09. May 2017

Rolled in an update containing 2300 new or updated articles.

17. October 2016

I rewrote parts of my bot and used it to roll in an update containing 2500 new or updated articles. As part of this update I changed how the bot categorizes stories and I also added a bunch of tags for the bot. The new tags are:

Angel Wings, Babs Seed, Berry Punch, Caballeron, Cinch , Cloudy Quartz, Coloratura, Coriander Cumin, Ember, Fizzle, Flurry Heart, Gabby, Garble, Gladmane, Gloriosa, Igneous Rock Pie, Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest, Limestone Pie, Marble Pie, Matilda, Moondancer, Quibble Pants, Rumble, Rutherford, Sassy Saddles, Silver Shill, Screwball, Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, Spoiled Rich, Sunburst, Sunny Flare, Svengallop, Tender Taps, Thorax ,Timber Spruce, Trouble Shoes, Wind Rider, Zephyr Breeze

Feel free to add new tags under Bot tags.


Welcome to MulpWiki, a site dedicated to cataloguing the various content created on 4chan's pony board. Be aware that like 4chan, this site is made for an adult audience, so if you are below the age of 18, you might want to leave this site.

For this purpose end I periodically scrape desuarchive.org for pastebin links, download those pastes, and then convert them into articles here using a bot.


  • Do not add anything that is illegal under german law to the wiki! This includes depictions of swastikas. If you're unsure whether or not you're allowed to add something, either look it up or don't do it!

What about Aryanne?

Swastikas are outlawed by the german constitution, since they are closely associated with national socialism, so any picture of Aryanne that shows her cutie mark is clearly against the law.

When it comes to stories, it depends on the portrayal of national socialism. If the Nazis have the moral high ground (i.e. they aren't the bad guys), it could be seen as sedition, which would also be illegal.

That said, an article that neutrally states that there is such a thread on /mlp/ should be ok.

Can't you just host the website on a server that's in the US?

I'm already doing that due to traffic reasons, but since I live in Germany, I'm bound to german law, regardless of the server's location.

What if the images are mirrored, so they don't show any actual swastikas?

It was ruled that a symbol can be treated as a swastika, if it's not clearly a different symbol after Neo-Nazis started using that trick, so no, even if you invert the swastikas, it's still considered illegal.

What if we post the images somewhere else, and this website just links there?

Under German law I can be held responsible for any tolerated links on my site, so unfortunately that's not an option, sry.

  • If you spot a page that should be deleted, mark it! This can be done by adding [[category:deletion]] at the bottom of the page.
  • If you spot a page that has been vandalized, dont undo the changes by hand, unless it's a very minor edit! Instead click "View history" at the top of the page and revert the changes using that tool. Simply click the last version before the vandalism (click the date written in blue), then click "Edit", and then save the page. If you for some reason can't do that, mark the page as vandalized, by putting [[category:vandalized]] at the bottom of the page!
  • Don't edit a page simply to provoke or annoy someone else! This should go without saying, but I'll list it anyways. Also think carefully before making major changes to a site!

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