>Not that you want her to get hit but still... why did you say it again?
>Nurse: "Yeah, about her..."
>She takes a rag and wets it, then wheels her chair over to Dash
>Nurse: "... let's clean that gunk off"
>She takes the rag and starts aggressively scrubbing Dash's face. When she's done she scoots back. Dash drys off her face, now clear of any makeup, with her shirt
>Dash: "What was that for?"
>Nurse: "You tell me. I've been seeing you since your freshman year and not once have I seen you with makeup. Whose idea was it to put that crap on?"
>Dash: "Mine mostly, but Anon said I looked good-"
"... again, why do you only hit me?"
>Nurse: "The first time was just fun. This time you deserved it"
>She puts her arm around Dash's shoulder
>Nurse: "Don't listen to him, you look perfect without that whore paint"
"That's what I-"
>Nurse: "-Don't make me hit you again"
>Why did you come here again
>Nurse: "Now stay there, I've got one last thing that's new around here..."
>She wheels around to the front of the bed
>Nurse: "... now this, I think you'll both like"
>She grabs at something on the wall. As she scoots around the bed, the curtain hanging from the ceiling slowly draws out. She finishes pulling it behind herself so she's on the inside with the two of you
>Nurse: "Celestia said that a privacy curtain helps kids feel more comfortable if they need to lie down for a while, but I figured you two would put it to better use"
"And what's that supposed to mean?"
>She moves to the other side
>Nurse: "Just keep the noise down, I've got actual work to do"
"... just to be clear, are you telling us we can-"
>Nurse: "-ALL I'm saying is to keep the noise down, WHATEVER you do back there"
>You and Dash sit in awkward silence until she whispers to you
>Dash: "so Anon... should we, you know, do it?"
"you sure?"
>Dash: "I dunno, do you want to?"
"kinda weird with her right there-"
>Nurse: "Come on, just fuck already!"
>Well... she DID say so
>You lay back on the bed, and Dash, after dropping her shorts and stuffing them in her backpack, climbs on top of you
>She lowers her face to yours and kisses you. Putting your arms around her, your hands find their way under her shirt. Given how cold it is in her office it's only natural that you feel small goosebumps raised on her back
>Her hand slowly reaches down and begins massaging your crotch through your pants...
>Dash: "you okay Anon?"
"yeah I'm fine"
>Come on little guy, wake up
>Dash: "you sure? it's okay if-"
"-I'm fine, just give it a minute"
>Admittedly this is a little awkward, even for you
>Nurse: "Need some help in there Anon?"
>She laughs like a crazy witch
"Sure, you wanna join in"
>You were just joking, but Dash still gave you a good punch in the shoulder
>Nurse: "Trust me kid, there's no way you could handle me, if you can't even get it up for your girlfriend-"
>Dash: "-Might wanna rethink that, nurse Redheart"
>Leave it to Dash to stick up for you
>And speaking of "sticking up"...
>Boner, you sneaky bastard. Perfect timing
>Now that little Anon's awake and had his morning coffee, she unzips your pants-
>Nurse: "-God, what's that smell?"
>Dash: "ignore her Anon"
>Dash whispered, you didn't
"Don't worry Dash, she's just jealous you're getting what she hasn't in years"
>You're pretty sure you heard a pencil break
>Once Dash is certain that she won't pull the curtain aside and kill you both, she reaches down your pants and frees little Anon. She straddles you, positioning it right between her legs and starts grinding on you
>Either she was wearing no panties or she took them off with her shorts, but you're betting on the former
>The more she does this, the wetter she gets. The wetter she gets, the faster she moves. The faster she moves, the heavier she breathes
>It might be her body, it might just be the movement, but you definitely feel hotter
>You don't even have to say it. She knows exactly what you mean
>She lifts her hips up and holds your penis straight up
>She slowly drops her hips down, steadily enveloping you inch by inch. Once she's gone all the way to the base, sitting on top of you, she lets out a deep sigh
>Nurse: "That sounds like a disappointment sigh to me"
>She thinks she's so funny
>Sorry Dash
>Dash: "A-Ahh!"
>You suddenly thrust your hips up against her, nearly pushing her off. Her whole body twitched at the sudden movement, especially her insides
>Dash: "... do it again"
>You start thrusting against her, each movement met with a twitch off her body and a gasp of breath. Her gasps get louder and louder, to a point where they're more like moans than gasps
"That sound disappointing to you nurse?"
>Nurse: "No but that does, hold still"
>You halt
>She gets up and walks over to the door
>Nurse: "What do you want?"
>"Security Patrol, just here to make sure everything's okay"
>Shit. It's the school cop
>Nurse: "Yeah, everything's- Hey! What are you doing?"
>The cop's footsteps comes into the room

>Be Rainbow Dash
>Whatever Anon was just doing, it was amazing... until he stopped
>He's sitting still, but his thing is still throbbing inside you
>The nurse is out there yelling at someone, apparently one of the school cops
>Nurse: "Yeah, everything's- Hey! What are you doing?"
>Cop: "Well, your door was locked, I had to make sure nothing was going on in here"
>Sitting still like this is unbearable. Maybe...
>If you move just a little bit, you can be quiet
>You slide your hips forward... nothing
>Your whole body tingles, you clench down tightly on him, but ultimately not a sound
>You move back and forth a bit... still nothing
>The nurse carries on arguing with the cop
>Laying down on top of him, resting your head against his chest, you can feel his heart start to race
>That means he's enjoying it right?
>He likes it, right?
>He wants you to keep going, right?
>... you sure hope so, because you can't hold back any longer

>Be Anon again
>This girl is giving you a fucking heart attack
>The nurse is out there trying to talk the cop out of the room, and she just starts grinding on you
>Not that it's bad, but still... you're in a fucking panic
>Nurse: "Okay, you had your look around, now get out, I have a lot of work to do"
>Cop: "Hang on... is someone sleeping in there?"
>Dash, please stop
>... she doesn't stop
>Nurse: "Yeah, there is, that's why you need to leave before you wake him, he's really not feeling well"
>You don't really know how you're feeling
>On the one hand, Dash's insides are so hot, her wet pussy clinging tightly to you, her soft hands gently caressing your chest, her head nuzzling your shoulder. It's absolute ecstasy
>On the other hand, the cop is literally INCHES away, the only thing between you two and him is this curtain, and the nurse's will

>Be Nurse Redheart
>This shithead cop is starting to piss you off. But he IS technically still a cop, so there's not much you can do
>You're trying to get him out of here so he doesn't catch the two kids screwing in the bed-
>Shithead: "Hang on... is someone sleeping in there?"
"Yeah, there is, that's why you need to leave before you wake him, he's really not feeling well"
>Shithead: "Look, I just need to take a quick peek, make sure he's okay-"
"Yeah, he's okay, you're doing such a great job protecting the school, now get the hell out of my-"
>Shithead: "-Well I still need to check, okay, so just stand back"
>He pushes you aside
>.... cop or not, no one lays their fucking hands on you
>You grab shithead by the shoulder

>Be Anon
>Dash doesn't stop moving. The cop is coming closer. You say your prayers...
>Nurse: "If you EVER lay your hands on me again you better bring a fucking SWAT unit with you, got that!"
>Cop: "It's my job to-"
>Nurse: "No, YOU'RE job is to be out there trying to act like a big guy to intimidate a bunch of little kids, MY job is to take care of them, you know, actually do something"
>Cop: "If you-"
>Nurse: "If you have a problem, take it up with Luna, now get the fuck out of my office!"
>Whatever just happened, Dash doesn't seem distracted
>... Not even when Nurse Redheart pulls the curtain aside
>Nurse: "And THAT'S why I keep the door locked..."
>You try not to make eye contact with her as she stares, as if sizing you up
>Nurse: "... huh, I always knew you'd be a bottom. Anyways, have fun you two"
>She seems a little more delightful, like she just let out a lot from her system
>She closes the curtain, letting you two carry on in peace
>As much as you hate to admit it, that whole situation, putting you on edge... was kind of exciting
>At least it didn't throw you off at all, because Dash sure wasn't
>When you start thrusting your hips against her, it's like she lets out a wave of pleasure that she's been holding in. She tries not to moan out loud, but to no avail
>Nurse: "You know just because he's gone doesn't mean you can make all the noise you want"
"Trust me, when she gets going there's no controlling- mmH"
>She interrupted you, shoving her tongue down your throat. Her hips slam against yours, the wet slushing sounds of her insides drowned out by her moaning voice
>Admittedly you share her excitement, finding yourself coming close
>The kiss is broken but your tongues are still twirled together
>Dash: "... A-Anon... I'm about to..."
>The curtain slides back open
>Nurse: "This I GOTTA see!"
>It doesn't slow you down
>You pull Dash down and hold her tightly. You give her one big kiss. And with one final thrust, you finish inside her
>Nurse: "... damn..."
>She collapses on top of you, so you gently wrap your arms-
>Nurse: "No time for that, get up"
>You quickly jump to your feet, pull your pants back up, then step on the other side of the privacy curtain, leaving Dash to lay in peace
>The door flies open, and in steps the cop with Vice Principal Luna
>Luna: "Tell us what's going on here. Now."
>You and the nurse both got your cool faces on
>Nurse: "Officer Asshole here came barging in, trying to wake up Dash after I specifically told him she wasn't feeling well"
>Luna: "We'll see that for ourselves"
>Luna pulls the curtain aside and touches Dash's forehead
>Luna: "She's burning up"
>Nurse: "Told you"
>Luna: "And what about you Anonymous, why are you here?"
"Just brought her her things"
>You point towards her backpack
>Luna: "... just make sure she gets her rest, she looks exhausted"
>She and the officer leave. You and the nurse flip them off behind the closed door
>She plops down in her chair and it nearly slides out from beneath her
>Nurse: "... you know I really should have stopped you from finishing inside her, right?"
"Yeah, probably"
>She reaches in the drawer and tosses you a box of pills
>Nurse: "Just make sure she takes these and you should be fine. Just don't let it happen again, I don't want to get a call one day asking me to appear on '16 and Pregnant' "
>You stuff the box in her backpack, then take a seat next to her
>Nurse: "I'll write you passes for your next class. Go on, relax"
>She pulls the curtain closed
>You lay down next to Dash, gently brushing the hair from her face
>Her eyes slowly drift open
>Dash: "Is... *yawn* ...is everything okay?"
"Yeah, everything's fine"
>She nestles her face into your shoulder
"you really do look much better without makeup"
>She says nothing... her smile is response enough
>As she slowly drifts off to sleep, you close your eyes and do the same

>Be Nurse Redheart
>You crack a window
>You light a cigarette
>You let out a deep sigh of relief
>Those kids really piss you off sometimes. They're sickeningly sweet, and sometimes just seeing them together makes you cringe... but damned if they're not two of the most endearing kids you've ever seen
>They really do make this job worth it
>... note to self: don't ever tell them that
>You tap off your cigarette in the makeshift ash tray in your desk drawer
>Your free hand slowly slides up your skirt and between your legs, gently pressing your finger against the crotch of your panties
>God damn it Anon
>It really has been a while, hasn't it?

>Nurse: "Hey, wake up"
>... ignore her
>Nurse: "Hey snugglefucks, I said wake up"
>The bed starts shaking, and not in a good way
>You slowly get up out of the bed
"What's going on?"
>Nurse: "What's going on is you've been sleeping all day"
>She crumples up a piece of paper and throws it at Dash
>Nurse: "Come on, you too, get out of here"
>Dash slowly picks herself up
>Dash: "mmh... *yawn* ...what time is it?"
>Nurse: "Time for you to go, I've got work to do. Sixth period JUST ended, so you should still have time to make it to your last class"
>Dash: "She's right, we should get going"
>Damn, two against one
>Before leaving, she takes her shorts out of her bag and puts them back on
>Dash: "... hey Anon, what are these?"
>She holds up the box of pills
"Redheart said to take them"
>Dash: "For what?"
>You hesitate, trying to think of a more discrete way of saying-
>Nurse: "-So you don't get your ass pregnant"
>... leave it to her to have more balls than you
>After getting your stuff, the two of you head to gym

>Changing in the locker room
>Once again, you find yourself surrounded by stares and whispers
>Seriously, damn this gossipy school
>The guy next to you in the locker room won't leave you alone
>"... hey Anon is it true?"
"Is what true?"
>"you know... that you're in with the mafia?"
"Yeah, sure"
>"... and is that other thing true?"
"What other thing?"
>"that you and Rainbow Dash are dating?"
"We've been dating for a wile now"
>"... and is that OTHER other thing true?"
>This asshole
"The hell are you talking about?"
>"that you and Rarity hooked up last week?"
"What'd you just say?"
>"I hear you and Rarity did it last week. is that true?"
"Who told you that?"
>He turns back to the rest off the guys
>He's not saying no!"
>All you had to say was no

>You wait in the gym trying to figure out who the hell talked
>On the one hand, Rarity IS a horrible gossip, but would she really do that to herself? On the other hand, Pinkie is a loudmouth, but if there's anything she can do it's keep a secret...
>Dash: "Hey Anon, what's up"
>You were zoned out when she shows up and sits next to you
>... there's no way it was her
>Dash: "Are you actually going to participate in class today?"
"Of course not"
>Dash: "Need me to get you hurt?"
"Nope, someone else will"
>Dash: "Who?"

>You take a seat on the bleachers, your eye sore from the basketball you took to the face. The guy who threw it is seated next to you
>The same guy who was pestering you in the locker room
>"Sorry man, didn't mean to do that"
>Of course he didn't, you jumped in front of the ball
"Don't worry about it, it's fine. But while you're here, how about you tell me who told you that rumor about me and Rarity?"
>Oh that? Nah man, don't worry about it, it's no big deal. Hell, if I tapped Rarity I'd be-"
"-Actually, I didn't. And it is a big deal, now who told you?"
>"I dunno man, why?"
>Realizing you're not getting through to him, you resort to your plan B
>You take out your phone, dial the number, turn on the speaker
>"Who are you calling?"
"One of my mafia contacts... Rarity's dad"
>Vlad's voice booms from the phone
"Now, you wanna talk to me, or to HIM?"
>This guy's about to crap himself
>"Alright alright, man, I'll tell you! Just, don't send your hitman on me!"
"... sorry Vlad. Wrong number"
"Now, tell me who told you"
>"Okay look, the thing is... I don't really know who it was"
"Are you kidding me-"
>"-but I kinda saw him. Well, I only saw his back, but he was running his mouth like a drunk Mexican, so I know what I heard"
"... go on"
>"I heard him talking about it the other day"
"And how did you know it was ME he was talking about?"
>"I heard someone mention your name"
"Who mentioned my name?!"
>"Rarity did!
"... Rarity did?"
>That gossipy bitch, you're honestly not surprised
>"Yeah, she was with him at the time, that's why I thought it was no secret. I think your girlfriend was with him too"
>Dash was there too?
"... when did all this happen?"
>"I think yesterday. At lunch"
>Wasn't that the day Pinkie made you tell her wht happened?
>But there's no way that loud mouth he's talking about was you, right? It's just not possible, right? It HAD to be someone else... right?
"... how many people have you told?"
>"I dunno man, a lot-"
"Well don't. Got it?"
"Because I said. And if anyone does ask, you tell them you made the whole thing up"
>"Alright alright, I got it... but just between you and me-"
"It didn't happen"
>The two of you don't speak another word until gym class is over
>What have you done, Anon
>What the hell have you done
>Dash: "Hey Anon, ready to work on the cafeteria today?
"... s-sure"
>What's a good way of telling your girlfriend that the whole school knows about your three-way, all thanks to you?
>The correct answer: don't

>Today, Discord has you buffing out the scratches on the floor
>It wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't come in wearing athletic cleats
>He really doesn't make this easy on you
>You try to avoid conversations with Dash, still trying to find a way to break the news
>Dash: "Okay, tell me what's going on, you've been out of it all afternoon"
>She's not letting that
"...you've been hearing all the rumors about us, right?"
>Dash: "All the talk about us and the mafia? I've been hearing it nonstop"
"Yeah... what about anything else?"
>Dash: "What do you mean 'anything else'?"
"I don't know, just anything?"
>Dash: "Not that I know of, did you hear something else?"
"Not really, just asking"
>You continue you work in silence

>After you're done for the day, the two of you head home. Well, at least as far as she'll let you go. When you reach the front doors of the school, she stops you
>Dash: "So when are you going to tell me what's really going on?"
"What do you mean?"
>She gets between the doors and you, not letting you pass
>Dash: "Look, something's on your mind, I can tell"
"There's really not, I'm just exhausted-"
>Dash: "-You're a terrible liar Anon, and I'm not letting you leave until you tell me what it is"

>Wednesday morning, she wasn't there like she has been
>The past two days you've been wondering why she would show up so early. It almost worried you that she was exhausting herself to see you in the morning
>But after what happened yesterday, you're worried as to why she's not here
>After you dropped the god damn bomb...

>Dash: "I'm not letting you leave until you tell me what's going on"
>There's no way out of it
"Alright...there's been some talk"
>Dash: "About what?"
>When you don't respond, she gets worried, taking your hand in comfort
>Dash: "Look, Anon, whatever it, just tell me. I'm listening"
>There's a reassuring sweetness to her voice, something you don't hear from her very often
"...okay. People have been talking... about last Thursday"
>Her face turns grave
>Dash: "... what about last Thursday?"
>She clearly knows but still wants to deny it
"About us. You, and me... and Rarity"
>Dash: "How did they find out? Did someone talk about it?"
"Sort of"
>Dash: "Who was it? I mean, for sure it wasn't it any of us, right?"
>Dash: "... Anon?"
>Dash: "You told!"
>Her hand tightens its grip on yours to bone-crushing levels
>Dash: "Why the hell would you tell someone!"
"I didn't-"
>Dash: "-Don't you know how weird this is for me!"
>Her hands start to quiver, and her eyes well up with tears. It's impossible to exactly read her expression, some mix of anger, embarrassment, and confusion
"Dash listen I can explain-"
>Dash: "You damn well better"
"I didn't actually tell anyone!"
>Dash: "Then what happened?"
"He just overheard me at lunch on Monday"
>Her hands stop shaking and her grip loosens
"Dash, I swear, I do get how you feel. I never would have told ANYONE consciously"
>Dash: "..."
"I didn't mean for this to happen, I just-"
>Dash: "-it's alright, I get it... Just... how many people know?"
"One guy told me, and he said he only told a few others. And don't worry, they'll probably forget about it by the end of the week, they always do. You know how this school is"
>They forgot about the issue with you getting pantsed in gym by Flash pretty quickly. There's always some new rumor going around
>Dash: "Yeah... you're probably right"
>You pull her into a hug
"So you're okay?"
>Dash: "Of course"
>Of course she's lying

>Despite what happened that day, you still decided to wait for her in front of the school the next morning
>While waiting, you notice an unfamiliar face in the crowd. Unlike everyone else's vibrant pastel clothing, this person is dressed in faded jeans and a dark hoodie, hood pulled up over their face
>Now would be a good time to head home before they start shooting
>Please walk past me please walk past me please walk past me please walks past-
>They come and stand right next to you
>Okay, whatever you do, just ignore the creepy guy-
"Uhh, can I help you?"
>... it's like you're trying to get shot
>"Anon, it's me"
>She lifts her head just enough for you to see the curl of her purple hair drooping over her pale face
"... Rarity? Why are you dressed like that?"
>Rarity: "Rainbow Dash told me about your conversation yesterday. Now the whole school knows about... us"
"I don't think the WHOLE school knows"
>Rarity: "Well still, I'd rather not be recognized until it all blows over"
"How are you going to avoid being recognized in class?"
>Rarity: "... not every plan can be perfect"
>Just then you notice Dash approaching, dressed as she always does, not just her clothes but without makeup
"See? Not even Dash is dressed as casually a you"
>Rarity: "Casually? These are actually designer jeans from-"
>Dash: "-Hey Rarity, what's up with the sloppy outfit?"
>Rarity: "... forget it. And while we're talking about appearances here, you're not wearing makeup"
>Dash: "Yeah, I figured I didn't really need it"
>She smiles at you
>Rarity: "... did I miss something here?"
"It's nothing. But since Dash is here that means we're pretty much late for class, so we should probably get-"
>Good timing
>The three of you head in and start to go your separate ways
"Hey Dash..."
>She glances back to you
"... we good?"
>Dash: "Yeah. We're good"
>And so long as the rumor doesn't spread you'll stay that way
>Math class, your first class of the day
>Nothing interesting ever happens here. Probably because no one interesting is in your class-
>Scratch that...
>It's that guy from yesterday, the one who's been talking about the three-way. You've never noticed him before because you never had an issue with him
>Gabe. You caught his name when the teacher was checking attendance, Gabe Uttsex
>... honestly, not the worst name you've heard at this school
>He glances at you, before whispering to the guy next to him. The look of surprise on the other guy's face tells you enough
>They're talking about it
>Time to show this guy a quick lesson, remind him who you're dealing with... or at least, who KNOWS the guy he's dealing with
>You send a quick text message
>You go back to your regular, boring, everyday class

>The door bursts open
>Teacher: "Who are you?! You can't be on-"
>The hulking intruder grabs the teacher by his collar, lifting him off the ground
>"Tell me where little man is!"
>You raise your hand
"Back here, Vlad"
>Vlad: "Little man! Been long since last time we meet!"
>He marches over to you, handing you a backpack that looks designed for a life-long hiking trip. Must be one of those tactical packs from his shop
>Vlad: "Tell Baby Rarity I say hello"
>He turns to leave but the teacher blocks the door
>...yup, you're about to witness a murder
>Teacher: "Hold up, you're not going anywhere until campus Security Patrol shows up!"
>Vlad lets out a hearty laugh
>Vlad: "I saw them! Little babies playing dress up, pretend police. It's cute"
>He pushes the teacher aside, throwing him off his feet
>You didn't see after he left the room, but it's safe to assume that he walked off campus uncontested
>... Gabe looks like he got the message

>Rarity strolls in, looking different than before... more normal
>She changed into some frilly skirt with sparkly bedazzled trimming, and a matching blouse
"Looks like someone put their fancy pants back on. What happened to your plan?"
>Rarity: "You were right, it didn't work"
"Take it from me, the king of fuck ups, I knew it wouldn't. But where did you get that outfit?"
>Rarity: "I keep an emergency emergency change of clothes in my locker, you know, in case of a disaster"
"And what constitutes a disaster?"
>Rarity: "Like, if someone shows up wearing the same top as me. Or how sometimes your clothes look good in the light at home, but not so much here, you know?"
>No. You don't know
"Oh by the way, before I forget..."
>You hand Rarity the other backpack, the one from Vlad
"Here you go, just give it back to Vlad after school"
>Rarity: "Uhh..."
>Rarity: "It doesn't really match this outfit...
"Seriously? It's not that big of a deal"
>Rarity: "You know what, you're right. I have a few other changes in my locker that just might work. I should be more like you sometimes Anon, always looking on the bright side"
>You've got to be kidding me
>Rarity: "So anyways, have you heard anything about... anything?"
"Not much..."
>Except for the one incident with Gabe, but that probably won't happen again
"... how about you?"
>Rarity: "Nothing. Nothing at all"
>Huh, maybe everything will be okay for once

>After class, the two of you meet with Dash and head to the cafeteria
>Everything seems calm. Everyone's minding their own business
>Dash and Rarity are content. Hell, Dash even seems happier
>For once, she says she's alright and you believe her
>You keep checking your back checking for eavesdroppers
>The table behind you seems rowdier than all the others but it's probably nothing
>Just Gabe having lunch with his friends
>... right?
There's a lot of commotion going on at the table behind you. You were looking back to make sure no one was listening in on your conversation, but you couldn't help but be curious. Especially considering that Gabe, the guy who "overheard" your conversation, is sitting there. You catch some parts of their conversation
>"... no way, are you serious?"
>"yeah man, he told me himself"
>"isn't he in a gang or something?"
>"nah, he's all talk, there's no way he-"
>Someone grabs your shoulder and shakes you
>Dash: "Hello? Anon, you in there?"
>Dash: "You were completely zoned out there"
"Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking about... you know, stuff"
>Not buying your answer, she looks back where you were looking
>Dash: "Alright tell me, who were you watching?"
"... the one sitting at the end, closer to us"
>Dash: "Who's he?"
"The guy who knows everything"
>Rarity jerks her head back, looking over her shoulder, and Pinkie leans over the table between you and Dash
>Dash: "Is he telling them?
"I don't think so"
>Rarity: "Didn't you say he wouldn't tell anyone?"
"Pretty sure, I made a hell of a show of it this morning"
>Rarity: "... you called Vlad, didn't you? That's where the backpack came from?"
"Well I had to do something"
>Pinkie: "I have no idea what's going on here"
"... none of you told her?"
>Dash: "Nu-uh, I thought you would have told her"
"I figured Rarity would have told her first of any of us"
>Rarity: "What's that supposed to mean?"
>Dash: "Well, you were kind of the one who told her in the first place"
>Pinkie: "And I still have no idea what's going on"
>Realizing this could go on all day, you stop everything to tell Pinkie
>Once again, they make you tell the story to Pinkie Pie
>Pinkie: "... so you're saying he knows about what happened?"
>Pinkie: "And he may or may not be spreading the rumor around the school"
"That's what I said"
>Pinkie: "And just so we're all clear here... this is entirely your fault, right Nonny?"
"Yea- wait, what?
>Rarity: "Yup"
>Dash: "Pretty much"
"It's not entirely MY-"
>Pinkie: "-Okay, we all agree, just making sure"
"But I- ... you know what, nevermind"
>The shit you put up with sometimes

>History class
>Halfway through class Luna's voice comes in over the speaker
>She couldn't just send a written note or something. No, she had to put you on the spot like that
>Dash: "Anon, what did you do this time?"
>At least, not that you remember

>Luna: "Take a seat, we have a serious issue to discuss"
>She was more harsh than usual since you stepped into her office
>Then again you'd be too in her position, three days back from suspension and you already did... something
"What did I do this time-?"
>Your math teacher steps into the room
>Oh boy, it's this guy
>Teacher: "You know what you did! You brought in that big guy to interrupt my class!"
"Luna you can't really-"
>Luna: "-That's VICE PRINCIPAL Luna to you"
>Admit it, she's actually intimidating
"Right, sorry. But anyways, you can't really believe this"
>Luna: "Then YOU tell us what happened"
"Rar-... I broke my backpack earlier..."
>You'd rather not get her involved
"I just asked him to bring me a new one"
>She looks at you, clearly with disbelief
"I swear, that's all he did. He didn't break anything or kill anyone, he just brought me a back pack"
>... she still doesn't believe you
>Luna: "He should have dropped it off at the office"
"He didn't know he's Russian. I'm pretty sure they don't have schools there, so he doesn't get how it works"
>She lets out a long sigh, clearly done with your shit
>Luna: "Is that true?"
>Teacher: "Well, yeah I suppose"
>Luna: "... alright, here's what we'll do. We won't punish you for now Anonymous-"
>Teacher: "-Are you kidding? Someone broke into our campus! He made a mockery of our security officers! And most importantly, he disrupted my class, for both me and his peers! And you're just letting him get away with it?"
>Luna silently stares him down until his angry, confident stance breaks and cowers down
>Teacher: "... with all due respect, ma'am"
>Luna: "Are you finished"
>Teacher: "Y-Yes ma'am-"
>Luna: "-Good. Interrupt us again and you will be"
>... damn son
>Luna: "Now as we were saying, Anonymous, we won't punish you for now, but we don't want to hear another report like this again. If we find out that this intruder, this Russian friend of yours, is ever seen on campus again, you WILL be expelled, are we clear?"
>Luna: "Keep control of yourself Anonymous, you can't keep coming here every day, we do have work to do"
"Got it"
>Luna: "... dismissed. Both of you"
>You hold the door open for your teacher with a sarcastic "after you"
>Teacher: "Just because you're off the hook with HER, doesn't mean you're okay with ME. And you can expect a phone call to your parents today!"
"Go ahead, I'm sure they'd like to hear about this"
>Teacher: "Oh you bet they will!"
>He storms off, not aware that your "parent contact" that you gave to the school was the number of a payphone near your home. So many homeless people have answered claiming to be your parents that most teachers don't even bother anymore

>Dash is waiting for you right outside Luna's office
>Dash: "Well? Are you in trouble?"
"No, but I think Vlad is"
>After seeing her confused look, you explain
>Dash: "So... you're not getting sent home?"
"Nope, you're stuck with me for good"
>Dash: "Well I brought this just in case"
>She hands you your back pack, everything in it. You notice she has hers with her too
"So... technically neither of us have a need to go back to class"

>Dash: "You know, it's been so long that I almost forgot how good this vending machine food can be"
>The two of you laid back against the machine, her head resting on your shoulder. To get more comfortable, you kick your shoes off
>Dash: "... huh. Not a bad idea"
>She pulls her boots off
>Dash: "Just as long as you keep your pants on this time"
>Dash: "... You wouldn't"
>Is she seriously doing this? Did she forget who you are?
"Is that a challenge?"
>Dash: "Go ahead, I'm not stopping you"
>You silently smile at her, waiting for your eyes to meet
>Without breaking eye contact, You slowly work the button of your pants. Despite trying to act cool, there's no missing that blush, nor her hand sneaking up your thigh
>You stop with your hand on your zipper
>Dash: "I-Is that all?"
"Depends, how far do you want to take this-?"
>"-Preferably nowhere"
>Nurse Redheart approaches from around the hall. You quickly try to cover up, but it's too late
>Nurse: "Or if you're going to, at least be discreet. Sneak into the bathroom, or an empty classroom. Hell, you might as well come back to my office"
"Should we be taking notes here?"
>Nurse: "You're going to do it anyways, I'm just looking out for you. Speaking of which, you shouldn't eat so much vending machine food, that crap'll kill you"
>She pushes you aside to get a soda from the drink machine
"I thought you said this'll kill you?"
>Nurse: "Screw it, I'll take my chances"
>She starts to walk away, but stops herself
>Nurse: "... oh by the way, I've been hearing some talk"
>Anyone but her
>You and Dash exchange glances, internally panicking
>Nurse: "... quit being a wuss, you can't rely on your Russian friend forever you know"
>With that, she walks off
>You and Dash let out a joint sigh of relief, as you rebutton your pants-
>Dash "-Anon, wait"
>Dash: "Like she said... I think there's an empty classroom around here"
>Oh yeah
>It's business time

>Thursday morning
>You're waiting in front of the school for Dash as usual
>You check the time, the bell should ring soon
>And you're still waiting
>... *RIIIING*
>Well, you're not getting any later, so you continue waiting
>About five minutes after the bell, Dash comes running up
>Dash: "Sorry, I woke up late this morning"
"Don't you always?"
>She looks like she wants to say something, but is too tired to

>You were in no hurry to get to math class
>As you make your way down the hall, you hear a voice call out to you. It sounds familiar, but you can't quite put your finger on it
>"Hey you, stop!"
>From behind you approaches one of the campus Security Patrol guys... you know, the pretend cops
"What did I do?"
>Cop: "That's a good question, what DID you do?"
"Excuse me?"
>Cop: "You should be in class right now shouldn't you?"
"Yeah, I'm just on my way"
>Cop: "Actually you're going to have to come with me"
"Why, what did I do?"
>Cop: "You're looking suspicious, and I'm willing to bet that you're up to something"
>... wait a sec, this is the same cop that came into the nurse's office when you were doing it with Dash
"So what are you going to tell Luna? That you caught me... suspiciously going to class?"
>He grabs you by the shoulder
>Cop: "I'll tell her whatever I want, now come on"
>He directs you towards Luna's office

>When you get there you find that her office door is locked. The cop doesn't really know what to do
"Great, I'll just be going back now"
>Cop: "Oh no, you're not going anywhere"
"Am I supposed to wait here until she comes back?"
>Cop: "You'll wait as long as I say you'll wait!"
>"What is all the commotion out here?"
>Celestia steps out of her office, which is right next to Luna's
>Cop: "Glad to see you ma'am, I caught this delinquent trying to ditch class"
"I wasn't ditching, I was just-"
>Celestia: "Save it Anonymous, just come in"
>Celestia leads you into her office, telling the officer to wait outside, and slams the door behind you
"Listen, I wasn't actually ditching class, I showed up late. I was on my way to class when he stopped me"
>Celestia: "Don't worry, I know"
"You do?"
>Celestia: "Between you and me, he seems to make a big deal out of every little thing that goes on. Like he thinks he's back to his beat cop days"
>Yup, he's THAT guy, the one that even the other cops laugh at
>Celestia: "Now, we need to have a discussion about YOU, Anonymous"
"What about me?"
>Celestia: "About all the trouble you've been getting in lately"
"But I didn't do anything"
>Celestia: "Not this time, but I've seen you in my sister's office more often than anyone else lately, and if I were you I'd suggest keeping out of trouble"
"Aright, I got it"
>Celestia: "Remember, despite your suspension I convinced my sister to show some leniency, but if you get in any more trouble you will be banned from the upcoming dance"
"... the upcoming what now?"

>Rarity: "You didn't know, the Winter Ball is coming up in a few weeks"
>Dash: "Yeah, how can you NOT hear about it?"
>You need to find some guys to sit with at lunch
"Not really, I usually don't go to those"
>The girls all look around at each other like you're insane
>Dash: "Why not? It's a great time for friends to all hang out and have fun"
>Rarity: "And they always go all out with the decorations, it really is a beautiful night"
>Pinkie: "Not to mention it's really fun! Haven't you ever been, even once?"
"Nope, not once"
>Again, they look at you like you're insane
"Well, you guys have fun, I'll probably just-"
>Rarity: "Wait, you're not coming with us?"
"Should I?"
>Pinkie: "You totally should! Right, Dash?"
>Being put on the spot seems to confuse her
>Dash: "Well... I mean, he doesn't HAVE to, I was just thinking I might not end up going either-"
>Rarity: "What!?"
>Dash: "Yeah, I think I'm busy that night, I probably can't make it"
>The rest of lunch goes on as you'd expect, them begging Dash to change her mind
>... you SERIOUSLY need some guy friends to sit with

>History class
>As usual Dash is sitting right next to you
>Dash: "... so Anon, are you really not going?"
"Not going to what?"
>Dash: "You know, the Winter Ball?"
"Oh yeah, I probably won't. Why, did you want to go-"
>Dash: "N-No, its fine, they're usually pretty boring. I just go because Rarity drags me along"
>You know a lie when you see one
>Dash: "But... we can still hang out that night and do something else, right?"
>... something goes off in your brain. A little flag pops up. A little light bulb goes off
"Dash... do you want to go to the dance-"
>Dash: "N-No, of course not. It's just so that neither of us has to be THAT GUY, you know?"
>If by "that guy" she means "the guy home alone on prom night"...
>Hearing it out loud, it does make you regret never going
"Yeah sure, we can hang out"
>She leans onto your shoulder, giving you a little nuzzle
>Dash: "Thanks Anon"

>You get to English class a good five minutes before class even starts
>Pinkie is sitting on top of her desk slowly kicking her feet. As soon as she sees you she starts frantically calling you over
>Pinkie: "Hey Nonny! Come here, hurry!"
"What is it Pink-"
>As soon as you're within arm's reach she bitch slaps you across the face
>Pinkie: "Take Dash to the dance"
"Ow, what the hell was that for?!"
>Pinkie: "Sorry Nonny, Rarity told me to tell you"
"Did she tell you to hit me too?"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, she takes this kind of thing very seriously"
>She shows you her phone. Sure enough there's a text from Rarity, saying to "smack some sense into Anon"
>Pinkie: "Also, there's something I forgot to tell you at lunch"
>Pinkie: "Seriously Nonny, take her to the dance"
>Damn, Pinkie's got a good arm on her
"Look, I tried asking Dash out earlier, she said she didn't want to go"
>Pinkie: "Well, duh, of course she'd say that when she thinks YOU don't want to go. If you want her to say yes you gotta convince her that you wanna go... you DO wanna go, don't you?"
>Well it can't be that bad, and at least no one will be able to call you the guy who never went to a school dance. Besides... Dash really wants to go
"Sure, why not. I suppose it could be fun"
>Pinkie: "Good, then ask her again"
"If I ask her again she'll just say no"
>Pinkie: "Then don't JUST ask her"
"Then... what do I do?"
>Pinkie: "Ask her, but make it... you know, interesting"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, you know. Do something surprising, something special"
"Something... like what?"
>Pinkie: "I dunno, she's not my girlfriend. You figure it out"
>Something surprising, something special...
>You'll think of something

>You had to come up with something to get a "yes" out of Rainbow Dash
>... and you think you got it, but it's one hell of risk

>You stroll into Biology just a few minutes after the bell
>The teacher seems to accept the "It won't happen again" speech, but the girl next to you doesn't let you off that easily
>Rarity: "Hey Anon, what took you so long?"
"Nothing, I was just running late..."
>Rarity: "... were you asking Dash out to the dance?"
"Not yet, I-"
>Rarity: "-Well why not?"
"Because I'm going to-"
>Rarity: "-When?"
"As soon as you let me finish a single damn sentence"
>Rarity: "... right, sorry"
"Also, for my plan to work, I'm going to need your help"
>Rarity: "MY help? What for?"
>You explain the plan to her
>Rarity: "... you're not serious, right?"
"What? It's a great idea-"
>Rarity: "-Yeah, a great idea if it actually works, and a huge disappointment for Dash if it doesn't. And believe me, it won't"
"Alright alright, it's okay if you don't want to help. I'm sure I'll find someone who takes this as seriously as I do-"
>Rarity:"Alright fine, I'll do it. But you better swear to me that you have a backup"
"I always got a back up plan"
>You've got no back up plan

>Dash: "Whoa Anon, you okay?"
>You stumble out of class, barely able to stand, leaning on Rarity for support
"Y-Yeah... not really. Rarity's taking me to the nurse"
>Dash: "Want me to come with you?"
>Rarity: "No thanks, you go save us a seat. I can take care of him"
>Dash "You sure? I can-"
>Rarity"-I got him. Don't worry"
>Dash: "Alright... take care of yourself Anon"
>She kisses your forehead and heads off to the cafeteria
"... she gone?"
>Rarity: "Yeah, I think so"
>You stand up on your own
"You sure you can do this?"
>Rarity: "Of course, I'm an expert"
>The two of you hurry off towards Rarity's locker

"Uhh, are you almost done there?"
>Rarity: "Almost, I have to make this look as real as possible"
"Can you hurry up, we don't have much time"
>Rarity: "Just a few touch-ups here, and... done"
>She hands you a mirror
>You look like you just got your ass kicked. You've got a black eye, some fake scratches across your face...
>Rarity: "Okay, that's done. What now?"
"You go meet Dash at the cafeteria, make sure she doesn't go anywhere"
>Rarity: "Got it"
>She takes off towards the cafeteria
>This is going to take your best bullshitting ever
>This isn't some ordinary teacher you're going to fool...

>Celestia: "... Goodness Anonymous, what happened to you?"
"I think we should talk inside"
>She welcomes you into her office, closing the door behind you
>The fake injuries were nothing more than your ticket in the door
>Step one complete
>Upon stepping in, you immediately eye your target: the microphone for the school intercom system. It's still too close to her, you've got to bring it over
>Celestia: "Go ahead, take a seat"
>You take a few steps towards the chair on the opposite side of her desk-
>You collapse on the ground, giving her desk a hard bump when you fall over. She hurries over to help you up
>Celestia: "Anonymous, are you okay?"
>That bump knocked over most everything on her desk. When you get to your feet, you apologize and help her pick everything back up, making sure to set the microphone much closer to you
>Celestia: "Now Anonymous, do you want to tell me what happened?"
"Yeah, I was in the bathroom when some guys came out and jumped me"
>Of course she doesn't buy it, you didn't expect her to
>You discretely reach out and silently tap your finger on the microphone. She doesn't notice
>Green light
>Celestia: "Anonymous, you should know better than to lie to me. Now tell me what really happened"
"Okay, I''ll tell you"
>You extend your finger towards the button on the microphone
"The truth is..."

>You are Rainbow Dash
>Anon had to go to the nurse. He looked really bad earlier and you can't stop thinking about him
>It's a relief when you see Rarity show up
"Hey Rarity! ... where's Anon?"
>Rarity: "He stayed behind, he's still not feeling well"
>... damn
"Maybe I should go check on him-"
>Rarity: "-No, he's fine, he just needs some rest"
"It's okay I'm sure he won't mind if-"
>Rarity: "-Trust me darling, just let him be. He'll be all better by next class, I'm sure"
"... you're probably right"
>You sit back down
>When she's not looking, you put your backpack on. You hurry to finish your lunch, then get up and leave
>Rarity: "Dash wait, where are you going?"
"I'm running to the bathroom really quick"
>Rarity: "But why do you have your back-"
"-I'll be back in a second"
>You run off before she can stop you

>You get to the nurse's office and knock on the door until it quickly jerks open
>Nurse: "Who the hell is-! Oh, it's you, kid. Come on in"
>She welcomes you in and closes the door
"So how's Anon doing?"
>Nurse: "How the hell should I know?"
"... Wasn't he just down here?"
>Nurse: "Not today, why? Did he say-"
>The intercom switches on, and a familiar voice comes out
>Anon: "The truth is, I really do want to go to the dance, and I wanted to ask Rainbow Dash if she'd go to the dance with me..."
>Nurse: "... well that happened"
>He did that... he really just did that. The WHOLE SCHOOL heard that
>That bastard
>That fucking bastard
>... that sweet fucking bastard
>You charge out of the room towards Celestia's office, before the nurse could see your bright red face
>Nurse: "Hey! Don't go and kill him now!"

>Back to being Anon
"The truth is, I really do want to go to the dance, and I wanted to ask Rainbow Dash if she'd go to the dance with me"
You take your finger off the button. Celestia didn't see a thing
>Mission accomplished. Time for your escape
>Celestia: "Okay, and what does this have to do with me?"
"... I don't know, I have no idea what I was thinking"
>Celestia: "Look, Anonymous, if you think that whatever happened here will get you banned from the dance, if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about"
"Look, forget it. Nothing really happened"
>She sighs loudly
>Celestia: "Well, if you do decide to tell me what's going on, my door's always open"
>You shamefully excuse yourself from her office and head towards the cafeteria
>It worked. It fucking worked
>And as a bonus, you got some sympathy points in case you need to scapegoat someone for something else for something in the future

>On your way there you spot Dash down the hall coming towards you. She must be so happy that you actually DO want to-
>... she doesn't look too happy... or is she? You can't really tell
"Hey Dash, what's the-"
>She punches you in the arm, and hard. REALLY hard
>Dash: "You're a real bastard Anon..."
>Okay, maybe that wasn't such a good idea-
>She grabs you from behind, tightly wrapping her arms around you
>Dash: "... b-but you're my bastard"
>Okay, this was a good idea
"So is that a yes?"
>Dash: "Only because you owe me for doing that"
>Sounds like a yes to me
>...but in all honesty, it shouldn't be this much of a hassle asking you own girlfriend out

>It was risky and could have gotten you in serious trouble if it failed
>But in the end, everything worked out okay

>When you get back to the cafeteria with Dash, the whole room erupts into applause, laughter, and the occasional "Just fuck already!"
>Yup, they all heard
>The two of you take your seat at your table, and the smile on Dash's face speaks for itself
>Rarity: "Sorry Anon, I held her back as long as I could"
"Don't worry, it all worked out"
>Dash: "Wait, she was in on it too?"
>Pinkie: "Yup, we all were"
"No you weren't Pinkie"
>Pinkie: "... oh yeah, I wasn't"
>Rarity: "Now that that has been settled, maybe we should start working out a plan for the night of the dance-"
>"-You're not going anywhere but with me"
>A hand grabs your shoulder from behind and pulls you away. Only one person can be this aggressive with you... Nurse Redheart
>Dash: "Don't worry nurse, everything's okay, Anon wasn't trying to lie to me"
>Nurse: "You know what, you too, come with me, and anyone else who was involved in that stupid stunt"
>Rarity and Dash come along, naturally, but Pinkie tags along too
>She does remember she wasn't really part of the plan, right?

>Nurse Redheart guides the four of you back to her office
"You want to tell me what's going on?"
>Nurse: "You want to tell me what the hell you were thinking?"
"What? You mean the intercom?"
>Nurse: "Yeah, you realize the whole school heard that, right?"
"It's not like our relationship is a secret-"
>Nurse: "-No no no, you're not getting me. The WHOLE SCHOOL heard you, as in students AND staff"
>Your blank stare makes her sigh in frustration
>"Staff, including Vice Principal Luna. And believe me she's probably hunting your ass down right now!"
"... nu-uh"
>Nurse: "You really think she'd let this go?"
"She's got more important things to worry about doesn't she?"
>Nurse: "Something more important than lying your way into her sister, the principal's office, and using the school intercom for your own snugglefuckery? Like what?"
>Nurse: "Look, just tell me how I can help with your back up plan"
"... well..."
>Nurse: "You DO have a backup plan, right?"
"... weeeeeell..."
>Nurse: "Well you better come up with something, and fast"
>Dash: "Don't worry nurse, Anon knows what he's doing. If anyone can come up with a plan, it's him"
>Rarity and Pinkie nod in agreement. The nurse skeptically gives in
>Nurse: "... alright. I trust you"
>She leans in anticipating your response, and the rest of them follow suit
>Dash: "Well?"
"Just give me a sec"
>Crap your idea gland is going limp
>Nurse: "Come on Anon, come up with something"
"Hold on, you're making me nervous-"
>Nurse: "-Nervous? I thought you were the best"
"I can't do it with other people watching!"
>You swear it usually works.They just put you on the spot
>Pinkie: "What if we just tell her that Nonny's gone crazy?"
"... actually, it could work"
>Pinkie: "Wait, really?"
"Yeah, Celestia saw me all banged up earlier, it's believable"
>Rarity: "There's one problem, all that makeup got messed up. You look fine"
"Then one of you is going to have to reinjure me"
>Rarity: "But my kit is still in my locker"
"Then don't use makeup"
>It takes them a while to register what you meant by that
>Rarity: "Oh, no way, we couldn't possibly-"
>Nurse: "I could. I totally could"
"Or, maybe someone ELSE should. You know, so I don't die"
>Rarity: "... I have an idea, but it may take time"
>She takes out her phone and makes a call as you lock the door
>Dash: "Anon, are you sure you know what you're doing?"
"Believe me, it was a pain going through all that to ask you out, I'm not letting it go to waste"
>Nurse: "Yeah yeah, save the romantic crap for when and if this actually works"
>Rarity: "Alright, in about ten minutes he'll be-"
>Nurse: "Too late"
>She punches you in the eye. Hard
>The other girls help you onto the bed while the nurse opens the door
>Luna: "Where is he?!"
>Nurse: "He's right there... well, physically at least"
>In a way, she's right, you're barely awake
>Luna: "Well, Anonymous, what do you have to say for yourself?"
>You barely mumble out a few words
"...uh... I... what?"
>Luna: "Do you have any idea what you've just done?"
"uhh... I was at the office, and... I don't really know"
>She eyes you up and down
>Luna: "Would you like to tell us what happened to you?"
>Fuck. You hadn't planned for that-
>Dash: "He fell down some stairs earlier, and since then he's been really out of it. H went to Celestia's office thinking it was the nurse's"
>Damn girl, you're a genius
>Luna: "Is this true?"
"... huh?"
>Luna lets out a long sigh
>Luna: "Redheart, make sure he gets better, and send him home as soon as possible. Take care, Anonymous"
"... yeah"
>She makes her way out, and Nurse Redheart locks the door behind her
>Nurse: "... I can't believe that actually worked"
"... huh?"
>You really are a little out of it
>Is Luna back again? ... no, it's at the window
>The nurse pulls the curtains aside opens the window-
>"I hear someone in need of ass kicking?"
>... what the hell is Vlad doing here? Is he who Rarity called?
>He would have fucking killed you
>Rarity: "Sorry uncle, it turns out we don't-"
>Nurse: "-Step aside, kid"
>Nurse Redheart helps Vlad in through the window
>Vlad: "Little man? Is that you?"
>He lets out a deep scruffy laugh
>Vlad: "Looks like you're not the strong warrior you once were! Who responsible"
>Nurse: "Someone had to do it"
>He laughs once again
>Vlad: "You, little lady? Hah, you got quite the fight to take out little man! I like"
>Nurse: "O-Oh him? Nah, he's fine. You're fine, right Anon?"
>Did she just stutter?
>You struggle to your feet, Dash holding you up for support
"Y-Yeah, I think-"
>Nurse: "Good, get out. All of you"
"I think I need-"
>Nurse: "Out!"
>She rushes the four of you out of the office
>The door locks
>Well, that's enough bullshit for one day

>Next Monday
>The dance is at the end of the week
>And you know what that means...

>Lunch time
>As usual, you, Dash, and Rarity get to the table a moment before Pinkie. When sitting down, you put your back pack in the chair next to you, and Dash and Rarity do the same, trying to occupy as many seats as possible
>Before long, a very loud crowd starts approaching the table, moving together in a giant mass. All their attention is towards the center
>Dash: "... you all ready?"
>Rarity: "I am"
>Dash: "How about you Anon?"
"As ready as I'll ever be"
>You're sitting on the end this time so you're on "rescue duty"
>The cluster reaches your table, and from the center of the mass a small pink hand reaches it out. You grasp it tightly with one hand, your other hand clasped just above the wrist
>3... 2... 1...
>It's like saving someone from a black hole, but eventually Pinkie squeezes and stumbles her way out from the crowd, plopping into one of the only available seats at your table. Before she can even sit up straight the entire crowd has her surrounded
>Barely able to catch her breath, she shouts to her entourage
>Pinke: "Everyone go before I call the whole thing off!!"
>"Don't listen to her, she wouldn't-"
>Pinkie: "-You wanna bet!?"
>The crowd quiets down, and slowly disperses
"... every time, huh?"
>Pinkie: "Every... single... time"
>She plants her elbow onto the table with her arm up, resting her face in her palm
>Pinkie: "As soon as they hear that nominations for the princess of the dance are open, EVERYONE tries to get on the ballot before it fills up. It's great that they're enthusiastic and all, but sometimes, it's just too much"
>Dash: "I don't see why they get so into it anyways, it' s not like any of them will win"
"Why not?"
>Dash: "Because Sunset wins every single time"
>Rarity: "Well there's more of a chance now that she's permanently banned from school dances"
"Permanently? How the hell did she do that?"
>They all exchange awkward glances
>Dash: "Oh right, he wasn't there"
"Wasn't there for what?"
>After a silent exchange of looks, Dash speaks up
>Dash: "Well... if I told you, you wouldn't believe me"
"Dash, over the past month I've dealt with a Russian mercenary, a homicidal nurse, and a janitor who spends more time destroying the school than cleaning it-"
>Pinkie: "-"How about a pony demon from another dimension hell bent on turning the entire school into her zombie army"
>... of course the only one to speak up is Pinkie
"Okay, someone want to tell me what REALLY happened?"
>Dash: "A pony demon from another dimension blew up the front of the school"
"... you're serious?"
>Dash: "Yup"
"A pony demon blew up the school?"
>Dash: "Uh huh"
>Well then...
"And what happened after that?"
>Dash: "They made her fix it and banned her from any future dances"
>Come to think of it, you DO remember the school being destroyed, and there was some girl fixing everything. You always wondered but never cared enough to ask
"... that's all?"
>Dash: "Yup. After that she was pretty much off the hook
>Okay you could believe the demon horse thing, this town has some weird shit, but...
>A monster blows up the school and gets a slap on the wrist. You get into a little fight, and your ass is on the chopping block
>Makes perfect sense
>And this is why you don't go to that shit

>English class
>You felt like asking this at lunch, but Pinkie was already on edge. Maybe now isn't the best time, but there will probably never be a "good time" to ask
"... hey Pinkie"
>Pinkie: "Yeah?"
"How are you feeling?"
>Pinkie: "What do you mean?"
"You know, with the whole "dance princess" election thing. You seem exhausted"
>Pinkie: "Ugh, you have no idea. I can't even go to the bathroom without someone standing on the other side of the door begging me to put their name on. I've had to start telling people the ballot's filled up just to get them off my back"
Yeah, that makes sense. But... "
>Pinkie: "... but what?"
"It's not ACTUALLY filled up yet, right?"
>Pinkie: "Nah, but don't worry Nonny, you're already on the ballot"
"Whoa whoa whoa, I never said that I wanted to be princess"
>Pinkie: "Not for princess, for prince"
"There's a prince?"
>Pinkie: "Well there's supposed to be, but there's never any nominations. No one seems to remember... or care for that matter. You're pretty much running uncontested there, so congratulations in advance"
>She pats you on the back like you just won something
"Look Pinkie, this isn't about me. It's for someone else"
>Pinkie: "... then who?"
"What would it take to get Dash's name on the ballot for princess?"

>Gym class
>Every couple of weeks they devote an entire period to making the students run a timed mile on the track, something about fitness or something
>But there's one student in the entire school who has never ran the mile before... at least, never finished it
>Coach: "Alright, everyone get ready! In three... two... one... Go!"
>You take two steps before tripping and face-planting on the ground

>Making your way up the bleachers, you immediately spot Dash sitting with another girl
>Dash: "Aren't you supposed to be running?"
"Nope, I'm one of the girls now"
>They separate the boys and the girls during the run. The girls wait up here while the boys run, and when they're done they switch
>Naturally Dash shows no concern for the scratches on your face. The other girl, on the other hand, looks deeply concerned
>"Oh my gosh, are you okay?"
>You pretend to wince in pain
"I-I think so...j-just stings a little-"
>Dash: "-Calm down Flitter, he did it on purpose"
>Flitter: "... really?"
>Well that didn't work
"Yeah, pretty much"
>You calmly take a seat next to Dash
>Dash: "He does this kind of thing all the time"
"Hey, they can't fail me for being prone to accidents-"
>Flitter: "-Aren't you the guy who asked Dash out over the intercom?"
>Dash immediately looks away
"Yeah that's me"
>Flitter: "I thought I thought I recognized... Do the two of you need some alone time?
>Dash: "Nah you-"
"Unless you want join our make-out session"
>Dash punches you in the arm, and as Flitter walks away she does the same
>That must be where she got it from
>With her gone, you lay down in Dash's lap
>Dash: "So Anon, how's Pinkie doing?"
"Oh, she's fine. A little annoyed with the election but she's fine. By they way, did you know there was a prince too?"
>Dash: "I heard, but I've never seen anyone run. Why, are you running?"
>She immediately bursts into laughter
>Dash: "Sorry, no offense Anon, but I never saw you as the type to go for that sort of thing"
"I don't. Pinkie told me I was already signed up"
>Dash: "Who signed you up?"
"No idea. But since I'm pretty much guaranteed the win, I was thinking you should run for princess-"
>Dash: "-What?!"
>She flinches, shocked at first, then bursts back into laughter
>Dash: "Come on, you don't really think I should... right?"
"What if I said yes?"
>Dash: "But I have to get nominated first"
"I already nominated you"
>Dash: "But I have to be approved by-"
"-Dash you're already on the ballot. Pinkie told me herself"
>Dash: "Well... maybe I don't want to be a princess"
"You wouldn't just be any princess..."
>You bring your hand up and gently stroke her cheek
"... you'd be MY princess"
>Okay, that was pretty cheesy and cringe-worthy
>But it worked
>Dash: "W-Well... I guess-"
>Coach: "-Alright girls, get down here!"
>She quickly gets up, barely giving you time to get up first
>Dash: "I gotta go I'll tell you later"

>After all the girls are done, you're all dismissed back to the locker rooms
>Dash leans on your shoulder, needing your support to walk
"You okay Dash?"
>Dash: "Y-Yeah... just pushed a little too hard... set a new school record though"
>You're not surprised

After getting dressed you leave the locker room to find Dash waiting for you, still in her gym clothes
"Why didn't you change?"
>Dash: "Too tired, just take me home"
"Sure, come on"
>You put your arm around her to support her, but she won't move
>Dash: "Carry me"
>Dash: "Carry me home, and I'll run for princess with you"
"All the way?"
>Dash: "It's not really that far"
>... yeah, it'll be worth it
>You kneel down letting her throw her arms around you from behind. On the count of three, she hops up and squeezes her thighs around you, while you place your hands on her butt to hold her up
>Dash: "Yeah, let's go"
>She's not that heavy, this shouldn't be too bad

>Holy fuck this is exhausting
>You get to her place, carrying her piggyback her the whole way
>You try to put her down at her door, but she holds on to you tightly
>Dash: "Not yet, almost"
>From your back, she unlocks the door and opens it for you
>Dash: "To the bathroom"
>... you don't question it, just trying to put her down before your back breaks
>Letting her down is almost a relief. By this point you're almost as exhausted and sweaty as she was
"You good now?"
>Dash: "Yeah, sure. Just one more thing, and I'll agree to run for princess with you"
>She tosses you a large sponge
"What's this for"
>Dash: "You want me to be a princess right?"
>She turns to you, an awkward smile on her face. Like she's trying to be sexy, but isn't really sure how
>Dash: "So treat me like a princess and draw me a bath"

>Part of you is too tired for this shit. It's saying, "You're not her fucking lapdog, waiting on her on hand and knee. You don't have to do whatever she tells you whenever she tells you, you're your own person. She can wash herself, just go home. You're exhausted"
>Yeah, there's a part of you saying that
>The gay part

>You push down the drain plug and start running the water
>With the water slowly filling the tub, Dash begins removing her clothes. After tossing her shirt off, she catches you staring at her
>Dash: "Are you going to watch me the whole time?"
"Of course not, I'm going to help"
>Dash: "What does- H-Hey! What are you doing"
"A princess shouldn't have to undress herself"
>You had wrapped your arms around her to unhook her bra. After it falls to the ground, you slide your thumbs under the waistband of her underwear
>Dash: "Yeah, just hurry it up"
>You're not going to hurry it up
>You drop down to your knees, slowly bringing her shorts and panties down with you. Your face is just inches away from her crotch
>Come to think of it, you've never really seen it up this close
>Dash: "... well? What are you waiting for?"
>Is she actually expecting you to lick it?
"You really want me to do it?"
>Dash: "That's why I brought you here, now hurry up"
>Well it'd be rude to keep a princess waiting
>As you slowly bring your face closer toward her body, you can feel the warmth resonating from her. Before even sticking your tongue out all the way she pushes you back
>Dash: "Wh-what the hell are you doing?"
"You told me to hurry up"
>Dash: "I meant for you to get your clothes off so you could get in the tub with me! "
"... well excuse me, princess"
>Well that could have gone better. You hurry up and get undressed before she changes her mind
>After helping her step into the tub she sits down, so you get in and sit behind her. The water in the tub overflows over the side
"Sorry about that"
>Dash: "Maybe you shouldn't have filled it up so much"
"I wasn't expecting to get in with you"
>Dash: "How else were you planning on washing me?"
"... I dunno"
>You were honestly expecting a good old fashioned tongue bath
"So how do you want me to start?"
>She hands you two bottles
>Dash: "Start with the conditioner"
>You've never had to wash someone else's hair before, but there's only one way to learn. You squirt a little bit into your hands and start rubbing it into her scalp
"How should I rinse it out?"
>Dash: "The shower head comes off"
>She gets up and detaches it from it's mount
>After rinsing it out her hair, you move on to the shampoo. While rubbing it in, you lean forward and take a quick sniff, discretely so she wouldn't notice... then another to be sure... it doesn't really smell like anything
>Dash: "It's unscented by the way"
>Damn she caught you
"No idea what you're talking about it"
>She chuckles
>Dash: "Yeah, sure you don't"
>Come on Anon, you should know that damage control never works. That's day one stuff
>You resume massaging her scalp with the bubbly shampoo, slowly working your hands down the full length of her hair. You take more time than necessary rinsing it out, getting lost running your fingers through her hair. She has to snap you out of your trance
>Dash: "Anon, I think it's good"
>The tub almost overflows with spaghetti
>Come on get it together, haven't you ever bathed with an adorable princess?
>... oh yeah you haven't
>She hands you the body wash
>Dash: "You still got that sponge right?"
>... Nah, fuck that
>You squirt the liquid soap right into your palms and start massaging her shoulders
>Dash: "What about the sponge?"
"That's no way to treat a princess, right"
>Dash: "I guess. Just make sure you do a good job"
>You slowly descend from her shoulders down her back. The more you rub it in, the more the soap starts to bubble up. After rinsing it off, you give yourself more soap and begin lathering her front
>Dash: "Need me to turn around?"
>You start at her shoulders and move slowly down her torso. She gasps when your hands slide between her breasts, perhaps expecting you go over them rather than around them. You grab the bottle of soap again, this time squirting it directly onto her chest. Gently, you start spreading the soap all over, making sure to take care of her breasts this time. You do a little more than just scrub the soap in, you gently squeeze and massage them. When you press them together all the suds cluster up and run down her cleavage
"Hey Dash, are you cold?"
>Dash: "No, why- hey!"
>She elbows you for pinching her erect nipples
>You're having way too much fun with this
>Finally, picking up the shower head, you rinse her torso off
>Once she's been rinsed off, you hand her the shower head. After mounting it back on the wall, she sits back down just like before
"What now?"
>Dash: "Now? We just relax for a while"
>You lean back against the back of the tub, and she leans back into your chest
>Dash: "... I can't relax like this Anon"
"Should I move?"
>Dash: "No, just... "
>After a brief, silent pause, she grabs your arms and wraps them around herself
>Dash: "Now I can relax"
>She should have came with a warning label: excessive sweetness, will cause heart attacks
>Your arms tighten gently around her, interlacing your fingers over her stomach. Letting the serenity of the room sink in, you slowly ease into a state of relaxation
>Dash: "Hey Anon"
>She turns her head to the side to look at you
>Dash: "I'd be glad to be your princess"
"I'd like that too... princess Dashie"
>She quickly turns away but you can still her see her face brighten up... yup, that still works
>Dash: "W-Well in that case, you better make sure you win"
"Don't worry, no one else is even running. I got the win in-"
>Dash: "-breathe"
"Wha- *gurgle* "
>She dunks your head under the water and holds you down
>You should have just breathed
>The door creaks open just as Dash pulls the shower curtain around
>"Dash, who the hell are you talking to in there?"
>Dash: "No one gramps, just... myself"
>Why does he always have to walk in when you're naked with Dash
>Gramps: "You sure about that, I heard another voice... a man's voice"
>Dash: "Y-Yeah, I do impressions sometimes... you know, just for fun. My guy voice still needs some work"
>You can recognize bullshit even underwater
>Speaking of which YOU'RE DYING DOWN HERE
>Gramps: "Well don't work on it now, I'm trying to get some sleep"
>The door slams closed, and she lets you up. The air rushes into your lungs as soon as you open your mouth
>Dash: "So much for relaxing"
"Next time... just lock the door..."
>Dash: "Yeah, sorry bout that"
>She gets out of the tub and locks the door. Laying back, letting your eyes slowly droop closed, you try to go back into that state of relaxation
>The settled water of the tub starts to splash around. You peek your eyes open and see Dash getting back in, facing you
>Dash: "Don't move"
>Dash: "Because I've felt it rubbing against me the entire time"
"... I take it you're not talking about my hands"
>She kneels down gently grasps your penis under the water
"That's not very princess-like of you"
>Dash: "It is if you're my prince. Now shut up and relax already"
>... don't gotta ask you twice
>She leans forward and plants a kiss on your lips. You put your arms around her, running your fingers through her dripping hair
>As she starts sliding her hand up and down, every movement of her hand makes a little splash, which only gets louder if she tries to move any faster
"... hey Dash"
>Dash: "yeah, I can tell. stand up"
>Doing as you're told, she resumes stroking you silently, free of any splashing. But now that you think about it...
"you realize what'll happen if I slip-"
>Dash: "-Then don't slip"
>Well... touche
>She grips you tightly with her tiny hands, which are still wet and slippery. The way she looks at your dick can be best described as entranced. There's a little sparkle in her eyes, both full of desire and excitement
>The longer she goes on, the more she leans forward. It's not long before she's close enough for you to feel her breathing down on you
>Dash: "... Anon..."
>Dash: "close your eyes"
>Rather than question her, you go along with it
>... *lick*
>You clench your eyes tightly shut, thinking that if you open them now you'll ruin the moment
>She gives a few more nervous test licks, as if preparing herself. It goes from a quick poke with her tongue, to her slowly dragging it all over, going up and down your length. Once she seems to be accustomed to your shape and taste, she takes it into her mouth
>Your legs twitch, and you open your eyes just a peek. You get a short glimpse of her, nervously holding still with your little head head in her mouth. She pulls out without looking up at you
>Dash: "I knew you'd look"
>With that heads up, she immediately takes your head back into her mouth, slowly trying to swirling her tongue around it. She quickly seems to get a good technique down, but still has to pull out occasionally to catch her breath. But it's not as if her hot panting on your tool is all that bad
>Almost instinctively you place your hands behind her head, trying not to push her in but it's hard to resist
>She groans when you push her in, but longingly looks up at you when you stop, as if disappointed. You only seem to get half of yourself in her mouth
>Dash: "... mmh -urp-"
>She gags, then almost immediately pulls out, trying not to have a coughing fit
"you okay?"
>Dash speaks through gasps for air
>Dash: "y-yeah, it's just... more than I... I thought"
>She smiles up at you confidently
>Dash: "I can do it though, just... be more gentle"
"Would you be willing to try something else?"
>She slumps down, looking disappointed
>Dash: "O-Oh... sure, alright. I probably wasn't that good anyways"
"No Dash, that's not it. I just thought of a way to make it easier for both of us"
>Dash: "How?"
>You look around the bathroom
"Do you keep towels somewhere in here? I need a big one"
>She gets out of the tub and opens the cabinet under the sink, pulling out a large, rainbow-striped beach towel
>After stepping out of the tub, you take it from her and unfurl it on the floor so you can lay on top of it
>Once you're on your back, you take her hand, pulling her down on top of you. Hopefully letting her be on top, having more control, will make it easier for her
>Without having to tell her, she turns around for her face to meet your still erect penis. Holding it upright, she quickly takes you into her mouth for a split second before pulling it out again
>Dash: "... it is a little easier"
>She quickly goes back to attending to you, her index finger and thumb forming a ring at the base to hold it up while her head bobs up and down, making only the occasional slurping sound
>Her little butt hovering over your face bounces up and down with each movement, and you feel a little warm drop on your face from her crotch
>... it IS right there. And I mean, it would be rude to NOT help her out...
"hey Dash"
>She slurs out a muffled "huh"
"Don't be surprised. And try to keep your voice down"
>Dash: "mm hmm"
>You gently spread her pussy, lean forward, and you taste the rainbow
>Despite your warning, she lets out a little gasp at the touch of your tongue and tries to close her thighs, but it doesn't stop you... or her for that matter, she continues sucking
>When you're sure she can keep her voice down, you give her another lick, then another, then another
>It's a... weird taste. It's not quite sour, but there's not really a better word to use. Whatever it is, there's an interesting hint of Skittle flavor
>You're licking all over like she did to you, exploring her body, finding what works for her. When you roll your tongue over a good spot, her hand trembles
>Her juices start to make a mess, leaking all over your face. Occasionally a stray pube falls into your mouth, you just spit out and continue. You're sure she's' putting up with the same
>Spreading her pussy open with your hands, you bury your face into her crotch, stuffing your tongue as deep inside her as you can
>Dash pulls her hands away from your body, planting them flat on the bathroom floor to stabilize herself as she pushes herself all the way to your base. She coughs on the way down, but she's determined
>Her crotch starts twitching, sucking your tongue deeper inside herself. You can swear you heard her mumble your name, though muffled by her mouthful
>She's much more talented than you had ever imagined. Unable to resist the sensation, you start thrusting your hips up against her face. She holds still, letting you face-fuck her. Following suit with you, she pins your face down with her ass, your tongue essentially now trapped inside her as she grinds her pussy on your face
>Realizing you're reaching your limit, you try to warn her, your efforts muffled by the ass planted on your face like a mask
>You just hope to god she isn't caught too off guard as you get closer... and closer... and...!!!
>When you reach climax, she presses her face down on you, forcing you to spurt in her mouth without spilling a drop. Meanwhile you could feel her pussy twitching and sucking on your tongue, her fluids splatting in a sticky mess
>Dash sits up on her knees beside you with her back to you, and after a few audible gulps turns to you
"Did you really swallow it all"
>Dash: "... mosht oh it"
>She speaks while trying not to let any of the remaining fluid spill out. With her arms extended, you pick yourself up and return her embrace. She pulls you into a surprise, forceful kiss, almost prying your mouth open with her tongue. Between your mouths, your fluids mix with hers between your entwined tongues. While pulling away Dash beams a proud smile
>Dash: "So... how'd I do"
>You look down at your own crotch
"What, the orgasm wasn't clear enough?"
>She giggles
>Dash: "Can you finally relax now?"
>You lay back on the towel, a not-so-effective cushion for the hard tiles of er floor, but it's hard to be uncomfortable after... that
>Dash gets up and pulls the drain out from the tub, while you slowly close your eyes
>... *pomf*
>Dash laid down next to you, her head resting on your shoulder
>Dash: "Not exactly the most romantic or princess-like spot to cuddle"
"Nah, I guess not..."
>You wrap her in your arms, holding her tightly
"... but I wouldn't have it any other way"
>Dash: "... m-me either"
>She slowly looks up to kiss you, her eyes gently closed... so you gently punch her arm
>Dash: "Hey! I was-"
>She goes silent as her face brightens into a blush. Her mouth is in a quivering nervous smile
>Surprise kiss successful
"You were saying?"
>Dash: "D-Damn you Nonny..."
>You'll be nice and not mention how she just mumbles "I love you"
>You just hold her tighter

>Rarity watches you on your whole way from walking in to your desk, a huge grin on her face
"Alright alright, what have you got for me today?"
>Rarity: "What's that supposed to mean?"
"That smile. It's the 'I've been hearing rumors about you' smile. So what have you got?"
>Rarity: "What? I haven't heard anything... Really it's nothing... I swear... "
>You raise an eyebrow
>Rarity: "... okay, I heard you're running for prince of the dance, is that true?"
"Yeah, it's true"
>Rarity: "Really... and just a few days ago you wouldn't even consider going. What made you decide to do it?"
"I didn't, Pinkie just told me that my name was on the ballot"
>Rarity: "Well, regardless, you still have my vote"
"That's a given, there's no one else running. If anything, promise your vote to Dash, she's running for princess"
>Rarity: "She is?! She told me she would never run in a million years!"
"Well, I kind of signed her up for it behind her back, but it did take some hell convincing her to go along with it"
>Rarity: "How on Earth did you manage to do that?"
"... Long story"
>Rarity: "A long story, huh... interesting"
>Not answering is just as bad as telling the truth with her because it let's her imagination run wild

>Lunch time
>Note to self: Keep your damn mouth shut about yesterday
>Pinkie comes to the table minus her entourage, but with the same grave look on her face as before
>Pinkie: "Hey Nonny, I've got some bad news"
"What kind of bad news?"
>Pinkie: "Well people have been talking about you running for prince, and, well... "
"Well what?"
>Pinkie: "... you may have some competition"
>You and Dash exchange glances
>Dash: "There's no way I'm going to be someone else's princess"
"Yeah, not after-"
>Caught yourself
>Rarity: "... After what?"
"... nevermind. Who's my competition?"
>Pinkie looks down, rubbing the back of her neck. From across the cafeteria comes a loud call through a megaphone
>"Hello?! Can I have everyone's attention please?!"
>Everyone turns around to witness Flash Sentry standing on top of a table, holding a megaphone
>Flash: "As I'm sure you've all heard, Anon's running for prince of the Winter Ball uncontested. I don't know about you guys, but this isn't a position we should just set aside for him to win!"
"Pinkie, don't tell me-"
>Flash: "-Which is why I've decided to run against him!"
>His friends all start cheering
>Pinkie: "... yup"
>There's some mutters from all around the cafeteria, some surprised, some amused, some curious
>Dash: "You're not going to let me be HIS princess right?"
>Hell freaking no
>Rarity: "Go on Anon, make your statement"
>You aren't prepared for this, but it's now or never.Everyone pulls their food trays into their laps so you can climb up on the table. With no megaphone like him, you have to rely solely on the power of your voice
"Hey Flash!"
>You shout at the top of your lungs for the whole gym to hear
"... fuck you!"
>Not exactly the best platform for you to run on, but it's the best you've got for now
>There's some laughs around the cafeteria, which may be good or bad
>Flash claps, slowly and insulting
>Flash: "Well there you have it, Anon the wordsmith! If 'fuck you's are all you have to offer, you better step it up! Come on everyone, are you really going to vote for a guy like him-"
"You mean the guy who kicked you ass?!"
>The crowd agrees, shots were fired
>Flash: "See what I mean?! You disagree with him and he beats the shit out of you! Is that really the kind of person you really want representing your school?!"
>People are actually buying this
>There's only one thing to do
"... Aggressive ass-kickers is still a better message than a guy like you!"
>Dash: "Anon what are you-"
>You give her a wink, making sure she knows you have a plan
Flash said I'm a violent psycho who fights anyone who disagrees with me... that's one way of looking at it! But do you want to know how I see it?!"
>You've gotten thee attention of almost everyone. They've taken the bait
"I see it as defending myself, standing up for what I believe in..."
>Taking Dash's hand, you help her up onto the table with you
"... and protecting those that I love!"
>You put your arm around her waist and pull her to your side, then give her a big smooch on the forehead
>She doesn't know your plan, but she's smiling
"Those aren't just MY ideals... they're the ideals of America! A vote for me is a vote for freedom!!"
>Making a fist with your free hand, you raise it high in the air, slowly pumping it up and down
"U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A..."
>Dash starts pumping her fist in the air
>Dash: "U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A..."
>Pinkie and Rarity jump up onto the table and join in. Rather than pump their fists in the air, they stomp their feet on the table, picking up the pace of the chant
>Pinkie and Rarity: "U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!"
>The cafeteria riles up, as the freedom chant spreads like a wildfire. Students get up from their seats, joining the chant. Like every gathering of proud Americans, quickly progresses into chaos. Food being thrown around, tables flipping over... such a beautiful sight, it could make an eagle cry
>You point towards Flash, directing the attention of the mass towards him
"This cafeteria is a freedom-only zone! All you commie bastards, get out!"
>The room explodes into a massive cheer, a celebration of liberty, justice, and baseball
>Rarity leans over and whispers in your ear: "... you don't mean for me to get out, right?"
"Nah, you stay. You're an honorary American now"
>She actually seems proud to hear that
>Then again, who wouldn't be
>You are the only one to notice Flash and his posse slowly sneaking out
>No one can say you didn't win this one
As soon as the bell rang, the crowd empties out in a hurry. Realizing the trouble you'd be in if the principals saw this, you and the girls try to clean up as much as you can. At the very leas you stand all the tables back up
>Dash: "Not bad Anon, you may have won them over"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, for now. But you've set the bar pretty high, you better have something BIG planned for tomorrow"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, you've still got three days until the voting closes. And you still gotta come up with a song and dance number"
"A song and dance number?"
>Pinkie: "Yup, it's CHS tradition"
"Is that really necessary? After today I'm sure I can win on my own"
>Pinkie: "I dunno Nonny, a song can REALLY sway a crowd. After all, it worked for Twilight"
>The girls all exchange glances
>Dash: "... I'll explain later"
>Great, is this another one of their otherworldly demon friends?
>Ignoring it, you finish straightening the room up to a reasonable state before heading off to your respective classes your respective classe

>Pinkie didn't show up to English class, which you assume means she's got "business". Probably rigging the school to flood or something
>Towards the end of class, you get a text from her to meet you at the bathrooms
>Yup... business

>You show up at the bathrooms to find not Pinkie waiting for you, but Rarity and Dash
"Hey guys, Pinkie call you here too?"
>Dash: "Who else would have? Do you know what this is all about?"
"You don't know?"
>Dash: "We were hoping you would know"
"Nu uh"
>Finally Pinkie comes sprinting down the hall with a cardboard box in her arms
>Pinkie: "Sorry I'm late guys, I had to finish a couple things!"
>She runs into the girl's bathroom with the three of you following behind her
>Because following three girls into the bathroom is perfectly normal for a guy like you

>Pinkie plops the box down on the floor
>Pinkie: "Okay, I figured you would need some help with your campaign for dance prince, so I ran into the art classrooms and made these"
>She rips the top of the box open and pulls out a white t-shirt with a crudely drawn American flag, the stars making a smiley face. Above it says "A vote for Anon", and beneath reads "Is a vote for Freedom". On the back there's large lettering that says "Don't be a Commie Bastard", with a tiny copyright symbol at the end
"... seriously Pinkie?"
>Pinkie: "Yeah! There's one for each of us!"
>Digging through the box, she grabs one and tosses it each of you. She quickly tosses her shirt off and puts the new one on
>Pinkie: "Go ahead, try them on!"
>You each change into your new clothes without making any awkward eye contact. There's something magical to be said about a friendship so close that you don't even feel awkward dressing in front of each other
>Then again, you did kinda fuck 2/3 of them
>The shirt is a snug fit, but still comfortable
"Not bad Pinkie. Not bad at all"
>Pinkie: "So I was thinking, we should wear them every day until the dance"
>Dash: "That's actually not a bad idea"
"Yeah, I'm down for that"
>Rarity: "... ah, why not. With the right accessories this could look great"
"Alright, we make one hell of a team!"
>You put your hand out
>Dash: "... uh, what are you doing?"
"You know... that thing where we all put our hands in the middle like a team"
>Pinkie: "Wow Nonny... no offense, but that's really lame"
>Dash: "Yeah Anon, no team really does that"
"Wait, seriously?"
>Rarity: "Even I could have told you that"
"... oh"
>Way to go
>Everyone darts their eyes around the room, looking for a distraction from this awkward moment
>Pinkie: ".... so Nonny, got any ideas for your song yet?"
"Well, I can't sing and I can't dance... so I've got nothing. Can't we just skip the whole thing?"
>Pinkie: "No we can't, it's a school tradition!"
"Well I'm not sure how much I can do without looking like a jackass, he'll slam me in the competition"
>... and that's when the idea hits you
>Dash: "Well, if he's got nothing maybe we can just-"
"-Dash, you still got the key for the gym storage room?
>Dash: "Yeah, why-"
"-Good. Pinkie, how many pinatas can you get hanging in he gym?"
>Pinkie: "How many do you need?"
"As many as you can. Big ones"
>Pinkie: "For what?"
"You'll see..."
>The girls all look at each other nervously
>Dash: "You know, usually when you say that, things either turn out great or a total train wreck"
"I know"
>This will be no train wreck
>It may be the bast plan you've ever come up with

>Wearing your new campaign shirt, you showed up extra early today because Pinkie asked you to. But when you arrived at the front door, she wasn't there
>You decided to give her a call
>Pinkie: "... hey Nonny, where are you?"
"I'm here, where are you?"
>Pinkie: "I'm here, where are YOU?"
"I'm- ... you know what, just tell me where to go"
>Pinkie: "The cafeteria"
"How'd you get in? The school isn't even open yet"
>Pinkie: "It is if you have the key. I left it unlocked, come on in"
>She hung up before you could ask how the hell she got a hold of the keys to the school

>As soon as you walk in you see about ten or so large pinatas leaning against the wall, in all different shapes and designs
>Pinkie: "So what do you think Nonny, are these good?"
"Yeah, I think so. They should work"
>Pinkie: "What are you gonna put in them?"
"I bought a whole bunch of candy"
>You dump out your backpack, releasing nearly a dozen giant bags of candy, the kind you usually see around Halloween
>Pinkie: "Huh... that's actually a pretty good idea. I'm surprised you came up with-"
"-And basketballs"
>Pinkie: "... basketballs? You mean like, basketball basketballs?"
>You completely lost her
>Pinkie: "Are you sure?"
"Trust me"
>Pinkie: "... alright then. I've got a few other things to show you"
>She takes you around the cafeteria, showing you several giant speakers hooked up around the room
>Pinkie: "With these, whatever song you play should be heard through the whole gym. What song did you end up choosing anyways?"
"... Let's just say, an American classic"
>Pinkie: "What classic?"
>You tell her your song
>Pinkie: "... you call THAT an American classic?"
"Well? It is, isn't it?"
>Pinkie: "I suppose... and it does explain the basketballs. But... alright. I'll download it later and hook it up"
>Between you, Pinkie, and Rarity who showed up not much later, you start filling up the pinatas, finishing pretty quickly
>Pinkie: "So do you have the basketballs with you now?"
>Rarity: "You're putting basketballs in there? What for?"
"Trust me"
>Rarity: "But won't-"
>Pinkie: "-Just go with it, it's the only answer you'll get from him"
"I was going to ask Dash to take me to the sports team storage closet when she got here"
>Pinkie: "I told her to get here early like you guys, I don't know where she is though"
>Implying Dash could ever get here on time

>She shows up just before the bell, with enough time for you to run to the storage room, get the basketballs, fill the pinatas, and get to class fifteen minutes late. Pinkie said she'd stay behind in the cafeteria and keep an eye on the pinatas
>It's like you guys don't even come to school to do work anymore

>After biology, you and Rarity waited for Dash as usual, but she doesn't show
>About five minutes into lunch, you get a call from Pinkie
>Pinie: "-Where are you?!"
"I'm waiting for Dash, but she's not-"
>Pinkie: "-She's here in the cafeteria with me"
"She is?"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, the pinatas got really heavy with the basketballs, so I asked Dash to help me"
"That explains it-"
>Pinkie: "-Just hurry, we're running out of time! Stay on the line, I'll tell you when to come in"
>You and Rarity hurry over to the cafeteria

>You are Bob. You have no personality. You have no special traits. You are just another guy in the background
>When you came into the cafeteria, you noticed a bunch of pinatas hanging around from the ceiling
>Weird stuff happens all the time, but you've never actually seen a pinata in here before
>One just happens to be hanging over your table. Everyone around starts looking for something to hit it with
>At another table someone finds a giant stick under their table. Checking under yours, you find one for yourself
>While hitting the pinata, you hear a shout from another table that seems to have broken theirs open first
>"What the hell, there's basketballs in here!"
>Just then, yours breaks open, and sure enough you're showered with candy and about two or three of basketballs. You're really not sure, they fell too fast
>And just as the commotion reaches its peak, the doors burst open in an overly dramatic spectacle
>Anonymous and Rainbow Dash stand triumphantly in the doorway, wearing some cheesy American t-shirts. Is this part of their whole "prince and princess of the dance" thing?
>The room falls silent, either in confusion or curiosity, broken by the growing sound a familiar tune
>" Everybody get up, it's time to slam now, we got a real jam going down, welcome to the Space Jam "
>... they've got your vote

>You are Anon
>They probably wanted to kill you when those basketballs started dropping
>When the music started playing, the life of the mood of the room slowly shifted, the got excited, they got pumped
>Once you were certain that they were on your side, you jumped on top of the nearest table, grabbed the closest basketball, and tossed it. The crowd fought over it like you just threw out your used panties... you know, if you were a hot grill
>The crowd starts partying, tossing balls around the room, scooping up as much candy as they could, cheering out your name
>You start singing the words to the song out loud, and the crowd joins you. This is the only song you could sing in public, it's the only song you know the words to
>Dash gets up on the table with you
>Dash: "I gotta hand it to you, you really pulled through again. How'd you know this would work"
"Because who doesn't fucking love Space Jam"
>Dash: "... true"
>You truly got a real jam going down
>This win is in the bag

>History class
>Usually Dash has her head down, half asleep. This time it's you
>During the slam jam you got pelted in the head by a basketball, and it's been killing you since then
>Dash: "You okay Anon? You don't look too good"
"Yeah, I'm just..."
>Who are you kidding
"...my head hurts like hell"
>Dash: "Thought so. Come on"
>She asks for the two of you to be excused to the nurse's office, and as usual he lets you go no questions asked

>You show up and knock on her door
>Nurse: "It's unlocked, just come in"
>When the two of you enter, you immediately blurt out the first thing that comes to mind
"Jesus, you look awful"
>Her hair is a mess, her clothes are wrinkled, she can barely keep her eyes open. She's exhausted
>Nurse: "You know, I'd smack you if it weren't for how right you probably are. Come on in"
"Sorry, didn't mean it like that, but..."
>You come in but there's already someone sitting in the bed
>Nurse: "You get knocked out by a basketball too?"
"What do you mean 'too' ?"
>Nurse: "Yeah, apparently some jackass let loose a bunch of basketballs in the gym and everyone started throwing then around.I've had a lot of kids have been coming in since-"
>Kid: "Hey Anon, didn't you do that?"
>You make a throat-cutting motion with your hand, trying to shut him up
>Nurse: "... what's this about now?"
>Kid: "Yeah, he put them in pinatas or something. It was awesome"
>Redheart's eye twitches
>Nurse: "... how are you feeling"
>Kid: "Fine now I guess-"
>Nurse: "-Good. Get out"
>Kid: "But-"
>Nurse: "-Go!"
>He hurries out, and you almost feel tempted to do the same
>Nurse: "... I should have known this was all YOUR doing. This is about the whole 'dance prince' thing isn't it?"
"I figured, if you don't go all out you don't deserve it"
>She sighs
>Nurse: "Well... shit, I gotta admire your spirit"
>She hands you a bag of ice for your head
>Nurse: "Just quit giving me so much work to do, I've barely been getting any sleep lately"
"Everything okay?"
>Nurse: "Yeah, I just... yeah. Look, just tone it down a notch. You can't be doing crap like this at the dance, and God knows I won't let you"
"You're going to be there?"
>Nurse: "Yeah, I always chaperone. Luna says it's 'to make sure the kids behave', which is just a nice way of saying 'don't let anyone get pregnant'. You know, like you"
"Like us?"
>Nurse: "Come on, if anyone's going to get caught screwing in the bathroom it's going to be you two. And I'm not supposed to let that happen"
>Dash: "Well you don't have to worry about that, we won't"
>... let's not be so hasty Dashie
>Nurse: "Well, regardless of what happens, just keep out of trouble alright? I've got more important things to deal with"
"Like what?"
>Nurse: "Like trying to -"
>She's about to give you some sassy answer when her phone rings
>Nurse: "... never mind. You seem fine, get back to class"
"But I-"
>Nurse: "-Hurry up, go"
>She rushes the two of you out, locking the door behind you
>You press your ear to the door
>Dash: "Anon, what are you-"
"-Shh... "
>Gotta find out what "important business" she has going on
>Nurse: "... yeah, I'm chaperoning at the dance... yeah, all night... you know, they did say I can bring a guest, so if you want...alright sounds great! See you there!"
>... huh
>You slowly back away from the door
"Okay, let's go"
>Dash: "Anything interesting?"
"... I think nurse Redheart has a date"

>The day before the dance
>You washed the "Vote for Anon" shirt so it wouldn't smell when you put it back on today

>Rainbow Dash showed up this morning with a bit of excitement in her step, happily taking your hand as you walk in
>Dash: “Hey Anon, ready for today?”
“Pretty sure”
>If there’s some kind of campaign thing you still have to do it shouldn’t be that hard. Just throw some balls and chant for freedom
>Dash: “You know, I’m honestly surprised you decided to come”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
>Dash: “I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like your type of thing”
>Okay, you’re clearly missing something here, but before you can ask what the hell she’s talking about she hurries off

"Hey Rarity, is something going on today?"
>Rarity: "What do you mean?"
"I don't know, dash just showed up this morning asking me if I was 'ready' "
>Rarity: "Oh, that. Yeah, I suggested that we all hang out this afternoon to the girls, I must have forgotten to ask you. I assumed you would have come anyways though. Want to come along?"
"Sure, why not. What have you got planned?"
>Rarity: "Oh, you know. Hang out, stop at the cafe, look around for..."
>Her expression says she just said something she shouldn't have
> you know, just hang out"
"Look around for what?"
>Rarity: "Oh that, it's nothing"
"Okay, Rarity, what aren't you telling me?"
>Rarity: "Who, me?"
"I said your name, didn't I?"
>Rarity: "Well... you see... "
>She glances around the room for a distraction, ultimately locking eyes with the teacher
>Rarity: "Let's get back to work, I'll tell you later"
>She goes back to her work, or at east she pretends to
>Are you sure you still want to go?

>After class, Rarity takes your hand and leads you down the hall, the exact opposite direction from the cafeteria
"Wait, where are we going?"
>Rarity: "You'll see"
>She takes you down to the hall, just a few corners away from the main entrance room of the school
>Pinkie is there waiting for you two, and Dash shows up later
>Dash: "Wow, you really are coming along this time"
"Yeah, Rarity told me everything, well, almost everything. What are we doing here?"
>Pinkie: "Isn't it obvious? We're sneaking out"
>Ditching class, huh? You never knew they had it in them
>Well, Rarity at least. Pinkie and Dash, not so farfetched
>Rarity: "Alright, so what's the plan?"
"Plan for what?"
>Rarity: "For sneaking out! You don't think they'd just let us walk out the front door, so you?"
"Actually yeah, they would. Come on"
>Rarity: "No way. It can't be that easy"
\>You approach the door and push it open
"Come on girls, let's go!"

>The four of you sit around a table at a small cafe down the street
>Rarity: "I still can't believe we could just walk out like that"
"I can, our school security sucks"
>Seriously, think of all the stuff you've gotten away with lately: the fight, hijacking the intercom, the pinatas
>Pinkie: "So Rarity, where to first?"
>Yup, Pinkie's got something to hide
>Rarity: "Well, I was thinking that we could check out the new boutique down the street from the mall. I was there the other day, they've got a good new winter line"
"Wait a second. Are you talking about going shopping?"
>Dash: "Yeah, I thought you knew"
"And you brought me along, why?"
>Rarity: "Because we all need something to wear for the dance tomorrow. That includes YOU too"
"... well have fun with that. I'm going home-"
>Dash: "-Anon wait! You have to come along!"
>Rainbow Dash leans over and whispers to you
>Dash: "... you know ho she gets when she goes shopping. You can't leave us alone with her"
"... alright fine, I'll tag along"

>The four of you go to some fancy-pants clothing store at the strip mall with a french name you can't quite pronounce
"... L-Le... le oma... omo-"
>Dash: "Forget it Anon, none of us can figure it out"
>Pinkie nods in agreement
>Rarity: "It's not that hard, it's-"
>Dash: "-Let's just go in before this turns into a lesson in French"
>After rolling her eyes, Rarity walks in, the three of you trailing behind her

>Upon entering you're immediately greeted by a young-looking employee
>"Hello, welcome to L'Ome- oh hey, Rarity, good to see you again. Here shopping for the dance?"
>Rarity: "Yup. And it's good to see you too Coco"
>It's like Rarity knows everyone who works in every clothing store in town
>Coco: "I'm sure you know where you're going, but if you need any help don't be afraid to call for me"
>Rarity: "Will do"
>The employee goes back to her work, and Rarity leads you all to the women's formal apparel
>A section you've never been to before

>Rarity observes racks upon racks of dresses, her eyes deep in thought. She almost looks like she could be contemplating some profound philosophy or the meaning of life
>But nope, she's just shopping
>She ultimately grabs one and hands it off to you... then another, and another
>By the time she's finally done, you've got a pile of almost twenty dresses in your arms. She walks into the changing room with three others
"Rarity, what the hell?"
>Rarity: "It says we're not supposed to bring more than three garments into the changing room at a time"
"So I'm supposed to just hold these-"
>Dash pats you on the back
>Dash: "Thanks Anon, she usually makes me carry them"
>God damn it
>After a long wait Dash speaks up
>Dash: "You okay in there Rarity?"
>Rarity: "Uh... I'm not sure, can you come in here and tell what you think?"
>Assuming she didn't mean you, you wait behind as Dash and Pinkie join her in the changing room
>They mutter to each other, about what you have no idea
>After a while the door to the changing room opens just a crack, and all three of the dresses she brought in get handed out to you. You struggle to take them and set them down on a nearby empty shelf
>Rarity: "Anon, can you hand me the others?"
"Which ones? I've got at least twenty"
>Rarity: "Any of them... and there's 31"
>You pass in a few more, actively trying not to peek in through the crack in the door
>Just 28 more to go...

>You continue exchanging in that same pattern, time after time
>While waiting, a familiar voice booms from behind you
>Vlad: "What are you doing here? Have you become a lady?"
"I swear it's not what it looks like"
>Vlad skeptically raises his eyebrow
>Rarity: "Anon, a few more please"
>Her voice explains the whole situation
>During the trade-off, you hand her the last dress that she hadn't yet tried on
"So Vlad what are you-"
>Vlad: "-Trying to make move on my niece, are you? Make for romance?"
>His suspicious glare could pierce through your skull
"N-No, I swear, I'm just here with our friends. I'm not trying to-"
>He interrupts you with a deep laugh
>Vlad: "Relax little man, I know you. You make the romance with ladywoman, the one with the colors"
>The one with the colors... yeah, that could be Dash
"So anyways, what are you here for?"
>Vlad: "I need suit. Baby Rarity tell me this shop is best, but not so sure"
"I know what you mean. It's too... French"
>Vlad: "Exactly, French bad quality. Won't hold up in battle"
"I'm not sure these kinds of clothes are meant for battle"
>Vlad: "Not clothes, French people. Bullet go right through them"
>Maybe you DON'T know what he means
>Rarity steps out in her regular clothes, the last dress draped over her arm
>Rarity: "Anon, where'd you put those others I handed you?"
>You point her out to the shelf, She fiddles through them, grabs one, and takes it back into the dressing room
>Dash: "Oh, hey Vlad what are you doing here?"
>Vlad: "I came for new suit. All I find is disappointment"
>Dash: "Anon's here for the same. We're here to do some shopping for the dance"
>Vlad eyes you up and down: "... I may have something for you. Interested?"
"Sure, why not"
>Vlad: "Good. Come back to my store when you're done with lady business"
>Vlad makes his way out just as Rarity steps out in a fancy looking dress
>Rarity: "What was my uncle doing here?"
"Oh, he just stopped by for something. Is that the one you chose?"
>Rarity: "Yeah, maybe"
>Dash: "Isn't that the first one you put on?"
>Rarity: "Yeah"
>Is this bitch serious

>Rarity asked you to help her put the dresses back
>Okay, not help. She asked you to do it for her while she helped Dash pick something out
>Once Dash has a couple, she heads into the changing room. Rarity runs off to continue looking, something about Dash "not picking enough of a selection"
>Dash: "... a little help in here"
"Pinkie can you..."
>Pinkie's gone
>Well then
>You quickly slip into the room, taking care to not be seen
>Dash: "Anon? I don't think you're allowed to be in here"
"Well Rarity and Pinkie are busy. And it's not like we're gonna have sex or anything in here right?"
>Dash: "Well I guess not. Can you just get that zipper in the back?"
>On the back of her dress there's a long zipper, down to just above her waist. You pull it up slowly, trying to not get her hair caught in it
>Once it's all the way up she turns around, stretching her arms out as if presenting herself to you
>Dash: "Well... what do you think? It's my favorite one that I've seen all day"
>She's in a tight, strapless dress that shows off her shoulders, reaching from just under her armpits down to her mid thigh. Horizontal stripes run down in a rainbow pattern, much like her hair
"It's great, I love it"
>Dash: "You sure? I mean, I like it but I want you to-"
"-Dash, it's perfect"
>Dash: "Positive? You don't have to say that just because-"
>She goes silent
"... you look amazing"
>Dash: "... thanks"
>She quickly pulls you into a hug, burying her face into your chest
>That's how you know she's blushing and doesn't want you to see
>Just as you put your arms around her the door bursts open
>Rarity: "Dash, I got these, I thought they'd- ... sorry, am I interrupting?"
>She smiles lewdly, thinking you have something to hide
"Well, she needed help and you were gone"
>Rarity: "And I'm guessing you helped her in your own way"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
>Rarity: "You know what I mean-"
>Pinkie: "-What do you mean?"
>Pinkie bursts in the room
"She doesn't mean anything-"
>Pinkie: "-You said you'd tell me next time the three of you had a sex party!"
"Pinkie it's not a-"
>Pinkie: "-Though I gotta admit, a changing room isn't a bad location. Not creative, but not bad. Kudos Nonny"
>Dash: "Anon, what's she talking about?"
"She's not-"
>Coco: "Sorry, but we can't let all of you be in there at once"
>Pinkie: "... party pooper"
>Pinkie stays inside while the rest of you step out. Apparently she had already chosen something. After a moment she steps out wearing her new dress
>Rarity: "... Pinkie, are you sure?"
>Pinkie: "Yup"
>The neckline of her dress is cut so low it shows off her whole cleavage. The dress goes down to her ankles, but the slit on the side separates it all the way up to her hip
>Rarity: "Are you sure you don't want something a little more... reserved"
>Pinkie: "Come on Rarity, where's the fun in that?"
>Rarity nudges your side
>Rarity: "Anon, don't you think she'd look better in-"
"-Leave me out of this"
>Realizing she's beat, she lets Pinkie have her way
>With each girl changed back into their normal clothes, they head back to the registers
>Rarity: "Anon, wait. We still have to get you a suit"
"Don't worry, Vlad said he had something for me"

>Coco is working the register, it's like she's the only employee here
>Then again, it's not really a busy place
>After ringing them up, she even has the time to see you all out
>Coco: "Thanks for shopping at L'Omelette du Fromage, come back soon!"

>With your lady work here done, it's time to head over to the military surplus store
>Vlad has something for you to wear...
>Only now does it occur to you how bad this could turn out

>You enter Vlad's store with mixed emotions, the girls with you
>Part of you is worried that he expects you to wear one of his old military uniforms
>Another part of you is hoping that he lets you wear one of his old military uniforms
>Quite the quandary
>Vlad is behind the counter doing nothing, as if he was actually waiting for you
"Hey Vlad, we finished up with our lady business. You said you had something for me?"
>Vlad: "Wait there"
>He leaves for the back room, and comes back carrying a garment bag. There's clearly something in it, because he's holding it up by the hanger. He hands it over to you
>Vlad: "This belonged to an old comrade. He was a strong man, little like you, but strong. A true warrior"
"Where is he now?"
>Vlad: "He died. That's his funeral suit"
>Everyone steps back away from you, like you've been given a bomb
>Vlad: "Go ahead, try it"
>He points you out to a bathroom in the back
>You head in and start changing
>Well, here you go
>A dead man's clothes...

"So, what do you all think?"
>The top button is undone and your necktie is loose, but other than that you actually look pretty good in this suit... at least you think so
>Vlad: "Look good. Ready to kill an entire country"
>You ask Rarity, since she's the big fashionista
>Rarity: "Hmm... "
>She approaches you and buttons that top button, then tightens your tie to a point where you can just barely breathe
>After taking a few steps back, she eyes you up and down and smiles
>Rarity: "... yup, not bad. Not bad at all. How do you feel about it Dash?"
>Dash approaches you and reaches for your neck
>To your surprise, she loosens the tie and unbuttons the top button. As an added touch, she messes up your hair
>Dash: "There we go. Perfect"
>Gotta love that girl
>Rarity just rolls her eyes. Dash silently makes love to you with hers
>Rarity: "What about you Pinkie? You've been quiet this whole time"
>Pinkie's standing back with her hand over her mouth
>Pinkie: "It's fine... just..."
"Just what?"
>Pinkie: "I just think... " *snicker* "... that it really..."
"That it really what?"
>Pinkie: "... that it really SUITS YOU!"
>She collapses onto the floor in a fit of laughter. She's reaching out for high-fives, none of which are returned
>You feel a strong, heavy pat on the back
>Vlad: "Keep it friend. It looks as good on you as it did on my old comrade"
>Somehow that makes you feel a sense of pride... honor... something manly
>After helping Pinkie up off the ground, still suffering from her laughing fit asking if you all "got it", the four of you head home

>Be Rainbow Dash
>Later that night
>Anon did look good in that suit, really good
>But still, you have to be sure, it'll take one quick phone call
"Hello, Vlad?"
"Yeah, it's me. So like, I was just wondering. Your friend who owned that suit is dead now, right?"
"Uh huh. So like, I'm just wondering, it isn't... you know, haunted or anything, right?"
>Hey, you can never be too sure

>The day of the dance

>In front of Celestia's office there is a box hanging on the wall for the ballots for the dance royalty
>Nominees aren't allowed to vote, but throughout the day you've gotten enough people telling you that they'd vote for you and Dash to make you feel confident

>Lunch time
>The cafeteria is less than half full than it usually is, with everyone waiting in line to vote for the prince and princess of the dance
>Rarity ran off to cast her vote, so you and Dash went to the cafeteria by yourselves. Pinkie isn't around either so you assume she's with Rarity
"Damn, does this many people really go to the dance?"
>Dash: "Yeah, it's really popular. I'm honestly still surprised you've never been"
>Ouch. That stung
>Dash: "So how do you think we're doing?"
"Well seeing as how my only competition was Flash, I don't think I've got anything to worry about"
>Dash: "What about me?"
"Honestly, I don't even know who else is on the ballot. That's probably a good sign. And at the very least you've got Rarity's and Pinkie's votes"
>Dash: "Pinkie doesn't vote either"
"She doesn't? Why not?"
>Dash: "She's not allowed to either, she's the one who counts the ballots"
"So why don't we just ask her to tell us how we're looking-"
>Pinkie: "-Not a chance Nonny"
>With lunch almost half over, the other half of your group shows up
>Pinkie: "I'm only supposed to count them twice, first after lunch then again after school. I couldn't tell you now even if I wanted to"
"But can you at least tell me who else is on the ballot besides Dash?"
>Pinkie: "Well there's you, first off"
>Dash: "I think he means who's MY competition"
>Pinkie: "... oh yeah. Well for starters Diamond Tiara is on the list, she probably paid someone to nominate her. Trixie's on there too, but just between you and me I don't count on her getting many votes"
>She lists off a few other names that you don't even recognize
>You've got this win in the bag

>English class
>You get a text from Pinkie telling you to meet her at the bathrooms
>You're sure the teacher is getting sick of you asking to go to the bathroom every other day

>After making sure the coast is clear, you quickly slink into the girls bathroom, where Pinkie is inside waiting for you
"No one else is here, right?"
>Pinkie: "Nope, just me and myself"
"Good, so what'd you need me down here for?"
>Pinkie: "I just finished counting the votes so far, and thought you'd like to know how the election is turning out"
"How is it?"
>Pinkie: "Well I'm sure you know you've pretty much won, but..."
>Pinkie: "I'm not supposed to say anything definitive, but it's looking good for Dash too"
"Can't say I'm surprised"
>Pinkie: "Don't tell anyone I told you this though, okay? I could get kicked off the committee"
"Alright I won't-"
>Piknie: "-You gotta promise me you won't tell"
"Alright Pinkie, I promise. And thanks for the heads up"
>Pinkie: "No prob. I'm probably gonna head to the nurse's office after this, I need to lie down for a bit"
"You okay?"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, just exhausted. Counting those things is always tiring, but with all the hype we've caused it's just made this job that much harder-"
>Pinkie shoves you in the nearest stall as the bathroom door slowly opens
>You stand up on the toilet and crouch down, desperate trying to hide yourself from plain sight
>"Hey, Pinkie, what's up?"
>You never thought you'd say this, but you wish you didn't just hear her voice
>Pinkie: "Oh, hey Dash. Nothing really"
>Dash: "Is someone else in here?"
>Pinkie: "Nope, just me and myself"
>Dash: "But I just heard you talking"
>Pinkie: "Yup, just talking to myself"
>Dash is probably thinking the same thing you are: "With Pinkie, that actually makes sense"
>Pinkie: "Anyways I gotta head back now, see ya tonight at the dance-"
>Dash: "-Pinkie, wait"
>Pinkie: "Hmm?"
>Dash: "How's the election going"
>Pinkie: "Looking pretty good for you, definitely for Anon"
>Dash: "Alright... just wondering"
>Pinkie: "You okay Dash? You look a little down"
>Dash: "Yeah, just maybe a little nervous"
>Pinkie: "About what?"
>Dash: "I just kinda want this night to be awesome for all of us. But especially for Anon since it's really his first dance, and the first thing he and I have really done together. You know, not counting the fight"
>That's actually really sweet of her
>Make a mental note that you're not supposed to know any of this
>Pinkie: "Hey, if you're nervous... take this with you. It'll help"
>You can't see what "this" is but you gotta wonder what it could be, seeing as it's coming from Pinkie
>Dash: "Wait, seriously? Where'd you get this?"
>Pinkie: "I've got a few, I sneak one in to every dance. That one's small so it shouldn't be too hard to hide. But me, I always bring a bigger one"
>... That doesn't sound too good
>Dash: "I don't know Pinkie. Are you sure?"
>Pinkie: "Trust me, it's great if you're nervous... or just want to have a little fun
>Okay, that's REALLY not good
>Pinkie: "I've gotta get going, see ya tonight!"
>Pinkie skips out of the room, leaving you alone in here with Dash
>... fuck
>Your heart starts racing, hoping to God that she doesn't try to come into your stall
>Shit! What do you do
>Do you try to imitate a girl's voice? Do you try to stay silent? Do you swallow your guts and step out and hope for the best?
>... after a brief wait, she knocks on the next stall. Then the next, then the next
>Dash: "... hello? Anyone in here?"
>Once she confirms that the bathroom is "empty", she takes a seat in the stall next to you
>First her shorts drop, then her panties
>If you thought you weren't supposed to hear what just happened, then there's no way this could be good
>... nothing
>Just Dash breathing... breathing heavily
>You can hear the toilet seat rattle back and forth, like she's struggling
>Listening closely you can make out a faint shlicking sound
>There's no way she's really doing it
>Her breathing escalates into a quiet moan, as the shlick gets louder
>Yup... she's doing it
>Note: You're not supposed to know any of this
>Admittedly, this whole situation actually turns you on. Of course you can't do anything without her hearing you
>Dash: "mmh.... D-Dashie"
>She tries to imitate your voice and moan out her own name
>After trying a few more times she lets out a deep sigh
>Dash: "...ugh, damn it. Just not the same..."
>She pulls her clothes back up and slams the stall door on her way out
>You wait a few minutes, making sure that Dash doesn't change her mind and come back
>When the coast is clear you hurry out
>Pinkie never showed up, she must really have gone to the nurse's office to rest

>Seeing Dash after class, you try not to think about everything you heard in the bathroom
>Dash: "Almost time for the dance. You excited?"
"Yeah, a little. How about you Dashie?"
>She tenses up as you said that, tightening her grasp on your hand
>It was too hard to resist
>Dash: "Do you got a plan to skip out of gym today?"
"Yeah, why?"
>Dash: "... just wondering"

>It's a little after 6pm, the dance doesn't begin for another hour
>You all agreed to meet up at the same cafe you went to yesterday
>And of course, you showed up before everyone else
>You patiently wait for the girls... okay, impatiently waiting

>You are Rainbow Dash
>Taking a quick peek in the window, you notice Anon is already there, all by himself
>... crap
>You quickly sneak in and hurry off to the bathroom
>Run the sink. Splash your face. Dry yourself off. Get over these nerves
>You do all of them except that last one
>Get a hold of yourself. This night's going to be awesome. You and Anon are going to have a great time, he'll walk you home, you'll invite him in, then you'll do it all night then fall asleep together. And in a few months he'll ask you out to the Spring Fling and repeat it all over again
>Yup, that's how this night is gonna work out, so get a hold of yourself
>... nope, not happening
>Falling back on your last resort, you pull out the small flask Pinkie gave you earlier today and take a quick drink
>You're not really a drinker, maybe only a few times before, but what the hell
>Pinkie called this "The Good Stuff"
>Whatever it is, it burns
>Slipping it back into your pocket, you take a deep breath, then head out to meet Anon

>You are Anon, patiently tapping your finger on the table like a madman when Dash shows up
>Dash: "Hey Anon, sorry I'm late"
"No worries, just glad to see you"
>She sits across the table from you
>Dash: "To be honest I'm usually the first one here"
"I figured as much, do they always take forever?"
>Dash: "You know how Rarity is"
>The two of you laugh, hers with a hint of awkwardness
>Dash: "So, you excited?"
"How many times have you asked me that today?"
>Dash: "A lot I guess. Since it's your first dance I'm just trying to make sure this night's awesome"
"Well the past two minutes haven't been so bad"
>Dash: "Don't worry, it'll get better. A lot better-"
>Pinkie: "-How much better?"
>Pinkie and Rarity seemed to show up out of nowhere
"Hey guys, about time you showed up"
>Rarity: "There's nothing wrong with being fashionably late"
>The two of them sit around the table
>Pinkie: "Hey Dash, you..."
>Pinkie winks, Dash nods
>Rarity: "... oh boy. Not her too"
>Seems like you're the only one out of the loop here

>As the time for the dance draws closer, you all get up and head to the school
>You're stopped on the steps by a familiar voice
>Nurse: "Hey Anon! What's up!"
>Nurse Redheart runs up from behind, wearing a formal dress with her usual labcoat over it. Vlad follows behind her in what looks like his old military uniform
>And once she reaches you, she does the most unlikely thing
>She hugs you. It's one of those tight, bone-crushing hugs where she actually lifts you up. After dropping you on the ground, she does the same to Dash
>Rarity and Pinkie head in without you
>Vlad: "She's a strong one. Strong like bear"
>Struggling to regain your breath, you reach out to Vlad for a handshake. At least he's more sensible than-
>He lifts you up off the ground, in a tight man-hug the same way Redheart did... just a lot harder
>You plop down on the floor when he lets you go
"Y-You're... both strong ones"
>Vlad: "Don't worry little man. You'll be strong one day too"
>His words are almost encouraging as he helps you up off the ground
>Nurse: "You know, I never thought I'd see you two together. I can still remember how much you two used to hate each other back in your freshman year"
>You and Dash stare at each other awkwardly
>Dash: "Yeah, but that was a long time ago. We're good now"
>Nurse: "Well I'd rather have you making out in my office than killing each other in it. Anyways, we gotta get going, Luna wanted us to check in with her when we showed up. Good seeing you two"
>She waves goodbye, and turns to head inside. Vladimir salutes you like a soldier, which would have been dorky had it been anyone other than him
>But in that uniform of his, everything looks badass
>Nurse: "Oh, and Dash?"
>She turns around
>Nurse: "... don't drink too much"
>Dash: "What?"
>Nurse: "Don't try to deny it kid, I know. You're too much like me"
>With that, she heads inside
"What was she talking about?"
>Dash: "No idea"
>Dash puts one arm around you, and stuffs the other in her pocket like she's trying to hide something
>You really are the only one out of the loop
>As soon as you enter the gymnasium you're deafened by combined sound of awful, blaring music and cheers for the "new prince and princess"
>Dash: "I'm guessing that's a good sign, right Anon... Anon?"
"Huh? Oh yeah, right"
>Dash: "Everything okay?"
"Yeah... it's just that I really, really, hate this song"
>She takes a second to really listen to it
>Dash: "I've heard this song so many times but I can never remember the name of it"
"It's called Sandstorm, by Darude"

>Once the music changes you actually find yourself in the mood to dance
>Even so, Dash has to forcefully drag you out to the dance floor
>But admittedly, it's fun. Really fun

>After a while, Dash suggests heading to the snack table for some punch
>That would have been nice to know there was food here, you've been starving since you got here
>You head to the snack table with Dash. Pinkie and Rarity were there
>Pinkie: "Well well well, where have you two been, huuuuh~?"
"You're the one's that ditched us"
>Rarity: "We just though you two would like some alone time"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, aloooone~ time"
>There's something off about Pinkie, she's giggling a lot more than usual
"Pinkie are you okay?"
>Pinkie: "Me? Of course I'm okay why wouldn't I be? Are yoooou okay?"
>She laughs with a loud snort
"Is it just me or is she drunk or something-"
>Dash: "-I'm not drunk I swear!"
"Not you, Pinkie"
>Pinkie: "Well, looks like THAT one's out of the bag"
>Strapped to her thigh is a small pouch, and from it she removes a flask and takes a big gulp
"Well that explains a lot"
>Pinkie: "Hey, don't judge me! You know, I also gave one to-"
>Dash: "-Well, we're just here to get some punch, so we should really be on our way"
>She grabbed a cup and ran off
"... yeah, I should probably go with her"
>You grab a cup for yourself and follow her
>Rainbow Dash. That's who you are
>Pinkie: "Hey, don't judge me! You know, I also gave one to-"
"-Well, we're just here to get some punch, so we should really be on our way"
>Grabbing a cup you hurry away before Pinkie outs you
>While Anon is still behind you, you quickly add a hit of "The Good Stuff" into your punch
>Holding the container up to your ear, you give it a shake. About half empty
>Gotta be careful from here on out
>Anon: "What's that?"

>You are Anon
>Dash stuffs something in her pocket
>Dash: "Oh that, just my... cell phone. I thought I heard it go off"
>She downs the rest of her punch in one drink and tosses the cup in the trash
"Dash, are you and Pinkie up to something?"
>Dash: "Whaaat?! Get outta here!"
>She awkwardly laughs, the dead giveaway for a lie
>Before you can question her any further, the usual dance music shuts off, and a slow song comes on
>Dash looks over at you, like she wants to say something but isn't sure how
>Dash: "So..."
>You know where she's going with it. You pretend not to
>Dash: "Usually I just stand against the wall during these slow songs... you know, cause I usually don't have a date"
"Uh huh"
>Dash: "But like, you're here, and I'm here-"
"-The sooner you stop talking the sooner we can dance"
>Putting your arms around her waist you pull her towards you. She doesn't really seem know what to do
"Just put your arms around me"
>Draping her arms around the back of your neck, she leans in really close to you
>Naturally, you take this opportunity to get a quick hint of her scent.The smell of her sweat with her usual Skittle-scent is nothing but intoxicating
>With her head resting on your chest, she lets out a long sigh. She looks up at you with her glazed, almost tired eyes
>Dash: "... so is this all slow dancing is? We just stand here?"
"Pretty much"
>She rolls her eyes
>Dash: "... What do you say we sneak out of here for a bit"
>She quietly laughs to herself
>Dash: "I can think of a few places"

>Technically you're not supposed to be leaving the gym. Then again you're not supposed to fuck on campus but you do it anyways
>And you're about to do it now
>The two of you make your way towards the door. As far as you know, no one saw you slip out
"Alright, where to now?"
>Dash: "Where else?"
>She takes your hand and runs down the hall, pulling you with her
>You have no idea where she's taking you, but she's eager

>She has you running down a familiar hall, looking for a specific room. Once you find the room in question she quickly drags you in
>Luckily the door was unlocked
>She takes you into a familiar classroom
>Room #402
>A.K.A: Your history class
>Not bad Dash. Not bad at all
>Dash: "Do you remember?"
"You mean remember all the times you fell asleep in here?"
>Dash: "Not that"
>She leads you back you your desks, pushing them together like she does every class
>But instead of sitting in the seat, she sits up on top of the desk, pushing her dress up just enough for you to get a good view of her thighs
>Dash: "This is the first place you ever... you know"
>That's right. This is the first place you ever actually touched her
>She reaches her arms out for you to embrace her
>You slowly approach her, apparently too slow for her taste
>She grabs your tie and jerks you closer, unable to wait any longer, pulling you into a passionate kiss. Even after she lets go you don't back away
>One kiss becomes another, then another
>While her hands caress your head, her fingers running wildly through your hair, yours find themselves around her waist, slowly drifting down towards her thighs
>When she opens her mouth hoping for your tongue, you don't disappoint
>Her tongue forces past yours and starts exploring your mouth. She tightly pulls your head towards hers, pressing your face against hers
>There's something off about the taste of her mouth. A bitter flavor you recognize but wouldn't expect from her
>After a bit of a struggle you manage to pull away
>Dash: "Everything okay?"
"Dash, have you been drinking?"
>She looks down at the floor
>Dash: "I guess that's out of the bag"
>She pulls the flask from her pocket and presents it to you. You don't even have to ask; you're 90 percent sure she got it from Pinkie. In any case, she seems almost ashamed to admit that she's buzzed
>Dash: "You know, if you want to stop we can"
>You grab the flask from her and take a drink
"And if I don't want to"
>Dash: "... then hand it over"
>She grabs the small container from you and downs what was left, tossing it on the floor
>Pushing you back, she climbs down from the desk, turns around, and bends over with her ass out
>She wiggles her ass, showing off the black thong she's wearing
>Dash: "Go ahead, do whatever you want"
>You lean over her, sliding your fingers up and down her dripping crotch... then just a little bit higher. Her legs tremble just as you brush over her secondary hole, as if expecting you to push your finger inside
"Whatever I want?"
>Dash: "Whatever..."
>With a quick move, you pull her panties down and press your member against her anus
>Trying to be gentle clearly isn't working, she's too resistant. You give a little more force, but to no avail
"Maybe not after all-"
>Dash: "-No! G-Go for it!"
>She reaches back and grabs her cheeks, spreading them for you. Her little hole twitches with anticipation
>Deciding to go easy on her, you give her a countdown
"3... 2... 1..."
>Dash: "AAH!"
>She gasps out loud as you lowly penetrate her backside. You slowly slide in further and further until you're all the way in, and her butt is pressed against your chest
>Her breathing rapidly increases and gets much louder. you hold still, giving her time to get accustomed to you
>The moment you try to move, she clenches down, making it tough to move a single inch
>Eventually, she loosens up and lets you pump in and out of her
>Between her gasps of breath, you can hear her call out what vaguely sounds like your name, but usually just moans
>Putting your hands on her ass, you start squeezing. Due to her being an athlete, there's not much there, but damn, what is there is soft as a marshmallow
>You can feel every twitch and contraction of her ass, seeming to be in synch with her gasps
>Looking at her face, you see her eyes have rolled back and her tongue hanging out. The dripping saliva from her gaping mouth is almost matched by her dripping crotch
>You continue thrusting into her, losing yourself in the moment. Memorizing every little bump of her insides, feeling every twitch and contraction of her body. It seems like this hole is even hotter inside than her vagina
>You lean over her and begin kissing the back of her neck. Sliding your fingers into her other hole, you feel it twitch just as much as the other side
>She must be getting close, but then again, so are you
>Dash: "N... N-Nonn... ah... Ah...AH- NONNY!!"
>She screams out your name, clenching down too tightly for you to move
>But not that you need to
>That last contraction put you over the edge, brought you to the big finish, and every squeeze after that seemed to milk more and more out of you until you've gone dry
>Dash collapses, her legs gone limp. You catch her in time to keep her from falling. She clings to your chest, relying on you to hold her up
"Do you need a minute?"
>Dash: "Y-Yeah... j-just a few minutes"
>You lay your jacket on the ground so that she has a semi-warm spot to lay down on the ground, before laying down next to her
>First the bathroom floor, and now this
>The two of you really can cuddle anywhere

"... Hello?"
>She hangs up, pretty stressed about the whole situation. Dash groans, apparently having actually fallen asleep
>Dash: "... what's going on?"
"If we don't hurry back to the gym we're going to lose the race for prince and princess-"
>Dash: "-What?!"
>Dash jumps to her feet before helping you up, though barely able to stand on her own
"Dash, are you sure you're okay to walk?"
>Dash: "Regardless, we have to get down there! I didn't put you on the ballot and go through the whole campaign for nothing"
>She takes your hand and hobbles over to the gym as fast as she can
"Dash, get on"
>You kneel down for her to jump on your back, and you carry her piggyback all the way back to the gym
>So she's the one who put you on the ballot after all
>Forget about that now, you gotta hurry

>It wasn't until after you decided to carry her that you remembered how heavy she can get
>By the time you reach the doors to the gym you're nearly dead
>You let her down so you can catch your breath
>... *rattle rattle*
>Dash: "Um... Anon"
>Dash: "The door's locked"
>No way
>You check the door yourself just to be sure
>Sure enough, it won't budge
>Dash puts her ear to the door, beckoning you over to do the same
>Pressing your ear against the cold door trying to listen in
>Pinkie: "... so are you guys ready to find out who your new prince and princess is? Cause I'm ready, I'm soooo ready! Like, more ready for this than I've ever been ready for anything..."
>It's hard to tell if she's stalling for time, drunk off her ass, or just being herself
>Probably all three
>Celestia: "Well, thank you for that... interesting introduction, Pinkie Pie"
>Dash: "Crap, sounds like Celestia has the microphone. She's the one who announces the winner"
>You back away and take out your cell phone
>Dash: "Who are you calling?"
>... damn. No answer
>You try Pinkie. No answer either
"Damn it"
>Dash: "I tried Applejack and Fluttershy. Nothing"
"Anyone else?"
>Dash: "... I think so"
>She makes a call
>Dash: "... hey, we're outside... long story, I'll explain later... no, we didn't, I swear... okay, we did. Can you just come open the door for us?... yes I'll tell him... alright, thanks a bunch"
"Who was that?"
>Dash: "Nurse Redheart"
"Why do you have her number?"
>Dash: "Long story"
>After a moment, the door opens just a crack, and an arm pops out calling you in
>You and Dash slip through the crack of the door, and it quickly slams shut
>Dash: "Thanks Nurse, we owe you-"
>Nurse: "-Don't bother, you're too late"
>Like Pinkie said, if you're not there to accept the crown they hand it over to the runner-up
>And she was right
>You showed up just in time to see the runner up, Flash Sentry, being crowned the prince of the Winter Ball
>Out of the corner of your eye, you catch Pinkie storming up to you, Rarity struggling to hold her back
>Rarity: "The two of you might want to run-"
>Pinkie: "-What took you so long!"
"Sorry, we tried-"
>Pinkie: "-If you had showed up just two seconds later you would have won!"
>Rarity: "Calm down Pinkie, it's not their fault"
>It kind of is
>Pinkie: "You had almost two hundred votes Anon. Do you have any idea how may Flash had?"
"How many?"
>She holds up four fingers
"Isn't there something you can do?"
>Pinkie: "Nope"
"Anything at all?"
>Pinkie: "Nu uh"
>Dash: "Look guys, let's just forget it"
>She had been clinging onto your arm, but she tries to stand up on her own
>Pinkie: "Forget it? After everything we went through to get him elected?!"
>Dash: "Yeah, I mean, it's too late now right?"
>Pinkie: "Yeah but-"
>Dash: "-And regardless, it was all fun. We should be glad we even managed to get him to come down here"
>Rarity: "She's got a point there"
>Pinkie: "I guess"
>Half-drunk, just-got-laid Dash seems so relaxed
>Dash: "And I'm sure Anon had lots of fun tonight, right"
"Yeah, lots"
>She goes back to hugging your arm again, nuzzling your shoulder
>The girls get what she meant almost instantly
>Rarity: "Come now Pinkie, you can't argue with that, can you?"
>Pinkie: "... eh, I guess you're right. But you owe me for this Nonny"
"Yeah, sure"
>She'll forget by tomorrow
>Dash: "Come on, the dance is pretty much over now, let's go-"
>Celestia: "-And your new princess for the Winter Ball is... Rainbow Dash!"
>Dash: "What?!"
>And there goes her relaxation
>Everyone in the crowd starts glancing around trying to find Dash. She tries to hide behind your back
"Well Dash? What now"
>Dash: "What do you mean, we're leaving remember?"
>Rarity: "Really? But you won"
>Dash: "Yeah, and I only agreed to do it with Anon. I don't wanna be HIS princess-"
>"-There she is! Over there!"
>A spotlight hanging on the ceiling aims directly at you and Dash
>There's no way out for her now
>Dash: "... will you at least walk me up?"
"I'll do you one better"
>You grab at her legs and scoop her up, carrying her princess style
"How's this?"
>You got her to smile
>Dash: "Better. Let's go"

>Be Rainbow Dash
>Anon gingerly carries you up the stage
>Principal Celestia, holding the fake plastic crown in her hands, awaits your arrival
>As you approach her, she beams a warm smile
>Once close enough, she reaches out and places it on your head
>Celestia: "Congratulations, Rainbow Dash!"
>The crowd starts cheering, almost too loud to drown out Anon whispering in your ear
>Anon: "Way to go, princess Dashie"
>He kisses you on the ear
>Celestia: "Do you have anything you'd like to say"
"Nope, I'm good"
>Celestia: "How about you Flash"
>Flash: "As a matter of fact I do"
>He takes the microphone
>Flash: "I just want to thank all those who voted for me..."
>All four of them
>Flash: "... and I want you to know it was the right choice. Anon over there may talk big, but clearly didn't have the courtesy to even show up until now..."
>Oh hell no
>Nobody talks shit about your Nonny
>Anon: "Come on Dash, let's-"
"Put me down"
>Skeptically, he lets you down
>Your ass still hurts and you struggle to stand, but you gotta do it. You walk over and grab the mic from him
>Flash: "... it really makes you wonder whether he even deserved to be nominated in the first- hey-!"
"-You know Flash, I'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish... but Nonny is the best prince of all time!"
>You toss the mic over your shoulder. The crowd erupts in applause
"Come on, let's go home"
>Anon: "... yeah, sure"
>He scoops you back up like before and carries you off
>With that, Celestia announces the dance officially over, and after rejoining the girls you head out together

>Still carrying Dash in your arms, you and the girls head towards the exit
>At the doors, several staff members, Nurse Redheart included with Vlad be her side, are directing the leaving students out the door, and ordering those who aren't
>Your passing by seems to halt the process
>Nurse: "Hey you guys, congratulations! ... well, one of you at least. What the hell happened?"
"It's a long story"
>Nurse: "Well that narrows it down"
>Unfortunately that was no sarcasm. There's really no hiding it anymore
"And just for the record it wasn't my-"
>Nurse: "-Kid, I don't need to know the details, just promise me that she won't show up someday with another little 'you' running around"
>Dash: "Relax, that won't be happening. For sure"
>Nurse: "Dare I ask what that's supposed to mean?"
>You look at Vlad. He looks back at you
>Vlad: "Serbian handshake?"
"Serbian handshake"
>Rarity is the only one who seems to get it
>Nurse: "I have no idea what that means, but I feel like I probably don't want to-"
>Celestia: "Redheart"
>The principals calls out to her and nods her head towards the exit
>Nurse: "Alright, alright... listen, you kids don't have to go home, but can't stay here. Go on"
>The four of you make your way out

>By the time you reach the parking lot, you couldn't carry Dash any longer. You set her down, letting her use your shoulder for support. Pinkie was leaning on Rarity in a very similar fashion
>Rarity: "Will we ever know peace from this?"
"Only when we're dead"
>This is where the four of you go your separate ways
>Rarity: "We're heading off now. She lives nearby my house, so I'll be taking her home"
"You sure she'll be okay?"
>Rarity: "Yeah, I think so. If necessary she can stay at my place"
>Pinkie: "Good idea, party at Rarity's place!"
>Rarity: "Not happening"
>Pinkie: "What? Come on, when do the four of us ever hang out together"
>Rarity: "What about school?"
>Pinkie: "That doesn't count"
"What about tonight?"
>Pinkie: "That doesn't count either"
>Rarity: "Forget her, do the two of you need a ride?"
>You look at Dash, she's in no condition to be walking especially at this time of night. Even if you walked with her, it's no good
"Pinkie didn't give you anything to drink, did she?"
>Rarity: "I'm probably the only one. Come on"

>Deciding to drop you off first, she pulls up at your place, a decent enough apartment complex
"Thanks again for the ride Rarity"
>Rarity: "No problem. See you Monday"
"Alright, see ya"
>Rainbow Dash gives you a kiss before you get out of the car
>Dash: "See you later Anon"
"Later? Don't you want to come in with me?"
>She's thrown off by your offer. So is everyone else... including you
>You hadn't planned on it, that just kind of slipped out, but hey. It's out there now
>Pinkie: "Ah, what the hell, party at Anon's place!"
"Not you, just Dash"
>Pinkie: "Ugh, come on you guys! We never get to hang out!"
>You help Dash out of the car and shut the door before having to go through this again
>Both you and Dash wave to Rarity as she pulls out and rives away

>Leading her over to your apartment, you notice your neighbor just leaving
>Dash: "Does she always go out this late?"
"Yeah, she always runs off to that park across the street late at night. It's a favorite place for the stoners"
>She seems disheartened by that
>Dash: "You don't do that stuff, right?"
"Relax, of course not"
>Okay, only once, and it didn't count
>You unlock your door and invite her in
>It's nothing awful, not grand but not a shit hole either
>Dash: "Is it just you here?"
"Pretty much. You thirsty or anything?"
>Dash: "Not really, mostly just tired"
>Figures. To be honest so are you
>You take her back to your bedroom
>Dash: "hey Anon"
>Dash: "Do you have something that I could wear for tonight? This dress is kind of uncomfortable"
>Shoot, you actually hadn't thought of that
"Hold up, I might"
>You start rummaging in your dresser while she glances over your shoulder
>You find something that just might fit her
"How's this"
>Her mouth curves into a sweet, child-like smile
>Dash: "Perfect"
>She happily takes the sweater you handing her and changes into it
>This isn't the first time you've given her that same sweater
"I'll keep looking, I might have some sweats or something you can-"
>Dash: "-No, this is just fine"
>Seeing as how it was already a little big on her, it nowhere near fits her. It reaches past her butt, about halfway down her thighs, and sleeves stretch all the way down to her fingertips
>You're inclined to let her keep it from now on
>You quickly change into a t shirt and some sweats, making sure to hang up Vlad's comrade's suit up nicely in your closet
>Pulling the covers aside on your bed, you let her lay down in your bed
>Dash: "Where are you going to sleep?"
"... Scoot over"
>You nudge her to the side and lay down next to her. You're bed's pretty small but it's enough for the two of you
>Dash: "Are you sure it's not too cramped?"
"I'm fine, are you?"
>Dash: "No, I'm okay"
"Then there's nothing to worry about"
>Dash: "Are you sure?"
>Dash: "I just want to make sure you're comfortable. It is your place after all and-"
"Shut up an hold me"
>Falling silent, she puts her arm around you
>You pull the covers over the two of you
>Dash: "G-Goodnight Nonny"
>She nestles her face in your chest, letting out a deep yawn
"Night Dashie"
>Between the dancing, the sex, and carrying her around, you're exhausted. You fall asleep almost instantly

Chapter 3: The Ole Razzle Dazzle[edit]

>Your alarm clock goes off at 7AM as usual. For obvious reasons, you forgot to turn it off
>With Dash between you and the clock, you can't quite reach it
>With the swing of her fist she shuts off the alarm, probably permanently
>She groans as her eyes slowly drift shut
"I think that's yours"
>Dash: "Ugh... damn it"
>She crawls out of bed and finds her dress still lying on the floor
>She removes her phone from the pocket. Answering it seems to be a struggle for her, still trying to wake up
>Dash: "yeah?... I'm at Rarity's place, I spent the night... I went to the dance, remember?... yeah, I'm okay, just tired... alright, I'll be home later"
>She hangs up, then turns her phone off for good measure
"Rarity's place?"
>Dash: "You wanna call my grandpa back and tell him we slept together?"
"... my lips are sealed"
>She lets out a yawn before crawling back into bed
>Dash: "You can't sleep, can you"
>Dash: "Me either"
>Well so much for getting your rest
>You have to climb over her to get out of bed
>Dash: "Where are you going?"
"I'm going to take a quick shower. I'll leave the door unlocked, so if you need anything just come get me"
>Dash: "Alright, I'm going to try and get some rest"
>She pulls the covers over herself, gets comfortable, and falls back asleep

>You close the bathroom door, get undressed, and turn on the shower
>The water usually takes forever to heat up, you end up getting in while it's barely tolerable
>After about five minutes you hear the door creak open. You can't see through the curtain but you can assume who it is
"Dash? Is that you?"
>Dash: "Yeah, it's me"
"Need something?"
>Dash: "Kind of... I need you"
"What for?"
>Dash: "..."
>When she doesn't respond you peek out from behind the shower curtain
>She's standing there rubbing her arm, awkwardly staring at the ground like she's looking for something to say
>Oh yeah, and she's naked
>.... Oh, that was her trying to be playful and sexy
>Either you're completely oblivious or she's just really awkward
>Probably both
"Come on, get in here"
>She carefully steps into the shower
"The water's not too cold, is it?"
>Dash: "No, it's fine"
>She'd be more convincing if she wasn't already shivering
"Don't worry, it'll heat up in a minute"
>She snuggles up against you, acting like she's doing it out of love and not to use you as a shield from the water
>Well, you're used to cold water so you let her
>Dash: "hey Anon..."
>She looks up at you and whispers "maybe we can make it a little hotter on our own"
>Her second attempt at seduction, much more effective
"What did you have in mind?"
>She just winks
>Pressing her body against you, she slips one leg between yours. You can feel her prickly pubic area rubbing against your thigh
>Does it still count as "dry-humping" if you're in the shower?
>Whatever you call it, it's working
>Even an ice bath couldn't stop you from rising to the occasion
>Dash: "A little too excited aren't you?"
"You're one to talk, I bet there's more than just water running down my leg"
>Dash: "Not if you're going to make me do all the work here"
>Realizing she's got a point, you consider your options
>Something new
>Something she's not expecting...
>Got it
>You start kissing her on the lips, putting your arms around her. Just as she opens her mouth, hoping for your tongue, you move your kisses down to her neck. She starts running her fingers through your hair. Slowly, you start kneeling down, not ceasing kissing her body, pausing just as your face is between her breasts. She instinctively pushes your head downward, waiting for you to move to her crotch
>But that's not happening
>Instead, you move over towards her breast and kiss her erect nipple, before gently sucking it
>They were already erect from the cold water, making it easier for you to o your job
>She gasps out loudly, probably from surprise and not because she liked it that much
>She starts playing with her other side, roughly groping herself and flicking her nipple around. With her other hand, she presses your face into her like she's trying to suffocate you
>Okay, maybe she did enjoy it that much
>You push her active hand away and do exactly as she was, letting yourself take full responsibility of pleasing her
>With nothing else for her hands to do, she slips her fingers between her legs. Even with her own fingers inside herself, she still humps your leg, using you to push them in an out
>The water has to started to reach a reasonable temperature
>Dash: "Anon..."
>Dash: "I want you to- AAH!"
>You gently bite her nipple, which seems to cut her off
"You were saying?"
>Dash: "I want- mmh!"
>You do it again
>She seems to really like it
"Sorry what was that"
>You gently nibble her tit, while she struggles to speak through her gasping
>Dash: "I-I want you t-to fuck me!"
>The fact that she was able to say it out loud like that means she must be desperate
>You can feel the steam rising in the room
>You move the wet clumps of hair from her face before kissing her once again. This time, you welcome her tongue into your mouth, and your hands find their way back to her chest
>As her hand starts massaging the growing appendage between your legs, yours do the same with her soft breasts. Though admittedly small in size, there's a certain attractiveness to them that you can't resist
>Between toying wit her tongue in your mouth and her small nipples with your fingers, you seem to get lost
>It throws you off when she breaks away from the kiss
>Dash: "Anon, please"
>She grabs your hand and guides it down her wet body and between her legs
>Oh yeah, she has a vagina too
>Her body eagerly and gladly welcomes your intruding fingers
>Once you start pumping your fingers in and out of her, she resumes the kiss, even letting out a quiet moan under her breath
>The again, since it only takes one hand to finger her, you continue groping her with the other
>Every part of her body seems to be enjoying this moment
>Her pussy tightens around your fingers every time you try to pull them out. Her tongue wrestles with yours like an aggressive puppy. Her nipples poke out in a way that almost begs you to play with them
>Dash's grip on your dick loosens. She steps back towards the wall of the shower, turns around, and sticks her ass out, resting on the wall with her hands
>Dash: "I can't wait any longer"
>You approach her, gently grabbing her from behind before thrusting your cock into her
>A little abrupt but it worked
>As you pump in and out of her, dripping water splashing between your hips with every impact. You're cautious not to move too fast, you've slipped on this shower floor one too many times to not know your lesson
>Of course, that goes out the window pretty quickly. Once you start to move faster you can feel her start to wobble. At first you think it's the slippery floor, but then you realize she's only balancing herself on the wall with one hand
>It's not unheard of for her to touch herself during sex, rubbing her clitoris while you fuck her
>But her hand isn't anywhere near her crotch
>It's at her chest
"You okay Dash?"
>Dash: "Y-Yeah, just don't stop"
>You lean over her a little more to get better look, and sure enough, she's playing with her own breast, squeezing and flicking her nipple. And she's enjoying it
>You should let her carry on in peace. To bring it up now would most likely embarrass her, and that's no way to treat the girl you love
>Dash: "... h-Hey! What are you doing?"
"Nothing, Dashie"
>You reached for the other side of her chest, teasing it the way she is doing to herself
"Should I stop?"
>Dash: "...."
>No response
>So you continue to play with her tit. Leaning over like this makes it a struggle to keep your balance, but Dash sure loves it, and that's what matters
>Dash: "A-Anon... stop for a sec"
>Well you thought she did
>You pull your hand away and back away so you're no longer leaning over her, but you continue moving
>Dash: "I meant stop everything"
>You stop moving and pull out, and she turns to face you
"Did I do something wrong?"
>Dash: "No, of course not. It's just that... do you really like my boobs THAT much?"
"Well, yeah. Kind of"
>When a girls asks that, there's really no good answer
>But to your surprise, she's happy with your response. Otherwise she wouldn't have that embarrassed half-smile of hers that always gives you a heart attack from cuteness
>Dash: "W-Well, do you wanna do more with them?"
"More like what?"
>Dash: "You know..."
"Actually I don't know"
>Dash: "Well you should, I found it on your computer earlier"
>Dash: "... and a whole lot of it"
>You really need to start hiding your porn folder
>She kneels down, beckoning you closer and closer until your penis is pressed up against her, right at chest level. After a few nudges and adjustments, little Anon finds a snug home right down her cleavage
>Pressing her small breasts together with her hands, she quickly realizes that this is nothing like one of your Japanese animes
>Not with those small (but still perfect) B-cups of hers
>Regardless, she follows through with her plan, bouncing her breasts up and down, trying to squish your dick between them
"I'm not sure that-"
>Dash: "-Shush! I can do this!"
>Her eyes are filled with a lustful determination,a look that you can't help but find irresistible. And you doubting her only seems to make her try even harder
>The hot water raining down makes her already warm body that much warmer. Sliding between her soft, slippery breasts feels pretty good
>But the look in her eyes, the determination, the desire; it's absolutely irresistible, it makes the sensation all the more amazing. Hell, you might actually be getting dizzy
>Realizing that she's doing something right, Dash decided to be a little more adventurous
>She holds your dick out in front of her and pokes it into her left breast, rubbing it around until you run over her nipple
>Your cock twitches when you feel the little bump
>Dash: "So are you enjoying it so far?"
"Just keep going"
>You barely manage to stutter that out
>She smiles triumphantly, continuously rubbing your head over her tits, taking extra time teasing you with her nipples. It's hard to tell how long this has been going on, because the shower rinses off any traces of precum you left trailing across her chest
>Mental note: Do this again outside of the shower
>It must have been a while though
>Your legs start to tremble, feeling weak
>You feel a far-too-familiar tingle building up, and the more your dick twitches in anticipation, you don't even have to give Dash a heads-up. She can just tell
>You've trained her well
>Dash: "I know"
>Immediately, she returns your cock to it's position between her breasts and begins massaging you
>Though you missed the feeling of her little bumps rubbing against your head, she substitutes it for her tongue gently lapping at you
>She takes as much of you into her mouth as she can, though not flexible enough to really get past the head
>It's all you really need
>The warmth of her mouth, the rough texture of her tongue slowly swirling around your cock, her slippery breasts massaging you on either side
>You can tell you're at your limit, so you do the most sensible thing at the moment
>You pull away
>You pull away, letting your cock pop out of her mouth, spraying strand after strand of your cum onto her face and with a little careful aim, onto her tits
>She flinches as if you just shot at her
>Then again, you kind of just did
>It was really the most intense orgasm you've had in a long time. You feel your legs getting weak, no, your whole body getting weak...
>Then you black out

>Dash: "... Anon? Are you awake?"
>Dash is standing over you, wearing the sweater you gave her last night
"... I think so. What happened?"
>You struggle to get up, but she urges that you stay lying on the bed
>Come to think of it, when did you get to your bed?
>Dash: "I take it you're not used to exercising in the heat"
"Why? What happened?"
>You remember doing it in the shower, and the heat making you dizzy, but not much... other than it being awesome
>Dash: "You passed out from exhaustion after you... you know, on me"
>You do recall catching a glimpse of Dash looking up at you, the water slowly rinsing your cum from her face before everything went dark
>Mental note: Do this again outside of the shower. Take pictures
"Did you carry me to bed?"
>Dash: "Yeah. I had to dress you too"
>All you're wearing is your boxers
"This is what you call dressed?"
>Dash: "W-Well I had to make sure you stayed cool, didn't want to wrap you up too much. Heat exhaustion, you know?"
>... yeah, sure
>She's gotten better at bullshitting
"So can I ask you one quick question?"
>Dash: "Sure"
"When you came into the bathroom, was doing all that part of your plan?"
>Dash: "No, not really. I was going to do something else, but then you did that thing with your mouth, and it just... got me in the mood"
"So what we're you going to do?"
>Dash: "... I'll save it for another time"
>She crawls into bed next to you, her still damp hair feeling providing a relieving coolness against your skin as she hugs you tightly

>And just now, it occurs to you
>She went through your porn folder at least once, and most likely again while you were passed out
>She knows all of your fetishes
>All of them

>You wake up several hours later, after having fallen back asleep
>Dash had taken the liberty to snuggle up next to you under the covers while you were asleep, though you can’t really say against your will
>You try to sit up without disturbing her, but she still wakes
>She rubs her eyes as she slowly gets up. She’s still wearing that baggy old sweater you let her borrow, which is way too big on her. Her hair is a mess, which is perfectly normal seeing as how she just woke up, but it still surprises you
>The fact that the sporty, athletic, tomboy Rainbow Dash could be so adorable
>Dash: “Morning Nonny”
>You glance over at the alarm clock
“I’d hardly call it morning”
>She looks at the clock
>Dash: “True. At least I got some sleep though”
"Yeah, about half a day's worth. Didn't you tell your grandpa this morning that you'd be home a long time ago?"
>Dash: "Yeah, kind of"
>She lays back down
"Still tired?"
>Dash: “No, I just don’t feel like going home yet”
"Then don't, stay as long as you like"
>Dash: "Really?"
"Sure, why not"
>Deciding to take you up on your offer she sits up next to you
"Though maybe you should at least stop by at home for a bit and change clothes. You've been wearing nothing but my sweater since last night"
>Dash: "Don't worry. I'll make sure to wash it before I give it back-"
"-Don't worry, keep it"
>Dash: "You sure?"
"Yeah, it looks good on you"
> Her reaction is delayed
>First nothing. Then a little smile. Then a little blush.
>Then all at once, she tackles you into a hug tight enough to suffocate you, loudly thanking you over and over again. You fall back onto the bed
>As cute as she is, it doesn't change the fact that she's strong, really strong.
>And it doesn't change the fact that she still doesn't have clean clothes to wear
>Finally, she jumps up out of the bed, taking the sweater off to get dressed
>She puts her dress back on and ties the sweater around her waist
>After throwing some other clothes on, you walk with her to the front door to see her out
"You know your way back home right?"
>Dash: "Pretty sure. What do you want to do when I get back?"
"I was thinking that maybe we could have lunch or something, seeing as how it's already afternoon and we haven't eaten all day"
>Dash: "I like the way you think. What are you going to make?"
"Actually, I was thinking we could go out somewhere. There's a lot of really good restaurants nearby"
>Dash: "Go out to eat?"
"That's what I said"
>Dash: "You mean like... like a date?"
>It never really occurred to you until now, but you've never really taken Dash out on a date, just the two of you
>Unless of course asking her to the dance counted, which it didn't
>What the hell kind of boyfriend are you
"Yeah, just like a date"
>Dash: "... Sure, sounds fun, See you in a bit"
>She waves goodbye and heads off down the street
>Looking down at yourself, you realize you should probably get dressed in something better too
>For some reason, you expected a lot more spaghetti dropage from her just now
>Maybe she's getting over awkwardness
>Good for her

>Be Rainbow Dash
>As soon as you round the corner out of sight from Nonny's apartment you take your phone out and turn it back on
>Nonny just asked you out on a date. Like, a real date with just the two of you. The dance didn't really count, all your friends were there. But this time, it's no friends. Just you and him...
>You're about to have a heart attack
>Once your phone is on you call Rarity
>You're going to need some advice

>Be Rainbow Dash
>As soon as you were done on the phone with Rarity you hauled ass back home
>Not fast enough for gramps apparently
>Gramps: "Where the hell have you been? I thought you were coming home hours ago"
"Sorry, I meant to come home sooner but I was so tired"
>Gramps: "You're dad would kill you if he knew you were out all night"
"Well it's not like I was sleeping in the streets or anything, I was at Rarity's place"
>Gramps: "Well hurry and clean yourself up. You reek of sweat and you look a total mess"
>He's never really been a gentle talker
>Then again, he does have a point. You're wearing the same dress you wore last night; the only difference is it's more wrinkled after spending the night thrown on the floor. Not to mention how you hurried home in it today, you petty much mixed in fresh sweat in with the old sweat from last night's dancing and drunken sex
>Don't exactly look like a rainbow or smell like a bowl of skittles
>First thing's first, you take a shower
>The shower at Anon's place didn't really get you any cleaner

>While in the shower, gramps starts calling out your name. When he doesn't stop you double-time getting yourself cleaned up
>After drying yourself off you step out of the bathroom, with nothing but a towel around you to cover up
"Alright alright, what do you want?"
>Gramps: "The commie's here to see you"
>Rarity steps out from behind him
>Rarity: "Is this a bad time"
>Yes it is, you're naked. But you do need her help, and you did ask her to come by...
"No, it's fine. Come on"
>You take Rarity back to your room
>When you get to your room, Rarity sits on your bed
>Rarity: "He's never going to warm up to me, is he?"
"Don't take it personal, he doesn't like anyone"
>You drop the towel and start getting yourself dressed. As you put your bra on you're interrupted by Rarity jumping up and groping you from behind. Your boobs are a little sore from earlier
"What the hell are you doing?"
>Rarity: "Hmm... "
>She pulls her hands away and sits back down
"I think you need to size up again"
>Damn it, you just did a month ago
>Ignoring it, you continue getting dressed
>Rarity: "So does your grandpa know about your date today?"
>You shush her
"he doesn't even know that I have a boyfriend"
>Rarity: "really? why not?"
"if he knew about me and Anon he'd kill him. especially if he knew about... everything"
>Rarity makes a zipper motion across her lips
>When you're finished dressing you present yourself
"So, how do I look?"
>She says nothing
"... What?"
>She shakes her head
"Too casual?"
>She sighs
>Maybe you should have asked Fluttershy for help
>Rarity: "Well, its... nice. But if this is for Anon you ant to look better than nice, right?"
"Yeah, I guess, but-"
>Rarity: "-No excuses! It's my job to make sure you look absolutely perfect!"
>Well, she's got enthusiasm
>After rummaging around in your closet, she picks something out
>Rarity: "Here, try this"
>After trying it on she decides it's not "perfect" either, so she puts you in something else
>She puts you through a whole damn fashion show, turning your closet inside out before deciding on an outfit for you, a nice red blouse, not too fancy but still nice, with black shorts, and long black socks up to your knees
"You're sure I look good in this?"
>Rarity: "Trust me darling you look magnificent. Or 'awesome', as you'd probably put it"
>You look at yourself all over, really getting a sense of what you're wearing. You do look pretty damn awesome
"Yeah, you're right"
>For once her picky sense of fashion may save you
>Rarity: "So where is the date going to be?"
"We haven't even decided yet. He just told me there's some nice places around"
>Rarity: "Well do you have an idea of where you might be going?"
"Nice try, you're not coming along"
>Her pout says you hit the nail right on the head
>On your way out, you grab Anon''s sweater, which was balled up by your pillow
>Rarity: "Dash, wait"
>Rarity: "Don't you have a sweater that's not so... worn out?"
"This is Anon's sweater, but he told me this morning I could keep it, so I thought I'd wear it"
>She doesn't seem pleased at all
>Rarity: "I'm sure it means a lot. It's just so old and faded, it makes your whole outfit look a little... well, no offense, sloppy"
"Well tough luck, I'm taking it. Besides, it's actually really warm and comfy"
>You quickly put it on, unzipped and open. The sleeves are long enough to cover up your hands to your fingertips. Then you head out, showing Rarity out with you
>As far as gramps is concerned, you're heading back to her place

"Sorry for the wait Anon, I didn't take too long did I?"
>Anon: "No, not at all"
>He's waiting for you outside his front door, tapping his finger on the wall with the same expression he had when you met him at the cafe last night
>Yup, he's lying
"Are you sure?"
>Anon: "Well you did kind of take two hours, but it was worth it"
>The second half of that statement was almost sweet enough to make you ignore the first half
>He tries to take your and, but ends up with a handful of sleeve. So instead, he puts his arm around your shoulders
"So anyways, where are we going?"
>Anon: "What are you in the mood for?"
"Doesn't matter, whatever you have in mind"
>Anon: "We can go anywhere really, it doesn't matter to me"
"Anywhere's fine with me too"
>The two of you are stuck in this situation, the whole "I don't know where do you want to go" endless loop, and you both realize it
>You start walking together towards no specific place, figuring you'll decide on the way

>He's awkwardly staring at you the whole way there. You decide to ask him about it
"Is everything okay?"
>Anon: "I'm fine. You just look great today"
"Even with your old worn-out sweater?"
>Anon: "Looks a lot better on you than it did on me"
>You put your arm around his waist and pull yourself closer to his side
"Thanks. You look great too"
>He smiles
>Anon: "Thanks Dashie"
>Sometimes you wonder if he calls you that just to gauge your reaction... jokes on him, that just makes it a double victory

>Not far down the street there's a big outdoor plaza with a bunch of different restaurants, like a big food court
>There's a sushi bar that looks closed at the moment, probably having something to do with the big red board nailed to the door, with bold letters that read "PUBLIC HEALTH NOTICE"
>Next door is an Italian place with a window sign that boasts having the best spaghetti in town, claiming it's "out of this world"
>A little further down there's a barbeque place with an intoxicating scent wafting over
>In the middle of the parking lot is a Mexican food truck, with a long line being held up by a blue-haired girl at the front loudly demanding more tacos
>There's a McDonald's too, don't they have a dollar menu?
>Anon: "See anything in particular?"
"Well... "
>You wouldn't mind getting dirty with some BBQ ribs... but that Italian place does make an interesting statement
>Yup, you've made up your mind
"How do you feel for some spaghetti?"
>Taking each other's hands you head into the Italian restaurant, Ampliare Pene
>The host is a young looking guy, probably just a few years older than you and Anon. He tells you that the wait shouldn't be long, they're clearing up a table now
>The two of you stand against the wall waiting for them to call you up. There's another couple waiting outside the restaurant
>Before you can really think too much, the host calls you up and takes you to your table

>You got a booth along the wall by a window. A minute or two later the waiter shows up to take your drink orders
"Just water is fine"
>Anon: "I'll have coffee"
>He leaves and the two of you look over the menu
>Anon: "You have an idea of what you're getting?"
"Not sure, do you?"
>Anon: "The pasta's definitely worth trying. It's what I usually get"
"So you come here often?"
>Anon: "Sometimes, but not usually with another person... scratch that, never with another person"
"You mean you go out to eat alone?"
>Anon: "Yeah, I was THAT guy. At least I got a few free sympathy deserts out of it though"
>Damn, you actually feel bad for him
>Even before you had him, you would go out to eat with the girls, never by yourself
"Well you don't have to be that guy anymore"
>You reach your hand out across the table for his. A simple gesture, but it gets a smile out of him. Out of both of you
>Just then, the waiter arrives with your drinks and a basket of complimentary breadsticks, just in time to ruin the moment
>Then he takes your orders. You order the spaghetti and meatballs in a four cheese tomato sauce, sounds really good right about now. Anon simply says "make that two"
>Once the waiter's gone, you try to think of a way to restore that moment, that feeling of happiness that makes you forget that anyone else was even in the room, like the rest of the world doesn't even matter
>Nope. Nothing. He ruined the moment
>Someone's not getting a tip
>Less than a minute after he's gone Anon had emptied his cup of coffee
>Anon: "I needed it. Had to skip my morning coffee because someone kept me busy"
"Hey, just for the record that was all your idea"
>You know just as much as he does how wrong that is
>Anon: "Pretty sure it was yours"
"That's not how I remember it"
>Anon: "Are you remembering the same morning?"
>Initiate damage control

"Let's just agree that it was a mutual idea"
>Anon: "But it was all you-"
"-So anyways have you tried these breadsticks? They look good"
>You immediately grab one and stuff it in your mouth, trying to change the subject
>He's quietly laughing
>Anon: "Regardless, I'm sure the next time it will be all my idea"
"Next time?"
>Anon: "Of course. Let's face it that was too awesome to be a one-time thing"
>You nearly choke on the last of the breadstick, but manage to force it down
"... so that good, huh?"
>He smiles
>Anon: "Dashie, everything you do is awesome"
>You can't tell if he's teasing you again or being sincere, so you have no idea how to respond
>He reaches across the table for your hand again, lacing his fingers with yours
>Yup, it's sincere
>You try to come up with a response
>You know, something sweet, something romantic
>Anon: "Did you just kick me?"
>Yeah, that's the best you got
"It was more of a tap"
>He quietly chuckles. He knows what that 'tap' means
>An acceptable substitute for punching him in the arm
>It's really something special that such a small gesture can mean so much between-
>Anon: "What? It was just a tap"
>Forget love
>He just declared war
>The two of you spend the rest if the time waiting for your meals kicking each other under the table
>There's probably a lot of people staring at you
>But fuck it, you're having fun
>The kick fight halts when the waiter came by to refill Anon's coffee
>After assuring that your food should be out shortly, he leaves you be, and as soon as he's gone Anon makes the first shot
>Go time
>In your attempt to retaliate you accidentally kick the table stand. The table rattles, nearly making his coffee almost spill over and knocking your utensils on the floor
>Maybe you shouldn't have left them on he edge
>Anon: "Smooth"
>You get down to pick them up, and while peeking under the table, you notice he's sitting with his legs abnormally wide open, even for a guy
>Target locked
>You toss your utensils on the opposite corner of the table against the wall, making a mental note to ask for new ones. God knows when the last time they cleaned this floor
>When you sit back down you try your best to conceal your smile as you discretely kick your shoes off
>You lean back and extend your leg forward, caressing his shin with your toes a lot more gently than you have been. He notices the change in mood
>Anon: "Dash, what are you up to?"
>So you say as you slide your foot up to is thigh, gently rubbing him up and down as if massaging him. It's hard to tell if he's actually liking it at first, he's too good at keeping his cool; it's a little nerve-racking You hate to rush these things, but you need to know. Your foot makes it's way between his legs, gently enough to not hurt him but quick enough to catch him off guard
>And it's still a little unclear, but there's something going on in there
>You give him a little pressure
>Anon: "Nothing, huh?"
"Is it working?"
>He doesn't say anything; his body speaks for itself
>Something's rising in there
>Even between his pants and your socks, you can make out the shape of his thing, so you start stroking it the best you can. It seems easier than you thought it'd be
>Just one of the many things you learned about while looking through his computer
>You can feel his leg shaking
>You're doing something right, so you move just a little faster
>He always seems has the same expression when you do this stuff- trying, and failing, to not look like he's loving it
>Anon: "Hey Dash"
>Anon: "Having fun?"
>Anon: "How far are you planning on taking this?"
"As far as you want to go"
>That was a sexy response right?
>He grabs your foot, sliding his thumbs between you and his body
>Maybe not so sexy after all
>He squeezes you with his thumbs, rotating them around the ball of your foot
>He's massaging you
>Maybe that was sexy after all
>You slide your heel up and down his length, a feeling you've missed for so long
>You're not quite as good at hiding your expression as he is
>You feel a tingle in your foot, that eventually spreads up between your legs
>There's no real way to explain why having your feet touched has always been so exhilarating
>Through his pants you can feel a little twitch every now and again. It makes you want to giggle every time
>He stops rubbing your foot, much to your dismay
>You try pouting, hoping to get him to continue
>A smile spreads across his face... you're not sure how you feel bout it-
"Ah- mmh!"
>You quickly stuff your face with another breadstick, trying to stifle your voice. His foot just pressed between your legs
>Part of you wishes he'd given you a heads up. Another part of you is wishing you were wearing a skirt
>He must have taken his shoes off too, because you can feel each toe rubbing your crotch up and down
>This is what, the third time you've done it in the past two days?
>And yet, this is the most exciting
>You scoot in closer and gently grind into his foot. Damn it, if only he could move his toes like his fingers
>Nevertheless, you can feel your underwear getting more and more damp by the minute
>.... And far too soon, he pulls his foot out from between your crotch, and pushes yours away
>There's no way he finished yet, you would have felt it
>But regardless, it seems he's done for now
>Damn it, you're still wet, and it's uncomfortable, really uncomfortable
>Maye you should run to the bathroom. You can't finish yourself off, but you can at least clean up a little
>Anon: "Hey Dash, the-"
"Just a second, I'll be right back"
>You jump out of your seat
>Anon: "Dash wait-"

>Be Anon
>Dash had started some foot play with you, so you returned the favor
>But sooner than you'd have liked, you catch the waiter coming back with the two plates of spaghetti
>You had to break off the foot play, you don't want to risk getting caught in public, especially not in a good restaurant like this
>Since he's coming towards you, Dash doesn't see him approaching
"Hey Dash, the-"
>Dash: "Just a second, I'll be right back"
>She jumps out of her seat
"Dash wait-"
>... just in time to collide with the waiter
>Dash stumbled back, managing to catch herself on the table
>The waiter tripped forward, falling onto his knees
>The spaghetti plates fell from his hands, making a perfect 10/10 landing
>One in your lap, the other on your head
>Both spaghetti-side down
>This could have gone better

>Be Rainbow Dash
>You just bumped into the waiter. He fell over but you managed to catch yourself
>Waiter: "You okay ma'am?"
"Yeah, I'm fine"
>The waiter gets to his feet and apologizes, to you first but mostly to Anon
>And that's when you glance over at Anon, his face covered in spaghetti
>Well consider yourself single from now on
>The waiter rushes off to get some towels, leaving you and Anon alone together at the center of attention
>The whole restaurant is watching you trying to find the right words to say for a sincere apology
"... u-umm"
>He looks at you without saying a word. You've never seen him mad before so it's hard to tell if he is or not
"I-I didn't mean to, I'm sorry"
>Anon: "Don't be"
"I didn't do it on purpose I just-"
>Anon: "-Dash, please"
>He puts his hand up to shush you. At first, you can't tell where he's going with this
>Your palms are sweaty. You knees are weak. Your arms are heavy
>He lets out a sigh. He closes his eyes as if trying to think...
>Then, as he puts his hand down, he quietly chuckles
>Anon: "It's not the first time I've dropped my spaghetti here"
>His chuckle bursts into a full on laugh, which you awkwardly try to join in on
>After wiping off all the noodles off himself and onto one of the plates, he gets up and puts his hands on your shoulders, as if hugging you from a distance
>Anon: "It's no big deal alright?"
>He gently strokes your cheek, and you nod in acceptance
>You don't care about getting messy, you collapse into his chest and hug him tightly
>Naturally he smells like spaghetti
>At least the food smells good
>The waiter shows up with an armful of towels and starts cleaning up. He hands one to each of you, before offering to comp your meals
>You and Anon clean yourselves up as best you can, then take your seats on opposite sides of the booth
>Everyone else carries on with their business, save for the occasional awkward glance
>Anon: "Hold still"
>Not long after the heads up, the waiter comes back out with two identical plates of pasta, putting one in front of each of you, assuring you it's on the house
>It looks much more appetizing on a plate rather than in Anon's hair
>As hungry as you are you find yourself having a hard time managing your fork, your nerves still calming down
>Anon: "You okay?"
"Yeah, I think"
>He silently shakes his head, then gets up to sit on the same side as you. Taking your fork from you, he twirls it on the plate then holds it up to you
"Are you trying to feed me?"
>Anon: "Aren't you hungry?"
>You silently lean forward and take the bite
>Anon snickers
>Yeah, you're probably smiling like an idiot right bout now, but damn is this the best pasta you've ever eaten. And suddenly you feel well enough to feed yourself. You take your fork back and start stuffing your face
>After a minute or two you catch Anon watching you in astonishment, which is when it suddenly dons on you that you've been eating rather... aggressively. "Uncouth" as Rarity often describes it
>In front of Anon it is a little embarrassing. As if dropping the spaghetti wasn't awkward enough
"I swear I'm not usually such a messy eater"
>Anon: "Save it Dash. I'm actually impressed"
>Anon: "A guy's gotta love a girl who knows how to appreciate good food. Remind me to take you to that barbeque place down the street, they've got some damn good ribs"
>And Rarity said you'd never get a real date when acting so unladylike
>Suck it

>You both finish your food pretty quickly, and the waiter comes back with the desert menus
>Looking through it your eyes light up. Everything on here looks so delicious, even if you can't pronounce half of it
>Anon: "... I think she wants one of everything"
>He's actually right, so you close it and set it down
"You pick something Anon"
>Anon looks at you, then back down at the menu, then back at you, then back at the menu
>He holds it up to the waiter and points at something, which you can't see, and asks for two
>Anon: "And can we actually get then to-go?"
>The waiter nods, takes the menus, and heads away
"Why to-go?"
>Anon: "Sorry, but I don't want to be eating desert covered in spaghetti"
"So... does this mean that-"
>Anon: "-Yes, you're coming back to my place"
>All of a sudden you feel giddy about going back to his place
"So what did you end up getting?"
>Anon: "You'll find out"
>The waiter comes back with a small white box. He tells you everything is on the house, as an apology for earlier
>A fun date, a little under-the-table action, and now free food?
>This day just keeps getting better and better

>The walk back to Anon's place was pretty quick. He carries the box the whole way
>He puts the box in the fridge, then takes you back to his bedroom. The sweater seemed to get a little messy, so you take it off and you're fine. Anon, on the other hand, needs a shower
>Anon: "Oh, and Dash, try not to ambush me in the shower again"
"I'll try not to"
>He smiles
>Perhaps you finally got the whole "playful and sexy" thing down
>Anon: "And don't peek in the box either"
>With that, he heads to the bathroom, and as soon as you hear the shower running you head straight for the kitchen
>Just one peek wouldn't hurt
>Inside are two slices of cake, with white frosting and topped with a strawberry syrup and sliced strawberries
>It makes your mouth water just thinking about it
>You quickly close the box and put it back where it was, making sure it was facing the same direction and everything
>Don't want to leave any evidence
>You hurry back to his room and plop down on the bed, the way he usually does when he comes over to your place
>Your phone rings
"... Hello?"
>Rarity: "Hey Dash, hope I'm not interrupting anything"
"No, you're good. Just chilling"
>Rarity: "So what's the word, how was your date?"
"It was great, I'm at his place now-"
>"-Damn girl, are you about to get some ass!?!"
>You hear Pinkie shouting in from a distance
>You must be on speakerphone
"No no, we're just hanging out, going to have desert in a bit. Who else is there anyways?"
>Rarity: "Just me and her. So what's all this about desert?"
"It's not what you think, Anon just ordered something from the restaurant. A little strawberry cake"
>Rarity: "From that Italian place down the street?"
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
>Rarity: "Oh, I've been there plenty of times. Trust me, that cake is absolutely divine, you'll love it"
"That good, huh?"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, that good? Why didn't we pick some up earlier-"
>Rarity: "-shh!"
"What? You were there too?"
>Rarity: "Yeah, Rarity told me about your date so we went down there to check up on you. Sucks about the spaghetti thing, but don't worry we won't tell-"
>Rarity: "-Pinkie!"
"You guys were spying on us!?"
>Rarity: "Well... it was your first date and all, and we were curious. You're not... too upset are you?"
>... eh, who cares. Today was the best day ever. And at least they DID leave you two alone. Knowing that isn't going to ruin your day
>Still tough, you really need to find a way for some privacy
"You're not still following us, are you?"
>Rarity: "Of course not"
"Then it's fine, just don't tell anyone about the spaghetti thing alright?"
>Rarity: "Don't worry, our lips are sealed"
>You'll probably hear about this at school on Monday
"Good, I've got to go"
>You hang up, and quickly go through the apartment, making sure all the windows and curtains are closed just in case

>While checking on the windows you hear the shower shut off, and Anon steps out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist
>Anon: "Why's it so dark in here"
"Had to make sure no one is watching us"
>Anon: "Uh huh... well I'm going to get dressed. I'll check my closet for an extra tin foil helmet"
>You have no idea what that means, but you assume it's a joke. He retires to his room to get dressed
>Come to think of it, it is pretty dark in here. The only light in the whole building was coming in from the windows, and even now the sun is starting to set. You flip the light switch in the kitchen, and a single bulb flickers a few times before turning on
>Anon: "Hey it actually worked"
>Anon comes back in, fully dressed
>Anon: "I swear that bulb's been half dead for almost a week, I've just been too lazy to replace it. Can you get the box from the fridge?"
>You take the box out while he grabs two plates and two forks, setting them down on the table. You set the box down
>Anon: "Go ahead, open it"
>Pulling up the lid of the box, you're just as excited to see it now as the first time
>Anon: "So what do you think?"
"Looks okay I guess..."
>You hold back your laugh and wait for his response. As soon as he looks visibly disheartened, you let yourself giggle
>Now you get why he teases you so much. It's fun
>After serving each plate with a slice of cake, you dig in. It's so delicious, the first bite makes you want to jump out of your seat. You rock back and forth in your chair, nearly falling over several times
>Anon: "So is it good?"
"The best!"
>Anon: "I had a feeling you'd like this one"
"Well your feeling was right!"
>All this excitement, all this energy, it's got you acting like a small child
>And you only took one bite
>You don't even wolf it down the way you did the pasta. With this, you slowly savor every last bite
>And yet, you still finish yours sooner than you'd have hoped
>But glancing across the table, Anon still has a few bites left
... hey Nonny?"
>Anon: "Yeah?"
"So I was thinking, today was so much fun"
>You give him your best bedroom eyes, which probably aren't very good in the first place, mostly awkward
"A-And once we're done here, we could go back to the bedroom. Maybe we can have a lot more fun... i-if you know what I mean"
>Anon: "I think I get what you mean Dashie..."
>He leans in real close to you, looking right into your eyes
>Anon: "... one bite. That's it"
>He slides his plate closer to you
>Well... it kind of worked
"For real?"
>Anon: "Yeah, for real, go ahead"
>You take just a small bite
"Thanks, you really are awesome Anon!"
>Anon: "Hey, I thought I was 'Nonny' "
>That catches you by surprise
"Well yeah, but I mean like, not always you know"
>Anon: "So then I'm not always your 'Nonny' ?"
>Where is he going with this... wait a second
"Are you saying you want me to call you that all the time?"
>Anon: "If you do then you'll always get to be my Dashie"
>... damn, he drives a hard bargain
>You scoot your chair over next to him
"Deal... Nonny"
>His arm swings around your shoulders
>Anon: "Right back at you, Dashie"
>It makes your heart skip a beat every time he calls you that
>You'll be dead by the end of the week
>There's one last bite of his cake, and you decide to let him have it. He scoops it up on his fork and raises it up... to your mouth
>You happily take that last bite
>The two of you, Dashie and Nonny, snuggle on the couch watching t.v. Or rather, flipping through the channels looking for something to watch
>Before you even realize it, the sun has gone down
>Anon- scratch that, Nonny had turned the lights on, so you had no idea how dark it had gotten
"Crap, it's getting late. I gotta get going"
>Nonny: "Do you have a ride?"
"Not really"
>Nonny: "Can't you call someone? What about your grandpa?"
"He doesn't drive. I can walk, it's fine-"
>Nonny: "-Like hell you're walking. Not this time of night"
"It's not that dark outside, I'll be fine"
>He stares at you, waiting...
>... you feel a yawn coming in that you can't hold back
>Nonny: "I knew it, you're too tired to walk even if you wanted to"
"So what should I do?"
>Nonny: "Let me know when you're ready for bed, that's what you'll do"
"Wait, I'm spending the night again?"
>Nonny: "Yup"

>Part of you is saying you shouldn't. You can't be spending every night here, gramps is going to get pissed; not to mention it's am imposition on him. Plus, being under the same roof alone with him, with your lack of self-control it's only a matter of time before you do lewd, inappropriate things; things you shouldn't be doing
>Yeah, part of you is saying that
>The stupid part
>You call gramps again, letting him know that you're "spending another night at Rarity's place"
>As much as you hate it, you're tired already, so Anon takes you back to the bedroom
>He tells you to go ahead and get yourself comfortable, so you strip to your underwear. It's how you've been sleeping lately, it ensures maximum coziness.Realizing it, Nonny does the same
>He gets in bed first, then you get in with your back to him. After taking your position as the little spoon, he pulls you closer against him
>The warmth of his skin against yours and the rhythmic beating of his heart, which you feel strongly thumping against your back, helps lull you to sleep

>You are Anon
>Waking up, you notice another warm body next to you nestled in your arms, her face buried your chest
>Dash spent another night at your place
>A routine you could get used to
>Burying your face in her hair, you close your eyes, taking in her sweet scent
>She still smells like skittles, even before showering or anything
>The calm silence of the room is broken by a quiet groan
>Dash: "... Nonny?"
>Dash: "Are you sniffing me?"
"Of course not"
>She looks up, her eyes meeting yours
>Dash: "Why not? I feel weird being the only one doing it"
>She quietly laughs to herself
"Have it your way"
>You press your face down into her head, taking in a deep, loud, exaggerated inhale. It gets a laugh out of her, just as you intended
>Dash: "Alright alright, I get it"
>She gently pushes you away and sits up
>Her lips have just the slightest curve, forming a half-asleep smile
>Dash: "So what's the plan for today?"
>Dash: "Well yeah. We weren't just going to stay in bed all day were we?"
"That's my usual Sunday plan"
>Dash: "Somehow that doesn't surprise me"
>She's right you know
"Alright, just give me a minute to have some coffee"
>The two of you crawl out of bed
>Somehow, you managed to forget that she was still in her underwear
"... Yeah, maybe we should get you a change of clothes first off"
>Dash: "Tell you what, let's do it after breakfast"
>Oh yeah, breakfast
"Breakfast, huh? What'd you have in mind?"
>Dash: "Anything, I'm starving"
>She's got a point; all you really ate yesterday was the pasta and the cake. You could really go for some breakfast too
>And you know exactly what you're going to make
"Hope you're in the mood for pancakes, Dashie"
>Her eyes light up, and she quickly jumps to your side to kiss you on the cheek
>Dash: "I have been waiting so long for a guy to say those words"
>Looks like you made the right choice
>You head to the kitchen and get started on cooking up some pancakes, while Dash watches eagerly
>After taking out two plates, you serve a small stack on each of them, topped with butter and syrup
>You take them to the living room, and you and Dash spend the morning eating pancakes while watching whatever makes up Sunday morning television
>Basically, nothing

>After a long pause of silence between the two of you, the only sound coming from the television, Dash speaks up
>Dash: "... hey Nonny, what the hell are we watching"
"No idea"
>You had completely zoned out long ago while channel flipping
>You were on some random channel, some cartoon about talking vegetables and Jesus or something
>Weird stuff
>Dash: "Well, there's pretty much nothing on television, want to see if there's anything worth doing around town?"
"First off, we have to get you some clean clothes"
>Dash: "Yeah, good point. Then again, I really don't feel like walking all the way home though"
"Hell, if you want I could just wash the clothes you have here. I don't have my own washing machine, but there's a laundromat about a block down the street. I have quite a bit of laundry to do for myself, so I might as well"
>Dash: "So should I wait here while you go?"
"Nah, you could come with me if you want"
>Dash: "In my underwear?"
"... now that you mention it, we should wash your underwear too"
>Dash: "What? Then what am I supposed to wear?"
>After thinking for a moment, you get an idea
"You ready?"
>Dash: "I... I think so"
>You wait outside your bedroom door for it to open, and when it does, out steps your Dashie wearing your clothes. An old baggy t shirt and jeans that barely fit her, even with a belt
>She looks like a Mexican drug dealer
>A really cute one
>Dash: "I look ridiculous, don't I?"
"That'd be saying I look ridiculous, seeing as how they're my clothes
>Dash: ""Well... no offense Nonny but-"
"-Okay let's go before you turn full Rarity on me"
>Throwing her clothes in a bag with yours you head over to the laundromat

>It's usually pretty empty this time of day, and today is no different; come afternoon this place gets packed
>When you arrive, you promptly throw all the clothes into an available machine
>Not long after, your druggie neighbor comes in with what looks like a surprising amount of laundry
"Damn, you actually have clothes?"
>Neighbor: "What the hell is that supposed to mean"
"I just figured you wore the same thing every day"
>She just rolls her eyes
>Seriously, the only clean part of her wardrobe is that stupid hat she wears every day. Other than that, it's the same ripped jeans, same faded t shirt every single day
>Like every stoner
>At the back of the laundromat there's a notice board with flyers for local events, charities, numbers for local call girls, etc.
>Like an old-school Craigslist
>You usually don't bother with it, but Dash seems to be interested in something
>Dash: "Hey Nonny, come check this out"
>Neighbor: "Pfft, Nonny?"
>Ignore her and go over to see what Dash wants
"What's up Dashie?"
>Dash: "Take a look at this"
>There's a flyer for some kind of music festival down at the strip mall. All kinds of bands, street performers, and guitar-playing art students thinking they have talent will be there
"Sounds interesting. You want to check it out later?"
>Dash: "Yeah, it looks fun"
>When you agree to it, she pulls you into a hug
>You take the opportunity looking over Dash's shoulder to shoot a taunting stare at your neighbor
>A reminder that she's still single and you're not
>Your neighbor just rolls her eyes again
>Once the clothes are finished you quickly hurry home, shower, fool around a bit, shower again, and head to the mall for the music festival

>There's a big plaza at the center of the strip mall, mostly for people to relax and hang out
>But today, there's a big stage set up with performing musicians, flyers all around detailing a lineup of performers throughout the afternoon
>As you and Dash approach the stage you hear the sound of a banjo, ultimately cut off and concluded by a round of applause
>The performer descends from the stage and comes directly towards you
>"Hey y'all, long time no see!"
>It's that friend of yours, Applejack
>Remember her, the one with thee apples?
>Yeah, her. It's her
>Dash: "Hey AJ, it's been a while. What have you been up to lately?"
>Applejack: "Well, lately me and Fluttershy have been..."
>She stops and contemplates her next words
>Applejack: "... heh, if I told you I reckon you wouldn't believe me"
>You and Dash look at each other in confusion
>Applejack: "So anyways, what brings you two lovebirds down here?"
"Nothing, just came for the event. It was mostly Dashie's idea-"
>Applejack: "-Dashie? Haven't heard that one in a while"
>She throws her arm around Dash like a bro and laughs and Dash tries to change the subject
>Dash: "I see you got the banjo back out. You put up your bass for good this time?"
>Applejack: "Nah, I just missed the old thing. Why?"
>Dash: "Just asking"
>Applejack: "You're not thinking of getting the old band back together are you?"
>Dash makes a throat-cutting motion with her hand towards Applejack
>Applejack: "Didn't you know? Me and Rainbow Dash used to have a band. I was on bass, Dash sang and played guitar"
"Holy crap, how have I not heard about this?"
>Dash: "Because we were never really that good. We played at the talent show, and it was kind of a disaster"
"Damn, I wish I could have seen that"
>Dash: "Trust me, you don't"
"Still, seeing you performing on stage like that would have been pretty awesome"
>Dash: "Well sorry, but the Rainbooms aren't getting back-"
>Pinkie: "-You guys are getting the band back together!? It's about time!"
"Where'd you come from?"
>Dash: "Yeah, are you still following us?"
>Dash: "... It's a long story. So what are you doing here?"
>Pinkie: "Are you kidding? This whole event is like one big giant dance party. I wouldn't miss it for the world!"
>Dash: "Is Rarity here too?"
>Pinkie: "Nah, she didn't want to come, something about the whole festival being 'uncultured' or something. But anyways, now would be the perfect time for the Rainbooms to make a comeback, what with the big musical showcase at school coming up"
"Musical showcase?"
>Pinkie: It's a big competition at the school where all the student musicians and bands can join in and showcase their skills. There's even a prize for the winner"
"And anyone can join? No matter what kind of music?"
>Pinkie: "Yup. We get everything from post-avant jazzcore to progressive dreamfunk. So what do you guys say, get the band back together?
>Dash and AJ exchange glances
>Applejack: "Well, what do you say? We were Canterlot's fourth most popular guitar-based folk duo"
>Dash: "... Ah, what the hell, why not. I'm in"
>Pinkie explodes into a fit of cheering
>Pinkie: "WOOHOO!!! That's great! I'll go let everyone know, and I'll sign the Rainbooms up first thing on Monday. See ya then!"
>Before she even finishes talking she runs off
>Dash: "But if we're going to compete we're going to need a fuller band. I don't think the two of us can really make it on our own"
>You'd offer to join the band and help out
>Too bad you can't play any kind of music

>Pinkie ran off and AJ went home to see if she could still find her old bass, so you and Dash are left alone to enjoy the festival together
>That is, until a familiar figure comes running out from one of the stores, calling out to you in her usually cheery voice
>Cadence: "Hi Anon!"
>Cadence is dressed as skimpy as ever, yet not in her regular work uniform. She's wearing a commemorative t shirt from the festival that's clearly two sizes too small
>She pulls you both into a big hug, almost making certain that you're suffocating in her chest, letting you go just in time for you to hold consciousness
>It's times like this that you're glad Dash is small
>Cadence: "Haven't seen you two in a while. Congrats on winning princess"
>She pinches Dash's cheek, like a mother would to a small child
>Dash: "How'd you know"
>Cadence: "Rarity and I keep in touch, she's been telling me all about you lately. And speaking of 'lately', where have you two been? Haven't seen either of you in forever"
>Dash: "Sorry, we just haven't been down here in so long"
>Cadence: "Well you're here now, why not stop by sometime. Shoot, I'll even give you a little discount on any purchase, today's special"
>A thinly veiled shill for her own store
>Nice try Cadence
"Sounds good, maybe we'll stop by"
>Cadence: "Alright, maybe see you two later!"
>She runs off back to her store, the same perky bounce in her step she always has
"... well?"
>Dash: "Well what?"
"You wanna go?"
>Dash: "I don't know, I still have to get home and look for my old guitar, see if it still in good condition. Plus, it's getting kind of late already"
"Yeah, you're right. We should probably get going"
>The two start to leave
>Dash: "... okay, maybe we could stop by really quick. I do want a few things"
>Yup, you saw that coming

>After a quick stop at Cadence's Closet -okay, you were there for quite a while- Cadence give's Dash her personal cell phone number
>She offers it to you too, so she can keep you updated on special offers and new inventory, and so you can keep her updated on your relationship (her words)
>You turn her down, but then immediately change your mind

>Afterwards, you decide to walk Dash home
>Standing on her porch illuminated by a single light by her door, you just now realize how dark it's gotten
>You really should be getting home, but Dash won't let go of your hand
>Not that you mind
>She turns to face you, and takes your other hand
>Dash: "So, umm... thanks for everything. These past few days, prom night, it was all really fun"
"I thought so too"
>Dash: "Except for the whole spaghetti thing"
"Nah, that was pretty fun too"
>She lets go of your hand just to bump you in the arm with her fist, really gently
>Dash: "Come on, how was that anything but a disaster?"
"I'm still here aren't I?"
>Dash: "Well yeah but-"
"Then there's nothing to argue about. I'm here, that's what matters"
>Unable to think of a response, she leans into your chest
>She looks up at you with those magenta eyes of hers and smiles
>Not an excited smile, not a lewd smile... a calm smile. An "I'm just happy to be here right now" smile
>Then, her eyes close
>She slowly inches forward
>You mirror her actions
>Your arms wrapped around her
>Her hands gently placed palms down on your chest
>After what felt like an eternity, your lips meet
>She pulls away just as slowly as she went into it
>Dash: "... Nonny?"
"Yeah Dashie?"
>She giggles quietly
>Dash: "Just wanted to hear you say it again"
>Well, you walked right into that one
>But it's no big deal really, especially if it makes her happy
>She opens the door and heads inside, not breaking eye contact as the door slowly creaks shut
>You wait on her porch for a moment before leaving
>Just savoring the moment here
>The next day
>After a long, eventful weekend, things are finally back to normal
>You wake up early, a little disappointed that Dash isn't there this time, and get ready for school
>You still make it on time, and long before Dash
>After waiting for a while, Rarity shows up
>Rarity: "Morning Anon, how was your weekend?"
"Eh, it was alright"
>Rarity: "Anything interesting happen while Dash was-"
"-Yes, we went out on a date"
>Somehow, you knew she'd have found out by now
>You're just thankful she hadn't heard about the spaghetti thing
>Dash shows up shortly afterwards
>She looks at Rarity. Rarity looks at her
>Rarity: "I should probably get going, let you two have some privacy. Catch you later Anon"
>She heads inside
"What did she mean by 'letting us have our privacy'?"
>Dash: "Long story"

>After biology, you and Rarity meet up with Dash as usual
>This time, Applejack had the courtesy to join you
"Wait, you mean to tell me this whole time you've had your before-lunch class right next door to us?"
>AJ: "Yeah, I'm surprised y'all didn't notice before"
>Neglecting a friend like that, way to be an asshole Anon
>That's not the way your early childhood cartoons raised you
>From across the cafeteria, you immediately notice something wrong
"... guys, we've got a situation at our table"
>Dash: "What do mean, what is- oh..."
>There's someone already sitting at your table, alone. Someone you don't recognize
>The girls seem to know what's going on
"You guys know her?"
>Dash: "Well... kind of. Remember how we told you about the Fall Formal being destroyed by a demon from another world, who then tried to turn the entire school into her own personal zombie slave army to take over an alternate universe?"
>Dash: "That's her"
>Dash: "Yup, in the flesh"
>Hell, you don't care if she is a demon, she could be the Loch Ness monster and you wouldn't think twice
>But she's invading your table
>And that's just not right
>Your inner Vlad senses are awakening, filling you with a primal desire to remove her
>Dash: "Anyways, we were supposed to be looking out for her after the whole disaster, and we all agreed that it'd be best if she started sitting with us at lunch, you know. Getting used to being normal"
>There's hardly anything normal about hanging with your group, but you'll allow it
>For now at least
>It's weird to think you're going to think you're going to be eating lunch with a demon from another world
>But regardless, you all make your way to the table
>The new girl perks up when she sees the girls, and almost deflates when she sees you
>Already off to an awkward start
>Dash gently nudges you in the side, trying to get you to break the silence
"Hey there, I'm Anon"
>You put your hand out for a shake, but she just lifts her hand straight up in a half-assed wave
>"Sunset Shimmer. You can call me Sunset. Hi girls"
>That's about all she says as you all take your seats, you between Sunset and Dash
>Not long after Pinkie and Fluttershy show up too
>Pinkie: "Hey Sunny, glad to see you here today"
>Sunset: "Glad to see you too Pinkie Pie"
>Seems like you're the only one who hasn't gotten to know her
>Pinkie: "So Dash, what's the word on the band?"
>Sunset: "Band?"
>Rarity: "Oh great, not THIS again. I thought you were done for good"
>Dash: "Nope, we're going to be competing in the showcase. Speaking of which, when is it Pinkie?"
>Pinkie: "A couple weeks"
>Dash: "Good, we still got time. We still need more members if we're going to compete, there's no way we could do it on our own.... "
>They trail off on their discussion about the band, leaving you and Sunset as the only ones with no idea what they're talking about
>Sunset, or whatever her name is, seems to have that expression of someone who always has something to say, but never says it
>You might as well use this opportunity to get to know her better
"So... you always this quiet?"
>Sunset: "Huh?"
>Well this is going well
>Sunset: "Oh, sorry, I'm not usually this quiet. Your name's Anon, right?"
>Sunset: "Yeah, I remember you. You were prince of the Winter Ball with Dash, right?"
"Nope didn't win. I was supposed to, but I kind of missed it"
>Sunset: "Sorry, I didn't know"
"No big deal. It was a last second kind of thing at the dance"
>Sunset: "I didn't actually go to the dance"
"I know, Dash told me how you're ban-"
>Dash's elbow deliberately bumps into your ribs, cutting you off
>Apparently she's keeping an eye on your conversation as well
>Sunset seemed to notice
>Sunset: "I take it they told you not to talk about... me"
"I'm not very good at doing what I'm told"
>Sunset: "Well, relax, it's no big deal. I've gotten used to being THAT person. You know, the one who almost destroyed the school"
"Believe it or not, we've got a lot more in common than you think"
>Sunset: "Like?"
"You tried to bring up an entire army to take over the world. I hired a guy who nearly destroyed the cafeteria"
>Sunset: "One guy is hardly an army"
"You'd be surprised"
>She seems like an okay person
>You'll allow this girl in your group for now
>(Implying you're even the alpha dog in the group)
>Lunch ends and you all start heading to class
>Sunset walks with you and Dash, since her next class is in the same direction. On the way you catch a lot of awkward stares and whispers, but no one really makes a scene
>Sunset: "I've been getting that since I came in here today. This kind of thing comes with being the school monster"
>She stuffs her hands into her pockets and shifts her gaze to the ground
>Sunset: "Ugh, I'm never going to live this down"
>Dash: "Don't worry, you will"
"Yeah, this school goes through gossip like a machine gun. Don't let it get to you"
>You speak from experience
>Sunset: "It's not, I've learned to just ignore it"
>The expression on her face, the slight twitch of her eye, and the biting of her bottom lip say otherwise
>One person you pass by actually has the balls of a tough guy
>"Hey Sunset, you trying to get into Anon's harem too?"
>Her fists clench. Dash notices it as soon as you do
>Dash: "Sunset, you good?"
>She lets out a loud sigh and lets go of the tension in her hands
>Sunset: "Yeah, I'm fine. I've gotten better at controlling my temper and just letting things go-"
"-Then it's a good thing you've got a friend like me"
>You pat her on the back and turn your attention to the other guy
>"No wait, let me guess: you had to brainwash him to let you in"
"There's actually no room in my harem, your mom just took up the last spot"
>Yup, classic "your mom"
>Works every time
>"You want to say that to my face?"
>He steps forward, and Dash gets between you and him
>Sunset: "Guys, please, just forget-"
>Dash: "-You got something you want to say, you're saying it to the both of us"
>"Please, I could take the both of you down with my arms tied behind my-"
>Sunset slams her fist on a locker, but the sound is almost snuffed out by the boom of her voice
>Sunset: "Everybody shut the fuck up!"
>Everyone not involved instantly floods out. Sunset aggressively pushes you and Dash aside, getting right into the other guy's face, her glare powerful enough to burn through a man's skull
>Sunset: "Listen here, mess with my friends and you're messing with me to, got it?"
>"Hey bro I was just-"
>Sunset: "Got it!?"
>He silently nods his head
>Sunset: "Good. Now get your ass out of here"
>He runs off down the hall, probably pissing himself
>Once he's gone, the hallway goes silent
>After a brief moment of silence, Sunset turns back around to you, once again looking down with her hands in her pockets
>She clears her throat, then speaks up
>Sunset: "... yeah, still need to work on controlling my temper"
>Note to self: Never piss off the new girl
>After silently agreeing to not talk about this incident ever again, you all head to your classes, eventually going your separate ways
>Once your alone, Dash pulls you over and quietly tells you something
>Dash: "Hey Nonny, just a reminder: we're trying to keep Sunset Shimmer OUT of trouble"
"I'll keep that in mind"
>No promises here though
>Causing drama is what you're best at

>History class
>As always, you and Dash push your desks together
>In doing so, you catch a small sparkle in the corner of your eye
>Behind your desks there's a bookshelf against the wall, and wedged between the shelf and the wall is something that clearly doesn't belong. Something shiny and metal
>And everyone knows there's nothing more distracting than a shiny object
>You immediately go over to inspect
>Dash: "What happened?"
"I think there's something down here"
>It's stuck in there pretty tight, but you manage to pull it out
>Dash: "What is it?"
"... I think you forgot something Friday night"
>A small metal flask with the initials 'PP' nicely engraved, and a smiley face crudely scratched in next to it
>Dash: "shit, I completely forgot about this"
>She brings her voice down to a whisper so as to not draw attention as she stuffs it into... your backpack
>then again, she does know you have Pinkie in your next class so it makes sense
"thank God no one found it until now"
>You each take your seats, and class goes on as normal
>... well not so normal
>Your mind is all over the place now
>More specifically, one place
>You whisper over to Rainbow Dash, who has her head down, looking like she's falling asleep
"hey Dashie, seeing that thing again got me thinking"
Dash: "about what?"
"you think these are the same desks as from prom night"
>She instantly picks her head up
>Apparently she had forgotten
>Dash: "they're not, mine had a wobbly leg that night"
>She shakes her desk; stable
>Dash: "see? it's different"
>So somewhere in this room is a pair of desks that you and Dash had sex on, and whoever is sitting at it is none the wiser
>You're not sure whether to laugh or feel bad for that person

>After class
>You're joined by Pinkie on the way to English
>You reach your classroom, with Dash's being right across the hall from yours
>Time for you to go your own way for now
>You give Dash a quick hug before going
"See you in gym"
>Dash: "See ya Nonny"
>You head into class, Pinkie following behind
>You take your seat, and Pinkie takes hers next to you
>She stares at you with a huge grin, like she's got a joke to tell but is trying not to prematurely laugh
>And knowing Pinkie that could very well be the case
>Or not
>There's really no predicting anything with this girl
>Pinkie: "So Nonny, care to explain?"
"Explain what?"
>Pinkie: "Looks like I'm not the only one calling you Nonny now"
"Oh yeah, she and I started doing that"
>Pinkie: "When we first met you spent a whole month saying not to call you Nonny, I thought you hated that name"
"And yet you still do it"
>Pinkie: "Well duh, it's fun. But what'd she have to do to get you to be okay with it?"
"Nothing... it's just cuter when she does it. Oh, and by the way, here you go"
>You hand her the flask, as discretely as possible
>Pinkie: "I was wondering where I'd lost this one. Did Dash still have it?"
"Nope, she left it in the classroom. Luckily I found it before anyone else"
>Pinkie lets out a loud, disappointed sigh
>Pinkie: "Should have known the good stuff was too strong for her..."

>After class you and Dash walk to gym together as usual
>Pinkie: "See ya tomorrow Nonny, bye Dashie-"
>Dash: "-Pinkie, what'd I say about calling me Dashie?"
>Pinkie: What? But Nonny does it all the time"
"... it's cute when he does it"

>Gym class
>You sit out on the bleachers as usual, finding some creative way to get yourself injured
>Not long later, Dash comes limping up to you, an expression of pain on her face
"Holy crap, what happened?"
>Dash: "I think I sprained my ankle pretty bad"
"Are you going to be okay?"
>She takes a seat next to you and her expression of pain goes away as she stretches out her legs to relax
>Dash: "I think I'll be fine" she says with a wink
>Holy shit
>Fooling the coach is one thing but she even managed to play you
"Damn Dashie, not bad"
>Dash: "Learned from the best"
>The two of you laugh at what a bad influence you've been on her
>Remember kids, habitual lying is no laughing matter
"So how's the band looking?"
>Dash: "Eh, still looking to expand. Rarity's joining on piano, and Fluttershy said she'd help out however she can. We still need a drummer though"
>You'd offer to help but you've got no musical talent whatsoever
>Maybe you could be a groupie or something
"And you're singing, right?"
>Dash: "Yup, and guitar... well I WAS on guitar anyways"
"What happened? Couldn't find it after all?"
>Dash: "Oh no, I found it, just not all in one piece. We're actually going down to the music store to find a new one. Want to come along?"
"Wish I could, but I've got an essay due in English tomorrow that I haven't even started yet"
>And you thought procrastinating was devoid of consequences
>Dash: "No worries, maybe next time"
>She looks like she's trying to hide her disappointment
>Way to go Anon

>Later that day, after school
>You're home alone working on that essay
>You've been in a slump for the past hour, but you finally think you've gotten into the groove of tings, and you start typing away
>And there's your phone, the perfect distraction to ruin your train of thought
>It's a message from Dash
>"Sorry you couldn't make it, but check this out! Badass, isn't it?"
>Attached is an image, a selfie of her and her new guitar and what looks like a pair of wings attached to her back. Must be part of the new band costume or something
>Undeniably, it looks adorable on her
>You send her a quick reply, and then get right back to your essay
"The... "
>Good start
>Only 799 words to go

>The next day, Tuesday
>You barely got any sleep last night from working on that essay, but you got it done

>After biology, you meet up with the girls as usual
>Dash: "Umm... hey Nonny, wait up for a second"
>Dash put her hand on your shoulder to stop you
"Is everything okay?"
>She looks over her shoulder at Applejack, who just shakes her head. She shifts her gaze to Rarity
>Rarity: "Oh no, you're not pinning this off on me"
>Dash: "Come on, a little help here"
>AJ: "You're the girlfriend, it's your business"
>Applejack pats Dash on the back before leaving with Rarity to the cafeteria, giving you and Dash some awkward alone time
>Dash:  "... so, umm... can you do me a little favor?"
>Dash: "Okay, so, you know I love you right Nonny?"
"Of course I do"
>And you also know that when a girl says those words, it's never followed by good news
>Dash: "Okay, so do you think that... maybe you could sit somewhere else at lunch for a while"
"... what?"
>Seriously, what?
>Dash: "I-It'd just be for a few days, I'll explain everything in due time I swear"
"And you can't explain now?"
>She starts rubbing her arm, idly staring at the ground
>Dash: "Well... look, I promise I'll make it up to you, it's just that we've got band things to discuss, and I kind of want to keep it secret. It's just for lunch, I swear"
"I get it, but why do you need to keep it a secret from me?"
>Dash: "Because... it's a surprise"
"What's a surprise?"
>Dash: "That's the secret. Come on, it's just for a few days, please?"
>She looks nervous enough to die right here and now
>You decide to just let it go. Like she said, it's only a few days, and it's just during lunch. Not like she's asking you to switch out of all her classes and move out of town
"Alright sure-"
>She tackles you hard enough to almost knock you over, swinging her arm tightly around you
>Dash: "Thank you so much Nonny, I swear it'll be worth it!"
>She happily plants a kiss on your cheek before running off
>Dash: "See you after lunch!"
>Well, looks like you've got to go back to your old table
>Not like you burned any bridges last time you sat there, right?

>In the cafeteria, there's a table for just about everyone: there's the jocks, the hippies, the nerds
>And then there's the 'other' table
>The table of all the average Joe's, the people who don't really stand out, the people who you'd forget after graduation
>The table you sat at before you started hanging with the girls
>After taking your seat, you look around the table, recognizing a few faces
>The 'other' table is actually two tables locked together making it the biggest sitting area in the cafeteria, and yet there's still always an available seat
>You take one last look back at the girls in time to catch Dash looking back at you
>This is going to be a log few days

>Be Rainbow Dash
>You just got out of that awkward situation with Nonny
>You're glad he understood, but you still feel bad about it
>You plop your food tray down at the table
"Thanks a lot guys for leaving me alone back there"
>AJ: "Well what were we supposed to do?"
"I don't know, at least a little back up? I nearly died out there"
>AJ: "Yeah, but you didn't. Besides, this was your idea"
>Rarity: "And don't worry darling, once you reveal it he'll understand"
>You take one last look back at him sitting at the big table and catch him looking back at you
"Yeah... you're probably right"

>Gym class
>You sit out on the bleachers as usual, finding some creative way to get yourself injured
>Not long later, Dash comes limping up to you, an expression of pain on her face
"Holy crap, what happened?"
>Dash: "I think I sprained my ankle pretty bad"
"Are you going to be okay?"
>She takes a seat next to you and her expression of pain goes away as she stretches out her legs to relax
>Dash: "I think I'll be fine" she says with a wink
>Holy shit
>Fooling the coach is one thing but she even managed to play you
"Damn Dashie, not bad"
>Dash: "Learned from the best"
>The two of you laugh at what a bad influence you've been on her
>Remember kids, habitual lying is no laughing matter
"So how's the band looking?"
>Dash: "Eh, still looking to expand. Rarity's joining on piano, and Fluttershy said she'd help out however she can. We still need a drummer though"
>You'd offer to help but you've got no musical talent whatsoever
>Maybe you could be a groupie or something
"And you're singing, right?"
>Dash: "Yup, and guitar... well I WAS on guitar anyways"
"What happened? Couldn't find it after all?"
>Dash: "Oh no, I found it, just not all in one piece. We're actually going down to the music store to find a new one. Want to come along?"
"Wish I could, but I've got an essay due in English tomorrow that I haven't even started yet"
>And you thought procrastinating was devoid of consequences
>Dash: "No worries, maybe next time"
>She looks like she's trying to hide her disappointment
>Way to go Anon
>Later that day, after school
>You're home alone working on that essay
>You've been in a slump for the past hour, but you finally think you've gotten into the groove of tings, and you start typing away
>And there's your phone, the perfect distraction to ruin your train of thought
>It's a message from Dash
>"Sorry you couldn't make it, but check this out! Badass, isn't it?"
>Attached is an image, a selfie of her and her new guitar and what looks like a pair of wings attached to her back. Must be part of the new band costume or something
>Undeniably, it looks adorable on her
>You send her a quick reply, and then get right back to your essay
"The... "
>Good start
>Only 799 words to go

>The next day, Tuesday
>You barely got any sleep last night from working on that essay, but you got it done

>After biology, you meet up with the girls as usual
>Dash: "Umm... hey Nonny, wait up for a second"
>Dash put her hand on your shoulder to stop you
"Is everything okay?"
>She looks over her shoulder at Applejack, who just shakes her head. She shifts her gaze to Rarity
>Rarity: "Oh no, you're not pinning this off on me"
>Dash: "Come on, a little help here"
>AJ: "You're the girlfriend, it's your business"
>Applejack pats Dash on the back before leaving with Rarity to the cafeteria, giving you and Dash some awkward alone time
>Dash: "... so, umm... can you do me a little favor?"
>Dash: "Okay, so, you know I love you right Nonny?"
"Of course I do"
>And you also know that when a girl says those words, it's never followed by good news
>Dash: "Okay, so do you think that... maybe you could sit somewhere else at lunch for a while"
"... what?"
>Seriously, what?
>Dash: "I-It'd just be for a few days, I'll explain everything in due time I swear"
"And you can't explain now?"
>She starts rubbing her arm, idly staring at the ground
>Dash: "Well... look, I promise I'll make it up to you, it's just that we've got band things to discuss, and I kind of want to keep it secret. It's just for lunch, I swear"
"I get it, but why do you need to keep it a secret from me?"
>Dash: "Because... it's a surprise"
"What's a surprise?"
>Dash: "That's the secret. Come on, it's just for a few days, please?"
>She looks nervous enough to die right here and now
>You decide to just let it go. Like she said, it's only a few days, and it's just during lunch. Not like she's asking you to switch out of all her classes and move out of town
"Alright sure-"
>She tackles you hard enough to almost knock you over, swinging her arm tightly around you
>Dash: "Thank you so much Nonny, I swear it'll be worth it!"
>She happily plants a kiss on your cheek before running off
>Dash: "See you after lunch!"
>Well, looks like you've got to go back to your old table
>Not like you burned any bridges last time you sat there, right?
>In the cafeteria, there's a table for just about everyone: there's the jocks, the hippies, the nerds
>And then there's the 'other' table
>The table of all the average Joe's, the people who don't really stand out, the people who you'd forget after graduation
>The table you sat at before you started hanging with the girls
>After taking your seat, you look around the table, recognizing a few faces
>The 'other' table is actually two tables locked together making it the biggest sitting area in the cafeteria, and yet there's still always an available seat
>You take one last look back at the girls in time to catch Dash looking back at you
>This is going to be a log few days

>Be Rainbow Dash
>You just got out of that awkward situation with Nonny
>You're glad he understood, but you still feel bad about it
>You plop your food tray down at the table
"Thanks a lot guys for leaving me alone back there"
>AJ: "Well what were we supposed to do?"
"I don't know, at least a little back up? I nearly died out there"
>AJ: "Yeah, but you didn't. Besides, this was your idea"
>Rarity: "And don't worry darling, once you reveal it he'll understand"
>You take one last look back at him sitting at the big table and catch him looking back at you
"Yeah... you're probably right"
>You are Anon again
>After a bit of awkward but desired eye contact you carry on with the business at your table
>Sitting across from you is someone who looks familiar, but you've never seen her at the school before
>You try to wave to her to get her attention but she's so lost in her lunch like she's never eaten before
>You tap on the table in front of her to get her attention, which finally works
"Sorry to interrupt, but you look familiar"
>She swallows the food in her mouth before responding
>"Couldn't be, I just transferred in today"
"Maybe I've seen you around town or something"
>"I dunno- wait a sec, weren't you at the big restaurant plaza the other day?"
>"Oh my gosh, I recognize you, you're the spaghetti guy!"
>... shit
"You were at the restaurant"
>"Well, kinda. I was at the taco truck until the guys running it made me leave, and they threatened to call the cops if I didn't. I was just passing by and took a quick peek in the window and saw you. But dude, that was hilarious!"
>She bursts into laughter, regaining her composure to introduce herself
>"The name's Sonata, nice meeting ya"
"I'm Anon"
>You spend the rest of lunch listening to her laugh about an embarrassing story about you
>It's like Pinkie is still here with you
>When the bell signaling the end of lunch rang you weren't sure what to do
>You weren't sure if Dash was done with her secret business or not and you'd rather not interrupt, so you headed to class without her

>You got there a little while before Dash did
>Dash: "Sorry I'm late Nonny, things took a little longer than I thought. On the bright side I think I finally found myself a drummer"
>Dash: "Pinkie"
"Really? I didn't even know she could play"
>Dash: "Me either, but she's definitely got the energy of a drummer. Believe me, you're lucky you weren't at the table today. She was a hell of a lot more crazy than usual today"
>You instantly think back to that Sonata girl
"I think I know how you feel"

>After school that day, Dash had band practice, so you went along home
>By yourself
>It's only a few days... right?

>The next day, Wednesday, at lunch
>You had walked into the cafeteria with Dash and your friends as usual
>After getting your food you go your separate ways
>Dash: "Hey Nonny"
"Yeah, I get it, no big deal"
>Dash: "Thanks"
>The two of you hug, interrupted by a hard slap on the back
>Sonata: "Hey Anon, wassup"
"Oh hey Sonata"
>Thanks for interrupting
>You introduce her and Dash
>Dash: "Hey, weren't you at the restaurant plaza on Saturday?"
>Sonata: "Yeah, I was there. You must have been the girl with spaghetti guy over here"
>She points over at you
>Dash and you laugh
>Something about the way she brought it up makes the whole memory void of awkwardness
>Dash: "You were there too?"
>Sonata: "Nah, I'm not big on Italian food. That taco truck though, it's to die for"
>"Sonata! Come on!"
>Two girls walk by, one of them calling out to her
>Sonata rolls her eyes
>Sonata: "See ya later Anon, nice meeting you Dash"
>She heads off to get in line for her food with the other two girls
>Dash: "Hey Nonny, wait for me after lunch this time, alright"
>She gives you a quick kiss on the cheek, and you head your separate ways
>Not long after taking your seat, Sonata hurries over and sits across from you
>Sonata: "Hey Anon, sorry about that. Aria's not really the friendliest person around. So who was that, your girlfriend?"
"Yeah, why?"
>Sonata: "Just wondering. You two seem close"
"We are"
>Sonata: "I mean like, reeeeaally close"
"Yeah... sure"
>Just what the hell is she getting at?
>Sonata: "So then, how come you're not sitting with her now? Is something going on between you two?"
"No, she's just busy... why?"
>She starts fiddling with the small pendant around her neck
>Sonata: "No reason... just wondering"
>Those friends of hers come by and sit on either side of her
>They stare at her, then at you, before carrying on with lunch in silence
>Even Sonata goes quiet, the only time she's done so in the past two days you've know her
>Just dead, uncomfortable, silence

>After lunch you meet up with Dash by the doors of the cafeteria
>Dash: "So how was your lunch?"
"...interesting. So how's the band looking?"
>Dash: "Good, better than I expected. I think we're almost done"
"Done with... ?"
>Dash: "With the surprise"
>Damn. Still not telling you
>Dash: "Okay, I'll give you a hint but that's it"
>Better than nothing, score 1 for Anon
>Dash: "We're working on some new music, and I don't want you to hear it until it's perfect, you know?"
"Yeah, I get it"
>Dash: "Don't worry, we should be done tomorrow for sure. Then everything'll be back to normal"
"Sounds good"
>In truth you're relieved as all hell to hear that
>Sonata's pretty chill and all, but those friends of hers seem... off
"So what's the deal with Pinkie? Is she your drummer for sure?"
>Dash: "Yeah, you should see her. She's insane"
"I knew that, but how's she at drumming?"
>Very funny Anon
>Once again, Dash is focused and taking notes
>Which is how you know she's up to something
>She's trying to cover up what she's writing, but you manage a peek over at her notebook
>It looks like poetry... or maybe song lyrics
>As soon as she catches you peeking she slides her notebook to the far end of her desk, leaning over it to cover it up
>Dash: "Nice try"
>Well you're not getting anywhere there

>Once again after school today, she's got band practice, so you head home

>Thursday morning before school
>While waiting for Dash as usual, you see her come up with her usual guitar case, but a second one in her other hand
"Hey Dash, carrying Applejack's guitar too?"
>Dash: "No, they're both mine"
"Why'd you bring two today?"
>Dash: "Because"
>You know that's the only answer she'll give you, so you accept it
"Need a little help?"
>Dash: "'Yeah sure"
>She hands you a case, and together you walk to the music room
>The two of you set the instruments in the corner of the room for the day, until it's time for practice
>Dash said it's safer and easier to leave them here rather than carrying them around
>Not long after, Rarity comes in carrying a similar case
>Rarity: "Oh hey Anon, didn't expect to see you here"
"I'm just helping Dash with these cases"
>Dash: "By the way Nonny, we've got band practice again today after school, you should stop by"
>Rarity: "Yeah, what?"
>Dash: "I think he should come by and see what the wait was for"
>Rarity: "But Dash, are you sure it's ready?"
>Dash: "Of course it is. I've been practicing non-stop"
>Rarity: "Don't you mean we?"
>Dash: "Yeah, well, you know what I mean. So what do you say Nonny, want to come by?"
"Sure why not"
>You try to play it off cool. Truthfully you've been anticipating this since she brought it up

>Lunch time
>The last lunch you'll be spending alone
>And thank God for that
>Lunch time
>The last lunch you'll be spending alone
>And thank God for that
>As always you take your seat, later to be joined by your new friend
"Hey Sonata, how's it going?"
>Sonata: "Not bad, just tired. How about you?"
"I've been good"
>Sonata: "And Dash?"
"Yeah, she's fine. I'm actually going to meet her in the music room after school today, finally going to find out what she's been up to the past few days-"
>"Hey Sonata, who's your new friend?"
>The two girls from yesterday show up
"Hey there, I'm Anonym-"
>"-Did I ask you?"
>Sonata: "Ugh, why do you always have to be so rude Aria?"
>Aria: "Why do you have to be-"
>"-Knock it off, both of you"
>The poofy-haired one shuts them up, and her and Aria- pretty sure that's the other one's name, you've heard Sonata say it a few times- sit on either side of Sonata
>Poofy-hair: "Sorry about them, just ignore them"
>Sonata: "Don't tell him to ignore me, he's my friend-"
>Poofy-hair clasps her hand over Sonata's mouth
>Poofy-hair: "Anyways, I'm Adagio, you've already met Sonata, and she's Aria"
>Aria just trolls her eyes
"I'm Anonymous. Just call me Anon"
>Adagio: "Nice to meet you Anon"
>Adagio's smile seems friendly... and creepy
>Really, really creepy
>Adagio: "So is this your usual spot?"
"No, I usually sit somewhere else. My girlfriend's just working on some kind of surprise and asked for privacy, so I'm sitting here for a while"
>Adagio: "Sounds like the two of you are having some kind of trouble"
"Nah, we're fine. Sonata and I went through all this yesterday"
>Aria: "Doesn't sound fine to me"
>Adagio: "Knock it off Aria, they're surely doing okay. After all he said he's still meeting her... where was it, the music room?"
"Actually, no. We're meeting by the front of the school. We always walk home together"
>Yeah, you lied
>For some reason, you feel the need to keep these girls away from you and Dash
>You have enough people getting in your business with Dash as it is
>Adagio: "Well regardless, it's great that the two of you are still strong together"
>Adagio leans over the table, getting closer to you
>Adagio: "After all, we'd hate for anything to come between the two of you, wouldn't we?"
>If you thought her smile before was creepy, her expression now is horrifying
>It leaves you with a sick feeling in your gut
>She starts fingering the pendant around her neck, identical to the one Sonata has, and come to think of it, Aria too
>Out of the corners of your eyes you notice all of them doing the same as Adagio with theirs
>You silently nod
>Nothing would ever come between you and Dash... right?
>Adagio: "Good"
>Finally she backs away
>Adagio: "Come on girls, we should get going. There's a lot we have to do"
>Sonata: "But I haven't finished lunch-"
>Adagio: "-Bring it with you"
>Sonata: "... alright, fine. See ya later Anon"
>She picks up her tray and starts walking off
"Hey Sonata"
>Sonata: "Hmm?"
>You push your tray over to her
>That sick feeling in your gut doesn't seem to be going any time soon
>During gym, Dash took a page from your book and got injured to go to the nurse
>A.K.A. She sneaked off to the music room
>In all honesty you feel the need to see the nurse yourself, your stomach still felt upside down
>Regardless, after class you head straight to the music room

>Dash: "Hey Nonny, glad you made it!"
"Wouldn't miss it for anything"
>Not even this churning in your stomach
>Everyone is there, Dash and Applejack with their guitars, Pinkie on drums, Fluttershy holding a tambourine, and Rarity on, of all things, a keytar
>You never thought you'd say this, but... Based Rarity
>Sunset is sitting on the side, the only one not actually in the band, so you take a seat next to her
>Sunset: "Hey Anon, where've you been lately?"
"I've been sitting with the new girls, Sonata... Adagio, and..."
>You're drawing a complete blank on the other girl's name
>Sunset: "Aria?"
"Yeah, her. You know them?"
>Sunset: "I was supposed to show them around the school tomorrow, but I've never met them. What are they like?"
"... it's hard to say"
>As soon as the two of you quiet down, they get to practicing
>It could be that you're just irritable from the stomachache, but maybe Rarity was right
>This music does need more work... a lot more
>Still, it's a hell of a lot better than you could ever do
>After getting through a few songs, Dash puts her guitar down
>Dash: "Tell you what guys, let's wrap up band practice a little early today"
>Pinkie: "Really? I was just starting to have fun"
>Applejack: "She probably just wants some alone time with her little Nonny over there"
>Dash doesn't deny it. No one does
>Regardless, they all agree to wrap up band practice early, and they all make their way out
>Just as you get up, she sits you back down
>Dash: "Hey Nonny, wait up a second"
>She gets up and grabs that second guitar case she brought with her today and opens it, pulling out an acoustic guitar
>She pulls up a chair facing you and sits down
>Dash: "So I've got this new song I wrote, and I want to know what you think. I admit it's not the usual kind of song I write, but... I don't know, I'm really feeling this one- whoa, you okay there Nonny?"
>She seems to have just now caught how sick you look
>You've been holding it in, but it's slowly feeling worse and worse
>But it's just a little longer, you assume you'll be fine
"Yeah, I'm good. Just go on Dashie, I've been waiting to hear this for a long time"
>She smiles, looking down at her guitar only to avoid embarrassing eye contact
>She strums the first chord of the song... and you lose it
>You fall out of the chair, clenching your stomach
>Dash: "Nonny, you okay!?"
>What you want to say: 'Don't worry Dashie, it's just a stomachache; I've been really eager to hear your music, and I hope this in no way insulted you'
>What you did say: 'BLARRRGHH'
>You throw up on the floor, and your vision goes black shortly after

>You slowly open your eyes, awakening in Nurse Redheart's office
>Nurse: "You know what fascinates me? The one time, the ONLY time you're sick and should come down here, you don't"
"I had more important business"
>You slowly pick yourself up, feeling a little better
"Sorry about that Dashie, I really did want to hear your song"
>Dash: "Oh on, forget it Nonny. It' fine. You just worry about getting your rest"
>Nurse: "Whoa whoa whoa, you're not getting your rest here. I should have been home over an hour ago"
>Dash: "But Nurse, he's sick"
>Nurse: "And that's my fault?"
>She looks at you,struggling to stand up from the bed
>Nurse: "... alright, tell you what. Since you can't stay here, I'll drive you home. Come on"

>Redheart's car is parked on the far end of the parking lot
>When you finally reach her car, she unlocks it and opens the back door for you
>At first it you think she's actually being polite, opening the door for you and all, but then you catch her rolling a bunch of empty beer cans under the seat
"Are you sure you're okay to drive?"
>Nurse: "Better than you are to walk. Besides, those are from at least a few days ago"
>Wow, what a slob
>Dash gets in the front so she can give her directions, and though she doesn't say it, just in case you throw up again

>You unlock the door and invite the others in
>Nurse: "Damn kid, got your own place already?"
>For some reason you feel a little more proud of it, like you just proved to Redheart that you're more of a man than she thought
>Nurse: "How the hell did you manage that?"
"My dad's a realtor, and he owns the place""
>Okay, so maybe you don't have that much to be proud of, but still
"He said so long as I keep my grades up and stay out of trouble I could stay here"
>Nurse: " 'Stay out of trouble' my ass, you're nothing but. But still, I have to admit, it's not half bad"
>He claims it's so you could "learn some responsibility", which is just his way of getting you out of the house
>But hey, you still have your own place nonetheless
>You sit down on the couch with the girls sitting on either side of you
"Thanks again for the ride Nurse Redheart"
>Dash: "Yeah, thanks, see you tomorrow at school-"
>Nurse: "Whoa, hold up. I'm not going anywhere just yet. You still have to tell me what happened"
"I thought that I wasn't your problem once school hours were over"
>Nurse: "That was before Dash had to drag you into my office half dead. And now that I'm here you're pretty much my responsibility whether I like it or not"
>You could always kick her out, this is YOUR place after all
>Theoretically, you could
>Realistically, she's here whether you like it or not
>She grabs your wrist to check your pulse
>Nurse: "So come on, what happened"
"I just wasn't feeling well, I'm fine now"
>Nurse: "When did it start?"
>She puts her hand to your forehead
"At lunch"
>Nurse: "Was it something you ate?"
"Not that I know of, I hardly ate anything"
>And if it was something you ate, Sonata is probably dead by now
>Nurse: "Well, you seem normal for now, so just take care of yourself alright?"
"Yeah, sure-"
>Nurse: "-I mean it kid. I don't want to see you getting any worse"
"I will, alright, I promise"
>She stares you in the eye, not so much threatening but more like a concerned mother
>Well, kind of a combination of the two
>She lets out a long sigh before getting up from the couch
>Nurse: "Good, you better"
>She makes her way to the door
>Nurse: "I should probably get going, it's already pretty late. You want a ride Dash?"
>Dash: "No, I think I'll stick around a little longer. Just to make sure-"
>Nurse: "-Yeah yeah, I don't need the details. I know what's happening as soon as I walk out that door. Just don't wear him out, remember he's not as fit as you"
>She hesitates, giving you one last look before heading out the door
>Nurse: "Oh, and Anon? Now I know where you live"
>It's hard to tell if that was a threat or not
>But you'll assume that it was
>Once she's gone, Dash pats her legs inviting you to lie down
>You lay your head in her lap, which is more comfortable than you thought
>Dash: "You feeling better?"
>Dash: "What happened to you anyways? Do you remember?"
"No idea. I was feeling bad for a while, and when you started playing I just completely lost it. No offense by the way, you're a great singer, and the band's coming along nicely too. It just came up out of nowhere. I wish I could have heard that last song in full"
>Dash: "If I hadn't left my guitar at school I could have played it for you now"
>She sighs
>Dash: "Damn it, and I was really looking forward to playing it for you"
>She's not really trying to guilt trip you, but it's happening anyways
"Sorry I kind of ruined everything"
>Dash: "Relax Nonny, it's not ruined, jut postponed for a bit"
>She pats you on the head
>Dash: "Besides, it's not like I'd let something like this come between us"
>Adagio's voice echoed in your head... "We'd hate for anything to come between the two of you, wouldn't we"
>Damn it
"Hey Dashie... you remember Sonata, right?"
>Dash: "You mean that girl you were sitting with these past few days? What about her?"
"I was just wondering what kind of impression you got from her"
>Dash: "I dunno, she seemed friendly"
"Did you get a chance to meet her friends?"
>Dash: "Nu uh, why?"
"No reason, they just seemed... weird"
>Dash: "How weird?"
"Hard to say"
>Dash: "Is one of them trying to steal my Nonny?"
>She says it as a joke, but there's always a hint of seriousness when a girl says that
>You reach up and gently stroke her cheek
"Don't worry Dash, I'm still yours"

>You're feeling better, no stomach issues today
>But just in case, you stop by the local drugstore on your way to school and bought a bottle of Tums

>You get to Biology
>You take your seat
>Immediately it begins
>Rarity: "So, how was it?"
>You know what she means
>You pretend that you don't
"You mean the band? You guys sound better than I expected"
>Rarity: "I mean the song Dash wrote for you"
"I know what you mean"
>She rolls her eyes. Clearly she should have saw that coming
>Rarity: "So then how was the song? She wouldn't play it in front of us, not even to practice, so I have no idea what it sounds like"
"I didn't get to hear it either"
>Rarity: "Huh? Why not?"
"... long story"
>Rarity: "Let me guess, she was going to play but you ended up doing 'something else' instead"
>She makes air quotes when she says 'something else'
"What do you mean by 'something else'?"
>You mimic her air quotes
>Rarity: "You know exactly what I mean"
"Alright fine. I should start off by saying that there was a hell of a mess for the janitor to clean up-"
>Rarity: "-Okay okay, just stop me before you ruin the music room for me and make me want to skip out of band practice today"
>She immediately goes back to her work
>What she doesn't know is that she'd be probably be more grossed out by knowing what really happened than what she's probably thinking happened

>You're focused on school work when someone comes in with a note from the principal's office
>It's for you
>That can't be good
>Rarity: "What's that for Anon?"
>You look over the note
"... It says Nurse Redheart needs to see me immediately"
>You hurry over to the nurse's office
>Nurse: "Oh hey, you were quick"
"The note said to come down here immediately, is there some kind of emergency"
>Nurse: "Well there's no emergency. I just wanted to make sure you were okay today. You were still half dead when I left yesterday"
"Seriously? That's it?"
>She silently nods
"Well then yeah, I feel fine. If that's all I'm going back to class"
>You start to make your way out but she grabs your hand
"What? I told you I'm fine"
>Nurse: "And you expect me to believe a word you say? Sit down"
>She's not letting you go, so you might as well get this over with
>She does all the typical stuff
>She checks your temperature
>She checks your pulse
>She even breaks out the old stethoscope, which gets a chuckle out of you
>Nurse: "What's so funny?"
"Nothing. It's just cute how you think you're an actual doctor"
>She doesn't respond
>Then again, you really shouldn't be talking to her like that now that she knows where you live

>Once she concludes that there's nothing physically wrong with you, aside from a couple of her usual petty insults thrown your way, she sends you on your way
>You are on your way back to class, hurrying down the hall
>You're not really paying attention to where you're going
>And apparently neither is the person you just walked right into
>Sunset: "Ugh... "
>She starts rubbing her forehead, and she looks pissed
>Sunset: "Damn it, you moron! Would it kill you to watch where the hell you're going! ... Oh, hey Anon"
>She seems to get embarrassed as soon as she realizes it's you
>You help her up, and she brushes herself off
"You okay?"
>Sunset: "Yeah, you?"
"I've had worse. So what's got you in such a hurry?"
>Sunset: "I was just showing the new girls around a few minutes ago, but then they took off out of nowhere. Did you see them come by?"
"Nu uh"
>Sunset: "Damn..."
"But now that you mention it, what did you think of them"
>Sunset: "The new girls? They were... well, they were different"
"So I'm not the only one who thinks so"
>Sunset: "Yeah, it's like there's always something they're not saying but want to... do you think someone already told them about us?"
"What about us?"
>Sunset: "About me being a demon from another world, and about you being in with the mafia"
>Oh yeah, that stuff
"Sonata told me they just transferred in. I doubt they already-"
>The bell cuts you off before this conversation before it could go any further
>Sunset: "Isn't that the lunch bell?"
"Yeah. I usually meet Dash and Applejack after class, I'm going to try to catch up with them"
>Sunset: "Care if I tag along?"
"Not at all"
>The two of you hurry back to your class
>Sunset: "Oh, and can I ask you for one last favor?"
>Sunset: "About me getting pissed off back there... you know, losing my temper and all"
"Don't worry, I'll keep it between us"
>You catch Dash, Rarity, and Applejack on their way to the cafeteria
>Thank God Rarity has your backpack, you didn't even realize you'd forgotten it
>Dash: "Nonny, there you are! Rarity told me you went to the nurse's office, is everything okay?"
"Yeah, she just wanted to check on me, make sure I was okay after yesterday"
>Rarity: "Are either of you going to tell me what happened"
>Dash: "Do you really want to know?"
>Even Dash knows how to handle Rarity now
>You've taught her well

>You get to the cafeteria, a good deal later than usual
>Even now, Sonata and her friends haven't shown yet
>Applejack: "Seriously Anon, if ya wanna sit there again we won't judge"
"Nice try. You're not getting rid of me that easily"
>Still though, you do wonder what the deal with them is
>As you take our seats, the girls immediately turn to Sunset, asking about Sonata's gang
>She looks at you, and you return the gaze
>You both have the same thought going through your heads
>"How the hell do I explain this"
>The best explanation that she can give is that they're "kind of off"
>Not that you could say much better
>The conversation is interrupted by the slam of the cafeteria doors
>But not closed... they were bursting open
>A gentle hum starts to echo through the cafeteria, which at this point has fallen silent
>All attention turns to the source...
>Sonata and her friends
>Quite the dramatic entrance
>Then, to your surprise, music starts playing from the intercom, and the poofy-haired one- Adagio, if you recall correctly- starts singing
"Hey Dash, is there another dance thing going on?"
>Dash: "Nu uh... not that I know of. Pinkie?"
>Pinkie: "Nope. I'm as stumped as you guys"
>The continue on with their spontaneous music number

>The crowd gets riled up
>The energy of the room is building
>You feel the it getting to you
>The new girls come to the end of their song
>You had no idea Sonata and her friends even sang, but the fact that they would go so far as to challenge the whole school to a battle of the bands..
>And in a song no less
>Now that's cheeky
>The cafeteria was left in chaos, and Sonata's gang is basking in the moment
>The crowd looks like they belong at a concert for some edgy metal band you outgrew in middle school
>Everyone but your friends is going crazy
>Once again you feel sick to your stomach
>Dash: "A battle of the bands?"
>Pinkie: "They can't change the musical showcase like that! It ruins the whole idea!"
>Dash: "You're not going to let them do it, are you?"
>Applejack: "Are you hearin' that crowd? It may be out of your hands"
>None of them seem as excited as the rest of the students
>Dash: "Hey girls... "
>Dash directs everyone's attention towards you, now hunched over and clutching your gut
>Applejack: "You okay there Anon?"
>"Don't you know that if you ever have to ask that then the answer is no"
>Is what you want to say
>But you know it's just the pain talking, so you bite your tongue and hold back the sass
"Not really"
>Dash: "Do you need to see the nurse?"
"... yeah, I think so"
>You get up and, accompanied by Dash, you start head across the cafeteria
>"Anonymous! Good seeing you again!"
>From amongst the commotion a hand reaches out and grabs you, and it takes you a moment to find just who it was
>The creepy one
"Not now Aria"
>Adagio: "Actually I'm Adagio"
>Oh right, Adagio was the creepy one
>Not your fault, you're not thinking straight
>Dash: "Look, now's not a good time, alright- hey, weren't you one of the girls singing?"
>Adagio: "That's right, I'm with the Dazzlings"
>Not the name you would have chosen, but okay
>Adagio: "Are you two leaving so soon?"
>Dash: "I said now's not a good time"
"A horrible time"
>Adagio: "What's the matter? Are you sick again?"
>She's looking you in the eye again, that same smile on her face as before
>Like she's looking into your soul
>Fuck it
>You jerk your arm free and run off as fast as you can
>Dash: "Nonny, wait!"
>Adagio: "Damn it, still nothing..."
>You ignore the both of them, hauling your ass out of there

>You know you can't make it all the way to the nurse's office
>Just like you know you can't hold down your stomach contents
>So you head straight to the bathroom

>Once you've finished emptying the contents of your stomach, you wait around in the stall for a minute just in case
>You weren't really self-conscious about it until you hear someone else enter the room
>The person comes straight to your stall and knocks, and a voice you really should be more surprised to hear in the men's bathroom calls out
>Pinkie: "Nonny? You okay"
"Yeah, I'm fine now. I think"
>Pinkie: "The other girls went to the nurse's office looking for you, but somehow I knew you'd be here"
>You stumble out of the stall
>Pinkie: "Come on, I'll help you over there"
>She puts her arm around you for support, and you lean on her as you shamelessly walkout of the bathroom together and head to Redheart's office
>Nurse: "God damn it not again. What the hell is up with you!"
>Redheart helps you lay down with a gentleness that doesn't match the tone of her voice
>The girls are there for you; thankfully, it's just your friends, none of those Dazzlers, or Dazzlings, or whatever they're called
"I don't know-"
>Nurse: "-Oh no, we're not doing this crap again. Tell me what happened, and tell me now"
>She wheels her chair over to block the door
>Nurse: "I'm not letting any of you out until I get an answer, so someone talk"
>She looks directly at you, making sure you know you're on the spot
>Thankfully, Dash saves your ass
>Dash: "We were just sitting at lunch, and again, out of nowhere he got sick"
>Nurse: "Anything unusual happen before?"
>Dash: "Nothing, aside from the Dazzlings"
>Nurse: "Who?"
>Dash: "The new girls. They came in and started singing, and that's when he got sick"
>Nurse: "Singing, huh? Weren't you at their band practice when you threw up last time?"
>Rarity: "You what"
"Yup, that's what happened. I puked in the music room"
>She seems mildly disgusted, probably not enough to be skipping band practice
>Nurse: "Anon, do you get migraines?"
"No, why?"
>Nurse: "Sometimes people with chronic migraines are overly sensitive to sound. Listening to constant loud music could have set you off"
"Sounds more like a hangover to me"
>Nurse: "Is that it?"
>You give her a "are you serious?" look
>... okay, she is serious
"No, I don't have a hangover. It's probably just the stomach flu or something"
>Nurse: "If that were the case, you wouldn't have felt so fine this morning"
"Then what else could it be?"
>Sunset: "Weren't you sitting with those Dazzling girls yesterday too?"
"Yeah, why?"
>Sunset: "... nothing"
>There's something on her mind that she's not saying
>Redheart: "Well regardless, you should stick around for a bit Anon. At least until you're feeling okay. I'll get something for your stomach"
"Don't, I've got stuff in my backpack"
>Once again, Rarity saved your backpack
>You open it and take out the bottle of Tums from the front pocket of your backpack-
"Hey Rarity, were you watching my bag the whole time?"
>Rarity: "Not the whole time, but for the most part. Why, are you missing something?"
"... no, never mind. I found it"
>You pretended to look for something for a moment
>Nurse: "You should head back to class before your all late. I'll keep an eye on him"
>Dash: "I can stay behind too if you want-"
>She seems surprised, almost shocked
"Go ahead and go, I'll be fine"
>Dash: "You sure?"
"Don't worry Dashie, I'll be okay"
>Skeptically, she sighs and kisses you on the forehead
>Dash: "I'll come back and check on you after class, alright"
"I'll be waiting"
>Applejack: "Come on y'all, he probably needs his rest"
>They all head out
>Just as you'd expect, Dash is the last one lingering behind
>Redheart carries on with some paperwork, and you pull the privacy curtain aside
>Once you're concealed, you open up the front pocket of you bag, and pull out a white envelope with your name scribbled on the front
>You found it earlier while looking for the Tums and it threw you off
>Inside the envelope is a folded up paper with a message written inside
>There's no name or signature, just the message
>"Sonata and her sisters are trouble. Stay away from them"
>To whoever wrote that note: No freaking duh
>Obviously all of your friends know that
>Which means that there's someone else out there who knows that the Dazzlings are up to no good
>For now, you crumple up the note and stuff it in your pocket
>You are still a little queasy, so you close your eyes to get some needed rest

>Upon waking you feel a big pressure in your gut
>You don't feel anything coming up, not even a dry heave
>Then, you realize the pressure's coming from outside your body
>Dash is on her knees beside the bed, resting her head on you and using your body as a pillow
>She seems to catch you as soon as you wake
>Dash: "Hey, how you feeling?"
"Fine. Is class over already?"
>Dash: "Yeah, I came in just a second ago to check on you-"
>Nurse: "-Bullshit"
>Nurse Redheart pulls the curtain aside
>Nurse: "She came back like, five minutes after she left, claiming she wasn't feeling well"
>Dash: "Of course not!"
>Nurse: "I tried to get her to leave but she said she wouldn't leave your side until you woke up. She's way too worried about you"
>Dash: "Am not!"
>Dash's face flushes bright red
>Redheart is getting her worked up in a way you haven't done in a long time
>Nurse: "You should have seen her a minute ago Anon, she was crying that you wouldn't ever wake up"
>Dash: "Wh-what? Nonny, you don't believe her do you?"
>Now that you know for sure is bull
>... but screw it, you can't resist
"Your eyes are still watering"
>Dash: "B-But I wasn't even... you're screwing with me aren't you?"

>Nurse Redheart bursts into laughter
>Nurse: "Damn Anon, now I get why you keep her around"
>She teasingly pinches Dash's cheek
>Nurse: "Relax kid, we're just messing with you. We both know you weren't really crying"
>Dash: "And that other stuff didn't happen either!"
>Nurse: "Yeah, sure, whatever you say. Anyways, you're almost late for your next class. Take this before you go"
>She hands you a piece of paper
"What's this?"
>Nurse: "It's to get you out of gym for a while. I think you actually should be sitting out for once, at least for a while"
>The note details your stomach issues over the past couple of days, with her signature at the bottom
"Really? I didn't lose a toe this time?"
>Nurse: "It was either that or herpes"
>She's not as good at excuses as you are, but to her credit no one would really question her
>You stuff the note in your pocket and leave the office
>Dash: "Just for the record, I wasn't really crying over you"
"I know, I was just messing with you"
>Looking back, maybe you did take it just a bit too far
"You're not mad, are you?"
>Dash: "Of course not Nonny, but... I have been a little worried lately"
>She gently punches your arm
>Once again, something she hasn't done in a long time
>Something you've missed
>Dash: "And trust me, when I'm mad you'll know"
>Well that's... reassuring

>Gym class
"Hey coach, I have to sit out today"
>Coach: "What is it this time?"
>You reach in your pocket and pull out the paper, handing it to him
>Coach: "... 'Sonata and her sister are trouble'? What's this?"
>You shouldn't have put both of them in the same pocket
>You quickly fish out the other note and trade them off
>Coach: "... Stomach issues huh? Alright, go on"
>He holds on to the note from the nurse while you stuff the one about the Dazzlings back into your pocket
>You feel like you should hold onto it just in case... hell if you know, but anything could happen
>But you've got to be a little more careful with it
>Especially if you're going to continue keeping it a secret

>Dash insisted on skipping band practice and walking you home, but you assured her that you'd be fine
>And for the rest of the day, you were fine
>In fact, you were fine for the rest of the weekend

>You decided it's best to leave that note pinned on the fridge
>It's more of a mini-fridge really, but it came with the place
>The note in itself isn't exactly fridge-worthy work, but you've never aced a test and you don't have any kids with shitty arts and crafts projects, so it's better than nothing

>As soon as Dash sees you waiting for her in front of the school, she asks if you are okay
>You assure her that you are

>In Biology
>As soon as rarity sees you in your seat, she asks if you are okay
>You assure her that you are

>At lunch
>As soon as you sit down at the table, you assure everyone that you are okay before they even ask
>At least you've got friends that care

>You go all day without throwing up
>That's a win as far as you're concerned

>Lunch time
>To your surprise, Pinkie is the last one at the table, and she is irritable
"What's the matter Pinkie?"
>She pulls out a piece of paper
>Pinkie: "THIS is the matter"
>It's a flyer, one that looks a lot like her old flyer for the musical showcase, but with the title replaced with "Battle of the Bands"
>Pinkie: "And I'm guessing you all know who's behind this one. Nonny, you're friends with one of them right? Can't you try and talk to her or something?"
>Sunset: "I don't know Pinkie, those girls seem like trouble. If anything we should be staying away from them"
>... nearly a direct quote
>Still, you have to be sure
"When I spoke to Sonata by herself, she seemed normal. It's those sisters of hers that seem to cause trouble"
>Sunset: "They're sisters? I thought they were just friends"
>... the note specifically said 'Sonata and her sisters'
>So much for that lead
"Anyways, Pinkie's right. I should at least try to talk to her about all this. Maybe she can talk some sense into them"
>Applejack: "Speak of the devil"
>Applejack turns your attention across the cafeteria, where the Dazzlings just took their seats at the big table
"I guess there's never a better time than now"
>Dash: "Hang on, I'm coming with"
>She joins you as you get up to head towards them

>Sonata: "Anon? What are you doing here?
>Aria: "Yeah Ass-non, what are you doing here?"
>That's actually the first time you've heard that one
"Look, we need to talk about last week"
>Adagio: "You weren't in the mood to talk then"
"Yeah, I'd been sick the past few days"
>Sonata: "Really? Are you-"
"-Yes, I'm fine. That's aside from the point. You need to call off the whole 'Battle of the Bands' thing"
>Adagio: "Call it off? We didn't even start it. We just took the musical showcase and spiced it up"
"I know, and Pinkie Pie's not cool with it. It kind of ruins the whole idea of the showcase"
>Dash: "It's supposed to be a fun event, not a hardcore competition"
>Adagio: "... I see what the problem is here. You don't think you and your band can hold up to the competition"
>Dash: "I'm saying there shouldn't be any competition at all"
>"Of course you'd say that"
>One of the other girls sitting at the table calls out
>You don't really know her but you've met her; she's the one you always run into at the vending machine
>Trixie was her name, if you recall correctly
>Dash: "Excuse me?"
>Trixie: "Admit it; you're scared of the competition"
>Dash: "As if. You think I'm really-"
>You stop her before she escalates things any further
>Dash: "Look, all I'm saying is that this isn't the best idea"
>Another familiar, more annoying voice speaks up
>Snips: "And what do you know about good ideas?"
>Snails: "Yeah, what do YOU know?"
>Adagio: "Well well well, look like majority rules. The Battle of the Bands is on"
>She and the other girls get up from their seats and leave
>On her way out, Adagio walks past Trixie, caresses her face and whispers something in her ear
>Aria does the same to Snips and, after a stare from the others, Sonata does to Snails
>The table gets more rowdy with excitement, and you and Dash make your way out before things get any worse

>Applejack: "Nothing, huh?"
"Nope, it's like they didn't hear a word we said"
>Pinkie: "What did you tell them?"
>Back at your table you and Dash describe the situation- everything, even the little whisper at the end
>Sunset, once again, looks troubled
"You know something Sunset?"
>Pinkie: "Come on Sunny, let it out"
>Sunset: "... I'm not sure. I'll get back with you on that"
>She gets up and leaves, despite lunch being just about half over
>Applejack: "Okay, am I the only one not sure if she can be trusted"
>No one speaks up, but they all seem to silently agree
>But not you
"Give her time, she might know something we don't"
>Dash: "If she knew something why doesn't she just tell us?"
"Sometimes you need to be absolutely sure before you say anything"
>They all accept your answer; they may not agree but they accept it

>After lunch you and Dash start heading to history
"Hold up, I think my textbook is in my locker"
>Dash: "Alright, I'll meet you in class"
>You hurry off to get your book

>You open your locker
>You take out your book
>You see another envelope fall out
>... another one, looking just like the last one
>You take it and, after making sure no one's around (maybe you're a little too paranoid, but what the hell) you read the note
>"Quit the band"
>... motherfucker
>It's one thing to sneak into your backpack while you're in the bathroom throwing up, but to actually come to your locker...
>You're sure this won't be the last one, and you've got nothing to lose
>You tear a page out of your notebook and write down "I'm not in the band"
>You fold it up and write "Whoever You Are" on the outside, and leave it right in the middle of your locker, where it's sure to be seen
>Thinking you can actually respond to this person is admittedly stupid and irrational
>But there is nothing about this situation that isn't

>You get to class a few minutes after the bell
>Dash: "What took you so long?"
"Nothing, I just walk slowly"

>After school, you meet up with Dash outside the locker rooms as usual
>Dash: "So are you coming?"
"To what, band practice?"
>Dash: "Didn't you get the message?"
"So you know?"
>Dash: "Yeah, she sent it to all of us"
"Who sent it?"
>Dash: "Sunset, did you not get her text?"
"... okay, back up. I'm missing something here"
>Dash: "Sunset sent out a mass text for us to meet her by her locker after school"
>... never mind
>Dash: "Wait, did you ever actually give her your number?"
"Nu uh"
>Dash: "That explains it. Now that you know, you might as well come along, I'm sure she meant for you to come too"
"Yeah... sure"

>You meet the girls at Sunset's locker
>Sunset: "Okay, so something's been bugging me about the Dazzlings since I first met. There's something... different about them"
>Dash: "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"
>Sunset: "Yup, I think they're from my world"
>This kind of thing should really come as more of a shock to you
>But lately, otherworldly creatures seem to be the norm around here
>She opens her locker and pulls out a fancy looking book
>Sunset: "This book is magic, I can use it to communicate with the world I came from"
>Great, you're dealing with otherworldly creatures and an inter-dimensional transmitter communication device
>Yup, your friend is an alien

>After writing... something in the book, she stuffs it back into her locker and leads you all outside to the front steps of the school by the big statue
"So what exactly are we waiting for?"
>Sunset: "Hard to say. Don't worry, it'll all make sense in a moment"
>You seem to be the only one out of the loop, so you wait
>... and wait
>... and wait some more
>Long after school hours, the sun had already started to set
>Pinkie helped you break into the school to grab dinner from the vending machines

>After enjoying a lovely art-school dinner, you wait some more
"... yeah, this all makes sense"
>Sunset: "I don't know, maybe she just-"
>Sunset abruptly stops and gets up
>You quickly realize what's caught her attention
>A bright light radiates from the big statue out front
>A strong breeze kicks up
>There's a loud, thunderous boom, and the light becomes blinding
>When you get your vision back, you see a girl sitting on the floor in front of the statue dazed and confused
>Yup... makes perfect sense
>Less than seconds later, a small dog follows her out through the statue
>The girl on the floor picks herself up and the others embrace her in a big group hug
>Without you
>Statue girl seems to notice and breaks away from the group to introduce herself
>"Hi there, I'm Twilight Sparkle"
"I'm Anon"
>You take her hand for a handshake, but stop when you realize how limp her arm is, flopping around like a wet noodle
>Like she's never had a handshake before or something
>Twilight: "Nice meeting you Anon"
"You too. So do you always come out of statues or did you just miss the bus today?
>Nothing like a little smartass-ery to break the ice
>The joke seems to have gone over her head
>Twilight: "Right, the statue. Now I'm sure you're probably wondering just what's going on here and there's really no easy way to say this so I'm just going to say it"
>She lets out a long sigh
>Twilight: "You see, the truth is I'm actually-"
"-I know, you're an alien"
>Twilight: "Alien?"
"Yeah, an alien from another world. Sunset too"
>Twilight: "Okay, now I'm the one confused here"
>Dash: "Maybe you should just let her explain Anon"
>She's got a point
>You cut the comical genius for just a moment to let her carry on with her explanation of recent happenings
>So it turns out that Twilight is actually a princess in her world, not that it means anything here
>But wait, there's more
>She seems to have it all figured out
"... Sirens?"
Twilight: "That's right, sirens. They're mythical creatures who once roamed the land of Equestria- where I'm from- until they were banished. They must have found their way to this world"
"Banished? If they're so evil why not just kill them?"
>Twilight: "That's not how we do things in Equestria. We don't just go around killing each other willy-nilly, even with reason"
>You really ought to thank Twilight for checking your edginess
>Twilight: "Even if we wanted to, their magic was too great. There's no way they could be defeated in their most powerful state. Thy seem to be wakened here, but the more conflict and anger between everyone, the stronger they get"
"And what happens when they reach their strongest state?"
>Sunset: "As I'm sure you've noticed, they have a way of making people act not like themselves, making them angry and aggressive"
.Twilight: "Yes, and with enough power they're capable controlling the minds of others, forcing them to do their bidding"
>Dash: "None of us have been affected by it yet"
>Twilight: "It might have to do with what happened the last time I was here. Some of my magic may still be inside you"
>You struggle to not make any sexual joke about that out loud
>Twilight: "We may be protected from it now, but if they get any stronger there's no telling what will happen"
>Rarity: "But what about Anon? He didn't receive any of the magic when you were here last, but he doesn't seem to be under their spell either... are you?"
"Not that I know of"
>They've probably tried to cast their spell on you before though
>That would explain all that stuff about coming between you and Dash last week
>And when she tried to keep you from leaving the cafeteria after their song
>... and how you puked each time afterwards
"At least, not entirely under their spell"
>Rarity: "What do you mean?"
"I think their magic may have something to do with how sick I've been the last couple of days. Every time I got sick, it was after speaking to Adagio"
>Dash: "But you didn't throw the first time until I started playing"
"And I didn't throw up the second time until you started pulling me away from Adagio"
>Dash: "Where are you going with this?"
"Adagio said something to me when we first met: 'It'd be a shame if something came between you and Rainbow Dash'. Maybe this is part of their spell. You're protected by magic and they're too weak to make me do anything. Trying to make me sick around you is their way of pushing us apart"
>Dash: "... that's almost crazy enough to make sense"
>Twilight: "I think so too"
>She starts eyeing you up and down
>Twilight: "And now that you mention it, I do feel something coming from you, something magical"
>You always knew you were special
>Twilight: "But first things first, we need to figure out a way to defeat the Dazzlings"
>"What we need is some kind of counter-spell against them"
>... did her dog just talk?
>It seems to look straight at you
>"Yes, I just talked. The name's Spike"
>Apparently it reads minds too-
>Spike: "No I can't read minds. I just get that look every time I come to this world"
"What the hell kind of dog are you?"
>Spike: "I'm not a dog, I'm actually a freaking dragon-"
>Twilight: "-Spike! Language!"
>The dog snickers and sticks his paw out like some kind of animal bro-fist
>You just bro-fisted with a dog
>Fuck anybody who says you didn't
>Twilight: "Anyways, for a counter-spell to work we'd need everyone under their spell to hear it. That way we can ensure that no one is left under their control"
"What you should do is write it in the form of a song and perform it at the Battle of the Bands"
>Twilight: "... all the students will be gathered in one place, Anon you're a genius!"
"Yeah, sure"
>You're no genius
>You're just a cheeky asshole, wanting to see the Dazzlings get beaten at their own game in front of the whole school
>Twilight: "If I'm going to have that spell ready in time, we have to get started immediately. Come on Spike"
>She starts heading towards the school until Pinkie stops her
>Pinkie: "Wait, where are you going?"
>Twilight: "Usually I sleep in the library when I come here"
>So SHE'S the hobo who made that bed up there
>Pinkie: "Not tonight, you're sleeping at my place"
>lol she's gonna get raped
>Pinkie: "WAIT! I've got a great idea... slumber party at my house!"
>lol they're all gonna get raped
>Pinkie: "See you girls later. You too Nonny-"
"-Wait, me too?"
>Pinkie: "Well duh. Can't have a band slumber party without our only groupie present"
>You're gonna get raped

>When you get home you throw some stuff in a backpack for the slumber party
>Pajamas and a change of clothes for tomorrow
>A tightly sealed travel cup of coffee for the morning just in case Pinkie doesn't have any at her place
>You consider putting on three pairs of underwear for protection in case SOMEONE gets frisky (you know who, the one who's been demanding a sex party since you've met)
>But then you change your mind, in case someone ELSE gets frisky (you know who, the one who's actually willing to push through three pairs for you)
>Not long after you've gotten ready Dash picks you up and you head over to Pinkie's place

>Pinkie: "Dash, Nonny, you're late!"
>She takes one of your hands and one of Dash's and drags you inside and up to her bedroom
>Well she cuts right to the chase
>Much to your relief, you get there and find the others already arrived and are still conscious and fully clothed
>As soon as you step in the room Rarity smushes her face up against yours
>Rarity: "Say cheese!"
>You haven't even been here five minutes and you just got selfie raped
>Applejack: "Relax Anon, she does that to all of us"
>Dash: "Yeah, and I can guarantee more than once"
>This is going to be a long night

>Okay, this is actually a lot more fun than you expected
>Aside from the typical girly girl stuff like makeovers and gossip (to which you've heard your name a few times), the girls are actually pretty fun

>You're sitting at the foot of the bed watching Dash and Applejack play some vidya when Twilight comes by and sits next to you
"Hey Twilight finished already?"
>Twilight: "No, just taking a break. I'm having a hard time coming up with anything. What are they playing?"'
"No idea, but it's still fun to watch"
>Twilight: "Why?"
"Wait for it..."
>Applejack: "Hey! I was just about to win!"
>Dash: "I dunno, it seemed pretty close to me"
>Dash hit the reset button on the console... again
>Dash: "Of course, if you wanna go again"
>Applejack: "... You're on"
>And they immediately start playing again
>There's no stopping the competition between them
>Twilight: "How long have they been going at it like this?"
"Since we got here"
>Twilight: "Wow..."
"Yeah. Wow"
>They continue playing
>Once again, Dash #NoScopes the console
>Applejack: "You did it again!"
>Dash: "It was an accident, I swear"
>This seems to be the final nail in the coffin, and Applejack rage quits
>Applejack: "So Twi, how's that spell coming along?"
>Twilight: "... it's a work-in-progress"
>Applejack: "How much progress are we talking?"
>Twilight: "Quite a bit. Magic can be really tricky sometimes. Like how Anon somehow managed to get himself enchanted"
>Applejack: "Yeah, how did that happen anyways?"
"No idea. Maybe it's just because I've been hanging out with you guys more lately"
>Twilight: "Maybe... I don't know, magic is usually a little more intimate than that"
>You prepare for the shitstorm as soon as you hear the word 'intimate'

>Rarity: "Oh, he and Dash have been VERY intimate lately"
>Dash catches on and immediately tries to play it down
>Dash: "Yeah, he and I have been going out for a while now"
>Rarity: "You've been doing a lot more than that"
>Twilight: "What do you mean?"
>Wow, does Twilight really not get it?
>Rarity: "Let's just say they've been exchanging lots of magic lately"
>Twilight: "Huh?"
>Rarity: "Come on, do we have to spell it out for you"
>Pinkie: "S-E-X"
>God damn it Pinkie
>Even after that it takes Twilight a moment to register the meaning of that
>And once she does she releases a spaghetti storm
>Twilight: "... O-Oh! That would... work I guess. C-Can't really say from experience but it's a reasonable hypothesis"
>Applejack: "Judging by the way you talk Rarity, sounds like you're speakin from experience. Care to eplain?"
>Rarity: "What? Who told you about us-"
>You and Dash: "-RARITY!"
>Too late
>Applejack is already laughing her ass off
>Fluttershy is already blushing in second-hand embarrassment
>Pinkie is already swearing on her life that she didn't tell
>And Twilight still doesn't get what that means
>You never thought having an M-F-F threesome would be something you'd want to live down
>Then again, you never thought you'd have such gossipy friends
>Thankfully, you're saved by the bell. The doorbell to be exact
>Pinkie: "Pizza's here!"
>Thank God for pizza

>Later that night
>Everyone's all partied out and agree that it's best you hit the sack
>Or rather, the floor for most of them
>Somehow you and Dash manage to find room to fall asleep spooning
>With everyone sprawled out wherever there's room you all drift off to sleep
>... okay, they all do
>Your eyes are closed but you're wide awake
>You know that as soon as you let your guard down Pinkie's gonna take out a sharpie and draw a dick on your forehead
>You're not going to let that happen
>You hear a quiet rustling, and you crack your eye open just a bit to catch Twilight sneaking out of the room
>Looks like you're not the only one awake
>No one else seems to notice
>And you don't really care, so you bury your face in the back of Dash's head and close your eyes
>... more rustling, and this time Sunset leaves
>Busy night
>Probably working on that spell thing of hers
>Again, none of your business
>Dash: "hey Nonny, you awake?"
>She whispers just barely enough for you to hear
>Dash: "same here, can't really sleep. are you worried about the Dazzlings too?"
"not really. what's got you worried?"
>Dash: "are you sure you're able to resist their spell?"
"for the most part, why?"
>Dash: "... I don't know"
"Dashie, what aren't you telling me?"
>She turns around to face you

>Dash: "things could get bad. like, really bad. and I just want to make sure your safe, and-"
"Dashie, I'm going to be okay"
>Dash: "but what if you're not? what if somehow the Dazzling's spell gets to you"
"it won't"
>Dash: "but what if it does"
"it never will"
>Dash: "Nonny, please..."
>She struggles to find the words to say
>Dash: "all I ask is that we keep your involvement with the band to a minimum, at least until we find out what they're really capable of. if they are capable of controlling people's minds then the last thing I want is for you to be a target. I'm not saying we should stop hanging out altogether, but you are in more danger than any of us. it's for your own protection"
>You pull her as close as you can, your face just inches from hers
>Close enough for you to see her eyes start to water
"look, Adagio is clearly trying to cause a rift between the two of us. now I just watched you slam the reset button at least five times earlier when you were playing against Applejack, and if there's anything I can say for sure about you, it's that no one has ever beaten the one and only Rainbow Dash. are you really going to let Adagio be the first?"
>Dash: "of course not, but I don't want anything happening to you either"
"tell you what. if things get too real I'll back off like you asked, but until it they do you're stuck with me, got it?"
>Dash: "... promise?"
"promise. and if I don't and I somehow fall under their spell I'm giving you my blessing to smack the sense back into me"
>That got a giggle out of her
>Dash: "deal"
>She wipes her eyes
"got something in your eyes?"
>Dash: "y-yeah"
>She turns her back to you again and wiggles into a comfortable position
>You drape your arm over her and pull her close
>For the first time tonight, you feel like actually getting some sleep
>As you wake up the next morning you take a minute to figure out where the hell you are
>... Oh yeah, the slumber party
>Man, you slept surprisingly good last night
>"Morning Nonny"
"Morning Dashie"
>"Try again"
"... what?"
>You pick yourself up and rub your eyes, still struggling to wake up
>Dash is lying next to you clinging to your arm, but still asleep
>Pinkie Pie, on the other hand, is sitting up in bed wide awake
>She climbs down from the bed and sits next to you, careful not to step on anybody, then gives you a big hug
"What's that for?"
>Pinkie: "I thought you'd need it. You and Dash sounded upset last night"
"... You heard that?"
>Pinkie: "All of it. I was wide awake the whole time. And don't worry, I won't tell anyone"
"Thanks Pinkie. But everything's fine, you don't have to worry about us"
>She tries to hug you again
>Pinkie: "As long you're okay that's what matters. Did you at least get some sleep?"
"Yeah I did. What were you doing up that late anyways?"
>Pinkie: "What do you think?"
>You really don't want to think about what she was doing while everyone was asleep
"Dare I ask?"
>Pinkie: "I had to dish out the new guy treatment"
"And what pray tell is the 'new guy treatment'?"
>From across the room, Sunset yawns and stretches
>Sunset: "Morning guys"
>You stare blankly at her
>Sunset: "... what's with that look?"
"You got a little something up there"
>You point to her forehead, where someone wrote the 'EVIL' in black marker
>She takes out her phone and checks her reflection
>Sunset: "Damn it, who did this?"
>Pinkie: "Nothing personal Sunny, it's the new guy treatment"
>You weren't sure if she'd be angry or if she'd take it well
>To much relief, she laughs
>Sunset: "I really should have known better"
>Pinkie: "Took you long enough to finally fall asleep"
>She tries to rub it off, which only serves to smear it around but still keep its shape
>Pinkie: "Relax, it'll wash off with soap"
>Twilight slowly wakes up next
>Twilight: "What's with all the commotion?"
"... good morning egghead"
>Twilight: "E-Excuse me?!"
>Sunset: "Your chest"
>She looks down at herself
>Her shirt is halfway buttoned down, and just beneath her shoulders she has 'EGGHEAD' written on her chest
>On a side note, someone really needs to get her a bra
>Twilight: "What? Who would do..."
>She figures it out pretty quickly
>Pinkie: "Consider it a compliment, you're one of us now"
>Twilight: "I'll never understand some of these human traditions"
>You take this opportunity to look yourself over, but you appear to be clean
"Did you forget something?"
>Pinkie giggles
>Pinkie: "You got a very special treatment"
"Is that just your way of saying you molested me in your sleep?"
>It was just a little more than a joke
>Pinkie: "Sorry Nonny, you haven't earned that privilege yet. Play your cards right and maybe next time"
>Note to self: don't play your cards right next time
>Fluttershy: "morning everyone"
>You had no idea she was even awake
>Fluttershy: "you know, it's almost-"
>Rarity: "-Good morning"
>She covers her mouth as she yawns
>Even waking up for her is polite, graceful, and fancy-ass
>She takes a moment to glance over those of you who were awake
>Rarity: "... you guys got the new guy treatment pretty hard"
>Twilight: "Yup. Apparently I'm a... an 'egghead'"
>She struggles to let out even a basic insult like that
>Stick around and you'll teach her the finer arts of bitchiness
>Fluttershy: "umm, girls-"
>Rarity: "What about you Anon?"
"Apparently I got a special treatment"
>Rarity: "The what?"
>Pinkie: "If you ask me it's my best work of art"
"-What the hell does that mean?"
>Pinkie: "Well I've never had a guy over here before"
>You don't like the sound of that
>Pinkie: "The problem with girls is that their boobs get in the way. A guy's chest is flat, a perfect canvas for a work of art"
"My chest?"
>You lift up your shirt and behold Pinkie's 'work of art'
>Sunset: "Pfft- HAHAHA!"
>Sunset erupts into a laughter that awakens the others
>Dash: "What's the big deaOH my God!"
>Dash joins her in the laughter, and once Applejack notices she does the same
>Dash: "Sorry Nonny but that's freaking hilarious!"
>You have to admit, it was pretty good
>And fitting for you
>Fluttershy: "girls I think-"
>Pinkie: "Come on in... oh hey Maud"
>"I heard a loud noise. Is everything-... That's hilarious. Good one Pinkie Pie"
>It's hard to tell if that was sarcastic or not because everything she said was so monotone
>Fluttershy: "girls, we're-"
>"You should all get going. School started half an hour ago"
>You check the time
>... shit
>Dash: "Why didn't anyone say anything?"
>Fluttershy: "I was trying"
>You really ought to listen to Fluttershy more
>Before leaving she looks over at you
>"What's your name"
>"Anon, there's a large drawing of a penis on your chest"
"I noticed"
>"You probably shouldn't have a drawing of a penis on your chest"
"I'll keep that in mind"
>Everyone hurried home so they could at least make it to school in time for the second class
>You took extra time in the shower to wash off the sharpie dick drawn on your body

>You make it to school and find Dash waiting out front for you
"You're waiting for me?"
>Dash: "You always do for me. And besides it's not like we're getting any less late"
>True that
>Dash: "Did you at least manage to get the drawing off?"
"Yeah, I scrubbed it until it got off"
>Pun intended
>Dash: "All of it?"
"Is this your way of trying to get me to take my shirt off?"
>Dash: "What? No, I'm just asking"
"And that's all you gotta do if you want me shirtless, just ask"
>Your first class was almost over, you didn't even bother going
>Instead, Dash took you to the back of the school where no one would catch you having sex
>When you asked her why she was so eager today she said that she was 'just surprised you didn't do anything to her last night'
>Which is Dash-speak for 'disappointed that you didn't do anything to her last night'

>Lunch time
>You, Dash, Applejack, and Rarity takes your seats at the lunch table
>The Dazzlings occupy their usual seats at their usual table
>It's weird thinking that they're actually monsters from another world
>Just when you least expect it Adagio winks at you
>... reeeeeaally creepy
>Dash: "Anon!"
>Did she just use your regular name?
>Haven't heard that in a while
>Dash: "I said your name like five times, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just zoned out for a minute"
>She looks over in the same direction you are
>Dash: "... Nonny, you remember the deal right?"
>Dash: "Good"
>About half way through lunch a call comes in over the intercom
>Celestia: "All bands performing in the Battle of the Bands please report to the gymnasium immediately"
>Dash: "What's that all about?"
>Pinkie: "No idea"
>All the performers clear out of the cafeteria in a hurry, which to your surprise is nearly half the cafeteria
>Pinkie: "Whoa, we've never had this many people performing before"
>Applejack: "That's because we've never had monsters from another world brainwashing everyone before"
>Except for Sunset... you don't dare say that out loud

>You arrive at the gym the same time as the Dazzlings
>Adagio: "Fancy meeting you all here. What a coincidence"
>Applejack: "Hardly"
>Adagio: "Not you girls, I mean you Anon. I had no idea you were even in the band"
"I'm not"
>Adagio: "You may as well be, what with the way you all are so inseparable"
"It's called having friends. Try it out sometime"
>The girls laugh; even Sonata and Aria snicker a bit
>Adagio rolls her eyes
>Adagio: "We'll see how long that lasts"
>The three of them head inside together
>You let your friends go in before you, and as soon as you step inside you meet awkward encounter #2

>Flash: "Well well well, look who it is"
>Damn it not this again
"Look Flash, I don't want any trouble with you so just back off"
>Flash: "Hey, I don't want any trouble either"
"Then why are you talking to me?"
>Flash: "Just to wish you good luck. I mean, let's face it, you guys are no competition for me, but the Dazzlings, now they're the ones to beat"
"Yeah, and WE will be the one's to beat them"
>Flash: "For once, I actually appreciate that attitude of yours. I heard you giving it to Adagio out there. And it's like that old saying goes... "
>He reaches out for a handshake
>Flash: "The friend of my enemy is an enemy of my friend... or something"
>Not even close
>You return the handshake, not sure what to expect
>... nothing. Just a friendly handshake
>Has science gone too far?
>Celestia and Luna enter the gymnasium and make their way to the center
>Celestia: "Can we have everyone's attention please?"
>No one seems to hear her
>Luna and her trusty megaphone get the job done
>Celestia: "Thank you all for coming, we have something important to announce regarding the Battle of the Bands. There are far more entries than we could have ever anticipated, so we've decided to hold a preliminary audition this Friday after school. We do appreciate the enthusiasm from you all, and we're glad to say that we've had the opportunity to extend the event. To make sure we make time for everyone, please see the commissioners of the Battle of the Bands to sign up for your spot in the auditions"
>She directs the attention of the room to a table towards the front, where the 'commissioners' are seated
>And who else would it be
>Pinkie: "The Dazzlings?! Are you kidding me!"
>It takes all of Applejack's strength to hold back Pinkie from going on a rampage
>After assuming it'd be best if Pinkie stayed as far away from them as possible, Dash makes her way to the table, with you following behind her
>Dash: "Maybe you should sit this one out"
"You think I'd let you go up to them alone? You're just as dangerous as Pinkie"
>Dash: "As long as you remember-"
"-Yeah yeah, the deal. Got it"
>The two of you maneuver your way through the crowd towards the table
>The Dazzlings perk up as you approach the table, as if they've been waiting for you
>Dash makes sure you're behind her- not by her side, but actually behind

>Sonata: "Hi Anon, long time no see!"
>She sends you an excited wave much like Pinkie Pie and you give a simple wave back
>Adagio: "Well would you look at that. What a surprise that we keep bumping into each other"
>Sonata: "Not really, you were just saying a minute ago how certain you were that they'd show"
>Aria: "Ugh, ever hear of sarcasm, Sonata?"
>Sonata: "Have YOU ever heard of not being a-"
>Adagio: "-Knock it off, both of you"
>It's like watching the Three Stooges
>Adagio: "So what's it going to be Rainbow Dash? Here to talk us out of it again?"
>Dash: "Fat chance. Someone's gotta take you down"
>Adagio: "And what makes you so sure that you'll be the one to win?"
"Because no one wants a bunch of demons from Ponyland winning the Battle of the Bands"
>Adagio's eye twitches
>Got her
"You know, it's cute how you think that little spell of yours would have worked on me"
>Aria: "You know what's even cuter? You thinking is hasn't"
"I know it hasn't"
>Your stomach is feeling a little upset, but you're sure you can hold it for now
>Dash: "If the rest of them knew the truth, do you really think they'll still support you? This school has a bad history with brainwashing monsters. I don't think they'd take too kindly to three more invading our school"
>Adagio: "They don't seem to mind us now. And sooner or later, neither will you"
>Dash: "Please, we'll never be good in my book"
>Dash signs her name on the form
>Adagio: "We'll see about that. Nice seeing you again Anon"
"Not really"
>Dash steps between you and her before leading you away

>You regroup with the others just in time to catch Twilight stumbling into the gym
>Twilight: "Sorry I'm late, what'd I miss?"
>Dash: "There's going to be a preliminary audition tomorrow"
>Twilight: "What? But the spell isn't even close to being ready yet!"
>Dash: "Relax, the actual competition isn't until Saturday"
>Applejack: "Assuming we'll even make it that far"
>Dash: "You're not naysaying on us already, are you?"
>Applejack: "No, I'm saying they've been pulling the strings of this event for long time now. What if this is just a plot to get us kicked out before we even have a chance to perform? I mean, they already hijacked the event, who's to say they didn't rig it too?"
>Pinkie: "No way they'd do that... would they?"
>Applejack: "Anon, you know them better than any of us. Do you really think they'd go this far just to keep us out of the competition?"
"...I dunno. By the way, where have you been hanging out Twilight, seeing as how you don't have class and all?"
>The most reassuring thing you can do here is change the subject

>You went with Dash to sit in during band practice after school
>She kept practice going extra late today, wanting to be sure that they'd make it in the qualifiers tomorrow
>After practice you made a quick stop at your locker
>There's no new note, and the response you left the other day looks like it hasn't been moved
>Looks like your response wasn't even read
>Looking back, it was kind of a dumb idea

>You get home and unlock your door
>As soon as the lock clicks your neighbor bursts out from her place
>Neighbor: "Hey Anon, this came for you"
>She hands you a stack of papers
"Damn it, what did I tell you about going through my mail?"
>Neighbor: "It was different this time. Look at the one on top"
>At the top of the stack is a white envelope
>No postmark
>No address
>Just your name
>Neighbor: "I came back from the park and saw it taped to your front door. I thought I was just seeing shit again, but for sure it was real"
>You quickly tear it open, just to be sure it's one of THOSE letters
>'The Rainbooms will qualify. It's all part of the plan'
>Yup, this is the real deal
"Who put it there?"
>Neighbor: "No idea, it was there when I got here"
"You didn't see anything?"
>Neighbor: "Nope"
"Nothing at all?"
>Neighbor: "I already said no. What the hell is going on?"
>She takes the note out of your hands and reads it
>Neighbor: "I don't get it?"
>You snatch the note back from her and take it with you inside, locking the door behind you
>First thing's first, grab a knife from the kitchen
>Are you paranoid? Damn right
>After clearing the apartment, making sure no one else is in here with you, you call Dash
>Dash: "Hey Nonny, what's up?"
"You need to get own here"

>When she arrives, you have all three notes laid out on the coffee table in the living room
>She reads over them, one at a time
>Dash: "... and this last one came directly to your place?"
"That's what my neighbor said"
>She holds the final note, silently staring at it
"Don't worry about me Dashie, whoever this is can't even-"
>Dash: "I'm not worried, I'm pissed"
>She immediately turns to you, a scowl on her face
>She crumples up the note and throws it at your face
>There's no way it would have hurt even with a throw from her, but it's the thought that counts
>And it is not a good thought
>Dash: "Damn it Anon, don't you think we needed to know about this sooner?"
"I didn't want to involve any of you until I was sure it was legit"
>Dash: "And it wasn't legit when they put their spell on the whole school? Or when we found out that they are actually monsters from another world? And this new one is a treat against all of us! Were you going to keep this one secret too?!"
>Even back before you were dating and you used to tease her, she never raised her voice at you like this
"It's not really a threat, all they said is they've planned for you to be in the competition"
>Dash: "Exactly. We're all a part of their plan. Especially you"
>She takes out her phone
"Who are you calling?"
>Dash: "Backup. As much as I hate to admit it right now I'm worried about you"
>You can't tell who she's calling. She speaks in one word sentences mostly consisting of "Yeah" and "Uh huh"
>Once she's done, she sits back down on the couch, leaving as much distance between you two as possible
>She won't even look at you
>Dash: "Is there anything else, you're not telling us?"
"No, this is it"
>Dash: "Swear?"
"I swear"
>Dash: "Alright. They're on their way"
"Why do we need backup?"
>Dash: "Because the Dazzlings know where you live now"
"How do you know it's them?"
>Dash: "Come on Anon, who else would it be?"
"Yeah, you're probably right"
>Hardly a reason, but you really shouldn't argue with her right about now

>You wait together for a while in silence until she finally breaks it
>Dash: "Sorry about all that Anon. I'm not mad at you or anything"
"You're not?"
>Dash: "... okay, I kind of am"
>Like she said, you'd know it
>Dash: "But this is serious stuff we're dealing with here, you should have told us sooner. We can't afford to have you getting hurt"
"We can't afford any of us getting hurt"
>Dash: "We have magic protecting us. You're special"
"Doesn't the fact that I'm not magic mean I'm not special"
>Dash: "You're still special, just in a different way"
>She finally makes eye contact with you as she scoots over towards you
>Dash: "You may piss me off sometimes, but other times you're actually worth all the trouble"
>She quietly chuckles
>Calm enough to make a joke, maybe calm enough for snuggling...
>You get your arm around her without resistance
>Dash: "No more secrets, got it?"
>She slowly leans forward to kiss you on the cheek
>Never have you anticipated the feel of her lips more than-
>Your door slams open as two soldiers in uniform rush your living room, assault rifles in hand and gas masks on their faces
>You quickly get up and try to block Dash from them as best you can
>You know that old saying ' I'd take a bullet for you' ?
>Sometimes it actually means something
>One of them aims right at you
"What the fuck's it to you-"
>The barrel of his gun presses against your temple
>Now's not the time to be a tough guy
>Dash: "-Anonymous! His name is Anonymous!"
>The man slowly lowers his gun, and the other follows suit
>"... Anonymous?"
>He takes off his mask and calls out to the door
>"Is this the one?!"
>From the doorway, in steps Vladimir donning a matching uniform with the rest of these men
>Vlad: "That's him. That's the little man"
"... you called in the big guns?"
>Dash: "Hey, it's you versus the sirens. Those aren't very good odds"
[spoiler]>With odds like these, should have called in John Cena[/spoiler]

>Vlad and his two comrades sit around your living room as you and Dash explain the situation
>The guy who nearly blew your head off identified himself as Ivan. The other guy has yet to remove his gas mask or give his name
>Vlad: "So these ladypeople. You say they're not really people?"
"That's right. And if what we think is true, they may now know where I live"
>Vlad: "... this is bad. Bad times indeed"
>Ivan: "Reminds me of the old days of war. Reminds me of Sergei"
>Vlad: "I will never forget..."
"What happened to Sergei?"
>Vlad: "He was good soldier. Always knew how to put a smile on one's face just before he killed them. One day, he meet a woman. She was just innocent civilian... or so we thought"
>Ivan: "Turns out, she was undercover spy sent to take down the motherland. Sergei fall in love with her, and they leave motherland together"
>The three soldiers bow their heads in silence
"I'm sorry to bring it up... did you ever see Sergei again"
>Vlad: "Yes. I saw him when I killed him"
>More silence, this time out of awkwardness rather than respect
>Dash: "Anyways, I'm going to be looking after Anon for a while. I just want to make sure we can call on you guys if they ever do make a move"
>Vlad: "Worry not ladywoman. Once a comrade, always a comrade"
>His sense of honor is admirable
>Almost makes you feel guilty he's protecting an ass like you
>The least you could do is shake their hands and thank them
"Thanks Vlad. You too Ivan"
>As you shake the masked man's hand he says nothing
"Sorry, I never got your name"
>He just gives off a deep, Darth Vader-like breath
"What's up with the mask anyways?"
>After another deep breath he responds
>"... No one cared who I was until I put on the mask"

>Once everything is sorted out, the soldiers see themselves out
>By now Dash seems to have fully calmed down
"By the way, what was all that about you looking after me for a while?"
>Dash: "You're coming home with me"
>Dash: "You heard me. Pack up whatever you need for a few days, cause you're staying at my house"
>Dash: "Do I have to spell it out for you? They know where you live now"
>She walks over to your side
>Dash: "... And I can't have you at risk like that"
>Good old loving Dash is back
>Let's never make her angry again, agreed?
"How are you going to convince your grandpa to be okay with this?"
>Dash: "You leave that to me, just hurry up"
>You quickly do as she says
>While doing so, your door opens just a crack and a familiar face pokes in
>Your neighbor
>Neighbor: "... is it safe? Are the feds gone?"
"They weren't feds. And yes, it's safe"
>Neighbor: "What the hell was all that?"
"Long story... by the way, can I ask you something?"
>After getting a good look at her, you mentally compare her to Vlad and notice something you've never noticed before
"You remind me of someone I know. Are you related to Rarity in any way?"
>Something about her just looks like she's part of the family... pretty sure it's the hair
>Neighbor: "Related to who?"
"... nevermind. I think the feds are back"
>Neighbor: "Shit"
>She quickly retreats, slamming the door behind her
>It's fun messing with a paranoid high person

>You dredge an old backpack from your closet and stuff five days' worth of clothes into it, along with some other general stuff you'll need
>You toss your stuff in the trunk of Dash's car and head off to whatever the next few days has in store for you

>Upon arrival at Dash's house, it seems her grandpa is still asleep
>It's been so long since you've been here that you almost forgot how cute her bedroom is
>Dash: "Go on, make yourself at home. I'll be back in a minute"
>As she heads out, you set your bag of stuff in the corner and patiently wait sitting on the bed
>You hear an exchange of words... some arguing...
>Before long Dash returns, quickly closing the door behind her
"What did he say?"
>Dash: "Doesn't matter. The point is you can stay"
>She tosses your clothes bag into her closet
>Something's not right, she's too nervous
"Again, what did he say?"
>Dash: "He said it's okay if you stay"
"He did?"
>Dash: "Well, kind of... look, what he doesn't know won't hurt him, so just don't let him find out"
"He said no didn't he"
>Dash: "Yup"
"And you're going to keep me here regardless"
>Dash: "Uh huh"
"And you wouldn't let me stay somewhere else even if I wanted"
>Dash: "No chance in hell"
>Not that you want to stay anywhere else
>Dash: "Don't worry, you shouldn't have to be here more than a week. It's just to keep you safe until this all blows over"
>Well then
>This should be one hell of a week

>Friday morning
>You're just now waking up
>Your eyes slowly crack open and you try to stretch
>Of course, that's not easy to do with your girlfriend halfway clinging to you
>Last night, even by the time you went to bed she seemed a little ticked with you
>She fell asleep with her back to you hugging a pillow, saying you're lucky she's not making you sleep on the couch
>... fair enough
>So you went to sleep back to back, hoping she'd feel better in the morning
>But sometime during the night you felt her slender arm wrap around you and her face buried in your back
>Still holding that pillow wedged between the two of you, but hey, snuggling is snuggling
>And as much as you'd like to savor this moment, you have school
>Damned if you're going to be late, especially on the first day of the Battle of the Bands
>You give Dash a gentle nudge, then another, and another
>She is one hell of a deep sleeper
>Finally, you see those magenta eyes of hers open
>Dash: "... Non.. what are you... *yawn* oh right... you're here now..."
>She's unable to form a coherent sentence, which is natural seeing as how you just woke her up
>Dash: "so what's up?"
"We should get ready for school soon"
>Dash: "what... already?"
>She yawns again and slowly gets up
>Dash: "It's still really early isn't it?"
"Not that early"
>You glance over at her alarm clock
>7:32 AM
>This is actually normal for you, but this is Dash we're talking about and she's barely on time every day
"Okay, maybe a bit"
>Dash: "Exactly"
>She lays back down and gets herself comfortable again
>With nothing else to do, you get yourself resettled in
>You can't really fall back asleep but at least you can relax

>At 8:30 her alarm clock goes off
>After making sure the coast is clear the two of you hurry off to the bathroom and take a quick shower together
>You did it together solely so you could get it done faster, absolutely no sexual implications or intentions here
>At least, none outside your head
>After the shower she quickly throws some frozen waffles in the toaster

>You ended up leaving the house with about fifteen minutes to spare before school starts
>And yet you still somehow made it on time
>In a way, it's impressive that she does this every day

>At lunch, you decide (with a little persuasion from Dash) that it was best to come clean and tell everyone about the notes
>You had brought them with you for everyone to see
>The reactions were mostly shock and confusion
>Twilight was not happy at all
>Twilight: "And you kept this a secret? This kind of thing is really-"
>Dash: "Relax Twilight, I already gave him the lecture. I think he got the message"
>Yup, you sure did
>Twilight grabs the most recent one and reads it again
>Twilight: "This is not good. Not good at all"
>Dash: "Relax Twilight, I'm sure we can handle whatever they throw at us"
>Twilight: "But what if it's not us they're throwing it at? All these messages came directly to you, Anon. You're not in the band, you don't have any magic. Why you?"
>Applejack: "Maybe that's exactly why. They see him as the weakest link here"
>Applejack: "And if that's the case, we need to find a way to keep him safe"
>Dash: "Don't worry, I've got that covered. He's going to be staying with me for a while, and just in case we arranged for Vlad to keep an eye out for anything suspicious"
>Twilight: "Who"
"... long story"

>You find yourself having to explain several concepts to Twilight that she seems to be unfamiliar with
>Apparently her world doesn't have mercenaries, trained assassins, or vodka
>Twilight: "So this Vlad guy is some kind of bodyguard?"
"In a way, yeah'
>Twilight: "And you're sure he's... safe right?"
"Hasn't killed any of us yet"
>Your little joke doesn't seem to reassure her any bit
>Thank God for the bell, always seems to know when the conversation gets too awkward

>Gym class
>You're stepping out of the locker room
>For once, Dash is already out waiting for you
>Dash: "Hey Nonny, you got a plan to skip out today?"
"Don't I always?"
>Dash: "Think you can get me out too?"
"Sure, shouldn't be too hard. We're playing dodgeball today"
>You don't even have to explain it anymore, the nod of her head tells you that she gets exactly what you mean

>Moments later you find yourself leaving the gym and heading over to the nurse's office
>She got the message
>She REALLY got the message
>It was the usual plan: she aims her throw at you, you purposely take a dive, you get hurt, both of you have to sit out
>The usual
>But she got you good today
>The sheer look of terror on Redheart's face when you reach her office speaks for itself
>Nurse: "Jesus Christ, get in here"
>She quickly drags you in and sits you down
>Immediately she puts on some latex gloves, grabs some wet paper towels, and starts dabbing away the almost dried blood coming from your nose
>Nurse: "Alright kid, don't lie to me. Tell me everything"
"About what?"
>Nurse: "I haven't seen you this banged up since Flash kicked the shit out of you"
>For the record it was a mutual shit-kicking
>Nurse: "Spill it. Tell me who did this to you. If not I'll figure it out myself sooner or later"

>She notices Dash staring at the ground not saying anything, then she notices you avoiding eye contact with both her and Dash
>Nurse: "Don't tell me... oh my God no way!"
>She takes no effort to hold back her laughter
>Apparently she forgot that you're still here, and in pain... and bleeding
"Hello? I'm kind of dying here"
>Nurse: "Right right"
>She goes back to dealing with your face
>The bleeding seems to have stopped at this point, it's just matter of cleaning up a bit
>Nurse: "So what's the story here, whose ass was he staring at for this?"
>Dash: "W-What? No one's! It was just a plan that went... a bit wrong"
>Yeah, only a bit
>Nurse: "Plan, huh? The usual?"
"The usual"
>Nurse: "Thought so"
>Even Redheart is accustomed to your usual nonsense
>She tosses the towel she used to clean up your face in the trash along with her gloves
>Once she's done she hands you a little paper cup of pills for the pain
"And you're sure it's not broken or anything?"
>Nurse: "As sure as I'll ever be"
>You don't really feel comfortable with that answer, but hey... this is Nurse Reheart we're talking about here. It's the best you'll get
>So you take the pills and leave it at that
>Nurse: "So what now? You got a plan or are you ditching just to ditch"
"Not really, just-"
>Dash: "-Yeah, we got a plan"
>Well this is the first you're hearing of this 'plan'
>Nurse: "Well don't let me hold you any longer. You're free to go whenever you want"
>With that, Dash takes your hand and leads you out
>She turns back to her desk and starts doing some paper work you must have interrupted
"Where to now?"
>Dash: "Just follow me"
>She takes out her phone and starts texting faster than any teenage white girl you could ever imagine

>Eventually you find yourselves at the music room
>Dash: "I asked the others to come down here too. Thought we should get in one last rehearsal before we have to go up toady"
>Makes sense, but you remain silent on account of your nose still throbbing
>Dash: "I didn't knock you out too bad, did I?"
>She takes a seat next to you and examines your face
>You haven't gotten a chance to look in a mirror yet, but you're sure you won't be winning any beauty pageants anytime soon
"Nah, it's fine. It could be worse"
>Not from a dodgeball
>A chainsaw, maybe
"But I gotta ask, what kind of anger did you tap into to muster a throw like THAT?"
>Dash: "..."
"You're still ticked about the notes, aren't you?"
>Dash: "Well, there's that..."
>You really messed up big time with this one
>Dash: "... but I mean, that's not really that big of a deal"
"Then what was it"
>She replies with a timidness you don't usually see in her
>Dash: "... I guess you just got the bad end of a lot of pent up stress. Sorry about that"
>She tries to kiss you gently so as to not hurt you... it still hurts
>But that much stress?
>You had no idea...
"What's got you stressed?"
>Dash: "I guess worried would be a better way of putting it"
"About what?"
>The door slowly creaks open
>Dash: "I'll tell you later"
>Twilight was the first to show up
>Twilight: "What's up, I thought you had class?"
>Dash: "Yeah, but we're ditching"
>Twilight: "What? Are you serious?"
"Yeah, why not? No one's going to stop us?"
>Twilight: "What about the teachers, or the principals? What if you get caught or something?"
>She has a lot to learn
>Dash: "Relax, we do it all the time"
>She looks just about ready to faint at the thought of skipping class
"My face is fine by the way, thanks for asking"

>Finally, the girls have all arrived
>Applejack: "So what's the deal Rainbow Dash?"
>Dash: "I just thought it'd be a good idea to get one last rehearsal in before tryouts"
>Applejack: "Why? I thought that note Anon got said we'd be gettin in for sure. Like it was rigged or something"
>She has a point
>Dash: "Or someone wants us to think we're safe so we don't really try"
>Okay, they both have a point
>Applejack: "Don't you think you're being a little bit paranoid?"
>Twilight: "I don't know, I'm with Rainbow Dash on this one"
>The others all nod their heads as if her word was law
>Lastly, and reluctantly, Applejack agrees

>The band practices while the fan club (a.k.a. you and Sunset) sits to the side and enjoys the music
>Their whole fan base consists of two people
>Still more than Flight of the Conchords

>Practice was very brief, not even lasting all the way to the bell
>They all agreed that it was best that they not wear themselves out before the big moment

>When the bell rings, you and the girls exit the music room, only to find the hallway flooded with other participants making their way down there
>Naturally you ran into some familiar faces, some more welcome than others
>Flash: "'Hey Anon, cool seeing you again"
>A VERY unwelcome face
"What do you want this-"
>Flash: "-Oh hey Twilight, didn't think you'd be showing up too"
>Twilight: "Y-Yeah, I'm... well, you know"
>You look to her
>Then back to Flash
>... you recognize spaghetti when you see it
>So THAT's what this is about, he's trying to bone pony girl
>Jesus, were you and Dash this cringingly awkward?

>Snips and Snails approach you from behind
>Snips: "I wouldn't be talking to him if I were you"
>Snails: "Yeah, if you ask me he can't be trusted"
>Pinkie: "And like you two can be trusted any better?"
>Snips: "You know what Pinkie, if you think we're still afraid of you then you really-"
>The British girl with the violin thingy pushes you all aside with a force that would even give Redheart a run for her money
>Twilight: "The spell got her pretty hard, huh?"
"Nah, she's always like that"
>Snips: "Come on Snails, we're going to be late too"
>They head off
>With no more interruptions, you enter the gymnasium
>There's a large poster board on a stand with an itinerary for the afternoon
>There's more than thirty entrances in the competition, and by the end of the day they're going to narrow it down to sixteen for tomorrow's competition
>The Rainbooms perform second to last, right before the Dazzlings
>Who do you think arranged that?

>The audition goes on without a hitch

>Snips and Snails do the most cringe-worthy rap performance you've ever seen
>You overhear Celestia whispering that they'll probably go through anyways

>Next up: Trixie and the Illusions
>2015, still putting the lead singer's name in the band... seriously

>Flash and his band were admittedly better than you thought

 >There's one performance you can say for sure won't be making it
>Some edgy metal band, they call themselves 'The Songfag Experience'

>Celestia: "Next up: The Rainbooms"
>Dash takes a deep breath, and they all get up
>Applejack: "Come on y'all, it's time"
>Sunset: "We'll be right here when you get back"
"Good luck Dash"
>Dash: "Won't need it"

>Dash and the girls begin playing
>Celestia: "Alright, stop. We've heard enough"
>They only got through about half the song
>They aren't the only ones Celestia stopped early, so that's either really good, or really bad
>But the expression on Dash's face is making you worry
"Hey Sunset, wait here. I'm going to go see what's going on"
>Sunset: "Gotcha"

>You manage to catch up with them backstage
>Dash is obviously downtrodden
>Dash: "Okay, we weren't that bad, were we?"
"You were one of the best if you ask me"
>Dash: "Yeah, but we were the shortest"
>She's letting it get to her pretty hard
>Dash: "So much for that extra rehearsal..."
>You try to hug her for comfort, but it doesn't seem to work
>Rarity: "Everything okay?"
"Yeah, could you just give us a minute?"
>Rarity: "Yeah, sure. Take your time. We'll be back at our seats"
>At least they seem to be taking it better than Dash
"Dashie, you okay?"
>Dash: "I'll be fine... still though, I can't shake the thought of what'll happen if we don't make it"
>You desperately try to think of something comforting to say, something more than a silent hug
>But as much as you hate to admit it... she may be right
"Look, Dashie, everything going to be okay. I'm sure of it-"
>"-With that performance, I wouldn't be"
>Adagio approaches with her two lackeys following closely behind

>Aria seems to have noticed the bruise on your face
>Aria: "What the hell happened to your face?"
"What the hell happened to yours?"
>Sonata: "She looks the same as always"
"I know, it's horrible"
>Is she trying to make it easier for you, or just worse for Aria?
>Aria: "Whatever, we got a contest to win"
>Sonata: "Wish us luck guys"
>Adagio: "Not that we need it"
>They walk out onto the stage
"If that wasn't a confession of fixing the competition I don't know what is"
>Dash silently shifts her gaze to the ground, still shaken about the possibility of losing
"Don't worry Dashie, tomorrow it'll all be over, and we can finally put all this shit behind us"
>Dash: "... yeah, you're right"
>She leans back against the wall and drops down
>Dash: "Damn it..."
>She slams her fist against the wall
>Dash: "Damn it!"
>You cautiously take a seat next to her and put your arm around her
>You can feel her shaking
"Relax, everything's going to be fine-"
>Dash: "-You don't know that. What if this whole thing is actually fixed against us? What if there really is no chance of us ever making it? They may have us beat already, and with their magic and Twilight's counter spell not ready there's nothing we can do about it. Face it, the way things look now, we're screwed"
>You have never seen her so shaken up before
>You take a deep breath and search your mind for something reassuring to say
>Okay, plan B
>Generic pep talk

"Look Dashie, I've known you for a while now, and I've never seen you so down like this"
>Dash: "Because I've never been so...so unsure. I always know how to handle things, always. But this is... I'm just not used to putting up with this kind of bullshit"
"Then don't put up with it. Let the old Rainbow Dash out"
>Dash: "Do what?"
"Do you remember what you told me when we first became a couple?"
>Dash: "I said not to make a big deal out of it, but what does that-"
"And that's exactly what I did, I made a big deal out of it. You wouldn't even talk to me after that"
>Dash: "Where exactly are you going with this?"
"Where's that Rainbow Dash, the one who wouldn't talk to me? Where's the Rainbow Dash who made me carry her home and bathe her like a princess? The Rainbow Dash who stumbled on-stage at the dance, half drunk, and basically gave a big 'fuck you' to everyone? The Rainbow Dash who doesn't take bullshit from anyone. That's the one we need right now... the one I love"
>She cracks a small smile
>You get up and reach out for her hand
"Come on, are you as sick of their shit as I am?"
>She wipes her eyes before any tears can even escape
>Dash: "Probably even more"
>She takes your hand and you pull her up
>She throws her arms around you, hugging you tight enough to hinder your breathing
>You'll let her hold you as tightly as she needs...at least as long as you remain conscious

>You have no idea how long you were in each other's arms before the music picks up and the Dazzlings begin their performance
"Are they seriously just beginning now?"
>Dash pulls her face from your shoulder
>Dash: "Should we start heading back then?"
>You pull her back in
"Nah we got time. Take as long as you need"
>She hides her face once again in your shoulder
>She tries to say something, but it just comes out as muffled mumbling
>Dash: "I said, how much time do you think we got?"
"I don't know, probably a while"
>With these girls taking as long as they did to get started you probably have all-
"Whoa, what are you doing?"
>Dash: "What do you think?"
>She pressed her body against yours and started dry-humping your leg
>Though it's not all that 'dry' if you know what I mean
>Honestly, how did you not see this coming?
"Are you sure-"
>Dash: "-Nonny please... I need this. Just a little bit"
>Well... she needs it
>What kind of guy would you be to deny her that?
>She takes your hand and places it between her legs and under her skirt, wedged right into her crotch
>You can already feel it getting a little damp
>She takes the initiative and starts rotating her hips, rubbing herself against your hand
>Holding her close, you let her do her business uninterrupted
>Here's an idea: Stop making her do all the work
>You decide to give her a hand
>Get it? A HAND?
>... anyways
>You begin sliding your middle finger back and forth down the middle of her crotch
>She lets out a sigh of relief down your neck
>Apparently you kept her waiting longer than you even realized
>Quickly you let a second finger into the equation, then a third
>Before they can get sufficiently soaked as usual, she loses her shorts and underwear, not even pulling them down all the way, just enough until they drop on their own
>She kicks them aside and closes her legs again, trapping your hand in her crotch
>With nowhere else to go, your middle and ring fingers hide away in the her insides
>Her body reacts accordingly, clenching down on your fingers
>She gives your neck a little nibble, probably just trying to stifle her voice
>But as usual, to no avail
>Thank God the music is loud enough to cover up
>You turn your head to the side to kiss her right on her neck
>Her legs begin to tremble with excitement, a little more than usual
>Seeing as how she's loving it though, you continue with gusto, curling your fingers in and out of her hot insides and planting one wet kiss after another at the nape of her neck
>And, once again way earlier than usual, her knees buckle and you find yourself having to hold her up
"... already?"
>Dash: "... m-maybe, shut up"
>She takes a moment to find her strength again
>Dash: "It's just... you know... the stress and stuff. I needed this"
>So that's it
>And here you were thinking you were some kind of sexual tyrannosaur
>Dash: "Thanks again Nonny"
>She beams a big smile
>Not that nervous half smile from before, but her usual ecstatic smile
>It was worth it
>Dash: "Come on, they're probably almost done"
>Dash starts to leave the backstage area and head back to the seats with you following behind-
>Before you forget, you pick up her discarded clothing and toss them to her. She gets redressed before you leave

>You sneak out the backdoor because it's a much better idea than walking out the from the stage right in the middle of the performance

>You and Dash regroup with the others just as the Dazzlings finish and leave the stage
>Rarity: "Everything alright?"
>Dash, still smiling, silently nods her head
>Pinkie: "Oh God, we all know what the means"
>You're unable to come up with a witty retort before the laughter starts, so you decide, fuck it and laugh along
>Sadly, the moment is ruined far too soon by the no-fun-allowed squad
>Adagio: "I sure hope you're not laughing at our performance"
>Aria: "Come on Adagio, let them have their fun. They won't be laughing much longer"
>So it's a gunfight they want? It's a gunfight they'll-
>Twilight: "Excuse me?"
>Twilight speaks up... oh no
>Twilight: "I'll have you know we have a surprise in store for you that you can't even imagine"
>Please Twilight just stop
>Aria: "The real surprise is that you even had music to perform"
>Twilight: "Are you kidding? We've been practicing for days!"
>Aria: "The crowd sure didn't seem to notice"
>Twilight: "They loved it, they were applauding when we left"
>Aria: "Yeah, out of pity"
>Twilight: "People don't cheer out of pity!"
>Okay this has gone on long enough, she needs your help
"People do all kinds of stuff out of pity, right Aria?"
>Aria: "What?"
>Twilight: "Anon what are you-"
>You put your hand up to shush her
"After all, that's really the only reason anyone still talks to you"
>The look on her face says she did NOT see that coming
>Now that's more like it
"And if they all knew what literal monsters you were, perhaps not even pity would make a difference"
>Sonata: "You wouldn't tell, would you?"
"Good question"
>The three of them exchange glances, then after letting out a long sigh Adagio speaks up
>Adagio: "Come on girls, let's go. I think they're about to announced the winners. Oh, and Anon? You ought to watch that mouth of yours, who knows when it'll get you into trouble"
>On that, they make their departure
>She's kind of right, you're a big mouth

>Twilight: "What- But- ... how did you do that?"
"It's called an argument, ever been in one?"
>Twilight: "Duh. I was captain of the debate team at Celesstia's Academy for the Gifted back in Equestria. How did YOU get them to leave when I couldn't? I had facts and logic and experience"
"Human arguments aren't based on logic. It's all about petty insults, baseless made-up facts, and buzzwords. Lots and lots of buzzwords"
>She'll be a wreck when you return her to her own world

>The principals take the stage and list off those who will be competing in the finals tomorrow
>Only sixteen bands will qualify
>One by one, names are listed off as the finals roster slowly fills up
>Then, you hear the name you've been waiting for
>The Rainbooms
>You're sure the Dazzlings were called next
>But you couldn't hear it over the sound of the girls cheering
>... who are you kidding, you were just as pumped

>On your way out, there were all kinds of reactions
>Some were disgruntled for obvious reasons
>Some were juiced for tomorrow
>Some took their fate with quiet dignity
>And then there's you and the Rainbooms...
>Probably the loudest of the winners, you could hear Pinkie's cheers echoing through the entire school. Hell, even Rarity let her inner Russian slip out
>Applejack: "I gotta admit even I had my doubts for a-"
>Pinkie: "WOO HOO!"
>Fluttershy: "looks like Pinkie's excited"
"And you're not?"
>Fluttershy: "oh I am, can't you tell? I can be more excited if you want"
>The fact that she actually speaks loud enough for you to understand her says something at least
>Dash: "And we owe this victory all to you, my Nonny!"
>She playfully gives you a smooch on the cheek
"Me? What did I do?"
>Dash: "Despite everything, you're the only one who never gave up hope, who never stopped believing"
>She takes your hands and stands in front of you
>Dash: "As long as you're with us we'll win for sure!"
>She gives you a big, excited, bear hug
>You're not sure your heart can handle this level of sweetness
>Applejack chuckles, but you're not going to let her ruin the moment
"Thanks Dashie, but it's really not me you have to thank. At least not entirely"
>Dash: "Huh?"
>Much to your dismay she lets you go
"I'm sure you would have won anyways, but you gotta give credit to whoever's been fixing it too"
>The girls don't respond
>None of them are looking at you, but rather around you
"Celestia's right behind me isn't she?"
>They nod their heads 'no'
"Thank God-"
>Luna: "Don't speak so soon"
>Luna pats you on the back before walking away
>She doesn't even have to say it, you follow her to her office
>By yourself
>Once again, that big mouth of yours has screwed you over

>She takes you back
>She asks you about it
>You tell her what you know
>You show her the note (only the last one about the fixing of the battle, no reason to bring unnecessary drama)
>She isn't sure
>You try to explain yourself
>She makes her decision

>The girls waited for you outside, long after the other groups had left
>Pinkie: "What's the word Nonny? You busted?"
>You look around at your group of friends
>Dash in particular seems eager for an answer, the way she's nervously twiddling her thumbs
>Dash: "Go ahead, tell us"
>No more secrets
>No more secrets
>You promised no more secrets
"Everything's fine, I told her everything and she understands"
>... Does it still count if they don't believe you?
>Cause it looks like none of them do

"... alright alright, here's the truth"
>Dash: "I thought so"
>You made the right call
"So I tried to tell Luna about the note, I showed it to her and everything"
>Dash: "And?"
"... and she said that she believed me. She assured me that there was no cheating involved and that all decisions regarding the competition were made by her and Celestia without any outside motivation"
>Dash: "So... that's good right? She believed you?"
"For the most part"
>Applejack: "There's something else isn't there?"
>You let out a deep sigh, mentally preparing yourself for this next part
"Despite everything, she still doesn't believe me one hundred percent. And because she sees me as somehow involved in all this, she said it'd be best if I didn't attend the Battle of the Bands tomorrow. This is not a request, it's an order. She made that very clear"
>They're reasonably disappointed, but Dash is just a little bit more hurt... a lot more
>Dash: "What? She can't do that can she?!"
"I don't see why not"
>Hate to play the devil's advocate here but...
>Dash: "But you haven't done anything for this, why is she banning you?"
"Dashie, relax. It'll be fine"
>Dash: "Relax? How can I relax?"
>Applejack: "He's right Dash, we'll be fine. He's technically not in the band anyways"
>Dash: "But still..."
"Look Dashie, I'll still be rooting for you guys, don't get me wrong. I just can't be there in person"
>Dash looks at the ground, contemplating and defeated
>Then, her fists clench and she looks up with a newfound confidence in her eyes
>Dash: "Don't worry, we'll make sure to win"
>She pulls you into a tight hug
"I know you will"

>You pull away and turn to the girls
"All of you. Kick some ass for me tomorrow, got it?"
>There's a rising confidence in the group
>Pinkie: "You got it, sir!"
>Pinkie salutes you like a soldier
>Applejack: "For once I got your back Anon"
>Rarity: "We'll kill em just for you"
>Yup, that's her inner Russian
>Fluttershy: "..."
>She silently pumps her fist in the air
>Good enough
"You're all they've got for moral support now Sunset"
>Sunset: "I'll do my best"
>You look over at Twilight
"Good luck with that counter-spell"
>Twilight: "No problem"
>She gives off an awkward smile
>Twilight: "We'll kick some... s-some ass!"
>Well I'll be damned... she's learning well
>You extend your hand out to the center of your circle of friends
>Dash places hers on top of yours
>One by one everyone joins in on the giant hand cluster
>You give off one last cheer and throw your hands in the air
>You've always wanted to do that
>With a burning excitement for tomorrow, you all head home

>That night
>You crawl into bed, Dash's bed, first, and she gets herself comfortable next to you
>Dash: "Ready for tomorrow?"
"Shouldn't I be asking you that?"
>Dash: "Yeah, I guess"
"So... are you?"
>Dash: "... yeah, I guess"
>She wiggles closer to you
>Her hand starts caressing your thigh
>Dash: "By the way, I've been meaning to thank you for earlier backstage today"
"Save it"
>Dash: "Huh?"
"Save it for tomorrow, when you come home the champion"
>She giggles
>Dash: "Good idea. Night Nonny"
"Good night"
>Quite frankly, you're just not in the mood right now
>The Battle of the Bands is tomorrow
>If the Dazzlings win, who knows what will happen
>You're not even in the band, and you're just as nervous as them
>Everything these past two weeks has been building up to this one moment... and you probably won't even be there
>And Dash... she acts tough but she's really a nervous wreck
>Speaking of whom... she's already sound asleep
>At least she'll be sleeping tonight

>The big day
>You woke up that morning in bed, alone
>Glancing over at the clock, the red numbers blink 7:16 AM
>You consider getting up and looking for her, then you remember that you're supposed to be hidden
>What's the worst that could happen if her grandpa finds you
>Her crazy, angry, war veteran grandpa...
>Nah, you'll stick around in her room waiting
>She comes in moments later, her hair damp and dressed as if ready for school, carrying two plates of food
>Dash: "Well, so much for a surprise"
"You mean how you got up this early?"
>Dash: "Sounds like someone doesn't want breakfast"
>She turns around and heads back to her bedroom door
"Dashie wait, I didn't mean-"
>Dash: "Gotcha"
>She comes back to you and hands you a plate of waffles, keeping the other for herself, then, with a kind of shit-eating grin you usually have, sits next to you
>You feel a sudden urge to punch her in the arm

>After breakfast you quickly get yourself dressed
"So what time do you have to leave?"
>She glances over at the clock
>Dash: "Soon, probably. We have to get there early to check in and prepare and everything. But the doors don't open for the audience until a half hour before the competition, so you don't have to show up until-..."
>For obvious reasons, she doesn't finish that thought
>Dash: "... well, you know"
>Dash: "Sorry, it slipped my mind for a-"
"No worries, let's just get going"
>You give her a quick but heartfelt hug before double-checking that she has everything she needs for the Battle of the Bands
>Then, you slip out her bedroom window with the grace of a flailing monkey
>Dash: "Where are you going?"
"The least I could do is walk you there. Meet you out front"

>Slipping out the window, that was the easy part
>Jumping the wooden fence of her backyard, now that was a real trick
>She's waiting for you on the sidewalk in front of her house, and you meet her with minimal injuries
>She seems like she wants to ask what took so long at first, but the scrapes and splinters seems to speak for themselves
>Hey, at least today can't get any worse

>The girls are all waiting at the front of the school
>Even on a non-school day, Dash is almost late
>Pinkie: "Nonny? What are you doing here? Are you sneaking in with us?"
"Nope, just making a delivery"
>You give Dash a playful pat on the back, then turn towards Twilight
"So Twilight, you ready?"
>Twilight: "Ready as I'll ever be"
"Ready for what?"
>Twilight: "The Battle of the Bands, duh"
>Twilight: "... and?"
"You know I'm not leaving until you say it again"
>Twilight: "... ugh"
>She puts on a fake smile
>Twilight: "Ready to... to kick some ass"
>Hearing Twilight swear gets a smile out of everyone
>It's a good thing she's got such a negative influence like you
>Twilight: "Okay, before Anonymous gets out of control with the obscenities-"
"Ass is hardly obscene"
>Twilight: "-we should head in before we're late"
>Pinkie: "Hate to be a party pooper but she is right. We should get going"
>The girls funnel in through the doors waving goodbye to you
>Sunset: "See ya later Anon, I'll let you know when we win"
"I'll be waiting"
>After everyone's inside, Dash lingers around for a moment
>Dash: "... hey Nonny, think you can do me a favor?"
>Dash: "Wish me luck?"
"Come on, you don't need luck, you got skill"
>Dash: "I know I know, but still. For me?"
>The look in her eyes says she's desperate for this, and not in a good way, and you conclude that the best thing to do is to entertain her request
>You pull her close to you and kiss her on the forehead
>Then, you ruffle her hair like you would to a small child and say "Good luck Dashie"
>She giggles
>Dash: "Thanks Nonny"
>She gives you one more kiss
>When she breaks away from your embrace, she quickly heads inside
>Dash: "Don't worry, I'll keep you posted!"
>The door closes behind her, leaving you on the front steps of the school alone
>You can't exactly go back to her place, seeing as how you can't go in the front door and you're not going to bother with that damn fence again
>Looks like you have no other choice

>You stand at the front door of your apartment, cautious about entering
>The big day is today, so if the Dazzlings WERE the ones leaving the notes then you have nothing to worry about
>Just in case, you need some back up
>This isn't exactly a Vlad situation, so she'll be good enough
>You knock on your neighbor's door
>It slowly creaks open, and you're greeted not by the usual purple-haired woman you've come to know as neighbor, but rather, a little girl
>Girl: "Whaddya want?"
"Is, umm... "
>You try to ask, but you really don't know you're neighbor's name
"Is anyone else here with you?"
>"Hey hey hey, what did I tell you about opening the door!"
>From inside, your usual neighbor comes out from the hall and comes to the door, shooing the little one away like a mother to a small child
>You neighbor, a mother... huh
>Neighbor: "So what pray tell do you grace us with your presence for?"
"I need you for a moment"
>She steps out and closes the door behind her
>Neighbor: "Dare I ask what for?"
"Just watch my back for a moment, I need to make sure no one's in my apartment"
>Neighbor: "A bit paranoid aren't we?"
"Look it's just for a minute, alright?"
>Neighbor: "Fine, I got your back"
>You turn back to your door, put the key in the hole, open the door, and after what felt like years of being gone step into your apartment
>It looks exactly like it did before you left
>Still messy
>But an empty mess nonetheless, you clear every room in the apartment twice just to be sure
>Relieved, you plop down on the sofa and she sees herself out
>You turn on the t.v.

>After a while of looking for something interesting to watch but to no avail, your phone buzzes
>It's a selfie of Dash and the rest of the band, with a message that they're about to go on
>They all look excited at least
>You resume channel flipping, trying to find some more entertaining than the cooking channel...
>Damn it
>About five or ten minutes later, though quite frankly it felt like hours, you get another message, another image of Dash and the girls, and they look happy
>In the background you see angry cello girl, and judging by the look on her face she must have just lost
>About every ten or so minutes, you get another message or image, keeping you updated on who won and who lost, or just telling you about how much ass the Rainbooms have been kicking
>You let out a loud, winded sigh
>They're out competing in the Battle of the Bands
>Meanwhile, you're just here doing absolutely nothing
>At least they're probably having a better day than you

>Twilight: "Hey Dash, we're up"
>You are Rainbow Dash, and you're too distracted to listen to her
>You've been keeping Anon updated on what's going on
>Twilight: "Hello? We're up next, come on"
"Alright, just give me a sec-"
>Applejack: "Now Rainbow, you can talk to your little lover later"
"Alright alright! Jeez, lay off will you?"
>You roll your eyes and send Anon a quick message, making sure there's nothing conveying just how stressed you really are
>Between missing him and Twilight STILL not finished with her counter-spell, you're a bit of a wreck
>The girls don't seem to be as stressed out as you are, and you can take comfort in knowing that Anon is relaxing
>At least he's probably having a better day than you

>Once again you are Anon
>You're aimlessly zoned out on the couch when the door opens, and you jump to attention with ninja-like reflexes
>Neighbor: "Just me, checking in on ya. You were so paranoid when I left I have to make sure you're not about to blow the place up or something"
>She comes in, uninvited I might add, and takes a seat next to you, propping her feet up on the coffee table
>Hasn't she heard of manners?
>Rarity would tear her a new one
"Sorry, but since when has my table been a doormat for everyone's filthy shoes?"
>Neighbor: "Like it was clean before"
"You know, you're a horrible role model for that daughter of yours"
>Neighbor: "Daughter? The hell are you talking about?"
"The little one in your apartment"
>Neighbor: "Oh, her? No, she's my little sister. She insisted on coming with me when my parents kicked me out... well, it was more like she refused to NOT come. So they make me babysit her whenever they're out of town"
"Sounds awful"
>Neighbor: "No, my parents were right. I needed to get my life together-"
"No, I mean being forced to babysit your little sister
>Neighbor: "Oh, that. She gets tough to handle sometimes, but in general she's a nice girl"
>... this neighbor of yours is more mature than you thought
>Maybe she's not so bad a person after all
>Your phone, probably another Dash message
>You're actually looking forward to these now
>Neighbor: "Who's that, you're gay lover?"
>... take it back, she's the same bitch she's always been
>Regardless, you explain to her the whole situation
>The Battle
>The Dazlings
>The you getting kicked out

>Upon finishing the story she silently nods her head
>She believes your story about magic and monsters a lot easier than you'd expect
>Neighbor: "... these Dazzlings girls, what did you say they looked like?"
"One of them has hair like cotton candy, only more orange-ish. Aria has a perpetual bitch face kind of look. And Sonata, she's the not-very-smart one"
>Neighbor: "That's them"
"That's who?"
>Neighbor: "I saw them lingering around here the other day, when that message got stuck on your door. Didn't think anything of it, they were just standing across the street in front of the laundromat, just watching. I left before any of them did anything"
>Well... shit. So it was them. One of them at least
>Dash was right all along
>Neighbor: "So what's your plan anyways?"
"Plan? Plan for what?"
>Neighbor: "Plan for sneaking back into the school for the competition"
"I'm not"
>She seems unpleasantly surprised
"... What? What's with that look?"
>Neighbor: "You're freaking kidding me, right?"
"What are you talking about?"
>Neighbor: "Since when do you listen to what other people tell you, especially from school?"
"This time is different. It's more than just my ass on the line"
>Neighbor: "That never stopped you before"
"Maybe I'm finally thinking straight"
>Neighbor: "Maybe you just lost this one"
"... excuse me?"
>Neighbor: "Like you said, they've been trying to wedge you guys apart from the very beginning. Sounds like a win on their part"
>She's right
>She's definitely right, and you know it
>But damned if you'll admit it

"Look, I'm just using my head here. The way I see it, so long as my friends stop their plan, then it's a win for all of us"
>Neighbor: "Here's an idea: Use that head of yours instead to think of a plan to get in there"
"It's too much of a risk. I don't want to be reason they get disqualified if I'm caught"
>Neighbor: "And you think they will? I was there a few years before you, and unless things have drastically changed the staff there is a bunch of idiots"
"Nope, not much has changed"
>Neighbor: "So come on, throw on a cheap disguise and get your ass down there"
>Is this what a pep talk feels like? Is this how the girls feel when you build their excitement like you did yesterday?
>Cause you feel it now
>And there's no stopping you
>Neighbor: "I should be on my way, you look like you'll be fine"
>She gets up and makes her way out
"Before you go... thanks"
>Neighbor: "For?"
"For talking some sense into me"
>More like out of you

>You quickly throw on a disguise- a baggy sweater and a pain of sunglasses
>Not much, but it should be enough
>As you make your way out the door you catch your neighbor and her little sister waiting outside their front door, the former having her hands behind her back
>Neighbor: "I knew your disguise would be awful. Take this"
>She pulls out from behind her back a hat, and a fedora at that, and places it on top of your head
>Neighbor: "At least it kind of helps. Definitely makes people not want to look at you"
>You hate to admit it, but she's right, so you thank her
>Girl: "You look like a dummy!"
"You look like a dummy-"
>Neighbor: "-Don't talk to my sister like that!"
>She's right, arguing with a little girl just makes you look like a dummy
>Besides, there's no time
>You've got a band to battle

>You arrive at the school with a plan
>An elaborate execution for infiltrating the campus
>It's tough, it's risky...
>And it's serious overkill for a damn high school
>What the hell kind of security do you think they have?
>... well, they have locks on the front doors
>It's not much but it's certainly keeping you out
>Time to fall back on "the plan" after all

>You make your way around to the side of the school, checking every window for an unlocked entrance point
>But there's at least one you know for sure you can get in

>You reach Redheart's office, or rather, the outside of her office
>It's a pretty high window, just barely at your shoulders
>It's going to take some serious ninja maneuvers to get in
>Peeking in the window like a creep, you catch her sitting at her desk with her head down
>She must be asleep
>The window is always unlocked, because she's always smoking in her office
>Maybe you shouldn't try sneaking in, you might wake her up
>And God knows you won't make it out alive if you do
>You take your chances
>She sleeps through the loud creak of the window which could really use some WD-40
>You manage to climb up, getting your left leg through the window
>Take a moment to carefully plan your next move, taking extra care not to have a repeat of Dash's backyard fence
>Straddling on the window frame, you've gotten past the hard part
>Now you've just got to get the rest of you in
>You single out a clear space on her desk where you won't step on any papers or her hair
>You calculate your step
>You envision your step
>Slowly... very slowly...
>You take your step
>With the grace of a flailing monkey you fall through the window
>Just to add salt to the literal wound, the window closes on your leg
>Trying to free your leg, you twist it in ways you never knew your leg could even bend
>You free yourself, falling face first onto the desk then the floor
>Naturally the commotion causes Redheart to jump to her feet, just now waking up
>She wasn't the one who shouted
>No, the one who shouted was the man now lifting you off the ground by your collar
>A big, brawny, intoxicated Russian man
"St-Stop, it's me-!"
>Nurse: "The hell is going on here?!"
>Vlad: "This man- this dead man- tried to invade"
>Redheart rubs her eyes and takes a close look at you, then closer, then closer, before flicking the fedora from your head
>Nurse: "Relax Vlad, it's just Anon"
>Vlad looks at you much like Redheart just did, and then lets out a hearty laugh
>Vlad: "Little man! You crazy bastard!"
>His life-threatening grip on your collar turns into a life-threatening hug
>Vlad: "You managed to deceive even a mastermind like myself!"
>Much to your relief, he puts you down
>Well, more like drops you
>You must have hurt your ankle pretty bad in that fall, it's tough to stand on
>While picking yourself up you slip your hand on a wet spot on the floor
>That's when you notice the puddle of coffee and the two cups on the floor next to it
>Nurse: "So much for my coffee"
"Sorry about that"
>Nurse: "Nah, it's not your fault. Damn principals tell me to drag my ass here on a Saturday because 'someone might get hurt at the Battle of the Bands'. It's a not literally a freaking battle for Christ's sake!"
>She yawns, and judging by her ranting she seems to be mostly awake now
>Nurse: "So what's up with the whole, 'secret agent' act you got going on here?"
>She gestures towards you with her hands, probably referring to how you're dressed
"Well, I'm technically not supposed to be here today. I'm banned from attending"
>Nurse: "The hell are you guilty of this time?"
"Nothing. Just having a big mouth"
>She slowly nods
>Nurse: "Yeah, makes sense. And you know, Vlad technically isn't supposed to be here either. So... you know"
>The two of you nod, silently agreeing that if either of you snitches to Luna then you'll drag each other down
>Nurse: "Kudos on the disguise by the way. A hat and sunglasses, very original"
>Vlad: "And good idea of wearing ladies clothes. No one will suspect you"
"Whoa whoa whoa, what do you mean, 'ladies clothes'?"
>Nurse: "That's a girl's hat you had on"
"It's just a regular hat"
>Nurse: "It has a girl's name written on the tag"
>Do you really have time to be arguing about the gender of your clothing?
>This isn't tumblr
>Besides, you have more important stuff to do
"While I'm sure you'd love me to stick around, I did come here for a reason"
>Nurse: "And as much as I'd love to put up with more of your nonsense, we have work to do too"
>Sounds like someone's getting laid
>Get that image out of your head
>Besides, you've got your own booty to claim
>You put your hat back on, put your head down, and make your way out
>Your phone buzzes, another message from Dash. They're about to go up
>You hobble through the halls, trying to step as lightly on your bad leg as possible
>You've survived worse. Hell, you've self-inflicted worse to skip gym
>... maybe?

>You stand at the doors to the gym as if they're the gates of hell
>Remember: you go in there and you're in the same room as Vice Principal Luna, the one who made it explicitly clear that you can't be here
>But you've got a master disguise
>It may just be a hat and sunglasses, but it worked for the Unabomber and every robber ever
>Deep breath...
>Then you push the doors open and enter

>The gym is packed
>The bleachers are full, the folding chairs they put out for extra seating are full, there's even people having to stand
>The girls are still setting up, so you wait back by the doors and enjoy the performance

>They're good, but that should come as no surprise to you
>And apparently the crowd seems to share your sentiments
>Looks like they won this round
>Time to go congratulate your lover in person
>You manage to catch them just as they're walking off-stage
"Way to go guys, you kicked ass!"
>Dash: "Thanks dude"
>... that's it?
>She doesn't even look to you
>You expected a little more
>Perhaps she didn't really notice you
>Gotta make yourself noticed
>You spontaneously stop her in her tracks and try to hug her
>Dash: "Whoa, what the hell man?"
>She puts her arms up to keep you separated, and then steps aside so she can walk away
>The look on her face is one of confusion and disgust...
>Wait a second
>Once again, you forgot that you're still wearing a disguise
>Quickly, before she gets too far away, you discard the sunglasses and hat
"Dashie, wait up!"
>She turns around so fast you could have sworn her neck was going to snap
>Dash: "Nonny?!"

>By the time the other girls even notice it's you, your girlfriend is already dashing towards you
>You put your arms out and brace yourself for high impact
>When your bodies meet, you fall to the floor together, knocked down by the power of love
>And her tackle hug
>And to be fair, your injured leg probably played a part in it too
>But other than that stuff, power of love and what not
"I take it you're-mHmm"
>Before you can get a word in her lips lock with yours
>You were going to ask if she's glad to see you, but it's safe to say your question is answered
>Her immediate response is joy, but once she pulls away from the kiss and takes a moment to consider the situation, she gives you a good punch in the shoulder, just a little harder than her usual loving hits
>Dash: "Are you out of your mind?"
>Dash: "You know you're not supposed to be here!"
"But I-"
>Dash: "You could get in serious trouble!"
"I just thought-"
>Dash: "Shut up"
>She kisses you again
>On the one hand, she's not letting you get a single word in edgewise
>On the other hand, she just wanted you to shut up so she can kiss you again
>Hard to tell if she's mad or happy
>Probably both
>Applejack: "Okay, just what the hay is this all about?"
>You were too distracted by Dash's assault to notice the others joined you
"Didn't you hear? She and I are dating now"
>Applejack: "I knew that smartass, I meant with her. You've been sour with us all day, and now he's back, and all of a sudden you're in a good mood again?"
>Dash: "No I wasn't!"
"Really? Were you?"
>She starts averting her eyes
>Dash: "Well... maybe just a little but it's not like I-"
"Sounds like a 'no' to me"
>Applejack: "Seriously?"
"She would never"
>In truth, you wouldn't put it past her being rude to the others, but hey- you're just glad to know you're not the only one putting up with bullshit today
>Plus, it's fun messing with her
>Pinkie approaches and kneels down beside your face and starts poking your face with her finger
"... nice seeing you too Pinkie"
>Pinkie: "I don't believe you"
"Believe me?"
>She pinches your cheek, gently stretching your face out as if trying to pull a mask off your face
>Pinkie: "You're not the real Nonny are you?"
"Why wouldn't I be-"
>Pinkie: "-Quick say something only the real Nonny would say!!"
>Dash: "Pinkie, knock it off"
"Yeah, keep it up and I won't invite you to my next sex party"
>She silently stares at you, before finally cracking a smile
>Pinkie: "Alright alright, maybe you're the real Nonny..."
>She grabs your hat and sunglasses from the floor
>After staring at the name tag on the inside of the hat for a moment, she hands them both to you
>Pinkie: "... maybe"
>You glance around the gym at the crowd
>Since they're currently in-between performances, there's nothing else for the crowd to focus on
>You notice more and more eyes drifting in your direction
"Hey Dashie, perhaps we should get up. People are starting to stare"
>You're not concerned about looking like you're banging on the floor here
>You're concerned about being seen without your disguise
>Dash gets up and grabs your hand
>She pulls you up to your feet, only for you to end up stumbling over and ultimately leaning onto her shoulder
>Since all the seats are occupied, you and the girls stand off to the side against the wall
>You explain everything to her that happened today since you left home
>Then she recounts the events of the day as if she hasn't been texting you every ten minutes all day telling you what's been going on
>But she loves flaunting her awesomeness, and you're not going to take that away
>You get a stern shush from someone standing near you and your friends
"What's going on?"
>Rarity: "I think the Dazzlings are about to go up. It's them against Flash and his band"
>Dash: "Nonny"
"Yeah, I know"
>You cover your ears
>You probably look like an ass, but if you start vomiting during their performance you'll just make an ass of yourself anyways
>It's a lose/lose situation

>If you've ever tried blocking out noise by covering your ears with your hands, then you know that it doesn't work
>But it helps... kind of
>At least you'll be holding down breakfast, but you're glad to hear the end of their performance
>On the downside, you're going to have to deal with the Dazzlings in the finals, but it's nothing you didn't see coming
>On the upside, you got to see Flash get butt-blasted by someone other than yourself
>Celestia: "The next band up is the Rainbooms"
>Rarity: "That's our call"
>Dash: "You going to be okay?"
"I'm fine"
>She lets you stand on your own. After a brief wince on pain, you find your balance
>She waits for a moment
"I'm fine, really. Get up there and kick some ass"
>She giggles and pats you on the shoulder
>Dash: "We'll win this one for you"
>She walks towards the stage with the other girls, a confident smile across her face
>A confident, preemptive victory smile
>It's really sweet to see her back to her old self again
>You lean back against the wall for support and decide to wait for them here
>Okay, mental note
>See a doctor about this later

>So aside from a few mishaps during their performance, they rocked pretty hard
>And miraculously, they won
>You wave to them as they approach
>They almost didn't recognize you again at first
>It's amazing what a hat and sunglasses can do to a person
"Awesome guys, absolutely awesome"
>Applejack: "Well, we made it at least"
"Hey, a win is a win in my book"
>Applejack: "Can't argue with that logic"
>You give Dash a congratulatory hug, a sly excuse to lean on her for support
>Dash: "Whoa, you okay?"
>Apparently, not sly enough
"Yeah, I'm okay, just-
>Dash: "-Okay, let me rephrase that. What's wrong with you?"
"I may have fallen out a window or two in the process of getting in here, And since then my leg been a  pain in the ass"
>Don't you mean a pain in the leg?
>Pinkie: "Yeah, breaking and entering is a risky business"
>Dash: "Maybe you should see Redheart about that, I think she came in today. Maybe she can at least give you some pain medicine or something"
"Nah, it'll be fine"
>Dash: "I'm not asking, now come on"
>Realizing she could forcefully drag you along if she wanted, you agree to go with her
>Dash: "Meet you all out front in a bit"
>You reach her office, Dash being the only thing holding you off the ground, and knock on the door, silently hoping you're not interrupting anything
>Hey, she's in there with Vlad, and it's not like no one's ever gotten frisky in that office
>The door opens, and thankfully she's still fully clothed
>Nurse: "You know the doors are open now, right? You don't have to re-climb out the window"
"It's not that"
>Dash: "Can you take a look at his leg? He's been barely standing since I saw him today"
>Nurse: "Yeah yeah, get on in here"
>She invites the two of you in
>Vlad is still here, sitting on the bed, so you take a seat next to him
>Nurse: "Which leg is it now?"
>You stick out your leg that got clamped in the window
>She fells it up for a moment, in a purely non-sexual way
>In a painful way
>Then, she stops, rolls up the leg of your pants, and continues feeling around
>You wince and grit your teeth, but bear the pain
>You wouldn't be caught dead showing weakness in front of Vlad
>It's a pride thing
>Nurse: "... oh boy..."
"What is it?"
>Nurse: "Tell me exactly what happened here"
"The window slammed on my leg when I fell through and-"
>Nurse: "-Shit"
>Dash: "What's going on?"
>Dash kneels down next to Redheart and feels your leg
"Dashie? Everything okay?"
>Dash: "... huh?"
"I said is it okay?"
>Dash: "O-Oh yeah, you'll be okay"
>That's not quite what you asked
>The looks on her and Redheart's faces weren't very reassuring either
"... guys?"
>Nurse: "Vlad, can you carry him back to the car?"
>Redheart starts gathering her stuff in a hurry, getting ready to leave
>Vlad: "You heard the lady, come on"
>He grabs you under the shoulders and by your waist and picks you up princess style
>Nurse: "And be gentle, we don't want him getting any worse. Dash, a little help?"
>Dash: "Got it"
>She gently grabs your bad leg and holds it stable
"Where the hell are we going?"
>Dash: "The hospital"
>Nurse: "Your leg's fucking broken, kid"

>They gingerly place you in the backseat of the car
>Dash gets in back with you
>It's just now starting to don on you that your fucking leg is broken
>Despite all the times you've gone and gotten yourself hurt, it's never been this bad before
>Quite frankly you should have known something was wrong
>This one's on you
>It's not that big of a deal though... okay, it's a pretty big deal, but you know it's nothing to worry about
>Dash: "Trust me, you'll be fine"
"I know"
>Dash: "I've been playing sports since I was walking, I've seen my fair share of broken bones before"
"I'm sure you have"
>Dash: "You're in good hands now. You've got nothing to worry about"
"Okay, the more you talk, the more I actually do worry"
>Dash: "... right, I'll stop now"
>Now you're actually worried
>Thanks Dash

>The county hospital is only a ten or so minute drive away, but it felt like at least an hour
>She finds an open parking space closest to the entrance
>Redheart gets out of the car and comes around to the back to help you out
>With one arm around Dash's shoulders and the other around Redheart's, you limp towards the building, keeping from stepping with your broken leg

>There were only a few other people there, and yet the receptionist looked not even the slightest bit motivated as you enter
>She slowly drifts her gaze towards you, then back to her desk, idly chewing gum with her mouth open
>From beneath she produced a clipboard with a few pieces of paper attached and a pen attached on a ball chain
>"Come here and fill this out and I'll tell the doctor when you're done"
>Dash: "His leg is broken-"
>"-Come here and fill this out"
>Dash: "What for? We already know what the issue is"
>"Just fill out the paperwork"
>Redheart: "Look, I know this kid's medical records like the back of my hand, so just get the damn doctor already"
>You're never taking Redheart for granted as a nurse again
>"And I'm telling you, just fill out the damn paperwork already"
>This is going to take a while
>Dash leads you over to the seating area and helps you sit down, then takes a seat next to you
>Meanwhile, the arguing continues
>Redheart: "If I have to take him back there and handle him myself I will, and I'm qualified so don't give me any shit"
>"Try it and I'll call the cops"
"Just bring me the paperwork already"
>As much as you support Redheart here, now's not the time
>Maybe later, when your leg is fixed and not throbbing in pain
>After coming to a "fuck it" conclusion, Redheart grabs the clipboard
>The two of them exchange a mutual flip of the bird before she brings you the clipboard

>You pretty much bullshit your way through the paperwork
>Are you allergic to any medication? - NO
>Are you a regular smoker? - NO
>Are you currently- NO
>NO to everything, cause you're the healthiest mother fucker around
>Probably not the best thing to do, but if you actually thought things through you wouldn't be here with a banged up leg, now would you?
>Redheart takes it as soon as you're done and slams it on the receptionist's counter
>Redheart: "Satisfied?"
>The receptionist snaps her gum
>"Sure, why not"
>She steps into a back room
>Dash pats you on the leg, your good one
>Dash: "We'll get you fixed up real soon"
>She's talking to you like a child who scraped his knee
>Then again, your eyes are starting to tear up despite your best efforts to hold back
>Just like a child with a scraped knee
>Dash: "And don't worry Nonny, I'll be right here"
>You try to speak without choking up... you certainly try
"What about the Battle of the Bands?"
>Dash: "Oh don't worry, the final round isn't until tonight. I'm not leaving your side until I absolutely have to"
>The receptionist comes back with who appears to be a doctor pushing an empty wheelchair
>Doctor: "I take it you're the one with a problem?"
>It sounded a lot more insulting than he probably intended it to be
>He and Redheart help you into the wheelchair, and they wheel you into the examination room, Dash following closely behind

>Upon reaching the room, they help you out of the chair and onto the bed
>It's not much larger than the one in the nurse's office at the school
>You tell him everything that happened, leaving out some of the finer details
>Such as how you were technically breaking and entering
>Once that is all cleared up, he begins examining your leg to assess the damage
>To your dismay, he's not quite as gentle as the girls were
>Doctor: "... hmm..."
"Is something wrong?"
>Redheart: "You know, aside from the obvious?"
>Doctor: "..."
>He's not saying anything
>That's totally reassuring
>Doctor: "... alright"
"Alright what?"
>He reaches under the bed and pulls out a hospital gown, nicely folded
>Doctor: "Possibly fractured, but we should take an x-ray to be sure. Put this on and I'll be back in just a minute"
>After handing you the gown he leaves the room
>You get your shirt off and with a little help from Dash you struggle out of your pants
>As usual she struggles with get your pants unbuttoned
>Despite the pain you have time to enjoy her cuteness
>You quickly get the gown on before Redheart can make a comment on the size of your dick in your boxers
>... shut up it's cold in here
>Redheart: "Adorable"
"Looks better on me than it does you"
>No matter how much pain you're in you can't stop your jackass-ery
>You wait in the room for the doctor to come back

"How long have we been waiting?
>You glance around the room looking for a clock, but there's not a single one
>Dash: "A long time"
>Redheart: "Welcome to the Canterlot healthcare system, my tax dollars not at work"
>Dash's phone rings
>Dash: "Hey Pinkie what's up... where am I?"
>She glances at you
>You shake your head
>They got a competition to worry about, they don't need to be worrying about you in the hospital
>Dash: "... just at home, why? ... now? Like, right now right now?"
>She covers up the speaking part of her phone
>Dash: "They want to meet up early before the finals"
"Go ahead"
>Dash: "Sure?"
>You nod
>Not like anything is happening here anytime soon
>She uncovers her phone
>Dash: "Yeah sure, I'll be there in a bit"
>She hangs up
>You immediately start disrobing and get your shirt back on
>Dash: "Whoa, what are you doing?"
"You just said we're meeting up, didn't you?"
>Dash: "YOU'RE not going anywhere. In case you forgot your leg is still broken"
>How could you forget
>Redheart: "I'm with her on this one. As much as I'm entertained by your usual idiocy, you've got to stay"
"Come on, I've been here forever just waiting, they're not doing shit. Hell, you could probably help me more from your garage"
>Don't go putting any ideas in her head now
>Redheart: "Come on Dash, I'll take you wherever you need to go"
>Dash: "Don't worry Nonny, we'll win for you"
"And the sake of humanity, right?"
>Dash: "Yeah, that too"
>She gives you a gentle hug before heading
>Redheart: "Go anywhere, and I'll see to it you end up right back in here"
>She exits with Dash, not once turning her back to you
>As much as you hate to admit it, they're right
>All you can do is hope for them now

>You are Redheart
>The whole ride with Dash was silent and awkward
>Eventually, you pull up in a parking lot near big outdoor stage, where you see those other girls she's always hanging out with waiting
>How the hell the school could afford to rent this thing out for the Battle of the Bands you'll never know
>Dash steps out of the car
>Dash: "Hey Redheart, can you do me a favor?"
"Sure, what's up?"
>Dash: "Just... make sure he's alright, alright?"
"No problem"
>Dash: "Thanks"
>She shuts the car door ad hurries to her friends
>You should be hurrying back to the hospital
>But instead, you just sit here and think for a second
>... you've got a plan
>It's a stupid plan
>Like, "Anon" levels of stupid
>But damn it this is for the best

>You are Anon
>You have no idea how long it's been since Redheart left, but she's still not back yet
>Are you going to die here?
>You're still half dressed in your shirt and boxers, the gown on the bed next to you
>To your relief, a nurse finally comes in wearing a cliché nurse's hat that you rarely ever see anymore and one of those masks worn by doctors and sick Asians
>It's a broken leg, not anthrax
>Nurse: "You're Anonymous, the one with the broken leg, right?"
>Nurse: "Alright, we're ready for you"
"... about friggin time"
>Nurse: "Excuse me?"
>Didn't mean to say that out loud, did you?
>You know how they say waiters spit in your food if you treat them rudely?
>Well she's probably going to spit in your open wounds or something
>She grabs the clip board with all the paperwork
>Nurse: "This all of it?"
>Nurse: "No one came in and took anything off from here?"
"Not unless they were invisible"
>Nurse: "You're sure?"
"Absolutely positive"
>Nurse: "Alright"
>She takes the papers from the board, folds them up together into a neat little square, and slips them into her pocket
>Pretty sure that's not professional, but hey, nothing about this hospital screams "professional" or "competent"
"Should I get back into the gown?"
>Nurse: "No need, but we do have to hurry"
>Without answering you, she helps you back into the wheelchair, sets your pants on your lap and wheels you out
>Great, going into the lobby with no pants
>She wheels you down a few familiar halls
>As you pass the receptionist's desk, the nurse sets the empty clip board down
>Nurse: "Checking him out"
>Receptionist: "You are?"
>She is?
>Nurse: "Yeah, he's fine. Just a really sore leg is all"
>The receptionist rolls her eyes
>Receptionist: "... whatever"
>The nurse continues to wheel you out the door
"I'm not fine, my damn leg is broken"
>Nurse: "Everything checked out fine"
"You people didn't check a god damn thing"
>Nurse: "You're overreacting"
>You realize these people will get you killed sooner or later, probably sooner
>You struggle your way out of the chair and try to stand
>It doesn't matter if you fuck up your leg as long as you survive
>The nurse grabs the back of your collar and yanks you back down into the chair
>She glances back at the hospital doors, as if making sure no one is watching
>Nurse: "Damn it kid, can't you sit still for five freaking seconds?!"
>That temper sounds way too familiar
>She drops the mask and tosses the hat on the floor
>"No prob, kid"
>Turns out Redheart is just as much a master of disguise as you are
>Before long, Vlad pulls up in a dirty-looking pickup truck
>She helps you, chair and all, into the back of the flat bed
"Is this safe?"
>Redheart: "Nope"
>You're starting to rub off on her
>She gets in the car without another word
>You hold on for dear life as the car rides away

>They pull up in an empty parking lot for a supermarket down the street from the hospital, parking as far from the actual store as possible
>For some reason, you feel like you'd be safer back at the hospital
>Redheart steps out and comes around to you
>Redheart: "Glad to see you survived"
>You search your brain for a witty retort... nothing
>Redheart: "So here's the deal: I brought to the county hospital because it was closer, and I thought you'd get helped faster. Obviously a mistake. There's another hospital down the street where I know you'll actually get better treatment, but it's really down the street. We could probably get you there but-"
"-Hold on a second"
>Redheart: "What is it?"
>While she was explaining, you took the opportunity to wiggle your way back into your pants
"I'm out of the hospital, might as well milk the opportunity"
>Redheart: "Wherever you're going with this just spit it out"
"Come on, I think the final round of the Battle of the Bands will be starting soon"
>She sighs and rubs her forehead in frustration
>Redheart: "... and somehow I knew you'd say that... idiot"
>She sighs again
>Redheart: "Vlad, plan B!"
>Plan B?
>Vlad steps out the car and tosses Redheart a roll of duct tape
"Where exactly are you going with this-?"
>Redheart: "-Quiet. This is your idea"
>You don't recall getting kidnapped as part of any plan of yours
>He reaches back in the car, this time producing two thick rolled-up newspapers
>Redheart: "By the way, this never happened"
>You feel Vlad's burly arms wrap around you from behind, restraining you to the chair
>Redheart: "This will probably hurt, but... you know, relax and stuff"

>Kneeling down in front of you, she ties her hair back into a ponytail
>Then, she pulls a long strip from the tape and sticks it to her side, saving it for later
>After making sure the newspapers are rolled tight and firm, she sandwiches your leg between them
>That gentleness she had when first examining you is gone
>The sudden pain would have made you jump from your seat if you weren't so... thoroughly restrained
>Redheart: "Sorry kid, gotta make sure it holds"
>Vlad: "Worry not little man, I've seen weaker men survive worse"
>Great... "you'll survive" is the best assurance you're getting
>She takes the strip of tape from her side and wraps it around the top of the two newspapers
>Another long strip about the same length goes around just beneath it, then a third at the bottom of the two rolls of paper
>If this is some kind of torture interrogation, you'd confess to just about anything right about now
>She gives it a gentle shake, then once she's sure it's tight enough, she stands up and backs away
>Redheart: "This is hardly a solution, so don't even try walking on it yet"
"Thanks for the reminder" you say through gritted teeth, finally getting your sense of sass back
>Redheart: "One last thing"
>She takes the folded up paperwork from her pocket
>Vlad takes it from her and holds it up over a burning zippo lighter, dropping it to the floor before the flame reaches his fingers
"A little paranoid don't you think?"
>Vlad: "You can never be too paranoid little man"
>Redheart: "Alright let's get this over with. Vlad, help him into the backseat, I'm driving"
>She folds up the wheelchair, something you didn't even know it could do, and puts it in the backseat with you
>Redheart: "And don't forget, this never happened"
>She turns around and looks at you like you're an idiot
>Redheart: "If I have to explain, then you probably don't need to know in the first place"
>You asked if Redheart had some kind of pain medication on her
>Vlad handed you a bottle of whiskey from the glove box
>Well... it helps, not ideal but it helps

>Eventually you pull into a parking lot near a huge outdoor bandshell
"How the hell did the school afford this?"
>Redheart: "Don't ask me"
>The final round must have already begun
>The Dazzlings are up performing
>No sign of Dash and the girls yet
>It's a good thing you're so level-headed and reasonable, otherwise you'd automatically assume that something's wrong
"...something's wrong"
>Redheart: "What is it now?"
>You scan the crowd as best you can from here, which isn't very good, but you do your best
>You don't see any of them
>... hold on
>Is that them... on top of a hill?
>Redheart: "Yeah yeah, I see them too"
"So are we going or what?"
>Redheart: "Came all this way, went through all this nonsense... hell, why not"
>She pulls out of the parking lot and finds a road that leads up to the hill
>On the way there, another car comes speeding past, seemingly going in the same direction

>There's a road that leads TO the hill, but not up it
>Redheart comes to your side of the car and opens the door for you
"You're not going to make me wheel all the way up there, are you?"
> Redheart: "As much fun as that'd be to watch, nah"
>That's cruel, even for her
>Redheart: "Hope you're not afraid of heights"
>Vlad: "Hold on tight"
>He grabs you, and carefully lifts you out of the car, then up onto his shoulders
>Immediately you almost fall, but he skillfully saves you
>Redheart: "You never listen do you?"
>Vlad: "Relax, I've carried plenty of bodies away before. You're in good hands"
>It's a little uncomfortable being referred to as a "body"

>You make it to the top of the hill, holding on for your life as Vlad charged up like a mad viking and Redheart struggles to keep up
>The first thing you see at the top is what looks like a Transformer
>Upon closer inspection, it's that car that zoomed past you on the way here
>Redheart opens up the chair so Vlad can set you down
>Redheart: "Special delivery for Rainbow Dash"
>The girls all turn around, and upon seeing you, express varying degrees of shock
>Dash: "Nonny? What are you doing here?"
"You know, just in the neighborhood. Thought I'd wish you all good luck"
>Your jokes aren't helping, they're still shocked
>Pinkie: "Are you okay? Dash wouldn't tell us what happened to you"
"I'm fine, but you've all got a competition to win"
>Rarity: "Are you sure? No offense darling, but you look absolutely a mess"
"I said I'm fine"
>A little hurt in the feelings from that comment (and you know, physically too)
>Applejack: "Is... is your leg broken?"
"You guys-"
>Fluttershy: "Goodness, you shouldn't be here if you're hurt Anon"
"Seriously, you-
>Dash: "He's always doing this sort of thing"
"Alright guys, yes I broke my leg. And yes I also broke out of a hospital to come cheer you guys on in person. Yes, it was stupid, but damn it, that's just what do, isn't it?"
>A few nods, they seem to agree with you whether they like it or not
"Now don't make everything I went through be for nothing, hurry up and save the damn world already"
>Their expressions of worry turn into ones of growing excitement
>Pinkie: "Alright everyone, you heard Hot-Wheels, let's get this party started!"
"... What'd you just call me?"
>A few giggles around the group
>Applejack: "Hey Hot-Wheels, a little help here"
>Yeah, that's what you thought you heard
>Applejack: "Plug this in for me will ya"
>She hands you the end of an audio cable
>Somewhere on this giant mess of a machine is a port for this wire, and as soon as you find it you plug it in
>Technically this mean you helped save the world right?

>They start playing right in the middle of the Dazzling's performance
>Starting shit from a safe distance?
>Dick move... you like it

>The Dazzling's eyes start glowing
>Some giant spirit monster things arise
>The girls start shooting lasers and shit from their instruments
>The siren monsters destroy everything
>Sunset takes the mic
>Your friends start levitating
>There's a bright light
>A giant rainbow beam blasts the Dazzlings and their spirit monsters
>A bright flash
>A loud boom
>... Neat

>You can feel the magic surge through the air, tingling through your whole body
>Twilight: "Did it work?"
>Sunset: "I think so"
>A little too much magic
>Pinkie: "We did it! You guys we did it! We saved the world... again!"
>Pinkie pulls everyone into a giant group hug, even getting Vlad and Redheart in on the action
>Seeing as how you're not exactly at full capacity, you stay back for your own safety
>You're feeling dizzy
>She and Dash stick out their arms, making a space for you, and your wheelchair, in the group hug
>Dash: "Come on Nonny, we couldn't have done it without you"
>Pinkie: "Yeah, get your butt in here Hot-Wheels"
>You're feeling sick
>Dash: "... Nonny? You okay?"
>Sunset: "I think he's feeling the magic again"
>Redheart: "That's good, right?"
>Twilight: "Bad. Very bad"
>Dash hurries over to hold you up in your seat
>Yup, you're losing consciousness

>There's a loud beeping noise that breaks you out of your sleep
>Your eyes open up to the blinding blur of fluorescent lights overhead
>Whatever this bed is, it's not comfortable
>Whatever you're wearing now, it's not yours
>Definitely not home
>Definitely not Dash's house
>Definitely not the hilltop where the finals of the Battle of the Band happened
>And that incessant beeping
>As tired as you still are, that'll probably keep you awake
>Once your eyes have adjusted to the light, you scan the room
>Your leg, which is now properly protected in a cast, is being elevated by some kind of suspension
>The beeping is coming from a machine next to your bed, a heart monitor
>You appear to be wearing another hospital gown, much different than the one they made you put on at the county hospital
>... you'd rather not wonder who dressed you
>Next to the bed is a small nightstand with your clothes neatly folded, your phone set on top
>Everything about this room just screams "hospital"
>The curtains on the window are closed and there's no clock in here, so you check your phone for the time
>A little early for the lights to be on, isn't it?
>The bed has one of those buttons you can push to call in the doctor
>... nah, you'll make your way through it
>Close your eyes and try to-
>... try to go back to sleep

>Somehow you manage to get some rest for the night
>Waking up this time isn't as hard on the eyes
>"I think he's awake"
>The blinding fluorescents are obscured by a grape cluster of heads, though it still takes a moment for your eyes to adjust and make out who they all are
>Yup, the girls are all here
>Fluttershy is leaning over your cast
>Fluttershy: "sorry, did I wake you?"
"Nah, you're good"
>You look around... almost everyone is here
>Pinkie, AJ, Rarity, Fluttershy, Sunset...
"Where's Dashie?"
>Fluttershy: "she stepped outside for a bit, she'll be back soon"
"Alright. What time is it anyways?"
>Fluttershy: "around noon"
>You were more tired than you realized
>The girls all step back, giving you some space to breathe
"So the gang's all here huh?"
>Applejack: "Well duh. Rainbow Dash never told us what happened to you, and you went and passed out before I could force the answer out of you"
>Rarity: "We just wanted to make sure you were okay"
>Pinkie: "And look, we all signed your cast already!"
>It's warms your heart that they'd all come to visit you, that they all care about you so much
>But let's not say that out loud, shall we?
>It looks like the majority of your cast is covered in doodles of cupcakes, balloons, and smiley faces- guess who THAT was
>Along the bottom edge, Fluttershy wrote something so small you'll need a magnifying glass to read it
>"Anonymous, get well soon. Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle" It's so formally and professionally punctuated, but the handwriting is a mess
>There's more all around, but you can't read it without having to get up
>Along the side someone wrote "You're welcome"
"Who would write 'You're welcome' on someone's cast?"
>"Someone who deserves thanks"
>With perfect timing, Redheart enters the room with Dash by her side

>Dash: "Hey Nonny, when'd you wake up?"
"Just now... what do you mean by 'someone who deserves thanks'?"
>Redheart: "I'm the one who fixed up your leg there. Again, you're welcome"
>She takes a seat in the chair where the doctor usually sits, and Dash kneels beside you
"I didn't know you worked here too"
>Redheart: "I used to. The people here at Canterlot Memorial Hospital are just as incompetent as the other place, but at least here they knew not to get in my way when I brought you in"
"I'm pretty sure that violates all kinds of rules"
>Redheart: "Hey, they owed me"
"What for?"
>She glances at the door, then leans in really close to you and drops her voice almost down to a whisper
>Redheart: "Okay, so a few years ago when I still used to work here, a few of the head doctors got into a lot of trouble, and I mean a LOT. They were facing one hell of a lawsuit and in an attempt to save face they threw me under the bus instead"
>Dash: "Whoa..."
"And you let them get away with that?"
>Redheart: "At the time I didn't really have a choice. They promised that the medical board wouldn't revoke my license if I kept quiet. It's how I was still able to get my job at the school"
>Everyone goes silent as the door opens and a doctor enters
>Doctor: "Everything okay in here?"
"Yeah... sure"
>After Redheart's story you already don't like this guy
>Doctor: "That leg of yours was really messed up. Who even put that makeshift splint on you?"
>Redheart sits behind him, but looks directly at you while making a zipping motion across her lips
>With her reputation, if you told the truth it would definitely get medical license revoked... and probably get you killed
"I did it. Thought it'd work"
>Doctor: "Well, next time you should get professional help right away, don't try to handle things at home. I'm sure Miss Redheart advised you against it"
>She shakes her head, pretending to disapprove in case the doctor was watching

>Doctor: "And while you're at it, you need to lay off the alcohol. You were passed out drunk when she brought you in"
"I wasn't drunk, it was magic"
>Doctor: "Magic?"
>Redheart: "Yup, the magic knocked him unconscious"
>Pinkie: "It usually has that effect on him"
>Dash: "Sometimes he starts vomiting too, but that's only if there's a lot of magic involved"
>Doctor: "... you're all joking, right?"
"Nope. Magic"
>He looks dumfounded, like he doesn't believe in magic or something
>Doctor: "Right... well, I'm just checking in, making sure everything's alright. I'll see you later.  Miss Redheart, will you please come with me?"
"What's the matter, forget how to put on a band-aid?"
>Redheart bursts into laughter, but the doctor is not amused
>You got payback on her behalf
>Doctor: "... I take it he goes to that school you work at now?"
>Redheart: "Don't blame me, he was like that when I met him"
>She follows the doctor out, giving you a thumbs-up behind her back
>Pinkie: "We're gonna run off too, gonna grab lunch. You guys want anything?"
>Dash: "Sounds good. I'll stick around here with Nonny"
>Come to think of it, you hadn't eaten since yesterday
"Sure, where are you-"
>Before you can even ask where they're going, they've all left
>... oh well, looks like you're getting a surprise

>Dash doesn't move from her spot beside the bed
>Dash: "So how's your leg feeling?"
>You start moving your good leg around
"Seems fine to me"
>Dash: "Not that one"
"Oh, you mean my other leg? Yeah, that's still broken"
>She can't help but laugh, but you can tell she's still worried
"Don't worry, it's fine. Hurts a bit but it'll be fine"
>Dash: "... good"
>She gets up and sits on the bed next to you
>Dash: "So... it's all over, isn't it"
"What's over?"
>Dash: "Everything. The Battle, the Dazzlings... we're finally done with it all"
"Yeah... it's finally over"
>She lets out a long sigh, and for the first time in weeks she looks relaxed
>Which means she let her guard down
"Hey Dashie"
>Dash: "Yeah?"
"... Watch out for my leg"
>Dash: "Watch out? Why- h-Hey!"
>You quickly wrap your arms just around her waist and pull her down next to you, snuggling her tightly like a body pillow
>She flails around at first, not sure what you were doing, and in the process nearly smacked you in the face
>Dash: "Jeez, warn me before you do that next time!"
>You heard the lady
>She wants there to be a next time
"I kind of did. You didn't hit my leg right?"
>Your leg was safe, but your shoulder was wide open
"... Point taken"
>Despite all the BS you give her, she still finds it in her to snuggle you
>Thank God you found someone as thick-skinned as yourself

>Moments later, there's a knock at the door- not one of those, "asking for permission, I'll wait for a response to come in" knocks. No, it's a "heads up I'm coming in right now" knocks
>The kind that usually result in walking in on something you shouldn't be seeing
>Dash immediately sits up, not wanting to look like you were doing it

>Thankfully it's just Redheart, who upon seeing you can't help but snicker
>Redheart: "Oh boy, I should have known"
>Dash: "We weren't doing anything I swear"
>Redheart: "I'm sure you weren't"
>Dash: "Really, I mean it"
>Redheart: "I bet you do"
"You're only making it worse Dash"
>Redheart snickers again
>Redheart: "Whatever you do, just be careful, alright? This isn't my office, you don't want to be getting caught here. Plus, he's still pretty messed up"
"Don't worry, we'll be gentle"
>She walks across the room to grab her coat, draped over the back of the chair she was sitting in earlier
>Redheart: "Anyways, I'm just here to let you know I'm heading out. See you tomorrow at school Dash. And you, Anon..."
>She sternly points at you
>Redheart: "... You're supposed to be here a few more days. I better not see you anywhere else, are we clear?"
"Crystal clear"
>Redheart: "Good. See you both later"
>She heads out, stopping in the doorway
>Redheart: "... you look like you haven't had any alone time in forever. Enjoy it, you both deserve it"
>Deserve? Hell, you need it
>She shuts the door behind her on her way out

>The girls don't even bother knocking when they return
>Pinkie: "Are we interrupting something here?"
"Not this time"
>Dash sits up, and you pick yourself up best as you can
>The others come in behind her
>Dash: "So where's lunch?"
>Sunset: "Right here"
>She's holding her jacket by the sleeves like a basket, using it to carry a pile of assorted snacks
>The kind you'd get out of a vending machine
>The hoard of snacks is dumped out on the bed in your lap
>Sunset: "Pinkie told me it's your favorite Anon"
"... can't say she's wrong"
>The most unhealthy meal ever
>Who cares, you're already in the hospital
>Vending machine food
>Infinitely better than hospital food

>Hours later
>It was getting pretty late
>Redheart never came back, but then again you didn't expect her to
>She DOES have her own life, you know
>Most everyone had gone home already, save for Rarity and Dash
>And considering Rarity just yawned for the fifth time in the past fifteen minutes, it's probably about her time too
>Rarity: "It's getting late, I should probably get going"
"Mind taking her with you?"
>You direct her attention over towards Dash, who fell asleep sitting in a chair across the room
>Rarity: "Not at all. Come on"
>She grabs Rainbow Dash by the arm, gently but enough to wake her
>Dash: "H-Huh? I'm awake..."
>Rarity: "I'm sure you were darling, but it's time for us to get going"
>Even as Rarity leads her out of the room, her arm around Dash to help her up, Dash never fully opens her eyes
>Dash: "Don't worry Nonny... *yawn* I'll be back first thing tomorrow"
>She goes on mumbling about... you can't quite understand what
>Rarity gently shuts the door behind her as they leave
>It has been a pretty long day, and you're a little tired yourself
>... should have asked them to turn off the light before they left
>Regardless, you close your eyes and try to sleep

>You're awoken God knows how long later by the creak of the door
>Since there's still no clock in here you have no idea what the time is, but the light is off now and there' no light coming in through the curtains, so it's safe to assume it's still night/early morning
>It's probably just the doctor coming in to check up on you, so you just ignore it and try to get back to sleep
>The visitor comes in next to you, stopping right beside your bed
>They kneel beside you and say something quietly into your ear
"Hey Anon. Glad to see you're okay... well, mostly anyways"
>... that sure as hell wasn't the doctor speaking. In fact, it almost sounded a bit like...
>"Sonata, hurry it up!"
>"Just another minute"
>"Come on, he's probably not even conscious"
>"Both of you be quiet before someone hears us"
>"Alright alright, jeez!"
>How the hell did they get in here?
>How the hell did they find you?
>And more importantly, what are they doing here?
>All these questions, and you can't ask a single one while pretending to be asleep
>Sonata: "I hope we can still be friends after all this"
>You can hear her light footsteps back away, then the three girls hurrying down the hall
>Once the coast is clear, you peek to make sure they're gone, and then get up completely
>They left the door open, but that's the last thing on your mind
>What's on your mind now is the slip of paper you catch just out of the corner of your eye
>A little envelope left behind on the nightstand with all your other stuff
>And inside the envelope, a note just like the others
>"Thanks again for being so nice to me before. Sorry for all the trouble we caused"
>She signed it this time
>Maybe they're not so bad after all
>Maybe deep down, there's some good in them
>...nah screw that, they tried to take over the world
>Not to mention totally ruined your weekend
>Just forget it and get some sleep

>The next morning
>You force down that plate of breakfast slop they call "food" here
>Once that's done and done, you sit back in bed
>There's a TV mounted from the ceiling in the corner and a remote next to the bed, so you aimlessly channel flip looking for something interesting while patiently waiting for Dash to show up
>She may have been half asleep, but she did say she'd be here first thing today
>So you wait
>... and wait
>And wait some more
>You're checking your phone about every fifteen minutes or so, wondering where she is

>A little bit after noon, and by now you've started to worry, you finally get a text from her
>"Hey Nonny, how you doing?"
"Fine. Where are you?"
>"Just got to the cafeteria"
>"Yeah. I bet those hospital meals are better than these school lunches lol"
>Oh yeah, school is still a thing for them
>Put on your dunce cap
"At least I'm used to the school food"
>"Tell you what, I'll bring you something when I stop by"
"While you're at it can you stop by my place and grab me a change of clothes?"
>You've been wearing the same clothes since Saturday
>Not including the hospital gown, and you changed out of that as soon as you could
>"Sure, do I need to get the key from you to get in?"
"Just ask my neighbor, she can probably pick the lock"
>"Alright, sure. No prob. The girls say hi too, they're just want to know how you're doing"
"Tell them I'm dying"
>"Ha ha very funny. I told them you're just fine"
>In the midst of writing your reply, you get a message from Pinkie
>Pinkie's texting is very... stylized. Yeah, stylized is a good word for it
>Much nicer than weird

>Later in the afternoon the doctor comes in and takes your leg down from the suspension that kept it elevated and brings in a new wheelchair for you
>That last one you had on Saturday was technically stolen from the county hospital (just like you)
>Finally you're mobile again, which means no more bedpans and sleeping with the light left on

>A little after 3pm, Dash shows up with a plus one- good old interdimensional princess girl
>Twilight: "Hey Anonymous, I heard what happened. The last time I came by you weren't awake, and it only seems right that I come to give my condolences face to face"
"Thanks for signing my cast Twilight. I liked your chicken scratches"
>Twilight: "Ch-Chicken scratches? I really tried my best handwriting this time"
>... kind of makes you feel like an ass now, doesn't it?
>Dash: "By the way, here's your clothes you asked for"
>She hands you a bag with a clean set of clothes. Also inside the bag are all your textbooks from school and a sticky note with all of today's homework assignments on it
>Twilight: "I also took the liberty to bring you your textbooks so you can get some studying done. I felt bad that you ended up having to miss school due to your injury"
"I didn't feel bad about it"
>Thanks a lot Twilight
>Dash: "Looks like you've gotten yourself a new wheelchair"
"Yup, old Hot-Wheels is back"
>Dash: "Need some help dressing?"
"You're just trying to take advantage of me now that I'm crippled aren't you?"
>She giggles
>Dash: "Nice try Nonny, not today"
>... damn
>You take the clothes out of the bag and start undressing
>Twilight: "Oh my gosh!"
>She covers her eyes backs away towards the door
>Twilight: "I'll give you some privacy, just call me in when you're done"
>Pssh, prude

>Once you're fully dressed you call Twilight back in
>She's hesitant to enter, even more so to uncover her eyes
>You stuff your dirty clothes into the bag with the books
>Let's face it, you weren't going to do your homework or study anyways
>Twilight: "... hey Anon, what's this here?"
>Across the room, Twilight seems to have found the new note
>Twilight: "Another note? When'd this come?"
"She brought it to me last night"
>Dash: "She?"
>Twilight: "It's signed Sonata. Isn't she one of the Dazzlings?"
"Yeah. She and I were actually sort of friends. You know, before they tried to take over the world and stuff"
>Dash takes the note and looks over it
>Dash: "... and you're sure it was them?"
"Sonata brought it in person. I heard her voice. The others were with her too"
>Dash: "What did she say?"
"She... I know this will sound crazy, but she apologized. She said 'I hope we can still be friends' "
>Twilight: "Were those her exact words?"
"For the most part"
>Twilight gazes at the floor, saying nothing
>Just thinking
>Dash: "What is it Twi?"
>Twilight: "... nothing. Just wondering"
>Under her breath, she mumbles, "maybe there's hope for them..."

>Realizing this is probably some magic stuff that you really shouldn't be getting yourself involved in, you change the subject
"So Dashie, did my neighbor manage to get my door open"
>Dash: "Yeah, she got it. How'd you know she could do it?"
"She'd done it a million times before. She's one of those 'paranoid when high' people"
>Dash: "She doesn't sound like a good role model for her daughter"
>Huh, so Dash met her too
"That's actually her younger sister. Kind of a brat, just like her big sis"
>Dash: "I know. She kept calling me a big dumdum"
"Yeah, she does that"
>Dash: "By the way, that reminds me- your neighbor was wondering when she'd get her hat back"
"Her hat..."
>... shit. You must have lost it
>You start wondering where that hat could be, or rather thinking up a good lie as to why it's lost
>Your train of thought is interrupted by the doctor coming in
>Doctor: "Sorry to interrupt, just here for a quick check-up"
"Hey doc, did you ever find a hat lying around since I got here? Like, in the halls or the parking lot or something?"
>Doctor: "Hmm... there was an old looking hat on the floor outside the emergency room the night we brought you in. I didn't think it was yours because there was another name on the inside"
"Do you know what happened to it?"
>Doctor: "I dropped it off in the lost and found that night. Let me check if it's still there"
>He makes his way out of the room in no hurry, though you wish he would
>Your neighbor isn't exactly the scariest person in your life, but she lives next door and has already proven she knows how to get in
>Getting on her bad side is not a good idea

>A moment later the doctor comes back with your neighbor's fedora
>It's a little beat-up, but within reason, considering you saved the world in it
>Doctor: "Is this one of yours'?"
>Dash and Twilight shake their heads
"It's my neighbor's"
>After handing it to you, he starts examining your leg and the cast
>Doctor: "I take it you two are close then, since you seem to care so much about her hat"
>Dash glares at you- the cold, brain piercing gaze of a jealous woman
>Damn doctor
"Hardly. I don't even know her name to be honest"
>Doctor: "Well, it's in there if you're curious. And you seem to be fine for now, so I'll leave you be. I'll check in with you later tonight, but it looks like you'll be good to go by tomorrow"
"Go? As in, free to leave?"
>Doctor: "If you're ready"
>You feel like a condemned man just given a presidential pardon
>The doctor takes off, not joining you in your moment of rejoice
>To be honest, you never cared to know your neighbor's name, she's always just been 'your neighbor'
>But damn it, he got your curiosity piqued, so you flip the hat over and read the nametag on the inside
>... Well, at least now you can actually have a normal conversation with her name

>The three of you spend the rest of the day just hanging out
>Since Dash is Twilight's ride home, they leave before it gets too late
>Twilight: "Before we go, can I ask you something Anonymous?"
>Twilight: "... how close were you and Sonata?"
>Why does everyone want to make Dash jealous today?
>And why are YOU always the target of her death stare
"She and I were just friends, nothing more. The only reason we seemed so close is because she didn't really have many other friends"
>It sounds so cruel to say it out loud, but it's pretty much true
>Twilight: "... Alright. See you tomorrow"
>She waves bye and heads out the door
>Dash gives you a quick kiss before leaving
>Dash: "Hey Nonny, can I ask you something too?"
>You already know where this is going
"I broke my leg for you Dashie. Not Sonata, not Emily, you. You're the only girl for me"
>She smiles, then kisses you again
>Dash: "I better be the only one"
>... Who knew a threat could sound so sweet
>Tuesday morning
>You woke up after the best night's sleep you've had in a long time
>And best of all: today is your last day stuck here

>The doctor comes in just as the assistant is leaving with your empty breakfast tray
>Hospital food is one thing you won't miss
>Doctor: "Good morning Anonymous, I take it you're feeling well?"
"Relatively speaking"
>Doctor: "Yeah, I suppose if you're in a hospital you're probably not on top of the world. If it makes you feel any better today should be your last day here."
"How much longer?"
>Doctor: "We could start wrapping tings up now if you'd like. It's just some paperwork, a quick examination, I'll write-"
"-Sounds good let's get started"
>Let's hurry this up

>One last examination to ensure that there's nothing you can later sue for
>You get a prescription for some pain medication, as well as a consultation from the pharmacist so that you don't accidentally overdose and try to sue
>You filled out some forms assuring that you were treated well and taken care of
>In other words, you legally agree to not sue
>And finally, you're free to go

>One of the hospital assistants wheels you out to the front by the pick-up/drop-off zone of the parking lot
>"We've got a shuttle service that'll drop you off back at your home. But are you sure you'd prefer the wheelchair?"
>"I could fetch you a pair of crutches from the pharmacy, it should only be a moment"
"No, the chair is fine. I've got a friend who started calling me Hot-Wheels ever since I ended up in one"
>"And that's a good thing?"
"Better than showing up at school in crutches and having her call me Peg-Leg"
>"Yeah... I suppose so"
>The assistant doesn't seem to understand
>"Oh look, the shuttle's here"
>She helps you into the back seat, sending you off with the chair

>The driver is a big guy, sort of looks like he could work restraining patients at a mental hospital
>"So where you headed off to buddy?"
>Go home, get some sleep, take a bath, get some decent food... or better yet
"You know how to get to Canterlot High from here"
>"Devoted student, huh? No problem, I'll get you there"
>After three days in the hospital, you just can't wait to get to school and get some studying done
>Which is Anon-talk for "bone your girlfriend in an empty classroom"

>He pulls up at the front of the school and helps you out
>"You sure you don't want any help getting to class?"
"Nah I'm good"
>You've had a few days in a chair, you know how to maneuver it by yourself
>"Alright. Take care of yourself now"
>He brofists you before getting back in the shuttle and leaving
>Hell, he's a pretty chill guy
>You might break another bone or two later just to say hi
>... okay, don't get carried away now
>Checking your phone for the time, it's almost noon
>Which means third period is almost over, and it's almost time for lunch
>Perfect timing
>Now just to get up there and get inside...
>Gotta take the wheelchair ramp

>Well that took a lot longer than usual
>Something you'll have to get used to for a while

>You get inside just in time for the bell to lunch
>Maybe you can catch up with your friends before they leave
>So long as no one bothers you or gets in your way
>Quite frankly you'd rather not make a big deal out of yourself
>You don't want to be the center of any unnecessary attention-
>"Hey guys, look! Anon's in a wheelchair!"
>This damn school...
>The students surround you like you're some kind of celebrity
>You get asked a million times about what happened
>And you tell the story of what happened a million times
"Guys, go away"
>Well, you told them what they need to know
>Unfortunately, the hallway is too narrow to move around people
>And the crowd's too thick, so you can't build up enough speed to mow people down
>Yeah, you're trapped
>Somewhere in the commotion there's a few familiar voices slipping through
>Applejack: "What in tarnation is going on over there?"
>Pinkie: "I dunno, but it looks fun!"
>And there's your key to freedom
"Hey girls! Heeey!"
>You raise your hands as high as you can reach and wave them about to get their attention
>They can't seem to hear you
>Dash: "I don't know about you, but I'm hitting the cafeteria before everyone else gets there"
>Dash please...
>Eh, can't blame her. You'd do the same
>Hold on a sec
>One of them stayed behind
"Hey Pinkie!"
>Pinkie: "... Nonny!? Is that you!? Dash just left!"
"Yeah I know, a little help here!"
>Pinkie: "Don't worry, I'll get you out of there"
>If anyone can distract a whole crowd it's Pinkie and she's leaving
>... wow
>Should have seen that coming
>Before you have enough time to sufficiently complain-
>The fire alarm goes off
>And just like that the crowd disperses
>Pinkie you are one crazy genius
>Speaking of the devil, she returns just as fast as she left
>Pinkie: "Now how about we go and find Dash."
"Good idea."

>Before you can even make it round the corner, you're stopped by the principals
>Celestia has her hands on her hips, a subtle smile on her lips- she looks as gentle as ever. Good to see she's free of the Dazzling's spell
>Luna glares right into your eyes with a stern expression, hands stuffed in her pockets- cold as ice...
>Yup, she's probably back to normal too
>Celestia: "That's the fire alarm, both of you outside now."
>She grabs the back of your chair and pushes you out faster than you could have moved yourself, Pinkie and Luna following with you
>Luna: "We hope this isn't another one of your pranks again, Anonymous"
"MY pranks?"
>Luna: "It's your first day back, you don't want to be causing trouble already"
"Don't worry I won't. I'm fine though by the way, thanks for asking. The chair's nice and comfy"
>Luna: "We didn't ask"
>You didn't expect much sympathy but you're still hurt
>Celestia: "Well it's good to know you're okay regardless. What on Earth happened?"
>Pinkie: "It was just a mishap during that whole 'Battle of the Bands' disaster."
>Celestia: "... Battle?"
>You give Pinkie a stern elbow to her side- a reminder that you weren't supposed to be there
>Pinkie: "... oh right, what he said. Nothing"
>The principals look at each other, almost confused
>Celestia: "Don't worry, we're almost to the exit"

>The crowd that surrounded you in the hall pales in comparison to the gathering outside the school, nearly taking up the whole front lawn
>And these are just the kids who didn't take the opportunity to ditch
>Celestia: "Are you two going to be okay?"
"Yeah, we're good from here. Thanks for the ride"
>Luna: "Just stay out of trouble"
>Jeez, will she ever cut you some slack?
>Pinkie: "Come on Hot-Wheels, let's go find Dash"
>She quickly hops down the stairs, leaving you in the dust, while you maneuver your way to the ramp
>It's definitely quicker going down than up, but by the time you make it down Pinkie is already lost in the crowd

>It takes forever for the staff to figure out that there's no actual fire, so everyone has to wait outside for the okay
>While maneuvering through the horde of students waiting, you hear the usual chatter
>"There's not really a fire, is there?"
>"Damn it, we're missing lunch because of this"
>"Screw it, I'm just gonna go home"
>"They let you out of the hospital already?!"
>You turn around just in time to catch Dash throwing her arms around you
>Just in time to get a suffocating face full of her chest
>Not even out of the hospital for an hour and already life is getting better
>Dash: "I heard people talking about some guy in a wheelchair but I didn't think it'd be you!"
"Who'd you think it was?"
>Dash: "I don't know, just not you"
"Who else would it be?"
>Dash: "Okay, are you going to keep talking and ruin the moment, or are you going to shut up and kiss me?"
>She's got a point
>After pondering the situation for a moment you realize a fatal flaw in her plan- you're sitting down
"Mind meeting me half way?"
>She kneels down in front of you, takes a hold of your hand, and slowly leans forwa